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La la la [12 Jul 2003|12:07pm]
I'm supposed'ta say somethin' here cuz it's been a long time, 'n I got kicked outta the place were Mommy and Daddy are. Oopsie.

Ummm.. I saw horsies! There were white ones 'n black ones 'n brown ones. 'n they did neat tricks like jump in the air and kick and walk sideways. It was cool. I like horsies. For my birfday I want a horsie so I can be a real cowgirl! My birfday is coming up soon I think. I'll be.. *pauses for a moment* I'll be.. four! *holds up four fingers* Four years old! Mommy says that's practically all growned up *grins* I'm notta baby anymore. The baby is gonna be a baby, once it comes out of Mommy. I'm excited. I wanna see baby now! I'm gonna be the bestest big sisser ever. 'n our family is gonna be the bestest family ever. Cuz Mommy and Daddy like each other again. 'n it's real good now cuz we all get to be together.. like before.
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[15 Jun 2003|04:19pm]
Happy Daddy's Day to the best Daddy in the whoooole world!

To Daddy! )
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'Kuna Matata! [12 Jun 2003|08:37pm]
Uhhh. I need'ta say somethin' here, cuz I didn't for a loooong time. Me 'n Mommy 'n Daddy have been t'gether lots lately. It's fun like this! We watch Lion King. I like Disney, but Lion King is the best. I like when Simba goes RAAHRH at the end cuz he won 'n 'came the king! Daddy gets kinda weird.. he likes to pretend he's Pumbaa. It's funny! Mommy thinks it's funny too. Mommy 'n Daddy are fun now cuz they like each other again *nods*

I wanna go outside 'n play but Mommy is restin' 'n I dunno where Daddy went. But I'm bored! I think I'll draw a pitcher for Mommy 'n Daddy now. I like to draw pitchers.
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[28 May 2003|03:14am]
*holds up her latest creation, a toothy smile proudly crossing her chubby face*

Daddy 'n Mommy )
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[23 May 2003|11:02pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Me 'n Daddy had the best day ever! He didn't go to work, so we went to the place with the fake people instead. It was scary! They're wax people. But they look like real people! It was real dark, 'n we were the only people there. Daddy had to walk before me so it was not so scary. There was a real scary section, but we didn' know if we should go on so we called Mommy. Mommy said no, 'n I was kinda happy. It was already scary! But I saw the Mary Poppins so I wasn't scared. 'n I saw Superman! 'n.. Uncle Leo! But it kinda didn' look like Uncle Leo. But Daddy said it was s'posed to be him. Umm.. I can't 'member who else we saw. There was lots of people. It was a weird place!

Then we went to a ice cream place 'n I got a X-Men ice cream thingy. It was okay.. it didn't look like the picture, but it was still good cuz I like ice cream. It was choc'late chips 'n hot fudge 'n brownies. Daddy got ice cream that made his mouth turn blue! It was funny.

It was fun being with Daddy all day. I love Daddy. I wish Mommy coulda come too. I love Mommy. I love Daddy 'n Mommy! We together lots now. I like it now. It's like before. 'n then we gonna have a new baby. I told Mommy she's gotta eat lots of cheese snacks for the baby. So now there's lots of cheese snacks here. I can't wait for the baby to come!

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[17 May 2003|04:55pm]
*clears her throat, brushing blonde strands of hair from her face* I jus' wanna say that.. I have the bestest Mommy in the world, no matter what anyone says bad 'bout her. Mommy is not fat, or anything bad like that. Mommy is the perdiest lady in the world. 'n Mommy has a baby in her tummy. Everyone who says mean stuff about my Mommy is a big.. stupidhead. Cuz you wrong.

..that's it! *smiles and goes back to her pictures*
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Mommy's Day! [11 May 2003|01:50am]
It's Mommy's Day! I'm gonna give Mommy flowers 'n candy 'n pitchers. Mommy is the best Mommy in the world! I love Mommy lots. We been goin' lots of places. I'm real tired. I jus' wanna stay at home with Mommy 'n Daddy. I feel sick lately. My head is hurty 'n all I wanna do is sleep. I'm awake now cuz I wanna pick flowers for Mommy. But it's cooold outside 'n I dun wanna go out there! So I guess I go to sleepy now.
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BOOGERS [21 Apr 2003|04:51am]
I got lotsa candy today! 'n now I can't sleep cuz I ate the whooooole chocolate bunny! *giggles and twirls*

....OH. 'n Mommy is not fat. If someone calls Mommy fat again, I'll punch 'em in the face *nods, wrinkling her nose* Mommy is beautiful. Mommy is the bestest person in the whole world.
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[20 Apr 2003|03:07am]
I'm in New York right now, but I'm gonna go home tomorrow with Mommy. I got to visit Dylan lots. We went to a park and saw duckies, and a horsie pulling a carriage! His Mommy is gonna get a baby any day now, but Mommy said we're goin' home tomorrow, so I dun get to see the baby. I wanna stay here! I like it here. But I miss Daddy. I wish Daddy was here.

It's Easter right now, but I'm sad. How can the Easter Bunny hide eggs here? We in a hotel. Is the Easter Bunny not gonna come this year? *frowns* I saw the Easter Bunny at the mall though!! He was big 'n pink 'n perdy! I waved to him.

Sleepy now!
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[15 Apr 2003|10:36pm]
Me 'n Mommy are going to New York tomorow! I'm gonna see Dylan 'n his Mommy! I'm excited. I can't sleep. Mommy thinks I'm sleepin', but I can't! I get to see Dylan! Yay! But I kinda miss Daddy.. I haven' seen Daddy in a while. 'n I wanna see Anleenuh 'n Maddox.

*yawn* I gotta go now. I gotta wake up early to go to the plane place!
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More pitchers! [13 Apr 2003|12:41am]
For Gwyn! )
I'mma ballerina! )

For CHRISSY!!! )
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Pitchers! [12 Apr 2003|05:47pm]
For Nicole! )
Me 'n my baby brudder or sisser! )
Dylan's Mommy! )
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[08 Apr 2003|01:39am]
I gotsa boyfriend! He's kinda younger than me, but we in love! 'n me 'n Dylan 'n Maddy are all friends! I'm a girl, but they both boys. I'm the oldest too! *giggles and runs off to bed*

Oh.. 'n.. *holds up picture*

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[07 Apr 2003|09:05pm]
God is gonna give Mommy and Daddy another baby. Mommy said I can help name it! I like the name Flower. 'n Ava. 'n Ryan Two. I'm happy! Well.. I think I'm happy. Even though I told Mommy not to get another baby. God did it, so it must be a happy thing! I hope it's a girl. Or a boy! *giggles*
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[07 Apr 2003|03:29pm]
Mommy went away, but now she came back. I stayed with Daddy and his friend, 'n his friend's fam'ly. 'n Maddy! Maddy is my friend. We had lots of fun, but Mommy shoulda been there too to have fun. I missed Mommy. I'm tired. 'n Mommy confused me. Babies huh?

I write more later!
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[30 Mar 2003|01:31am]
..I made Mommy mad. Mommy always said not to lie. So I didn'. 'n now she hates me. Mommy doesn' like that I dun like her new friend. She doesn' get why. I just.. dun. I gotta weird feelin'. A bad feelin'. 'n I dun like it. I hope Daddy won't hate me. I dun wanna be a orphan. I like the Mommy 'n Daddy I got.

Daddy's friend is my friend too. We played Barbies. 'n I got to watch Maddy, cuz he's jus' a baby. I like Anleenuh.

I dunno what to do.. I love Mommy and Daddy, but they act funny sometimes, and it's bad. Like today. Mommy cried. I made Mommy cry. That's bad..
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[28 Mar 2003|03:40pm]
Me 'n Daddy went to Chuck E. Cheese yesterday. It was fun! I eated pizza with pineapples. Then I danced on the stage for Daddy, even though he wouldn' dance with me. The giant animals were scary, but I didn' act scared. The big mouse was wearing ugly clothes. I pulled his pants down. Daddy laughed, so it was fun. Then we played games and I got a necklace.

We tried on clothes after that. Daddy wouldn't get the shiney clothes I liked for him. Dunno why.

I like being with Daddy. He smart and fun and nice. But Mommy said her friend doesn' come over anymore, and I dun want Mommy to be alone. So I guess I'll go back home soon. I dun want Mommy to be sad.
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[26 Mar 2003|01:24pm]
I wanna go play outside today. I'm in my room drawing. I don't wanna see Mommy or her new friend..

I went away last night. Mommy was busy. I wanted to go home. I cried cuz I couldn'. Mommy's new friend is scary. I don't wanna give him pitchers. I wanna go to Daddy's house. I miss Daddy. Daddy's friend is nice. I like her. And Maddy is my friend! I like Maddy. I drawed pitchers for Daddy's friend and Maddy. I like to draw.

How come stars and the moon are so far away?
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[25 Mar 2003|05:19pm]

I saw Daddy. Yay! I met Mommy's new friend. I dunno where the last one went. I think Daddy is still friends with Anleenuh. Dunno where she is.

God gave me to Mommy and Daddy with his magic *nods*

Gonna go to sleep now. It's hot here! I dun like it. But it looks perdy outside.
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[24 Mar 2003|04:31pm]
Mommy has a new friend. He's real nice. He took us to Chuck E. Cheese! But big mousey was real scary. He gave Mommy a perdy flower. I gave him a pitcher of Star. Mommy's birfday was the other day, 'n I played with Brody. She nice too. But I wanted to go with Daddy, 'n he didn' answer the phone. I dunno where Daddy is. I miss Daddy. I have a present for him. I think he's mad at me..
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