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[08 Jun 2003|05:37pm]
i started my icon journal! you can visit it:

its not opened yet.... need to find a server to host my images.
does anyone kno where you can host graphics????? please comment
(ive tried village photo, for some reason all my icons(gifs)turn out as jpegs when i upload them.) >:O

++LasT entrY++ (maybe) [02 Jun 2003|05:24pm]
///(IF the blurty create-a username will EVER respond,)-i will be moving!!! my new username and journal is now here:

++if u are a blurty buddy of mine, i will re-add you all over there. please add me over there.
(that journal will probably be friends only too....comment over there to be added)

``this journal will still be here, but *probably* not updated....if everything works out.

my blurty is so so so screwed up! [20 May 2003|05:30pm]
[ mood | confused ]

i don't kno how my blurty looks to u but when i type in the url, it only shows me the public entries. i check back at blurty and the top right thinger says, Logged in as- x_ri0tgirl_x.
geez. somebody comment on how it looks to u (can u see all the entries and crap?) because i cant even see any of my friend's friends only entries. its weird.
if ya kno how to help or anything, please comment.



friends only folks! [20 May 2003|01:47pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | allamericanrejects- swing swing ]

/¯ / | FRIENDS ONLY! |
/ / Comment to be added
/´¯/' '/´¯¯'·¸dont: tYpE n TaWk LyKe ThIs!
/'/ / / /¨¯\ get bitchy wit me, im an opinionated person
('( ´ ´ ¯ ' ) DO share some interests wit me
\ / comment every other week or whatever so i kno ur alive(not a requirement)
'\ _.· be yourself


[18 May 2003|05:14pm]
yes, i am aware this looks messed up. i am in the process of changing my hex codes and everything to match my icon and background.
soon, it will all look nice and spiffy!

quizzes! yay! [09 May 2003|09:12pm]
[ mood | amused ]

_some quizzes, lol

I am punk music!!
Rock on, dude! You are Punk music!

What type of music are you?
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You wanna kill Avril
Avril Lavigne, she's a disgrace to your kind.

What annoying Celebrity would you most likely wanna kill?
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Hooligan Bear
Hooligan Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
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oh yea! hooligan bear!! yay!

you're punk!

How can I label you?
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thats some kick ass hair!


what fucked version of hello kittie are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

im detecting some type of pattern. it's no fun anymore......lol.


[09 May 2003|08:26pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | sugarcult - bouncing off the walls ]

i felt the need to post this....

` i've been readin people's blurtys and i just felt the need to post this in like response to what i saw about good charlotte. a lot of people don't like them (as with any band) and call them sellouts, etc.
` i've liked gc since before their second album, before they got all popular and shiz.
i liked them not because they were popular (because at the time, they werent) but because their music rocked. they werent adored by preps and teenies and they werent even well known.
but, since their 2nd cd and lifestyles of the rich and famous their stuff like sky-rocketed and everyone, everyone started liking them.
this really didn't bother me much, i mean they deserved the attention. but,it then it started gettin bad when little 9 yr.olds started listening too. it got worse when all the preps were like, "omg, benji is the hottest ever.". it hit-rock bottom when (at the concert) there were 4th graders yelling, "MARRY ME, BENJI!!"
don't get me wrong, I'm a GC supporter. i love their music but it kinda does piss me off that they've become so popular. i'm still debating whether they let it get to their heads or not. but, you've gotta admit- it's bad when there are 4th or 5th graders at their concerts.......those lil preps didn't even know who NFG was!
` So, I guess it all comes down to how much you love their music. If you really do love their music, it doesn't bother you about their fans. Because the music is all that matters.

(geez, i sound like i belong on some advice column)
@#!% kt

**comment on what you think of GC!!


the concert....even though it was on APRIL 17th!!!!! [07 May 2003|07:57pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | gc- seasons ]

since almost every time i look at a blurty, i see ppl.'s entries on the gc/nfg concert and stuff so i decided to tell ya about what happened when i went...even though it was on April 17. lol

we got tix like a month and 15 days before the concert and we got some of the suckiest seats. the concert was at the pittsburgh petersen's events center (which is Pitt's basketball stadium). we had seats almost up in the peanut gallery.
i went with lacey, reona and liz....lacey's dad took us. we rode there a little late and got there at like 6:40 (it started at 6:30) so The Disasters were already playing. By the time we found our seats they had like 3 songs left.
the speakers were so loud that i couldn't understand any thing that they were saying. we were so close to a fudgin speaker that our seats shook every time the guy started singing. but anyway, since we didn't kno any of their songs we went down and were like flooded with ppl. buyin t-shirts and crap. lacey said she wanted to get a nfg one so we kinda pushed our way through a little but she changed her mind and said she'd look at it later.
so we just walked around....i called my mom to tell her i got there and then we just walked around looking for the bathroom.
we looked a little but decided it was too far away so we went back up to our seats and Less Than Jake came out. They were funny too.....the guy (i couldn't tell who exactly was talkin cuz we were so fludgin far up) was like, "We were in Chicago last night (im not sure it was chicago...can't remember) and you know what we fuckin said? WE're GOIN to Fuckin Pittsburgh. Everyone started like screaming and stuff, lol. we stuck around for a couple songs and then lacey and i went down to buy a t-shirt. there wasnt like a-n-y people there then so we just like walked up and bought the gc shirt that said life, hope, truth, trust...... and the tour dates on the back. she got one too.....even though she wanted the pink nfg shirt.
so my money was blown (i only had a 20) and i was really dam thirsty but oh well. i drank outta reona's like jumbo-size soda...even though it was kinda nasty.
we just walked around now. we were looking for dan and jenny & jess. then, we went up to the seats and we were expectin nfg to come out but instead a light hit the GC sign and everyone started screaming.
i grabbed liz and told her we were gonna sneak down closer....because we couldn't tell benji from paul.
we went right down to the riser seats ( which we pretty close to the stage). we knew that we couldn't get to the floor.....cuz the man with the flashlight was checkin ticket stubs. so we just ran down the steps and found two empty seats that were pretty close. at least now i could see their faces.
we were there for like 5 songs when this guy came back and was like, Those are my Seats. So we were like, Sorry Mister, these are ours but moved over. then i noticed the little 5th graders he was chaperoning. i was like, dam. why the fudge are these little, little kids here? that annoyed the fludge out of me.
we went out onto the steps and started jumpin and stuff....tryin that the flashlight dude wouldn't see us...but it didn't matter because there were like tons of tons of people behind us anyway and the jerkoff didn't seem to notice 15 people on the steps jumpin to the music.
so i was like completely dead jumpin around down there. benji was like, now, there is something important i'd like to talk to you about....suicide. i consider all of you my friends and i've seen too many of my friends die. i'm tellin you to hold on...because in a few years you'll be glad you do. me, joel and everyone here is here for you. so they played hold on....and i held my cell phone up...thinkin nat (my cousin) was on the other end, since i hit speed dial but when i took it back down i saw i didn't hit the right button. i told liz to phone nat (my buddy) but she didnt.
so they they started playin riot girl and benji's like this is for the chicks.....how many of you are PUNK ROCK chicks? so like every girl there started screaming. (luckily, the little poser 5th graders- who don't even know what punk rock is- weren't in eye sight.
then i think it was joel who said... now, even though i gotta punk rock chic that im ready to settle down with, all of you chics out there will always be my Riot girl which was funny to me at least.
then they went away and liz and i like ran back up the steps because by now lacey's dad was probably worrying.we got out and we saw dan....which delayed us more, lol. but it was nice seein someone u knew out of a thousand you didnt.
everything sounded like it was underwater....and i was dying of heat, and my arm was dead. but we ran up and got lacey to see dan cuz she wanted to see him if we found him.
luckily we didnt see mike though.....i hate him.
so we just walked around. liz and lacey ran up to see nfg...i did too but i left to go sit with reona....who had a bad headache.
so reona and i went down to the main enterance and saw one of the disasters signing autographs. i didn't get one cuz i don't kno who he was....i'm such a dork.
so we got our picture taken on the little civic tour machine and looked at the band's guitars.
then we walked the million steps back up the the 3rd level. we just hung out there, until lacey's dad came out and said it was almost over. we just stood there until lacey and liz came back out. we were gettin ready to go when we finally saw jenny and jess. we talked with them for like 10 minutes (and saw jenny's really pathetic spiky bracelet....i mean PATHETIC...lol) and left.
we got a free cd of ltj and fall out boy and a sticker sayin that they'd be playin at a club tomorrow.....but we didn't end up goin.
so, that's my night. i'll never, ever, EVER forget it cuz i had the best time in my life.
just wanted to share this with ya <3


whatever [04 May 2003|11:57am]
[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | head on collision- nfg ]

thanx to tankgirl___ for my beautiful icon! it's beautiful.
^^, i just had to say that in an entry.
i think i'm gonna cut my rules down for my friends only thing. it looks to long and intimidating.
i might put some pics up here, for my friends only folks. just pictures of stupid stuff, like my backpack and stereo....i'm reallly bored.
yesterday was fun. we had a fun time at dave and busters.
i got 'bart simpson's guide to life' which is hilarious. i heart the simpsons.
nothing much goin on today though. i might work on a layout and css for this page (even though i'm somewhat html challenged)


..lasT entry.. [02 May 2003|06:51pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | american hi-fi -- the art of losing ]

hi. i have stuff to say but i don't feel like typing it all right now. To make a story short, this journal is now \friendsonly/
I changed it for these reasons:
/it kinda scares me to have complete strangers reading the stories of my life. i mean, for all i kno, some crazy psycho out there could be readin this too, which just scares me.
/i dont want certain people reading this i don't want everyone readin my personal thoughts and stuff- some people in particular.....like parents and enemies. with a friends only, i can say exactly what i want.
/i'd like to have an idea of who is readin this. this kinda relates to the first one. i want to know what type of people are reading this, their interests, other stuff....

If you want to join, all you have to do is:
\ add me then comment add me first then comment to join! e-a-s-y
\share some basic interests with mewhen i say basic i mean, BASIC. for example, you could be added if you're a girl, hates your school or likes dogs-- i mean basic.
\put up with my rants DO NOT ask to be added if you disagree or judge! i rant on tons of things (from avril to tv shows)and i don't want to add you if you're just gonna leave mean comments.
\DO NOT talk/type like this:' heyz!she h8es yew, yew dun tawk 2 herr' and 'sO, i WaS jUsT cHiLlIn...' this just annoys me. if you're gonna type, type so we can read it. geez.
THATS IT!!! You don't need to comment a lot or talk to me a lot. There will be no journal cuts either. So, if you want to join, comment below and i'll get back to ya!


.... [28 Apr 2003|05:21pm]
[ mood | hot ]
[ music | Still Waiting- Sum 41 ]

yea, more rants and ramblings from me...again.
i'm bored. there is totally nothing to do.
it's hott and even hotter in school. everything sux right now. :P
this is my official journal now...cuz i returned the lil e-mail thing back. (and i got the return e-mail tellin me my old blurty sn......i like this one soo much better)
i'm gonna fill out a lil quiz thingy or take a quiz or something because it's all lonely and boring up in here.
i requested a new icon...hopefully she'll be able to make it.
--we made cookies in home ec today, well kinda. we made the dough last friday and baked them today. geez, ryan (the dumb@ss) forgot to put white sugar in. ewww. the cookies tasted like crisco and flour and the chocolate chips didn't even help. reona suggested sprinkling sugar over top of them....it didn't help much. i threw the stupid things right out. they were all crushed anyway and disformed compared to the other people's cookies (we wanted to make them small so we didn't use the cookie scoop thing) feel bad for me, please. lol
i'm in love with sum 41. all i ever do is listen to their songs on their website. (i do this with almost every band. i listen to their song, fall in love with it and listen to it constantly. then i wear it out......i'm my own worst enemy)
i still need a new layout............it'll be up soon.
my birthday is on SATURDAY!!! happy birthday to MEEEE!!!


first entry [27 Apr 2003|06:47pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | The Hell Song --- Sum 41 ]

i had to start my whole blurty over again because i forgot my username. i'm such a dork.
....i need a layout. i'm not really html challenged but i just can't do anything on blurty. hopefully in the next couple days i can get something new up here.
-i need a new icon too. geez, i need new everything and this is only my first entry. hopefully someone nice can make me a cool one.
-it's back to dammm school tomorrow. i HATE that place. (i totally know that you're not interested in hearing why i hate it but you're going to anyway)
-half of the kids are illiterate. It's MIDDLE SCHOOL too. And, i don't even live off in hick country. i live in a freakin suburb and still all of the kids are dumber than chairs.
- our building prinicipal is an ex-playboy. can you believe that?? how can it get any WORSE?
- i'm not prejudce (did i spell that right?) half of my close friends are different races. (I just had to make that clear first) But, our grade level principal is....at least sometimes. I don't get in trouble enough for me to care but she just yells a lot at certain people and not at other people. so, this is yet another stupid thing that i have to deal with.
-i'm punk, sorta. i'm in the punk state of mind. well, most of the people in my grade are ditzy preps and populars who hate people like me. it's soo obvious that they exclude us because 'we're not cool enough to hang around them.' they only like people of their kind which completely ticks me off.
- my teachers.......... words can't even describe these.....things. These people are soo horrible that i don't feel like writing about them now (you'll hear enough of my complaints involving them in the future)
- the school is all around bad. the fire alarm gets pulled on a daily basis. one of our pa announcements says, "There has been a bomb threat on our school. No need to worry. Carry about your normal day." Yea, I'm actually going to just forget about a bomb that might be hitting our school any time.

- yea, that's about it of my b!tchin n complainin so i'll write more later. kt


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