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24th March, 2006. 12:44 pm. the job scene

Things at the job are going well.. the bossman was away in Florida for the week after I started, which was kinda nice because I could get adjusted and acquainted without being afraid of fucking up. Such as the numerous times I picked up the phone and was like "good afternoon [name of the other company I used to work at] how may I help you".

He is back now, and I need to work on the hours with me him and the other girl, cause I'm like 5 hours shy a week of what I told I would be getting, and thats not really fair. So he either needs to tell other girl.. "hey you wanted time off, now you have it" or create an extra 5 hours in the week (i.e. open the office at 9 instead of 930 and create a half hour change over shift between me and other girl, so that we can explain what has been done and what still needs to be done).

I need the hours sorted out so that I can move. Living in my basement apartment is making me want to die all the time, who'd have though the lack of light would catch up to me. Though being out in the sun when I forget my sunglasses also makes me want to die.. me and the sun just aren't friends.

But yes, thats the job scene.

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9th March, 2006. 10:57 am. the first shift

So I got a new job, one of those full time doohickies, will help in the quest that is moving into a new apartment (which I hope to do May 1st), and yesterday was my first day. Its the same thing I was doing part time, just full time now.

Anyways, my boss owns the firm, and has a wife. I've met the wife and she's nice, just a little ditzy. She called him when I first got there, and I guess he determined that it wasn't of great importance, cause he was all like "just figure it out, if you can't figure it out, don't bother, i'm busy and this is important, don't call back" then proceeded to hang up the phone while muttering "fucking idiot".

Now does that sound like a healthy, loving marriage?

(Actually, considering the past of most of the readers of this blog, the answer will probably be yes)

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8th March, 2006. 12:25 am. its a week late, whoops

Happy SIAD, keep surviving

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6th March, 2006. 10:00 pm. Things learned in Orillia

Sledding does not involve a sled, it is in fact as Torontonians refer to as snow mobiling, so involves something with a motor that can tap out at 80 km/h

VNV (Victory not Vengeance) is a really good band, and I don't even like industrial music.

Beer and milk are pretty much the two drinks that have a neutral acid level, so guess which one my lactose intolerant cousin with a stomach ulcer the size of a grapefuit drinks 12 of a day?

Don't talk to the guy who has put a hole with a cm diameter in his nasal passage about it, he gets testy.

Also, don't tell the guy that fact that he gave himself a PA piercing was an insane thing to do, because I shouldn't judge him.

In Orillia, or at least Oro Medonte, people don't realize that black mold CAN KILL YOU (also, it gives me viscious migraines)

Dairy Queen is only opened seasonly up there

You can't re plug an IDE harddrive without it re intitiating (read: re formatting) itself. Which means Gateway has effectively screwed me over, bastards.

But all in all it was a good weekend, even though I didn't go sledding, didn't see Chester the horse, or much of anything since my cousin got really sick on Sunday. And I caught the bus with like an hour to spare on Saturday.. I had fun, hope to do it again

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28th February, 2006. 1:15 pm. drama

So, my supervisor is of an interesting sort. This person works 9-5, but still feels the need to schedule themself in for the evening shift from 5-930, every Tuesday and Friday this month (which means, for the part time staff team of 6 people, those are shifts that we could have worked). Plus, supervisor went to HR and asked for another part timer, why, because supervisor is going to start putting 3 people on a night (cause goodness knows, with 2 of us we aren't already bored out of our minds.. I pity the ones that have to go next door and be all alone). So new part timer was granted, and with that, was granted 17 shifts this month, while the rest of us got between 9-11, fair? Nope. (Remember on top of that, full time supervisor is taking 9 of our shifts). So, what does the part time staff do, we go to HR and complain.

HR is understanding, and decides to assign us to days that supervisor had given to themself. So, Sunday night, co worker W (who has recently gotten a second part time job), calls me to take some shifts that she had a scheduling conflict with, and I took them. I went to supervisor and informed them that I was taking the following shifts from W. Supervisor asked why it was that W was giving away so many shifts, I was smart, and kept my mouth shut.

Supervisor tells me I should offer one or two to co worker J since she was asking for more shifts (I am friends with J, and know that she isn't available for those shifts because she is actually already taking Supervisor's shifts those nights, Supervisor doesn't know this because HR isn't back until tomorrow).

Shit hits the fan, when J has to call Supervisor this morning, and it comes out about HR's decision. Supervisor is now going to the owner of the company, and owner, supervisor, J and HR are all going to meet. Little does Supervisor know, that all of the P/T staff went to HR with the same complaints.

They can't get us all fired can they?

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27th February, 2006. 3:15 pm.

i'm not sure what to do with this blog.. i had started it with the intention to allow people out of my inner circle of friends to get a glimpse into my life.. but I guess I just haven't found my vibe for the blog.. i've tried to make it different than my xanga, but am not having much like. phooey.

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27th February, 2006. 2:53 pm. Some revelations

i did a lot of thinking the other night, while trying to pretend to my body that i was sleeping. i thought of times from when i was a teenager till now, when things just seemed so unbearable. and i realized some truths about myself:

- i'm a drama queen and a pessimist

- i have problems with future hope and grace

- i am the creator of my own problems, i try to manipulate circumstances to work for me, and end up getting fucked over in the end

- i can live in a moral void tolerably well, and this isn't good

- i seem to not be able to look at other people's mistakes and learn from them, i must make them myself, i seem to continue in situations that i know have the potential the burn me, but until they do, i'm okay with them

- i'm not willing to change any of those things at this moment in time.. so, i shall be careful with when i talk to people, because i know i'm not making good decisions and that my friends love me.. but, i'm okay with those bad decisions right now

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22nd February, 2006. 2:32 pm. Dear Sarcastrix

You impress me more and more every day.. I like that you like (or are at least familiar with) the same shows I do.

Although, I wouldn't say he was an adorable puppet..

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20th February, 2006. 10:34 am. ah crap

so, here has been my sleep schedule for the last couple of days:

thursday: 4 hours (was sleeping in a friends bed, [said friend was in her dorm room at u of t, said friend has a single, i have queen]) and everytime i would fall asleep i would stretch out and hit her bookcase and wake myself up

friday: no sleep, i was setting up a conference that i help to run that was all day saturday

saturday: got home at 1230am, after running around all day, went to bed at 1am.. woke up at 2pm

sunday: went back to bed at 4pm, woke up at 8pm.. couldn't fall back asleep till 6am, woke up 1030 am..

problem with this method? my alarm clock was set for this morning for 8am because i had a job interview at 11.. whoops.

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15th February, 2006. 12:11 am. I hate dogs

I was on the bus at Don Mills station when a woman in a motorized scooter came to get on, she had a german sheppard with her. So she was on the lift taking her up, and the dog is going insane.. jumping, growling, biting the air. And I'm starting to freak out, I'm petrified of dogs.. but I was like.. as long as it stays away I'll be okay.. whats the first thing the dog does. Jumps on my seat and then on to me (the woman had it on a ridicilously long leash).. I started crying and had to get off.. and it took me ten minutes to calm down.

I understand help dogs, but you know what, if you can't control the dog.. it shouldn't be on a public bus. If my safety and comfort level is at risk because of the dog (and its not even a help dog, it had no indication..).. then I don't think I should have been the one to get off.

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