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•Instant Messenger•
Be Not Real Yet: I put on my own concert
Be Not Real Yet: it was great
Be Not Real Yet: I'm beating my hand with a hammer
Be Not Real Yet: ...I punched a cop
Be Not Real Yet: I stole the salad bar from red lobster

•Korn - Did My Time
•Aaliyah - Resolution
•AFI - The leaving song pt2
•StainD- So Far Away
•The Used - Blue and Yellow
•Linkin Park - My own summer (live)
•Limpbizkit - Eat you Alive
•Evenesance - Going under
•Diddy/Nelly/Murphy Lee - Shake ya tailfeather

•Linkin Park
•N Sync


Hold up!

There are a few reasons why you might not see posts on this page:

  • •I have not listed you as a friend. And while that may break your heart, thas not my problem.
  • •You've got Crabs Assface (Clone High USA, LOVE IT)
  • •Mike Shinoda doesn't like you and told Joe Hahn to shred you with his Vinyl. At this point, I can't help ya.


[23 Aug 2003|10:03pm]
Testing biotch!
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