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Optional. Thu 24th Oct 02 - 9:42am
mood  lonely

Friends Only.

Why, Tara, are you making your journal friends only? Well that's simple: because I am paranoid. I am paranoid some anonymous person will find my journal and pick the crap out of me.

Would you like to read more? Then add me, and I WILL add you back. I like friends. *Licks Lips*

Warnings? Yes, of course. They are --
1. I post. Alot. I will sometimes post 5 entries a day, then the next 1.
2. I am depressed. I write really stupid things sometimes. If you don't like that, then don't add me.
3. I tend to talk like a 5 year old some days. It's fun. Makes me feel cheerful. Shove it. =)

The End. *Tips Hat*

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