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Here are the subjects of all posts in the lit_new_stories journal in August, 2012.

8:01plit_new_storiesDream Weaver Ch. 04
8:01plit_new_storiesLabor Day Party Ch. 01
8:01plit_new_storiesOmega Pride Ch. 10
8:01plit_new_storiesThe Masquerade
8:01plit_new_storiesThe Blood Slave Ch. 03
8:01plit_new_storiesGrowing Pains: Redemption
8:01plit_new_storiesLunar Dance Ch. 06 Pt. 02
8:01plit_new_storiesMoist Lips and The Sacred Monkey
8:01plit_new_storiesThe Vampire's Dancer Ch. 02
4:01alit_new_storiesStewardess Cindy Ch. 03
4:01alit_new_storiesOutgrowing the Arcology Ch. 03
4:01alit_new_storiesThe Inevevitable No Longer Denied
4:01alit_new_storiesA Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 09
4:01alit_new_storiesStar Struck Ch. 03
4:01alit_new_storiesConfessions of a Nightclub Manager Ch. 02
4:01alit_new_storiesBattle for the Known Unknown Ch. 01
4:01alit_new_storiesBeach Fantasy
4:01alit_new_storiesBeauty and the Beast Ch. 05
4:01alit_new_storiesThe Blood Pact Ch. 38
4:01alit_new_storiesParent-Teacher Conference Ch. 15
4:01alit_new_storiesLinda Embraces Slutdom Ch. 04
4:01alit_new_storiesNadine and Tom, the Stormy Night
4:01alit_new_storiesCindy Masters, Dyke Detective Ch. 01
4:01alit_new_storiesTaralee's Canoe Trip
4:01alit_new_storiesNadine and Tom, at Last
4:01alit_new_storiesMy Life With Rose Ch. 02
4:01alit_new_storiesSelf Appreciation
2:31plit_new_storiesThe Student
2:31plit_new_storiesConfessions Ch. 02
2:31plit_new_storiesWhat Starts in Vegas...
2:31alit_new_storiesThe Lonely Hearts Club
2:31alit_new_storiesPhantom: A Love Story.
2:31alit_new_storiesBuying a Mattress
2:31alit_new_storiesPrince of Dragon Riders
2:31alit_new_storiesFirst Times the Charm
2:31alit_new_storiesFringe Benefites
2:31alit_new_storiesAn Office Affair
2:31alit_new_storiesA Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 10
2:31alit_new_storiesCindy Masters, Dyke Detective Ch. 02
2:31alit_new_storiesMy Life With Rose Ch. 03
2:31alit_new_storiesLinda Embraces Slutdom Ch. 05
2:31alit_new_storiesParent-Teacher Conference Ch. 16
2:31alit_new_storiesStar Struck Ch. 04
2:31alit_new_storiesNever Have I Ever Ch. 16
2:31alit_new_storiesStewardess Cindy Ch. 04
2:31alit_new_storiesAmelia and Edward Ch. 01
2:31alit_new_storiesThe Vault
2:31alit_new_storiesThe Princess of Cleves #11
6:31alit_new_storiesParent-Teacher Conference Ch. 20
10:31alit_new_storiesSavannah Ch. 02
10:31alit_new_storiesQuickie: The Experience Ch. 03
1:01plit_new_storiesThe End of a Long Week
2:01plit_new_storiesThe Fate of Terra Ch. 10
2:01plit_new_storiesTotal Woman Excursions 09
9:01alit_new_storiesProtecting Daughter's Virtue
9:01alit_new_storiesParamour Cove
9:01alit_new_storiesWhat Happens in the Air
9:01alit_new_storiesHelping a Friend
9:01alit_new_storiesExhibitionist Punk
9:01alit_new_storiesThe Quintessential
9:01alit_new_storiesThreesome Caught on Camera
9:01alit_new_storiesThere's a Fine Line Ch. 06
9:01alit_new_storiesWould You?
9:01alit_new_storiesA Remarkable Phase of My Life Ch. 03
9:01alit_new_storiesMoving Day
9:01alit_new_storiesCultural Diffusion Ch. 07
9:01alit_new_storiesThe Storyteller
9:01alit_new_storiesMia's Best First Date
2:31alit_new_storiesSeaworld Interlude
2:31alit_new_storiesSleeping with the Competition
2:31alit_new_storiesA Lesson in Life
2:31alit_new_storiesBy the Time I Got to Woodstock
2:31alit_new_storiesStars, Sulfur, and the Taste of Ash
2:31alit_new_storiesAn Alpha's Klutz
2:31alit_new_storiesFrozen Pleasures
2:31alit_new_storiesTaking Jasmine Walker
2:31alit_new_storiesMelting the Ice
2:31alit_new_storiesA Working Holiday
2:31alit_new_storiesA Summer Fling to Remember
2:31alit_new_storiesCastro And Jace
2:31alit_new_storiesThe Exotic Man
2:31alit_new_storiesDeep in the Heart of Me Ch. 02
2:31alit_new_storiesHuddled Together Ch. 08
2:31alit_new_storiesBBW's Weekend Ch. 01
2:31alit_new_storiesBy the Light of the Moon
2:31alit_new_storiesHis Annual Visit
2:31alit_new_storiesBlessed by the Sun
4:01alit_new_storiesCake for Fat Kids
4:01alit_new_storiesDiamonds and Girls
6:01alit_new_storiesSweet Dreams
6:01alit_new_storiesBad Day?
6:01alit_new_storiesFucked in Leather
6:01alit_new_storiesYou Want Me
6:01alit_new_storiesA Farewell
6:01alit_new_storiesVirgin - Sweet
6:01alit_new_storiesVirgin - Rough
6:01alit_new_storiesLeopard's Tale: Little Tease
6:01alit_new_storiesSpecial Attention
2:01alit_new_storiesSummer Heat Ch. 01
2:01alit_new_storiesIt Takes a Strong Man
2:01alit_new_storiesThe Spanish Captain Ch. 09
2:01alit_new_storiesStewardess Cindy Ch. 07
2:01alit_new_storiesGirl Who Was Not Called Mistral 01
2:01alit_new_storiesForest Pack: Tristan Ch. 05
2:01alit_new_storiesBattle for the Known Unknown Ch. 06
2:01alit_new_storiesOgres and Ogresses Ch. 12
2:01alit_new_storiesGuilty Ch. 04
2:01alit_new_storiesDream Come True
2:01alit_new_storiesHer Old Fuck Buddy
2:01alit_new_storiesHooters Adventure
2:01alit_new_storiesWorking from Home
2:01alit_new_storiesBig Sister's Summer Love
2:01alit_new_storiesOffice Hours
2:01alit_new_storiesHubby Learns a Lesson Ch. 02
2:01alit_new_storiesGinger Picks Up the Pace
2:01alit_new_storiesStudent Seeks Student Ch. 02
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