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I AM___:
Name: Ron; Age: 14; B-Day: March 01; Occupation: Student; Feeling: The current mood of at; Education: Hogwarts; House: Gryffindor - Entering fourth year; Familiar: Not anymore; Broomstick: Shooting Star; Dress robes: Horrible and maroon; Quidditch team: Chudley Cannons; Wizard sweet: Everything good.

I LIKE___:
Friends; Hanging out; Holidays; Quidditch; Gryffindor; Hogsmeade; Chudley Cannons memorabilia.

Stupid people; Homework; Public in general; Maroon; Spiders; Ghouls; Corned beef.

Dad; Mum; Bill; Charlie; Percy; Fred; George; Ginny.

Harry; Hermione; Dean; Seamus; Neville.

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Mysterious happenings and .. yeah? [29 Apr 2003|09:48pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Ungh. I woke up on the floor today with a very bruised shoulder. It hurts like a [censored]. I really don't know how it happened. Last thing I remember from yesterday was giving Harry reassurance about that ... Mandy person who seems to be stalking us ... and that was it. Climbed into bed as I usually do, only rising again off of the cold, hard floor. I guess I fell out of bed during the night, but didn't bother to get back in. I left the hangings as they were and went to wake Harry so I could complain about my aching shoulder. He wasn't in his bed, so I just went down to breakfast on my own. He later insisted that he was in bed the whole time, but I swear, he wasn't.

So, Harry, WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU? And you haven't looked at the size of this bruise yet! I tell you, its a killer. Very impressive, if I do say so my self.

Other than that, things seem to be going as they usually do. It sucks not having Scabbers, though I'll admit its nice to not have to wash your robes every other day from the presents he liked to leave in my pocket without permission.

No comment on the Hermione situation. Because there is no situation. Nothing will change until I get a damn apology, and hell, even some goddamn sympathy.

Seamus offered to buy me a shirt. I'm feeling a bit dodgy on the matter, though still flattered. I mean, since when did we all buy each other clothes on our birthdays? Muggle clothes at that. Anyway, if you're still offering ... I'll take the orange. And quit being a whore.

My eyes and shoulder hurt, so I'm going to pack it in. I'll finish my homework tomorrow at breakfast. Too sleepy right now. Tonight I resolve to not fall out of bed.

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Hermione is an arse. Scabbers is dead. The end. [06 Apr 2003|09:40pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Let it be known that I am no longer Hermione's friend. So stupid, Ron, why are you always so STUPID? It wasn't even me who wanted to be her friend in the first place, no, it was some stupid idea of Harry's. 'She saved our skins, you know!'. Well, that was in first year, and I'm not a little kid anymore. Thanks to her, my rat, Scabbers, no longer HAS A SKIN.

So, there I was searching for potions ingredients, right? So I could finish my homework, right? Well, not right. Not only was my Camphor oil missing, but so was MY PET. All that was there was a BLOODY BEDSHEET and CAT HAIR. From HER stupid, ugly cat, no doubt. I hate that animal. I hate how bloody stupid Hermione is. I TOLD HER that cat had it out for Scabbers. Told her more than once, I recall. And you know what she did when I pointed out the evidence? Proved that her cat had eaten Scabbers? She shrugged it off. 'Oh, I'm sure he's still alive'. How can he be, eh? What proof has she got? None. N-O-N-E.

So then Harry comes to have his say. Good old reliable Harry. Surely he'll know what to say! Well, not really. Seemed to me he was on Hermione's side, and if it was otherwise, he didn't really show it. Thanks, Mate, you really came through for me.

Scabbers is gone. Just like that. My poor, wonderful rat. I hope being digested isn't as awful as they make it out to be.


I'll always remember the time you bit Goyle for me. Rock on, little guy.
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Happy belated birthday to me [01 Apr 2003|04:36pm]
[ mood | cursing my teenage hormones ]

Its been a really long time since I last updated, hasn't it? I don't know what's gotten in to me. I think I may have picked up a life somewhere, but I really can't be sure. Let's follow what's been happening the past while; I'll use subject headings and everything.

1st March
MY BIRTHDAY. I'm pleased to see a few of you remembered. As for those of you who didn't, I really hope you die HORRIBLE, PAINFUL DEATHS! BY MANTICORES! OR SOMETHING EQUALLY AS BRUTAL! I'm fourteen now, which means I can legally qualify for .. nothing new this year. Bugger. I need a girlfriend. Why didn't anyone get me that? more friends. Mum was keen to send me an owl, though, which plainly said that she is still Captain Obvious. '... You're fourteen now, and my! That means you're almost fully grown. It seems like only yesterday ... blah blah blah ... Oh, I wish I could see you now, and how much you've grown ... blah blah blah ... we're so proud of you, Ronald, but this doesn't mean that since you're a whole year older, you're suddenly allowed to do stupid, troublesome things ... blah blah blah' THE END. Thank you, Mum. Your words mean so much. Of course, they could have been so much more had you included something ... well, worthwhile.

Yes, she sent me slippers .. well ... I guess they are comfortable, but ... ugh, never mind. (Thanks to Colin for taking a photo of my feet without hesitation. Strange boy.) Again to everyone else who remembered, thanks. It means a lot.

Hogsmeade Visit
Went with Hermione. Met a friend at Honeydukes. Went for drinks. Was generally un-eventful.

[Viewable to only Harry and Hermione]

OK, I lied. A lot happened. Like Harry pulling an amazing stunt by sneaking into Hogsmeade. Way to go, Mate! Glad you could make it. As for the Black situation, nothing has really improved. I wish I knew what to say. Hell, I wish I knew what to do. ::sigh:: Harry, if you're reading this, I'm really sorry about what happened, even though I'm not at fault (though you would likely suggest otherwise). Just ... try not to think about it. I'm here for you. ::reddens::

[/The beauty of being public again!]

School and Studies
I've said it once, if not a hundred times ... Snape and his disturbing choice of a girlfriend SCARE ME. Other than that, school is the usual, stressful hell its supposed to be. I'm still kind of pissed off at Hermione for bidding on me at the auction. She still hasn't used me for anything. I wonder if there's an expiry date ... if so, I hope its passed. I think. I don't know anymore.

I'm bored. I wish I had someone something to do.
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Valentines. Brilliant. [17 Feb 2003|12:59am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Happy Valentine's Day, though I'd preferably call it anything but that. Its was actually an OK week up until now ... got this new journal, beat Harry in a few games of Exploding Snap, tried to suffocate Seamus in his sleep ... nothing but joy all around.

I knew Valentine's Day was going to be dreadful. I have a sense about these things. Some stupid shit thought it would be fun to have a 'Valentine's Auction', in which boys were forced to be auctioned off to the girls to buy a new set of school brooms. If you think it sounds stupid ... my friend, you are spot on.

I won't say much. I'd rather not think about it. I went for 35 Galleons. I don't think I've ever had that much money in my hand at one time in my life; Mum is strict with how much pocket change we're given. There was a really pretty looking Gryffindor who bid on me, but alas, she did not win. I, Ron Weasley, am somehow Hermione's property. I won't even start on how wrong that is. Of course, its nothing compared to him somehow winning Snape ... blimey ... just ... eurgh. And why the [censored] is he now pretending to be wearinng a dress?! I will not sleep soundly tonight.

I'm grumpy. If you think *me* going for 35 Galleons is special, wait until you hear that Ginny borrowed money from Katie to buy Harry for 70 Galleons. Damn it. I feel a bit bad for teasing Ginny down into a little hole .... and I also feel a bit down for the fact that Harry can be utterly stupid without realising it. They both seem happy now, so its no longer important, really.

Things became more stupid and annoying, so Hermione and I went for a walk. I'm going to go into sentimental mode and give a huge THANK YOU shout-out to her ... because she is my friend, and well, friends are cool. Especially the rare good ones who you can talk to about stuff without feeling too foolish. <3 Hermione (as a FRIEND. You all suck).

I'd write more, but I'm very tired and must concentrate on concealing the undying urge I have to beat the snot out of Seamus. My journal also needs a layout. Goodnight (as if).

NOTE: 12 days until my birthday. *cough*

EDIT: While basking the fact that *my* birthday is coming up, well ... Happy birthday Percy.

EDIT 2: My birthday is still coming up on the first, you know that, right?

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