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sick, sick, sick... [14 Apr 2003 * 07:00pm]

Well, the title says it all, really. I've just come up here (hospital wing) from the Great Hall because someone thought it would be great fun to put pumpkin juice in my goblet instead of water. I wasn't really, really thirsty until after I had finished eating, right? So I took the goblet and drank nearly all of it before realizing it was pumpkin juice... and I started hypervenilating. And then I ran up to the Hospital Wing, and Madam Pomfrey fixed me up and all, but I'm still kind-of splotchy and irritable. Madam Pomfrey was kind enough to let me Summon my journal here, and so that's how I'm able to bring this enchantingly cheerful text to you. (another side effect: sarcasm.) Well, now, the medicine she's given me has made me awfully drowsy, so I think I'll just rest my eyes for a bit. Pip-pip.


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all the rage! [13 Apr 2003 * 04:58pm]

Considering everyone else has done one of these, except perhaps Lil, I thought, might as well follow the trend, as they are all the rage. heh.


01. Time you start: 4:59 p.m.
02. Full Name: Laurel Ashlyn Finch-Fletchley
03. Nicknames: Laur, Laurie, Laurs, and Ashie. but only Mum calls me that.
04. Screen names: fiowering
05. Pet(s): owl named Rosalind (from William Shakespeare's As You Like It) and a cat named Thisbe (Greek mythological character from the Tragedy of Pyramus and Thisbe.
07. GPA: High, but I'm not telling you what it is exactly.
08. Sex: Female.
09. Birthdate: April 1, 2003.
10. Zodiac sign: Aries.
11. Location: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
12. Hair color: Ash blonde.
13. Eye color: Sapphire blue, with pretty little smoky blue rings around the edges.
14. Siblings: Three.
15. Bestfriend(s): don't really have one.. just close friends, like Lily.

The CRUSH Side:

16. Crush: Yes.
17. Girlfriend/Boyfriend: Sadly, no.
18. If you could go out with anyone, who would it be: Not saying.

The PAST Side:

19. Memory [thing] you miss most: Probably... spending time with my godmother. I haven't seen her in ages. It's depressing.
20. If you could go back in time, where would you go: The time of the Founders. I want to meet all of them, even if Salazar Slytherin's a nasty old bumbling fool. I think it would be interesting.
21. Memory you would like to forget: All the times I fell into the disappearing step in my first year. Embarassing, I tell you.
22. What'd you do yesterday: Went to Hogsmeade. I love Saturdays.
23. Last person you talked to on the phone: My best friend from my childhood. She doesn't know I'm a witch, but we still talk to each other and hang out over the summers.
24. Last thing you said: "Bloody hell" -- because I nearly fell up the stairs going to my dorm. I'm a clumsy little thing.
25. Last song you listened to: Evanescence - Imaginary


28. TV show: Pop Idol. I love the beginning of the season because you get to see people make absolute fools of themselves singing in front of those judges. Great fun.
29. Song: Taking Over Me by Evanescence and You Already Take Me There by Switchfoot.
30. Color: lavender and dark blue.
31. Day of the week: Thursday.
32. Month: May.
33. Holiday: Easter.
34. Number(s): Three.
35. Sport to play: Quidditch.
36. Sport to watch: Quidditch ( and football, it's quite fun to watch the Muggles kicking that black and white ball around on the field and falling over -- hilarious, really. )
37. Ice cream: Mint Chocolate Chip.
38. Candy: Chocolate Frogs.
39. Channel: Uhm.. Fox? I don't really watch TV that much, except to watch Pop Idol and football.
40. Shampoo/Conditioner: Herbal Essences.
41. Saturday Night Live quote: uhm.. I wouldn't know.. er... "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night"?
42. Sports Team: Gryffindor, and Puddlemere.
43. Actor/Actress: Shane West... he's adorable..
44. Non-alcoholic Drink: Butterbeer.
45. Alcoholic Drink: Seagram's Fuzzy Navel Wine Coolers. They're good. All fizzy and stuff.
46. Band/Singer: Evanescence (Amy Lee).
47. Movie: A Walk to Remember. A lot of Muggle movies are great..


48. *N Sync OR BSB: Seriously, are you mad?
49. Peanut butter OR Jelly: Peanut butter.
50. Boxers OR Briefs: Boxers.
51. Matt OR Ben: Damon and Affleck? Easy.. I'll have to go with Ben.
52. MTV OR VH1: MTV.
53. Apples OR Oranges: Oranges.
54. Vanilla OR Chocolate: Chocolate.
55. Flowers OR Candy: Flowers. (as if you couldn't tell already..)
56. Dawson's Creek OR Felicity: You're definitely off your rocker, whoever made this. They both suck.
57. Romantic, Comedy, Horror, OR other: Romantic and comedy. Sometimes Romantic comedies.
58. TV OR Radio: Radio.
59. Max and Liz OR Michael and Maria: Wouldn't know. Dunno them.
60. Joey and Pacey OR Joey and Dawson: Please, no more Dawson's Creek.


61. Do you believe in angels: Yes.
62. Aliens: The little green ones? Nope.
63. Heaven & Hell: Yes.
64. God: Yes.
65. Yourself: Yes.
66. Love at first Sight: Perhaps.
67. True Love: Yes.
68. Soul Mates: Yes.


69. Been on a plane: Yes.
70. Cried in public: Once... but I was like, five, so...
71. Climbed a tree: Yes.
72. Fell asleep in a Movie Theater: It's too loud to fall asleep in a movie theatre.
73. Met a celebrity: I've met James's father.
74. Been scared to get a shot: Yes. I hate needles.
75. Shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch: Aber-whatsits?
76. Skipped school: ... You blasphemous little sneak. NO.
77. Gone out of the country: Yes.


78. Bill Clinton: Adulterer.
79. Dreams: Taking Over Me.
80. Sex: Pre-marital sex is bad.
81. Whipped Cream: Cool Whip!
83. Boy Bands: Pfft. Flamers.
84. Guys: Daniel. Quidditch.
85. Girls: conceited.
86. Death: South Park.


87. Dog/Cat: Cat. Hey, this could happen.. Maybe I could become an Animagi (not).
88. Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate.
89. Pen/Pencil: Quill.
90. Boy/Girl: Girl.


92. Are you getting tired of this survey: Yes.
93. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: No.
94. How many buddies do you have on your list: About 27, but on my other one I have close to 200.
95. Do you like this survey: It's alright.
96. One pillow or two, cotton or feather: Two, cotton.
97. Last CD you bought: Evanescence - Fallen.
98. Last movie you saw: A Walk to Remember.
99. How long are you in the shower: Twenty minutes to an hour.
100. How do you eat a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup: I unwrap it, take a bite, chew, and swallow. Like everyone else does.
101. What does your screen name mean?: I love flowers.
102. Right or Left?: Left, if you mean which is my wand arm.
103. What is on your mouse pad: Bugs Bunny. I love Looney Tunes.
104. What is under your bed: Everything but the kitchen sink.
105. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie roll pop?: Wouldn't know, I've never had one.
106. Do you like the person who sent this to you: Jamie's alright.


107. Been Kissed: No.
108. Been In Love: No.
109. Had Alcohol: Yes.
110. Done any kind of drug: No.
111. Failed a grade: No.
112. Skipped a grade: No.
113. Sang and Danced while alone in your room: Of course -- my two favorite hobbies.
114. Missed someone: Yes.


115. Cried: Last week.
116. Told someone not related to you that you love them: Never.
117. You were on the phone: The morning of September 1st, when I was talking to my friend, Tara (my Muggle friend).
118. You laughed until you cried: Last night after we returned from Hogsmeade.
119. You stayed home all weekend voluntarily: Last weekend. Had nothing to do.
120. What time is it now: 6:01 p.m. (mun was rping and eating dinner -- not to mention making all those thingies bold)


and dream i do.

spring dance... [13 Apr 2003 * 03:26pm]

Hello.. I need to update this thing a bit more, don't you think? I've been neglecting it. But there's this website called "Neopets" and I'm afraid I've become quite addicted to it. The things these Muggles think up! I've been sixteen for.. twelve days now, and I do feel a bit older, but.. it's quite unsettling, because it feels like I was just eleven, and on my way to Hogwarts. Dear me, I'll stop thinking about that now..

The Spring Dance is this week, and no one's asked me yet. Quite depressing, actually. Well, not really, but I do want to go. I've still got to go to Gladrags and see if they have any dress robes I would like to get... maybe Mum and Dad will lend me some money to buy some pretty ones..

I met two girls a week or so ago -- one of them is kind-of disturbing, if you ask me.. her name's Christin, and she's in my year, but she's a Ravenclaw, and obviously has a habit of running into walls and laughing maniacally. The other, Jamie, is alright -- she's a Gryffindor, and in my year, as well -- kind-of weird, considering I only met her this year, and I've been living in the same dormitory with her ever since our first year. It was destiny, I suppose, that we didn't meet until then. I've written Mum and Dad a letter about things going on in school..

Dear Mum and Dad,

Hello, how are you both? I'm wonderful. We had a test in Potions a few days ago and Professor Snape said I did well on it, though he did not look too happy about it. Was he this rotten when you had him as your Potions Master? Anyway, the professors have really started loading us up on Homework, considering it is nearing the Easter hols, and they keep telling us about the O.W.L.s and how dreadfully hard they are -- are they really all that hard? I've been studying for almost a year now and they shouldn't be that hard for me. The administrators have also been mentioning a spring dance, and it's this week, and I was wondering if I could borrow some money to buy some dress robes at Gladrags. I've not been asked yet, but it's not bothering me. I have spent all my pocket money on supplies for school, and books to enlighten me on things like Hogwarts's history and magical findings and such. Maybe the Headmaster will let me come home over the Easter hols, and I hope to see you soon; if not, I suppose I will see you in June.


I wonder if she'll send me money... I know she liked going to the school socials when she was at Hogwarts.. anyway, I've got to go, I need to look over my star charts...


and dream i do.

my immortal... [02 Apr 2003 * 03:24pm]

Today was quite uneventful, except for this one thing during lunch where two Ravenclaw girls got into a fight over some boy (I think it was James -- I don't know for sure. I shouldn't tell him; he'll get a big head.) and were pulling each others' hair, scratching, kicking, biting -- you know, the whole cat fight stuff. Great fun, watching them. Of course, McGonagall swooped over and pulled them apart. She always ruins all the fun, the great old bat. What is she, like, a hundred years old now? She's about fifty years younger than old Dumbledore though, and he's still kicking.

Being sixteen feels no different from being fifteen. Hm. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Maybe a boyfriend would make me feel older. I've still not had one. I feel inexperienced. ... Oh well. Lalala. I'm off now, studying to do. Au revoir!


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Joyeux anniversaire à moi...! [01 Apr 2003 * 05:39pm]

C'est mon anniversaire aujourd'hui. J'ai seize ans ! Je suis ainsi passionnant. La maman m'a envoyé une boîte enorme qui a dû être portée par au moins quatre hiboux avec tous mes présents dans lui d'elle, le papa, et mes grand-pères. Ils me sont si bons. Je ne les mérite pas comme parents. La maman et le papa m'ont obtenu un collier argenté avec des boucles d'oreille argentées, un bracelet, et une chaîne de cheville pour s'assortir. Le collier a un petit charme de fleur là-dessus qui est dans la forme d'un lis, qui est mon type préféré absolu de fleur. Le grand-mère et le grand-père (le côté de la maman) m'ont donné quelques livres sur grand Seers et également quelques livres sur l'histoire de Hogwarts (par exemple, Hogwarts, a History). Le grand-mère et le grand-père (le côté du papa) m'ont donné quelques nouveaux vêtements à la mode de Muggle qui sont absolument beaux, avec du parfum appelé le ` Tommy Girl` fait par un homme de Muggle appelé Tommy Hilfiger. Il sent tout à fait bon quand vous le mettez dessus.

Je me demande quels Amethyst et Danny vont me donner pour mon anniversaire. non que Danny me donnerait quelque chose, naturellement, mais. il pourrait être gentil. Ames n'a pas laissé entendre m'avoir un cadeau d'anniversaire aujourd'hui. Naturellement, elle pourrait avoir été avril me dupant ce matin où elle a dit qu'elle ne m'a pas eu un présent. Hmph. Mauvaise fille, elle est.


just having a bit of fun with my butchering of French. Give me a break, I've only been taking it for two summers. anyway, all it says ( for you non-French speakers, you! ) is that it's my birthday and what I got for my birthday. Great fun, right? Fabbity fab fab with knobs. french!! MERDE!! Je dois étudier maintenant! Au revoir! /french


and dream i do.

wow. [25 Mar 2003 * 04:20pm]

Days til Laurel's Birthday: 07. One week!!

He likes my haircut!~ and he wants to meet up later. Great, great, great!! I can't wait. Hey, look, that rhymed... aren't I the poet? Anyway.. McGonagall was being a total card today and gave us tons of homework. I mean, tons. Like, I don't think she's -ever- given us this much homework.. Oh well. It's still great.. I'm so happy now.


and dream i do.

8 days.. [24 Mar 2003 * 05:21pm]

Days til Laurel's Birthday: 08 and counting..

Had class today. Transfiguration was rather unexciting; all we did was talk about what we're doing tomorrow, and I was barely paying attention during that. Charms was great, as usual, nothing really to explain, just that we were reviewing our spells that we've done in the past few weeks. Then, the afternoon was a blur; I can barely remember what happened in Potions. Just that Danny was there... anyway, a Ravenclaw girl I don't even know came up to me today and said she liked my hair. That made me happy. Well, I'm going downstairs, it's almost dinnertime.


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c'est la vie. [23 Mar 2003 * 09:43pm]

Well, you'll never guess what I did today.

I went and got my hair cut in Hogsmeade. You know, how my hair was almost to my waist? I got over a foot cut off; it's now just slightly below my chin. I wonder if Danny will like it.. When I got back, Amethyst cried out in shock and just stared at me for a moment, wondering if that was her sister standing in the middle of the common room. However, I gave her a nice, firm scolding, that went somewhat along the lines of this: ``Ame, if you don't like my hair, make it grow back, why don't you? It's not your hair to decide what to do with it.`` she just stared at me and shook her head.

Hmph. In other news, Mum sent us care packages today, filled to bursting with sweets and (for me) a nice book on crystal gazing. Also, I've realized how close my birthday is getting.. you really kind of forget, when you're so preoccupied as I have been lately. I wonder if anyone will get me a present besides my family.

Days Left til Laurel's Birthday: 09 and counting.

I do hope that people don't decide to be funny on my birthday and try to fool me. You know, April Fool's day. That would vex me to no end. Well, being up so late last night has made me exhausted. I'm going to bed.


and dream i do.

my first official entry. [23 Mar 2003 * 01:25am]

I have no clue what I'm still doing awake. It's rather late; I was bored, and I saw Amethyst's journal on here earlier (didn't read it, though) and I thought it wouldn't hurt if I had one, either.

That Joslyn Malfoy is a real card. Rather annoying, too, with her narcissistic ways and such. It's sickening, really. Daniel, her brother, told me that she spends at least two hours on her hair -- TWO HOURS! I spend a mere fifteen minutes on mine, and it looks just the same as hers. May the power of Herbal Essences compell you. She had the nerve to disrupt me while I was writing my essay on 17th Century Goblin Rebellions for Professor Binns. As if it wasn't hard enough to write with all the noise in the Great Hall. Perhaps I should look into doing my work in the library from now on. There's a very minimal chance that you will get pumpkin juice on your parchment in there, as refreshments aren't allowed.

Well, my star-charts for Divination await me. I'll end here.

- Laurel.

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