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Anthony Lovhawto

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[04 Sep 2003|09:52pm]
i turned into a lyrics whore again.. )
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*grins cheesy like* [04 Sep 2003|03:39am]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | nightingale - saves the day ]

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hmm [02 Sep 2003|09:16pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | too tired for music ]

so, Benjamin and i are leaving tommorow, i miss everyone already, but it'll be good for us. i hate to be leaving with some people on such a sour note, but i won't be gone forever, only two weeks.
i think these things need to be said:
- just when i thought i could read your mind completely, you go and do the simplest things, and it feels like i'm tripping head over heels all over again. i love you. more than i ever thought it possible for me to love someone...

thank you for everything you've done. you really care and you always have. you're the only person i completely confide in, even if i'm not all there right now. most of the stuff in my head right now is sappy and unimportant, and i think you deserve a break from that. you're still my little sister, you always will be and i love you, very very much.

and on a little more of a cryptic note..

i think you guys can work this out, but on the off chance that you can't, you're both wonderful people and i love you too very much. everything happens for a reason, and you both need to keep that in mind.

you are very brave for speaking your mind, i'm glad to see your honesty. it doesn't matter where your allies lay, but sticking up for them, is always brownie points in my book.

oh yeah and THANKS JOEL >;O

EDIT: and so the pit of my stomach doesn't cease to fail me. EJ. you're my brother, my little brother at that. i care about you, and i worry when you don't come home, or you keep things from me. E -- i love you and i'm here for you. you're my blood, my fucking cholo. i got your back, and if you ever need to talk, about anything ever at all you let me know. i don't want to see you sad, i know losing a friend can be really hard, but it makes you see that you can only appreciate the life you have now. i'm not gonna lie, i'm not going to say you have to suck it up. losing a part of your life, thats fucking hard, and i know it is. i...don't know what else to say. i love you, i care, and since i'm gonna be gone, i'm always a phone call away.

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*is way amused* [31 Aug 2003|05:57pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | on my own - the used ]

from the mouths of teenies )

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semi update in the life of Tony. [30 Aug 2003|11:39pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | on my own - the used ]

well well well. this time, i don't have cryptic lyrics. i actually have something to write about. it's crazy. anyways. so the famed Benji/Tony fights plauged us again today. that was.. interesting. it was actually, good. we'd still be chasing our tails and trying to figure out what went wrong. we *smiles* and i dunno. things worked themselves out and i'm glad to see that they have. on the third of next month, Benj and i are going to Jamaica, c/o Mandy "what's in this" Moore. haha. thank you Mandy. i also talked to my doctor, and he said that if i'm not in pain the entire week, the boys and i can head on tour with GC. he says i'm recovering unbelievably well, and i'm going in the day before we leave for a follow up on my surgery. that'll be fun. but i'm not worried. i really think i can do this whole "week without pain" thing. i'm gonna dance on the 8th day, and run around in circles, and jump and swim and run myself until i'm dead tired. :D i'm looking forward to the 8th day. it'll be fun. i'm really greatful for the people who've helped me out int the past month. three months two days ago Mandy. so.. at this time, i'd like to thank the following people:
Amanda; for helping and caring, i love you Amanda Leigh, and i'm behind you 100%
Chels; for being understanding, you're one of my best friends, and you'll always be in my heart.
Tally; for listening to me, and not dying when i slipped into emo bitch-ness.
Tara; for listening too, you helped more than i can admit.
EJ; for being my brother, and taking care of me when you didn't have to.
Matt; for being the most amazing husband :D
Matty, Jere, and Nick; for all your support and understanding.
and most of all..
Benj; for loving me always, not matter what i thought or did. you are my everything.

i think it's time for Tony to take a shower and go to bed now. before benj starts snoring

i love all you guys,

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[30 Aug 2003|10:52am]
[ mood | apathetic ]
[ music | catch a hot one - AFI ]

ew. i'm a lyrics whore.

AFI:the days of phoenix )

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[30 Aug 2003|06:28am]
[ mood | distressed ]
[ music | above me - rufio ]

just when i thought my life was turning around...

here i am again, curled up in a little ball crying like a 3 year old girl at 6:30 in the morning.

...maybe i should explain a little more?

so i woke up, in emmence pain. no not physial pain. i knew something was wrong. so i went downstairs, checked the locks on my doors, checked on EJ and Bow Wow...everything was fine. until i sat down at my computer.

it may or may not have been a cryptic message to me, i'd like to think it wasn't, but it matters all the same.

i couldn't forget about you, not even if i tried. we had, oh man, countless good times, and some really bad ones. but i love you Mandy. you're my little sister whom i'd do just about anything for. i'm still, and will always be proud of you. i'll always stick by the decisions that you make in life, no matter how it effects anyone else. hopefully after this last surgery, i'll come and see you, and it may not be like old times, but. you're still the energetic happy vibrant girl who smiled her way into my heart. at every intersection in life, you have to make a choice. losing you, or forgetting about you, that isn't an option. ever. no matter how bad of a fuck up i am, you'll still be in my heart. always.

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[29 Aug 2003|08:44pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | the used ]


*makes everyone's friends page move*
hey i actually have an emo icon now. it's crazy

and i'm not in pain for the first time in 3 months

the end

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i never said i'd take this lying down [29 Aug 2003|07:06am]
TAKING BACK SUNDAY:there's no 'i' in team )
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[28 Aug 2003|11:23pm]
[ mood | guilty ]
[ music | on my own - the used ]

i never ever ment to hurt you. it was a spur of the moment thing, that ment nothing to me at all. you're the only person who has my heart. you can choose to believe me or not, but i honestly love you. no hangover, or withdrawl, or death, or guilt has ever made me feel this shitty. i really really am sorry. i know this isn't going to help me at all. but this is me, putting everything out here, in the open. the entire, two seconds it happened, all i could think about was you. i didn't even sleep that night. i can't do this, i can't be without you. i'm going insane. i'll tell the whole world, i'll tell anyone you want me to. i'll do anything if you'll just --*stops digging himself into a bigger hole, sighs and clicks 'update', collapsing on the couch, the shards of his television screen fading in and out as tears fill his eyes*

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[28 Aug 2003|09:35pm]
*turns off the TV and smashes it to a million little peices with the bat he kept next to him*
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ooh semi-cryptic!Tony. [28 Aug 2003|06:52am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | mother's prayer - mest ]

I warned you I told you I'd be better without you
But you didn't care you
Told me I'd go nowhere if I didn't have you
But where are you now

I haven't seen you around you know where to be found
I wonder what happened to you
All the insecurities built inside of you
Must have just blown up

Thoughts of happiness
Only when you reminisce
Cause now that things are bad
You think of what you could've had

Think of the years they spent
With no money for the rent
From the bottom to the top
They stuck to their guns they'll never stop

Cause I warned you I told you I'd be better without you
I wonder what happened to you
All the insecurities built inside of you
Must have just blown up

Now everyone has changed
But somehow you stayed the same
A life lesson has been learned
Your best came back and you got burned

What you done you try to hide
It's time to swallow your pride
You'll never change and I can see
When you said at least you're makin money from me

When I warned you I told you I'd be better without you
But you didn't care you
Told me I'd go nowhere if I didn't have you
But where are you now

I haven't seen you around you know where to be found
I wonder what happened to you
All the insecurities built inside of you
Must have just blown up

And I wonder where you are sometimes
And I wonder are
Right now

I warned you I told you I'd be better without you
But you didn't care you
Told me I'd go nowhere if I didn't have you
But where are you now

I haven't seen you around you know where to be found
I wonder what happened to you
All the insecurities built inside of you
How do you feel now

I warned you I told you I'd be better without you
But you didn't care you
Told me I'd go nowhere if I didn't have you
But where are you now

I haven't seen you around you know where to be found
I wonder what happened to you
All the insecurities built inside of you
Must have just blown up

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[27 Aug 2003|11:15pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | sometimes i just go for it - the used ]

go look at my new layout type thing. it's awesome.

*doesn't comment about today*

THE USED:maybe memories )

EDIT: i can't take this. i hate, HATE, hate fighting with you. i told you a million times, i'm trying the best i can to stay off my back, i really am. i understand that you're concerned about me, and you want whats best for my health, but honestly, don't you think you took the whole VMAs thing too far? *frowns to himself* i love you, i really really do, i love you so much. i can't keep fighting with you. i can't fall asleep knowing you're mad at me. i can't even think straight. this does more than kill me. please, i don't want to live one day thinking you dis like me in any way. *shivers* it's driving me crazy. i don't..i don't know any more... *blinks* i'm gonna go into hiding for a few days.. you know, give you time to think about stuff. *takes a deep breath and wipes his eyes* you know where i'm at.

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slow motion..... [27 Aug 2003|11:22am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | lullaby - pedro the lion ]

whoah so i'm being totally good. in terms of resting and stuff. it's boring as hell, but i'm doing it anyways. my cholo moved in, and i didn't even help. SO BE PROUD. living with EJ is like having a not house trained puppy, except EJ knows where to go to the bathroom. oops. yeah. and jkfgh anyways. got the new rancid cd FINALLY and wee it's supa dupa cool. super with an a. i made some icons and stuff. it was pretty fun. last night i slept on my stomach as to not hurting my back. i realised i have a big bed. it's like...huge. anyways i'm just rambling because..i can. and i'm bored and stuff. word.

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[26 Aug 2003|06:57am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | hgdf MEST stupid fgfd be glad i love you Benjamin. ]

Benji snores at night.

the end.

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oops i feel like sapping. it's a gift, i'm sure [25 Aug 2003|11:07pm]
[ mood | sappy ]
[ music | tbs or something.. ]

you're the most wonderful guy on the face of this planet, i couldn't imagine myself in love with anyone else right now. you know how to make me smile no matter what, and i missed you so much it's not funny. i'm next to nothing without you. you're so kind, and loving. you mean everything to me. you hold everything i am in the palm of your hand. you know what? forget that you are everything. you're my night and my day. everything i could possibly do is for you Benj, i wouldn't want to lose you for anyone or anything in the world. the feeling i get when i'm with you..i don't know how to explain it, it's like i'm floating. i love everything with you. i love your kisses. i love how you always win. everything, every perfection, every flaw. i love it all. i love things about you i don't know. i love not knowing. i'm always in suspence about everything..i love feeling this way. i love it when you tell me you love me the most. you're always honest about it, i can see it, in your eyes. the same eyes that make me want to curl inside you and live there forever. every time i see you i want to melt, it never gets old, and it never ever ever will. i look at you, and everything is right in the world, no matter how fucked up it really is around us. i'll always love you Benj, as the day is long, as many times as you can stand to hear it, and then some, i love you. i love you i love you i love you.

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BIG NEWS [25 Aug 2003|07:35pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | ape dos mil - glassJAw ]

me and my cholo )

and that sums up the news with tony lovato.

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WRITTEN EARLIER [24 Aug 2003|08:52pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]
[ music | mable - goldfinger ]

yo kids. i'm trying to do laundry and stuff. *yawns* i ended up taking a nap, it was crazy. i haven't taken a nap in...since i was in diapers. it was crazy, i've been so lazy/worn out. *shakes his head* i'm really...lonley i think. but Chelsea slept on my couch last night. i offered to take the couch, but she said she would..i was too tired to argue, otherwise i would have. i also hung out with Dave, like old times. haha oh man. that kid, he must think i'm insane. i probably am. *chews on his raw lips* i miss everyone, even though i talked to almost everyone this morning. i've been spending the past hour making flashy icons for lack of better things to do. it's amazing how easily bored i can get when i'm not on the road. the road. *sighs* i'm going to the doctor wendsday, to see whats going on with my back. *stares blankly at the screen for a while* i've been really good about staying off my back and sleeping on my stomach at night and stuff. i'm taking pain killers like i should be drinking water. maybe this down time will be good for me. i'll get to see more of my family and stuff. hang out with the kids back home. hit up a few local shows maybe. maybe i can finally learn how to do my own laundry, or get a job for some extra money or something. just the thought of knowing i could be on the stage, pouring my heart out to my fans, but instead, getting a 9 to 5, it's killing me, but i just have to deal with what life gives me. roll with the punches. maybe i can convince my parents to let EJ move out of the house, and in with me. he wouldn't have to keep sneaking out. it'll be good for the both of us. it's like i'm losing my life, it's fading slowly. i try to tell myself it's just a phase, and it'll pass, or it's the drugs, but i can't believe it, no matter how hard i try. it's not so much physical pain right now that is as bad as the emotional damage. physical pain can be fixed, you can take medicine to get rid of it. i wish it were the same for the way i was feeling in my heart right now. it's so confusing. i'm scared. i'd talk to someone, but i don't even know how to explain it. it's like i'm floating in a sea of black, around the edges, a faint light is shining, but i can't swin fast enough to get to it. so i just float there. in nothing. on a lightler note i move into Tara and Matt's guest room today. woo. crazy kids. i should probably go, make my bed or something soon. oh well. i don't feel like doing anything. i'm hungry, but all i have in my fridge, is pizza and water. i hate pizza, but i bought a ton of it. hey, don't ask me, i don't know what i was thinking when i did it. i've been on autopilot for the past few days. drifting from task to task if you will. drifting into the kitchen to finally unpack all the boxes of shit i have. haha i moved out of the house a year ago. i still have boxes. shows how much i'm at home. i still haven't had one party at my house, which is probably a good thing though. i just throw them at other people's houses. i'm still sleeping on a matress on the floor. actually it's two twin matresses, duct-taped together with a sheet over it. don't hate, i'm ghetto like that. i have a fireplace that doesn't work, the biggest fucking microwave ever. all this space, and like 10 boxes of shit, not including my clothes. why i'm describing my house, i have no clue. but i'm hella bored with no internet connection, so, you all get to read about my house when the fucking cable guys come and fix my connection. god knows when that'll be. i'm going over to my mom's house for dinner tonight, that'll be intresting. her asking me how my love life is.. i don't know if i want to tell her about Benji and i at this point, it is a little early in the game for that. well, not so much early, as it is, i'm still like kinda nervous around her since..certian people and events we'll call it. events. *shakes his head* insanity.more like total insanity. alright kids, enough about me *laughs out loud and stares at all he just typed, skimming it quickly* lates. *pulls on the sweater given to him by Tim and walks into his room. he looks around once, skimming the floor for his car keys, he spots them and carefully walks over benind down slightly to grab them. he clutches the in his hand and walks out the front door, closes the door, and locks it then walks to his car and slides in. Tony starts his car and drives away, heading for his mom's house*

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[23 Aug 2003|06:17pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | msi/rooney/KiTTiE all stuck in my head. ]

i feel.. so lost and confused. i have everything. everything i ever wanted. this person, this man, who makes me feel whole. he is my happiness. everything i've ever had, is right there. it's him. sometimes i feel like i can't breathe without hearing his voice. i don't know how to explain how i feel right now. i feel, empty, alone. Benjamin, i miss you, so much *frowns* this doesn't even begin to list how much. i need you.
on a diffrent, slightly sadder note, i'm not allowed to perform. which means that:
a) Mest won't be going on tour
b) i have to have another operation
c) i'm letting every single fan down
d) less time with Benj and Tim and Joel, and Lars, and *sighs* all my friends
so you know i'm feeling fucking great right now. i already took 3 showers today. i'm bored out of my fucking skull and i'd rather not sleep in this house tonight. not alone. but then again, i don't have much of a choice, now do i? no not really. i don't know why i'm letting all this get to me. it's like a fucking smack in the face, and i don't know why. i know my health is important, but at this juncture, i can't see exactly why. i want to tear my hair out i'm so frustrated. i hate this. i hate feeling like shit. the end.

blueside: Rooney )

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[23 Aug 2003|07:13am]
[ mood | discontent ]
[ music | my dream and i - reset (pierre and chuck's? old band) ]

*takes an extremely deep sigh*

i miss you. come back.

*hits update and goes into the kitchen, and realises he only has water and ice cream in the fridge*

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Name: Anthony John Lovhawto

Date of birth: June 20

Status: taken

Birthplace: Blue Island, Illinois, U.S

Colors: Red, Blue, Black and Purple

Nicknames: Tony, Ton, Moo Moo, Fiddy, NYNY, TOTO, Toassy, Mony Tony, Tonji, Ton-io, Nthony, Slutmonkey Humungousbottom, toony, tone-ee, tont

Listening To:
Coheed and Cambria hearshot kid disaster
Kittie spit
Brand New failure by design
Lit lipstick and bruises
Rancid old friend
Simple Plan when i'm with you
glassJAw modern love story
Sugarcult underwear
Homegrown kiss me, diss me
Handsome Devil samurai
Blink 182 adam's song
Good Charlotte don't wanna stop
Rancid time bomb
The Used blue and yellow
New Found Glory story so far
Green Day brain stew
Goldfinger counting the days
The Used noise and kisses
Lit happy
Homegorwn sixteen
Finch ft. glassJAw grey matter
Cursive a red so deep
Good Charlotte young and the hopeless
Alkaline Trio stupid kid
New Found Glory dressed to kill
The Starting Line i'm real (j.lo cover)
Rufio still
Handsome Devil barbeque
glassJAw tip your bartender
Good Charlotte east coast anthem (mm back in the poof days)
Dashboard Confessionals shirts and gloves
Rancid fall back down

Friends: Matty, his favorite Lovhawto. macks his mom with him. *loves on Matty like WHOAH and three quaters. we are like Benji and Joel, except we don't fight over sox. my brothin/couser. also best member of the L Unit, apples.
Benji, the most wonderful, most amazing and supportive person ever. i love you Benji. we're the best cliche this world has to offer. you make me so so happy, and i don't know what'd i would possibly do without you :-*
Joel, his ghetto teacher, his Jassy, sleep deprived fun. Joel is an awesome kid who i love joking around with. and he knows the ghetto code of...uhh something. whatever it is he knows it. his scary icons own me and my flashy ones own him. tada.
Jere, his cuddle bunny guitarist from the south side of the Bronx. okay so not really, but i love him anyways. he's good with the whole...listening thing. he understands and that is awesome. *loves Jer Bear*
Mandy, the cute little sister THAT I LOVE SO MUCH, AND WHO JOEL IS MARRYING. *loves on Amanda like WHOAH* Mandy is so wonderful and supportive. she drinks Hi-C with vodka she likes to block me and poke fun at my typos. ;-P
Talena, Queen Bee in the T Unit. brand new buddy. great gal to talk to. she's a great listener, better at layouts, best at Modding. we are gonna have matching tattoes *points to the mest guy on his forearm* oh yes.. you know you're all little jelous fuckers. she helps me with my laundry because she loves me just that much. tada. i love her.
Avy, the pocket pal, the armpitta, with the FU icon. ADD!Tony is excusive to her. sorry ladies. i know thats all you really want out of me.
Jeph, the best used bassist ever. should stop locking Jere up in a cage tis my job
Quinn, makes Toassy cool Jere cut outs so Toassy can lick them and have a ball with. *hands Quinny a trophy*
Matt, the one capping out MTM. Bananay. he owns YOU ALL. and he is an honorary Lovhawto. says me and Apples. i think we might need an icon for this occasion. *nodnodnod*
Tara. coolest chick ever even if she did go out with my Brothin my Taracicle. the one. the only. <333 tara is the hottest girl ever. we smash cars and i love her. and also TARA IS THE SEXIEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD, IF I WASNT IN LOVE WITH BENJI I WOULD DO HER REPEATEDLY, HECK MAYBE I WILL ANYWAYS
Dave, he's my tres (haha i used french) super cool twin, but he's not ghetto. we hang out in hotel rooms and paint toenails/dye hair. it's a rockin good time and he's the best member of Simple Plan because he sings with his accent and thats sexy. the end.

Song of the Moment: Reggie and the Full Effect thanx for stayin'

My friends could say
that this was fun
while sickly I'm staring out a window
I can see this other than chasing
something that I
always wanted you to know
all of this will have to end someday
the time will come when nobody's leaving
shut your eyes with me
again and again
and think about just what you believe in

I think I understand these thoughts
(I'm thinking everything's a feeling)
Lay in bed all day just to be with you
talk all night while staring at a ceiling
came up with this off of a notion
still can't sleep cause of all the stupid motion
want you with me
so you can see this
say it again and know that I mean it

I won't give up on you
You know that's what I'm sayin'
Tell me you know its true
Thank you for always stayin'

Please say your near
not far from here
When I'm away
Be back one day

My friends still say
that this is fun
and I sit here staring out a window
I can say now
this is worth the call
in the morning
to tell you something you should know
Don't need a break when its all done
Doing something that I always dreamed of
I can say for sure that everything is fine
when your screaming out to up above

I won't give up on you
You know that's what I'm sayin'
Tell me you know its true
Thank you for always stayin'
I won't give up on you
(I won't give up)
Please say you're always stayin'

Tally found nEMO: OH YEA TONY
Tally found nEMO: I SAW YOU NAKED

t a r a bear x: hi my name is taracicle
t a r a bear x: i live in your freezer
t a r a bear x: but im so hot i might make everything melt
t a r a bear x: im sorry, forgive me?

Matt loses grip: dude your sn should be yum tony mmm

EW Tony wtf: i was grossing people out with my gay antics
Matt loses grip: psh i stole tay's bracelets and they were all rainbows so
hi i'm supporting you dude
EW Tony wtf: yayy
EW Tony wtf: me and Benji being the only gay couple here
Matt loses grip: dude, it's hot though
Matt loses grip: because hi, i want to keep benji because he purred at me
EW Tony wtf: hahahahaha
EW Tony wtf: us Lovhawtos can share him
Matt loses grip: HAHA
Matt loses grip: SCORE

kidxvicious BENJ: marathon? *rae*

Matt loses grip: i was scurred
Matt loses grip: until tony said he would protect me
Matt loses grip: then after seeing evan i knew i was safe

bizzy gets busy: tony
bizzy gets busy: me
bizzy gets busy: you
bizzy gets busy: whipped cream
bizzy gets busy: now

small fry lovato: i should be a cholo and join a mexican gang...i could fit in
small fry lovato: ill probably be everyones little bitch in the gang..hahaha

t a r a bear x: i love you like you love tony
t a r a bear x: i love you like i love man sex
Matt loses grip: okay thats good
t a r a bear x: can i stop?
Matt loses grip: the tony part did it

Matt loses grip: OATS wins because oats are...yummy?

Matt loses grip: can i be the banaynays in you're oats ?

small fry lovato: foshizzle tdoggizzle

Tally found nEMO: and put milk in your cereal

kidxvicious BENJ: *smirks* did you just squeal


small fry lovato: *takes off durag and puts on a plaid shirt underneath a wife beater* i live in the barrios homez...hahha im a cholo

Matt loses grip: school is like a boner.. long and hard

SeXyRiotSaRah: tony wants lamb chop underwear

UH its TaLENA: Me. *points to self* Talena Atfield dating a simple plan boy. You know who's the bitch in this one. *firm nod*

EW Tonywt f: I HAVE NO CEREAL *pouts*
UH its TaLENA: awww *pets*
EW Tonywt f: but i have weezer
EW Tonywt f: it's all good
UH its TaLENA: yes yes. Weezer is like cereal
UH its TaLENA: except no bowl, spoon or cereal

EW Tonywt f: HAHAH you're abetter bassist than matt and paul UH its TaLENA: psh, your better than all of us by just holding it

t a r a BEAR x: GET IN *points to the box* i'm moving you with me
EW Tonywt f: *climbs in zee box*
t a r a BEAR x: *closes it and pokes holes in the top, tries picking it up and falls over*
EW Tonywt f: *sits in the box*...it's dark in here guys
t a r a BEAR x: TONY STOP COMPLAINING and think of the nice pink room you will have when you get out

UH its TaLENA: poor Tony
UH its TaLENA: can you imagine him getting moved around
t a r a BEAR x: i should put a note on the box that says "fragile" and then have matt move it

Matt lOSESgr I P: -pets screen name-
ew TONy wTf: if a screen name could purr, i bet mine would
Matt lOSESgr I P: haha yes i bet it would too
ew TONy wTf: my screen name gets around
Matt lOSESgr I P: aww kinda like the hiltons?

Matt lOSESgr I P: i'm a material boy now
Matt lOSESgr I P: -dies-
Matt lOSESgr I P: wanna be my material girl?
ew TONy wTf: *dead* of course
Matt lOSESgr I P: -dances- woop
ew TONy wTf: hahaha do i get diamonds?
Matt lOSESgr I P: of course
ew TONy wTf: score
Matt lOSESgr I P: -gives you t98046039609 fake diamond rings-
ew TONy wTf: *wears all of them at once and dances around* LOOK MATT I'M GHETTO kinda
Matt lOSESgr I P: a ghetto material girl
Matt lOSESgr I P: what next?
ew TONy wTf: the end of the world, obviously
Matt lOSESgr I P: -clings- dude no
Matt lOSESgr I P: i'm way too young to die

small fry lovato: so i could molest..I mean, play with him
ew TONy wTf: EWWW
small fry lovato: I was thinking about umm you thats why molest came out
small fry lovato: actually no that didnt sound right
ew TONy wTf: psh yeah you want to hump your nephew, and your brother
ew TONy wTf: what are you?
ew TONy wTf: A MADDEN?!
small fry lovato: of course not *shifty eyes*

a mandy x moor e: Do I look bi to you?