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Friday, December 30th, 2011

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    and link anchor text treatment
    In the Web search engine rankings, Google is how to determine how much a link to bring this page ranking score it?
    To answer this question, on the way to write this blog below, you will find many of the most important influence Search engines determine the value of a link to the factors and analysis.
    before the start of a very important concept to talk about:
    page vs site level link graph
    you may have noticed that search engines have become increasingly rely on the assessment of the entire site rather than on the assessment of a page, which is sometimes you will see some of the very few links to new pages or page rank is very high, simply because they are in an important,Timberland Roll Top, trusted and outside the chain of excellent web site (domain name) on in the factors that affect search engine rankings survey, which we call is the most important. website (domain name) authority figure may be calculated based on the site links, not links to web-based map (see the initial Google Pagerank algorithm), the following list, some of the standards may affect only one of the above First, some are both affected.
    1. internal links and external links
    When search engines began to spread widely to determine whether a web page (easy to IT Note: The extensive spread, popularity), the importance and relevance , and through evaluation of the link to link to this page score, they found a classic reference-based rules, refers to the top over other people say hello since you say one thousand good puff more important and more reliable, so , although the internal links will also have some score and weight, but the external links to be brought much more.
    does not mean that there is a good internal link structure is not important, or the internal Links to do everything (there is a good anchor text-Google called anchor text, remove unwanted links, etc.) is not important, only that a site or a page in the top performance is highly dependent on how the reference to other sites and evaluate them.
    2. anchor text (anchor text, Anchor Text)
    of SEO are, obviously, on the whole positioning of text in the search engine ranking formula is one of the most important factor, So do not be surprised the number of properties in the link, plum watches, special care of this search engine positioning of text attributes.
    our experiments (and many previous experience) showed that the than those that just contain the target keyword is the positioning of the text more useful to come. personal views, not far from the standard search engines, especially for those general (non-brand) is the key phrase, which is caused by Many of the SERPs (search results page) optimization and modification of the reason too, the plot.
    3. PageRank (PageRank)
    page ranking is called no matter what Microsoft called StaticRank, (Bing's Page Score may also be one of one, easy to IT injection), Yahoo called WebRank, Google called PageRank, which are based on a recursive, based on Markov Chain link analysis algorithms, search engine rankings all part of the system. PageRank and other ranking system used is a voting algorithm, and the influence and voting and the number of pages on.
    on Pagerank (page rank) is very important to have a few basic concepts you need to know:
    each address (URL) born have been assigned some number of Pagerank.
    if a page has , each link on that page out of the Pagerank passed the lower)
    one kind through the iterative algorithm used to calculate the number of network links to map the entire flow, and calculate a ranking score of a URL.
    Pagerank in Google's toolbar value is the index in the form of page ranking, so the page rank 4 page rank 3 to be important than 8-10 times.
    page ranking by page-level link graph to calculate, and given a separate web site PageRank, but the page ranking by the website (domain name) to calculate the level of the link graph, by calculating the inter-site links to determine the importance of the site and ranking.
    4. trust ranking system
    ranking system on the basic concepts of trust, website optimization, please refer to the Stanford paper - against web spam with TrustRank. trust rankings on the Internet's basic view is that are closely linked together, and then let the spam page can only be wandering outside the core, so iterative algorithms and metrics like page rank only from trusted sites so that the source (trusted seed sources) to pass more ranking weights. TrustRank can be used to forecast the level and quality of a page whether it is spam page.
    When a search engine does not disclose the relevant data in this measure, there may be some kind of a factor. page rank (pagerank) and trust ranking (trustrank) (and anti - trust rankings, reverse-trustrank) can level at the page level and site level to calculate the rankings.
    can intuitively get from the above point: from a reliable website to get outside the chain, and do not link to spam sites.
    Although the authority of the domain name authority of the factors affecting the site's ranking in a large proportion), but a formal, still no common definition. Most people use it to describe the search engines link to a site based on data obtained from a comprehensive link popularity , the importance and trustworthiness of the site. (there may be some search engines also integrated a number of years the existence of domain factors)
    search engines and links may be calculated quantitatively by using the scoring method to determine a domain name (website) the authority of the , not only vague words to describe,Timberland 14 Inch, so this is a noteworthy data at the same time, have you received outside the chain of the domain name has been ranking weight than individual pages to get to the important (or more important).
    6 outer chain-link diversity
    source data in our analysis found no factor in the roots than from the site outside the chain's impact on the ranking, which shows that this is a difficult to control spam site indicators also go out to the importance and breadth of the chain.
    Although there is no causal relationship, but a lot of SEO are empirically outside the chain sites suggest you the diversity of your site / page ranking is good, according to this logic , who has a link from your site and then get linked to from a new site than to get links than to enhance your ranking does not have any value, which also shows that, from those who have been on the website link diversity than those low diversity sites link to get more valuable.
    7. outside the chain of the uniqueness of the source and target
    search engine has its own set of methods to determine and predict the relationship between the site and have a relationship which include (but are not limited to):
    a lot of sharing and the reverse link data

    domain name registration domain host IP address or shared IP address of the C segment
    public acquisition and connected transaction information
    the machine can read the open market agreement
    If search engines determine the two sites of a relationship between the pre-existing, then the link between the two sites may be the lower scores,CAT Shoes, or simply choose to ignore these links rumors in this 8 links on a Web page location of
    Microsoft search engine is the first disclosure of how to deal with Web page region algorithm).
    Since then, many SEO reported that they found on Google and Yahoo!, and affect the same effect for us, too, for example, in the internal links, links to the footer does not may provide top of the page navigation links and the same effect. There are also reports that, in order and continue the fight against the proliferation of advertising links, search engines were all reduced from the sidebar and footer to score external link (value) < br> SEO who have tended to agree on one point: From the web page Please refer to: Web search engine optimization and keyword-targeted guide)
    9. website (site) correlation between the content of the theme there are many ways
    search engine for two pages (website) to determine page content and theme analysis (Web site) are similar and inter-related. A few years ago, Google Labs introduced an automatic classification tool, based on URL (web address) to predict the content of any virtual categories and subcategories (including medical, real estate, marketing and sports more than 10 classification) there may be search engines will use this classification system to determine automatically theme pages and links for I am not worried about the topic of the issue, and if you are irrelevant to the subject from a site (such as Sina), or a subject-specific blog to get a chain outside, I think this may be good for your rankings, I feel This may be the search engine in order to prevent spam links or cheating that take an analytical tool.
    Although the content and context of the assessment relevant to the subject properties to the relationship between the search engine provides links to useful information, it may be the source link to web pages where the content and context of the decision also provides the link for the value passed to the target page in the content and context analysis, the search engine through the machine analysis / segmentation to analyze and Analysis of why this link exists on this page will be on.
    When the link is specially edited to produce a pattern. linked by the HTML specification acceptable, word usage, wording, etc., embedded into the content, links to related content sources by detailed pattern matching (likely Through the study of large amounts of data), search engines may identify a is paid links, etc..
    a geographical location is highly dependent on the link the geographic location of the site, but search engines, especially Google, may be through specific methods to analyze a large number of data to confirm a site fine root domain, subdomain or subdirectory geographic information may include:
    host's IP address location
    top-level domain country code suffix (eg. cn,. com . cn,. co.uk, etc.)
    content in local languages ​​
    search engine or web directory regional registration
    and specific physical address (physical address) associated
    links to Web sites ( or a column) link from a location designated areas of the site to get external links to help pages (or the entire site) in that area of ​​the search rankings better. Similarly, if you link your strong preference for information display an area, then you may in other places on the performance of almost, if your site shows some geographical information where you are now (such as site host's IP address, domain name suffix, etc.).
    12. Rel = ; nofollow = ranking criteria. Today, we looked on the Internet about 3% of the link with a nofollow, and, about half of the sites in the internal use of nofollow, than used in the external links on much more.
    In SEO circles, of different search engines are, how and how strict compliance with the nofollow agreement, there is still some doubt, but in general, for example, although Wikipedia's external links with a nofollow tag, but Google is a link to these external references ranking scores slightly.
    link link type there are many types and forms, is the largest of three categories:
    directly using HTML text links
    picture link
    Javascript link
    Google recently announced that they not only crawl those links, but also to pass through their ranking evaluation score (for those using Javascript paid / advertising links were repeated policy of this there are many bad mood) for many years They have the image alt attribute text and link anchor text treatment (Anchor text) as treated.
    However, not all types of links are to be treated equally in some kind of testing and leisure example shows that a direct HTML link with anchor text ranking value to pass up, the next step is keyword-rich alt attribute links to the pictures, the last link is javascript (at least in our experience, javascript links, or not equal treatment and evaluation.) link builders, content review, small tools to create content and those who should be embedded in (my opinion), the search engine ranking of the value of non-standard link transmission capacity must be the worst intend, therefore, the link type, the use of standard HTML link anchor text to protect the best optimization method.
    14. link to the source page of other links
    When chain link on the page to go outside When the number on this page and the target may also be included as an evaluation factor in ranking value to pass to.
    As we mentioned in 3, the search engine similar to the will rank on the page, divided by the number of links and then pass out. and then add that search engines outside the station may be the link to the number of links as a judge of quality and value of these factors. If, for example, a web link only to a subject of very few resources,
    15. for domain names, web pages and links to related penalties
    recently, each SEO companies and individuals are aware that search engines can penalize a site loss the ability to pass the value of ranking, if a site loses the ability to link to this recommendation, obtained from the site outside the chain will not have the value of search engine rankings, sometimes search engines will announce some of the punishment.
    16. content / embedded mode < br> As the site content licensing and distribution, site class embedded gadgets,Timberland Roll Top, and all kinds of standings of distributed embedded links have become increasingly popular,cheap timberland boots, search engines have begun to find ways to prevent drowning in such technology. I do not I believe that the search engine they do not want to apply a lot of links to their system, maybe they are worried about over and over highlights included a Web site.
    Finally, I consider the content model to detect patterns and links in the search engines to detect assess the diversity and quality of links play an important role to see if the search engine, for example, a section of the same text found in hundreds of links on the site, it may not mean that a level of recommendation. sex effective way to deal with manipulation.
    social and historical data and the data link is the appearance time of the last of the list when search engines crawl the network and see mode to see if the new website, new website and links to the old score, and they use this data to spam fighting,cheap timberland sale, and even to identify the authority and relevance of new information to pass a good website can easily get a lot of external links.
    how to use them to attract the search engine links model and observation are still debated, but these data must have been the use, handling, and to help do a better ranking algorithm (and reduce spam links on the network's influence in the rankings - especially a lot of links to buy and abuse)
    Source: http://www.seo-sh.cn/zhishi/jishu/919_3.html
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