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24th August 2003

7:38pm: well toss me to green goblin and let him be - I've been way to busy these past few days. and that first line didnt make sense, just so you know.

charmed filming, promotion....so sorry to everyone that missed me, I know there's got to be a few of those people out there. :winks:

so updating is what I am doing. but what to say.... Die Hard was on TV the other night, I watched it again. not even sure why it was on....but hey, not complaining. I was amused so it was good.

thanks also to all the people who welcomed me the first few days. had a lot of fun talking with Nicky and Beverly and a few others.

Freddy Vs. Jason.... I REALLY need to see that, but going alone doesnt seem to great to me... hm..oh well. :smiles: I'll deal i guess.

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16th August 2003

11:29am: I'm Holly Marie Combs. Piper on Charmed. :) Rissi finally dragged me into getting one of these damned things. Speaking of Rissi...catch us in See Jane Date tonight. Anyone who doesn't watch it I will personally find and kill.


Don't be scared, talk to me: Holly xx Combs

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