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[03 Jul 2009|10:16am]

This is the disclaimer of the community unwoven_truth. The people you see listed as members of this disclaimer are the members of the community. This community is closed therefore the only way of entrance is by IMing the maintainer or commenting in his journal.

Maintainer: benjaminmadden
AIM: benj hates you

If you are in fact, a member, you must have the userinfo of this community listed as your disclaimer link. Otherwise, you can't gain entrance.

If you are a member of this community, please do not post in here. Only the maintainer and co-maintainer can. I'll be posting stuff like the friend's list or brand new sub-communities or something minimal like that, aight?

+ When you join, make sure your character's not taken.

+ Have a screen name ready ;D And add everyone you see.

+ When you've made sure your character's not taken, ask the maintainer to add you by commenting in her journal or by joining UT Intro. The members will add warmly welcome you, k.

+ Haha, don't die, k. It makes us sad.

+ Speaking of dying, no celebrity can die. That's cruel!

+ Mingle! We're nice.

+ Yep, we're slash friendly.

+ Keep things OOC, OOC. Keep things IC, IC. It's really annoyin' when you go OOC in a chatroom in the middle of roleplay. If you need to talk OOC, do it in IMs.

+ Have fun. ;D

bestofaim - admin: Benji Madden
ut_reality - admin: Kristin Kreuk
fittycrew - admin: Joel Madden
ut_intro - admin: Benji Madden

Co-maintainer of Unwoven Truth: Mandy Moore
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update your friends list. [23 Jun 2003|10:48am]

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