Got the love, got the Orli love   
02:02am 19/01/2004
mood: amused
I woke up at 3:30 this morning completely in love with Orlando Bloom.

Why, you ask?

(I don't care if you didn't ask - I'm gonna tell you anyway.)

I had the following dream:

I was back in my hometown, on the road. The lanes weren't for cars, though. The right lane was for walkers, middle for joggers and left for full-out runners. I was in the walking lane and then shifted to the center lane and started jogging. Then, we came to a bottleneck and instead of being on a road, I was in line with T and another girl.

We were trying to get in to some concert, when they stopped us and asked for i.d. We didn't know what kind of identification they needed and we started freaking out that they might not let us in. Somehow, T got ahead of me and the other girl and they roped us off into seperate sections. While I was looking in my bag for i.d., I saw some girl come up beside me and cut in line ahead of us. I looked up, ready for a confrontation, and realized it was Kate Bosworth. And, beside her was Orlando Bloom. (And, he was sporting his "I could be Colin Farrell's twin" look - YUM-MY)

I knew both T and the girl I was with were obsessed with him, so I was more excited for them than me. I hid my face in the girl's shoulder, pounded her on the other shoulder and softly screamed "IT'S ORLANDO BLOOM! IT'S ORLANDO BLOOM!" Of course, he heard me and turned to look at me. I said something about how I liked all his movies, blah, blah, blah. He came up to me, took my hand, looked into my eyes and said "You are so beautiful" and then proceeded to turn on the charm. All I could say was "I love you" in a not-quite-stalkery fangirl voice.

Then, we chatted about all sorts of things. (Kate Bosworth conveniently went missing.) All of a sudden, I realized T had no idea Orlando Bloom was here and she'd be upset to not have seen/met him. So, I told him about her and how she was a big fan and maybe he could go over and say hi and ... embarass the hell out of her.

So, he enthusiastically obliged. He set us a karaoke-type gig, went over to T and "sang" a love song to her.

Good times.

(dream a little dream)

05:58am 04/01/2004
mood: awake
music: You and I Both - Jason Mraz
I was at some white trash wedding. Seriously - I think the mother of the bride and bridesmaids walked in late (as in after the ceremony was underway) because they were taking a smoking break. I was to be part of "special music". There were about 8 of us who were gonna sing something from a musical. When it came time, we stood up from our seats and began. The third verse was mine to sing and all I remember is a couple of the girls forgetting and it became a trio.

My mom and I bought mice (like, 25) to play with my cat (the one who died years ago in RL). We thought the cat was getting along just fine with one of the mice - they were playing on the floor, then teeth got involved and I heard a snap. For some reason, we left the remaining mice home alone with kitty. (They were up on a shelf or table for safe-keeping. We thought the cat wouldn't be able to get 'em. Right.) We came home to a massacre - bodies and blood everywhere. And, a few survivors trying to escape the evil clutches of the cat.

(dream a little dream)

11:08am 31/12/2003
mood: amused
music: joylyn snoring, er, breathing heavly
Okay - just woke up abruptly after having this dream:

joylyn and I were in the hospital. (I don't know what our illness was, but we were sharing a hospital room.) An older male nurse gave us a short course - basically, "Black Hair Care for Dummies". We learned that we absolutely must sleep with hair in scarves, but we still didn't know why. He was so grateful about us taking his class that he gave us 3 presents each. joylyn wanted to fight when I didn't let her see her gifts right away. (But, I figured I could take her, as she was still pretty weak.)

Anyway, I kept saying stuff like "Wow. This was really nice of him." She'd reply with "No - giving us one gift would have been really nice. This is, this is *sigh*". We were getting released from the hospital and the nurse came in for goodbyes and hugs. Joy refused to hug him 'til he wiped the spittle off his beard. He flicked it off and it landed on her face. *shudder*.

Then, I was reading joylyn's LJ where she wrote about the experience. Apparently the LOTR boys (or the fellowship) was supposed to pick us up from the hospital, but they were bringing seperate cars. Someone replied to her entry "Elrond's off on another one of his mad caper, isn't he?"

(dream a little dream)

08:24am 29/12/2003
mood: dorky
Dreamt I was back in the church I grew up in. I was in the basement bathroom washing my hands and three of my teeth fell out (gums, too). It was almost like partial dentures or something. They came out as a little group and then they just started to fall apart and I was freaking out thinking I may soon be toothless.

(dream a little dream)

06:02pm 20/12/2003
  1 - Dreamt I was back in my old bedroom at home. We were doing some intergenerational church choral concert from there. (It was just a shade on the cramped side.) Then, we were in a car where my bed used to be. The driver shifted to reverse instead of drive and tore out the side of my bedroom wall. :-(

2 - Had a dream that J's dad came over to "check on me". She was out of town and I guess no one had heard from me. He just walked right in (which is odd, 'cause my door is always locked), gave me some pie and sat on the floor to watch tv with me.

I had a lot of other dreams (today's been the laziest of all lazy days for me), but I can't remember anything else...

EDIT for dream #3: I read that there was some huge conspiracy behind The O.C. - basically, they wanted to get people hooked on the show and then switch it from FOX to Showtime, in hopes of getting a lot more subscribers. I just remember being mightily pissed off.

(dream a little dream)

Bad pet owner   
03:30pm 04/12/2003
mood: warm-fuzzied
I dreamt I got a bike and was riding around the courtyard of our apartment complex, like some little kid. Then, I realized I was kinda lonely, so I decided to get a pet. A dog, no less. I got it from my mother and I was gonna leave it tied to a rail outside. (I grew up with not-so-good dog owners and they weren't allowed in the house.) Anyway, I realized how shameful that would be, so I brought the dog up to my tiny apartment. We sat down and had a little talk. Oh yeah - did I not mention my dog was capable of speaking? 'Cause, he was. He also liked to lick. (Not a fan of the licking.)

So, once we were inside the apartment he transformed from this mangy-looking beast into the cutest puppy I've ever seen. It was like a cinderella story, instead of a slipper going on a foot, it was an apartment he could live in... He was trying to dig his little head into the carpet and I just kept looking at him going "awww". We discussed what he should and should not touch. And, then he opened up the fridge and made himself a little dinner. No lie. Okay, the dinner was premade - chicken salad or something, but he got it out and put it in a bowl for himself...

*** I've been really wanting to get a cat. That's gotta wait, though. I'd rather be living somewhere other than here when I do so.

(dream a little dream)

02:26pm 02/12/2003
mood: apathetic
Dreamt that Andy Roddick was doing some charity concert or something. He was on stage doing a duet with some country singer. Andy was playing guitar and all I can remember is him singing "Cold out" over and over again...

(dream a little dream)

Flo-jo who?   
06:06pm 29/11/2003
mood: giggly
music: Buffy
I just had one of the funniest visual experiences ever. So funny I think I passed out from giggling madly. (In the dream, not real life.)

Basically, joylyn was visiting me and for whatever reason, decided to go out and check the mail. When she came back, she opened the door with a flourish, after creeping up the stairs quietly. I was so shocked by her coming back so quickly and silently, that I made this choking/gasping noise. She thought there was something/someone behind her and literally hurdled over the couch ... from a completely stationary position, mind you. I was looking on, turning my head in slow motion like "Whhaaattt'sss Wwwwrrrrrooooonnnnnnnggggg?"

Whew, good times. I still can't help but think joylyn should be some kinda of olympic athlete for that jumping capability. Yeah, yeah, I know it was a dream. :-)

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Arghh - where ...   
03:26pm 28/11/2003
mood: aggravated
oh where are the dreams where Colin Farrell is giving me a massage while feeding me chocolate covered strawberries?

Instead, I get drowning and smoking dreams. Last night was another one where I started smoking again. It felt so real. I could taste it, smell it. And, then I had all of the guilt afterwards. I was with some guy - either a boyfriend or a boss (possibly both) and he was smoking and I just couldn't resist.

I woke up and really thought I had slipped up and started smoking again. It took me a while to shake it off and realize it was really just a dream. It just pisses me off that almost 2 years after I quit, I'm having these cravings again. Part of me wants to just go buy a pack and have one. Maybe I could just smoke a little bit ... Warped thinking, I know, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to fight this off for much longer.

(dream a little dream)

Water again   
01:36pm 27/11/2003
mood: funkified
I had another water/fear of drowning dream. I was in a car with some other random people and we were going sightseeing or something. We were riding out beside a river and when we came over a hill, the river had flooded part of the road. The other passengers wanted to go through it, but I was adamant that we turn around. We kept going for a little while and got a little too close to the water (for my comfort - of course I was the only non-swimmer in the group). I debated about just getting out of the car and walking back up the hill, 'cause I didn't trust the driver to actually turn around. She/he did manage to get us turned around and we were safe. I have GOT to learn how to swim.

(dream a little dream)

Odd little dreams   
08:50pm 21/11/2003
  I dreamt I was running away from dragophiles or dragopods (dragons, basically, but we were calling them different names) and I was hiding in a broom closet with BB, who I haven't seen or talked to in about 2 years now.

Then I was doing something for the March of dimes - trying to call people for donations. I wanted to earn the red t-shirt (had to sell 1160? something to win it) and I decided to call BB and J to get them to contribute.

Then, I had (or was taking care of) a baby... and a dog. I left them sleeping together in a crib and remember they looked so cute. I tried to leave the house and ended up on the set of Three's Company. Terri was smoking a cigarette (gasp) and they had moved into some type of beach condo or something. Jack was there, but no janet.

Suddenly, I was at a piano studio meeting and my professor told us we'd have weekly meetings at his house and he'd be serving alcohol. His wife was there and she just kinda shook her head at him. (Wow, those studio classes would have been WAY more fun if we'd been liquored up...)

***I know where the dragon thing came from, but no idea why BB is suddenly in my dreams. I saw part of Three's Company before I went to bed last night. And, I've been craving a cigarette for, like, weeks now. My college professor? No idea about that one either. OH, but BB was in my piano studio - so, maybe there's a link there...

(dream a little dream)

Come on baby, light my fire!   
10:03pm 29/10/2003
mood: conflicted
Every now and again, I have a dream where I'm smoking.

This one felt so very real. I had quit over a year ago, but just wanted one cigarette. I got one out of the pack and was ready to light up. I remember wondering if I'd be able to stop at just one or if I was gonna become a smoker again.

Damn, this is just mirroring other issues I've been having the last couple of weeks. *sigh*

(dream a little dream)

football and snow   
12:38pm 25/10/2003
  I dreamt I was spending Thanksgiving with J and her parents (again). Her parents were watching a big football game between the Miami Dolphins and the ??? Broncos. They'd rented a big movie screen and projector to watch the game on - it was like a drive-in theatre atmosphere, except we were all outside in lawn chairs. Anyway, one of the football players got so disgusted with his team that he tore of his jersey, and basically joined the opposing team. They gave him a jersey and everything.

While we were watching the game, there was some celebration going on and some girl was singing the national anthem and fireworks were going off overhead. The chair of the celebration took the microphone and announced that she was looking for someone to take over her position. I followed her to her office, heard her say "I need someone to pledge to do their best in this job". I ran to her closed screen door, plastered my face to the screen, and mumbled through the little holes: "Pick me - I will rewrite the pledge of allegiance!" huh?

It ended there, so no idea what happened with all of that.

OH YEAH - I also dreamt that I was home with mom and crazy A. It was winter and I wanted to go out with my boots on. They kept saying I wasn't dressed appropriately and I needed better shoes. Turned out that one of my boots was torn and all of my toes were out.

(dream a little dream)

07:21pm 20/10/2003
  Had a weird dream that the bathroom was inside the refrigerator. (Again with the refrigerator stuff.) Then, I was throwing up somewhere.

Proceeded to wake myself up, with a hacking cough. As J would say, "I felt like butt."

(dream a little dream)

A trio of randomness   
05:43am 19/10/2003
mood: awake
music: Bring Me To Life - Evanescence
1 - Dreamt I went to my mom's church and we walked in and people were stripping it. Most of the pews were taken out, the pulpit had been removed and the podium-thing was at the back of the church. We sat down for the service and I decided to do some IM-ing with B. I used a keyboard built-into my purse (oh, how convenient) and there was a computer screen on the church wall, so everybody could read what we were talking about.

2 - Mom, Mr. John and I went out to a new Italian restaurant. The waitress, Jenny, shook my mother's hand and mom jokingly mentioned something about how cold they were. Jenny got all huffy, gave my mom attitude and continually rolled her eyes. I was not amused. We ended up leaving just after the drinks came. Then, I went back in and had a long talk with the manager about Jenny's behavior. (I'm working with a girl named Jenny and it's not that I don't like her, but she's very, very odd ... and not in a good way.)

3 - B and I drove up to Baltimore to visit with R and K (who were living together again, but in this big ole Victorian house). We talked with R for a while in the living room and then asked where K was. She said "Up in her room. You know the way." So, we go up the steps to find her room and I get lost. B brushes past me, opens up the refrigerator door and begins to climb into the bottom. I follow after her, reaching back to close the door once I'm inside. We crawl around a corner that opens up into a small room. Then we see K up ahead, reclining in a chair and watching t.v. I realized we weren't in a room, but in a van. Somehow the fridge led to a van, parked outside and that's where K was "living". She had a generator hooked up to it, so she could watch t.v. and such. (I really need to call that girl. I've been meaning to for a couple of weeks now. Whenever I dream about a friend I haven't talked to in a while, I feel the need to check up on them and see how they're doing.)

(dream a little dream)

08:34am 18/10/2003
mood: sick
I had a dream, no nightmare the other night that I was in some type of high school P.E. or fitness class. We all had to get weighed and I stepped up, told the chick I already knew how much I weighed and had lost yadda-yadda in the last few months. She said "That's all fine and good, but I still need to weigh you." So, I got on the scales and had apparently GAINED 35 pounds overnight.

First thing I did upon waking up the next morning was step on the scales.

(dream a little dream)

Mmm . . . hair gel   
10:24pm 13/10/2003
mood: hungry
Dreamt that B and I were out somewhere and she presented me with edible hair gel. It was this new thing that was all the rage and I just "had to try it". So, I tasted it and it was delicious. I couldn't stop eating it. It had nutritional info on the side. All I remember reading is mayonnaise (which I normally hate) and peanut something. Then, B told me I shouldn't eat it 'cause it was bad for me. I could get scurvy or somehow injest

(dream a little dream)

Chrissy, Cindy, Terry and . . . Bertie?!?!   
01:17pm 07/10/2003
mood: amused
Dreamt that I was the 3rd roommate on Three's Company. Janet left for the day and Jack and I were hanging around the apartment. I checked out the bathroom which was surprisingly luxurious. I think the toilet was in the wrong place. (Don't know if it's sad or impressive that I kinda remember where the toilet should be.) I went to the kitchen to really check it out and was considering having Jack teach me how to make something. So, I walked in and slowly looked around. He had all the normal stuff and stoves. Plural. I counted 14 range stoves alone. Then, there were brick ovens and other stoves with no burners on top. Old stoves, modern stoves, any kinda stove you wanted to see was in there. (Needless to say, this kitchen was bigger than what we saw on the show.)

When I came out of the kitchen, Jack had been given a baby to be a foster parent to (or something like that). So, that was our "sitcom situation", but I can't really remember much about it, except that the baby could turn into a deer. The deer kept jumping at me and grabbing for my head. I kept invisioning it snatching the back of my hair and pulling my whole scalp off. *shudders* Social services came and took the evil deer baby away. We made sure to give them some classical music to keep deer baby calm. 'Cause deer babies like classical music, ya know . . .

(dream a little dream)

12:05pm 06/10/2003
mood: indescribable
Dreamt that joylyn, B and I (plus others I can't remember) were vacationing or something. I walked into the middle of some game show with a team of guys and girls behind curtains doing stuff. Not that kinda stuff. They were racing or something. What the hell - it was a dream. I dunno. I looked around and saw a sign with music written on it. Tried to sightread it and realized there were 6 lines on the staff rather than 5, plus it had other problems, but I couldn't get past the 6 lines. Yelled for the others to come get a load of it. We snickered like fancy-pants music snobs and walked away.

We ended up in some tiny computer library, with the seats all jammed together. They had music books there. I kept thinking they were mine and was trying to figure out how to sneak by Debussy piano book outta there without getting caught. B was on the phone to her family and had me come over to do the *kiss*kiss* goodbye. She said it was my "last chance" to talk to them or something.

Then, I was in my mom's house and realized we were all on some school vacation near home. So, instead of bussing it, I'd driven so I could come and go as I pleased and visit mom and such. I was gathering up a bunch of laundry that the maid refused to do. (As if my mother has a maid.) And, I walked out to the car loaded down with duffel bags. I think we were on the way to an amusement park . . .

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Nothing to see here   
11:58pm 05/10/2003
mood: blah
music: Seinfeld ep.
I had this amazing dream last night and can't remember a bit of it today. Except that it was amazing. But, apparently not so much that I actually remember any details.

I'm going to bed tonight with visions of shirtless Dom in my head . . .

(dream a little dream)