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[17 Jan 2005|08:43pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | "disco inferno" 50 cent ]

yeah the weekend was okay. busy but kind of boring. saturday: practice 7-9, 2 hour nap, then NAAC meet against souderton. YESS we beat them it was amazing. our B relay beat their A relay in the unlimited 200 free relay and we won the meet from that! it was soo exciting-we've NEVER everr beaten souderton before so it was pretty cool. then mike was gonna take all the 15&overs out for pizza but i couldn't go bc i had to bbsit at 6 and it was like 5:30 then. so yeah i babysat sat night and got some much needed $$. sunday was my first day to sleep in in soooo long. yeah even though i woke up at like 9am, that's quite late for me! then watched the eagles stomp all over the vikings yesss. today we had practice 9-11, yes 3 long hours of pain and me getting even more sick than i already am. then did my history project and babysat 2-6. yess more much needed $$. yay i also ordered birk clogs yesterday and they were $60 and brand new! yes i love outlets... especially when i can do it online =D they were shipped today so hopefully they will be here asap.

yeah so today rubin tells us we have MORNING practice tomorrow, wendesday, and thursday. yes, that is 3 days in a row. at least no pm practice tomorrow b/c he has a meeting. we also have to share with the boys 2/3 days which means we have to jam 40 girls into three lanes... yes it's quite an impossible and not fun task. 2 meets this week: the mount on wed at 3:30, and methacton on friday at 5:00pm-which means BE THERE to cheer us on!! they're both home so be at both of them actually. yeah okay im out!


[14 Jan 2005|07:07pm]
[ mood | giddy ]
[ music | "true" ryan cabrera ]

ahh yesterday practice... we split up by our meet events... so i was in lane 6 w/ courtney and michele. yeahh and if you don't know courtney... she's CRAZY at practice... soo fast and works soo hard-- yeah doesn't sound that much like me does it? yeah well we had to do 500s on the 6:30!! aahhh SUICIDE! then today was wissahickon and WE WON!!! yeahhh it was amazing!! we through neal in the pool at the end too! finally! it was tied before diving and then we pulled ahead... yesss... so now we are tied for 1st in the meet and it all comes down to suburbans! yeahh amazing I KNOW!!

lizzie's herre now... yeahh it's amazing and she got me a coach chain purse thingie for xmas!! yesss it's soo cute. i <3 it!!

anywayyy practice tomorrow 7-9, then naac meet, then babysitting. POOPER


yessssssssss [12 Jan 2005|05:27pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | "since u been gone" -kelly clarkson- ]

yes amazing meet today. i FINALLY swam the 500 and got 6.13! yay im so happy b/c my suburbans time from last year was 6.12 so that's pretty good. michelle only beat me by a second and we were close the whole race. DAMMIT!! anyway... yeah morning practice today and tomorrow. yes, that means double tomorrow. ugh. yeah mr. bennett's funeral was today. it was really sad. yeah... okay not much to write! im out


[09 Jan 2005|08:44pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | "all for you" sister hazel ]

wow incredibly busy weekend. saturday morning, get up at 6:30am to go to practice-WHAT FUN. came home, slept, went to UD for NAAC meet. we got there at 2 and diving was STILL going on. quite boring. but i saw caitie!! the meet didn't start until 3, and i had to leave at 4 so all i got to swim was breast in the medley-thank god for emily she switched w/ me so i didn't have to do back. aah i would have died. mike must be on crack bc he keeps putting me in 100 back!! i SUCK-i'm reallly just plain bad at it. i would rather do 200 IM or fly. seriously, i would. anywayyy, then babysat til almost midnight. ughh... at least its a lot of $$. then skiied all day today. so basically, the weekend was busy, but not too fun. skiing was lame today-no big trails open and sean wasn't there so i was kind of bored. no parties this weekend, no sleep this weekend, NOTHING this weekend. aah kill me now-next weekend is going to be almost the exactt same... aah. maybe i'll finally see lizzie! okay laterr


WOW [07 Jan 2005|08:21pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | -none- ]

wow. all i have to say. AMAZING meet girls!! so school was slow and boring as usual-what else is new? but then the drama began at 2:20. first meg took me and a bunch of other people to wawa and we caught a ride back with kasey. then i walked to lauren's and we ate and went back to pw at 3:45 for a 4pm [long] warmup for the meet at 5 against springfield!! we warmed up and did a mini workout and then just chilled for a little. then neal gave us one of his pep talks and stuff bc this was going to be a close meet but we definitely had it. it was freaking amazing!! we dedicated the meet to brittany b/c of everything that happened today... btw so sorry britt! :'( first, emily went a 27.3 in the 50 free! HOLY SHIT! she dropped 40 seconds from last week when she went a 46! omfg!! then sarah baillie, out of NOWHERE, goes a 1.13.90 in 100 breast! she beat sarah miller and made districts! YEAHH sarah! i think i went around 1.13 or 1.14 in the hundred but i'm not sure-i'll find out tomorrow-maybe?-or by monday definitely. yeahh andd i got to count for chris y in the 500. wow such an amazing meet. there were SO many people there including coach b!! yessss me and lp and lp2 <3 him! mike came too! o god so much fun--i love you all p-dub SWIMMIN WOMEN!!! yess and we also had some amazing fun at school because for our spirit day it was CLASH DAY!! yeah we all looked amazing!!

okay well im off to... watch napoleon dynamite... love it.


[06 Jan 2005|06:16pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | "mosh" -eminem- ]

DAMNIT i JUST updated and the freaking computer froze before i got to save it! it was a looong entry too. basically the last 2 days haven't been too great, especially today. morning practice yesterday and today... yes that meant today was double practice. YAY... NOT! yesterday we lost by 6 to coatesville, some ghetto ass school that's not even in our league. 96-90, them. BOOO! oh well tomorrow is springfield and their ass will go DOWNN to CHINATOWNN yeah okay don't feel like writing it all over so basically... COME TOMORROW and cheer us on!!! meet is at 5, pw pool!
im out, love you


[04 Jan 2005|06:40pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | "i'll be there for you" -bon jovi- ]

haven't updated since new years eve because i was grounded. :/ yeah anyway... let's start with new years:went to the diehls around 8. there were a lot of people there. the mitchells were there so i got to see chris and laur again. meg wasn't there though... how sad :'[ haha mld i love you and i miss youu!!! yeah caitie's friends were there.... josh, dave, ryan, amy, and kristen. yeah so we hung out for a while... really bored. then the fun began though ;D yeahhh fun night. the next morning i slept til like 2pm. had to do the shitload of homework i had. ugh. sucks ass. then on sunday first ski trip of the year/season!! SO AMAZING. yeah we went with the lurtys but me and sean were by ourselves most of the time. spent like half the day in the terrain park-stealing the awesome green and pink markers-and other illegal stuff. hahaha had some good times... got some sweeeet air on the jumps lol.

pretty sweet break overall.

back to school yesterday. booooo. fell asleep in history and bio. only like 2 weeks left in the semester though!! sad... i will def. miss some certain people though. we are picking classes soon too. for my electives i think i'm taking physcology, tv2, and interior design. no more spanish so i can take 3! god i hateee spanish. anyway...

me and lp have been having some amazing times at practice will all these quotes and ashley and irene. lol omggg... look at my AOL profile if you have no idea what i'm talking about-and chances you don't unless you are on the swim team and in lane 4. morning tomorrow, coatesville meet in the afternoon-yeah its so far away-ughhh it sucks-then morning again on thursday, then afternoon, which, YES, means two practices in one day. shoot me now,. then friday springfield night meet at 5. be there! yeah thats all. laterrr


[31 Dec 2004|11:26am]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | -none- ]

last night!:yeahh christina's party was amazingg. i went with emily and kim and we got there kinda early but lauren cheray and mike were there right when we were. so we chilled for a while, talked to people, etc. then dinner... yumm the food was so good. my table was me, sean, kim, brett, brandon, ray, erica and her bf. and then mike sat with us for dinner and lauren came over later too. then dancingg! yeah me laur emily and cheray tried greek dancing... we looked like idiots but tonss of fun! the ice cream was amazing =D but why write so much when i can show you guys with all the pictures i took!!go herre->

today:ugh last practice of 2004!! aaw so sad... N0T. haha me and parkin called meg and she was still at menyos hungover... she told her mom she was sleeping at kates hahaha meg i LOVE YOU. tonight... maybe the diehls? maybe out with parkin... who knows?? im seeing meet the fockers today. looks good, 1st one was good. yeahh i g2g do a SHITLOAD of homework... so im out


[30 Dec 2004|04:16pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | "SMilE" -l0NEStAR- ]

today:swim practice 8-10am [booo], then shower, blowdry, major cleaning of my room-mostly done by megan and kelly-and then... my dads friends who are amazingly cool for a bunch of 40 year olds came up. and then my dads friend from florida who he hasn't seen in like 10 years came up with his 2 kids. so yeah then i went babysitting and got $25 for 2 hours!! yeahhhh and then i came home and the people are still here. so laur cheray and mike aren't coming over before anymore. just emily and kim. and kim's coming soon! and we haven't chilled in forever so it will be fun.
tonight:christina's party should be awesomely fun. there are going to be tonsss of people there. maybe ill meet some new people? [boys :D] ha anyways...


[29 Dec 2004|04:50pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | -none- watching dodgeball ]

swim practice, 8-10am at gpcc. we slacked off waay too much and rubin got kinda pissed. then i came home, showered, and ate. then sean picked me up at noon and we went to kop! tons of fun. i exchanged my green banana republic shirt for a pink one, got a few presents for people-haha yes, AFTER christmas-a sweater to wear over my dress tomorrow night, and a new green n white striped ribbon for my necklace. yeah we had some good times including the crazy ass lady at eckerd and the fat chick in front of us wearing a gymnastics shirt. yeahhh got home around 3 then just totally pigged out and bummed it. watched orange county-funnny movie. yeah im so tired. i think i'll stay in tonight.


[28 Dec 2004|04:08pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]
[ music | "since u been gone" kelly clarkson ]

ugh today i had to get up at like 7 for practice. but the pool was still weird-too much chlorine i think? so we just did weights and running. and then my lungs started burning from the cold-not fun. then i walked to laurens and my mom picked me up at 10. anyway... i thought this was a cool survey how its a-z. yeah that's hot. so herrre:
[a]ge: 15
[b]estfriends: they know!
[c]hoice of meat: turkey
[d]ream date: beach w/ a certain person
[e]xciting adventure: lizzie's sweet 16th!! 8.29<3
[f]avorite food: buffalo wings, hoagies
[g]reatest accomplishment: umm... idk... sportsmanship in hs swimming and then coaches award that summer
[h]appiest day of your life: so many
[i]nterests: shopping, boys, aim, phone, swimming, working out
[j]ello: yum
[k]ool aid: ehh
[l]ove: the worst and best feeling
[m]ost valued: true friends
[n]ame: rachel
[o]utfit you wore to school today: winter break!!=no school, but so far ive worn a bathing suit, shorts n a t-shirt, sweats, and my parka
[p]izza topping: pepperoni
[q]uestion most asked: whats up?/what are we doing?
[r]adio station: 95.7
[s]port: swimming!
[t]elevision show: laguna beach, friends
[u]r favorite song: o god so many... the middle, total eclipse of the heart, and like 40 more
[w]here you live: plymouth
[x]yz: haha
[y]ear born: 1989
[z]odiac sign: GEMiNi


MERRY ChRiStMAS!!! [25 Dec 2004|09:11am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | -none- watching the simple life 2!!! ]

merry christmas my loves.

yeah i got a lot of good stuff. =D

2 juicy jackets-pink and yellow, green vest from gap, tiffany key ring, tiffany ring, tiffany necklace, nike watch, ribbon necklace with the c initial thing, yeah real cute, squishy orange pillow, more dum dums!, chicken soup book, awesome book on london-perfect for my trip, DVDs, the simple life 2 DVD... HELL YESSSS, some stuff for skiing, duck socks-Ad0RAblE:), memory stick for my camera, um... yeah cant remember what else. more clothes. okay well going to my aunts laterrr... im excited! okay im out!


ChRIStMAS EVE [24 Dec 2004|11:36am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | -none- ]

santa's coming tonight! hehe

anyway... today i woke up and cleaned my room *gasp* and then went to the plastic surgeon with my mom bc she had to get her stitches out... well some. yeah im so tired so ill probably sleep alll day. church tonight at 6. i gotta serve =( booo. o well we wont have to go tomorrow. yeah im excited for tomorrow... we are going to my aunts and i get to see my 2 cousins who are like 25 yrs old and i havent seen them in like a year... but they're real cool so it's all good.

NO SWIMMING TODAY!!! for some weird reason we don't have practice today... we usually do on xmas eve. o well... im not complaining =D

im out


xmas eve eve [23 Dec 2004|08:39pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | "somewhere i belong" linkin park ]

wow haven't updated in a whole week! well i did on wednesday but then i got logged off so it all got erased. it was about wednesdays amazing practice. me and irene got in a huge fight and then everyone got on my side and ashley goes "IRENE- WHY DONT YOU GO STICK YOUR HEAD IN THE TOILET?" i thought it was hilarious--but you def. had to be there. then thursdays meet... good meet, but we lost. we can still be the champs if methacton beats them and we beat methacton. but methacton sucks this year so us and UD will probably beat them. oh well. then this morning we had practice-no afternoon. irene shared some unesscesary info w/ me and parkin... aah o god. oh and also we now have practice sunday... but im not going! family is coming up. oh well what a shame...... NOT

school has sucked. so boring aah

thursday night was fun. after the meet i went home and got ready and went to laurens for fish xmas dinner! it was fun. her family, who is amazingly awesome, mike, dave, and me were all there. i met andrew, her cousin who i talk to online... yeah cool kid. but it was fun!

tomorrow is xmas eve! so everyone have a merry christmas!!

im out =D


M0NdAY!! [20 Dec 2004|06:57pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | -none- ]

yeah... today was a fun one at swimming! parkin was back! yeah took a mini-nap before because we had late practice. the workout was quite boring, but there was so much fog and you couldn't really see anything, i just stood there. there were some fun times including me wearing irenes cap over mine and her having no idea i took it. ha yeah you had to be there...

tomorrow=field trip! but of course i'll be there for the bio test, and i won't be there for the TKMB test where we go to lunch, discuss it, and come back and change all our answers. poop. i gotta take that one after school tomorrow. yeah so we are going to the rock gym for lifeguarding. i see no point in it, but it gets me out of school so i'm really not complaining. it should be fun. okay well i gotta shower! im out


WEEkENdS [19 Dec 2004|11:38am]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | "nobody's home" avril lavigne ]

yeah... this weekend was not too eventful. saturday morning practice wasn't too bad. rubin gives a whole speech about how we better not get sick or make out w/ our bfs or share drinks or anything. yeah GET PUMPED FOR WEDNESDAY yeahhh everyone better be there, 3:30, PWHS pool, don't wear red, and get read to watch us kick upper dublin's ASS. im pumped.

then saturday after practice, walked to laurens and went to the best buddies party. fun i guess. got tonss of food =D

last night went shopping. got a dress for christina's. then i came home, watched tv and fell asleep, i'm so tired i def. need to catch up on sleep. so christmas is a week from yesterday! im excited! except for getting up everyday at like 6am to go to swim practice for 2 hrs. :/

today... cleaning my room, it's the messiest it's been in a loong time. it's gonna take a long time. then sleep sleep sleep. yeah i gotta memorize the shakespeare speech for tomorrow... aah.

im out


[17 Dec 2004|06:00pm]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | "exit to exit" ryan cabrera ]

i went back to school on wed. still didn't feel good. same thursday. thursday went to practice, rubin still wasn't there, and i still didn't feel great so me and maryland just like stood in the shallowend and probably swam like a 400 at the very most. yeah it was a good practice. today we had dryland til 3:30. and the UD meet got rescheduled to wednesday at 3:30. BE THERE! the boys lost by like... 2 :[ boo... but they still did great! i was gonna go to the movies tonight w/ kim but neither of us have rides so who knows what im doing?

i feel like i have more to write but i can't think of anything...

ohh yeah so the speech i had to memorize... i didn't do it last night and i finally did it today in 1st n 2nd block n at lunch and i didn't even have to go. i was the only one! ha yeah im soo lucky. and then right after that i saw someone with someone else :'[ and yeah that took away all the happiness i had.

99% over him :/

yeah and then today in lifeguarding i was swimming and some girl's head went right into my lip and omg it was so hard i thought like she knocked my teeth out but my braces went into my lip and my bottom lip has cuts all over the inside and it's all swollen. it still reallly hurts.

tomorrow is the best buddies party, i'm going with lauren. it should be fun. it's the first one im going to this year. always a joy. =D

whatever im outt


[14 Dec 2004|03:29pm]
[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | "way away" yellowcard ]

yeah... another FUN day home sick. kelly was home sick too. yeah i had a pretty useless day. kind of finished my book bc the test was today... yeah needless to say i'm going to fail. yeah so i missed 2 tests and a quiz which i have to make up and i have no idea wtf they are on. especially in bio.

yeahhh christmas is in 11 days =D. the only bad thing about winter break is practice EVERYDAY at 7am. aah. kill me now.

so yeah my mom just called and she's out of surgery and everything is good! but im gonna have soo much work to do now that she is gonna be in bed for the next few weeks. okay well im out!


my new pet!! [14 Dec 2004|12:37pm]
my pet!

SWiMMiNG [14 Dec 2004|12:33pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | "drop it like it's hot" snoop dogg ft. pharrell ]

"People dont swim because its fun. Ask any swimmer, most of them hate it, but they couldnt imagine their life with out it. Its part of them, its something they live for. They live for the 5 a.m practices, pasta partys, cheers, long bus rides, invitationals, countless swim caps, chlorine, and coaches you hate but appreciate later. They live for the way it feels when you beat the person next to you by a tenth of a second and you know those 2 extra laps you did in practice were worth it. You live for the way you jump every time you hear a buzzer, or the way you scream whenever you hear the gun on the 500 even though you hear it every time. You live for the way you celebrate when you get to do a set with fins. You live for the way you become a family with your team, and noone understands what happens within that pool or locker room but you. You live for the countless songs you sing in your head when your swimming those laps. You live for the people who scream at you while your swimming even though all you hear is BLAH BLAH BLAH. You live for the competition, you live for the friends, you live for the practice, you live for the pain, its a part of you. Your a swimmer."


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