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Monday, December 19th, 2011

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    general no difference between
    Known as the host community the first Star Shen beautiful, ugly night was maliciously covered according to the size of site, not only no longer face when Yurun before, the large nose is exposed to traces of plastic surgery. Beauty borrow this conclusion is: botulinum toxin They attack the myth of aging hyaluronic acid, or arrived, but the years of withering.
    Another point I am afraid it can not be avoided: Note the total water of the young and beautiful,Timberland 6 Inch, like stolen time, it is scary to waiting, fear of a sudden evaporation of the night beauty , return of bladder relaxation decay, it can really camouflage the effects of ah this is so smooth and increase the life of man-made unsafe uncertainty, tangled, disturbed the times of emotional words, and the popularity of such things are inseparable.
    So, the genuine beauty of the last century were modern people who sincerely worship with. Summer Dream is one of the Redu prolonged one. not just because beauty how beautiful, no one has seen, I think she should be like a summer dream was well-deserved reputation. The poetic dream affordable as the most beautiful Chinese film actress ever, looks not to win a dream summer, said she was smashing real. The woman never relies on the United States pride during his three-point play gave himself: no man cut the ribbon,cheap timberland sale, not invited to go out an invitation to dinner, do not shoot content unhealthy play. beauty a word Sima difficult to recover, keep this promise for life.
    summer dream to get close, when the lakes have been sonic booms Jin, condescended to enter the dream of signing of the summer Great film company, became a writer every day close to discharge from the script to make consistent efforts to tailor-made teaser, heroes to emulate and enjoy a display of hospitality did not impress the beauty of young married man .22-year-old woman's summer dream, do not confusion does not cater to her and anyone, not even Huiyin. This firm sake of the world a rare good: you have the right to love, I have the freedom to refuse to retain enjoy, without breaking the bottom line. Jinda Xia struggled to catch unsuccessful, Unfortunately, there is a happy turn to join the magazine industry,CAT Shoes, a record, In fact,cheap timberland boots, a rich life filled with wisdom, so she got the same generation, offspring, people outside of the circle circle unremitting pursuit.
    summer dream that face, with Zhou Xuan style bright, pure and elegant style with Hepburn, and Brigitte Lin style with stubborn independence, and her beauty is difficult to replicate.
    said Summer Dream in their own homes never hang a stills, relaxed and a happy housewife, married people, but an ordinary businessman,Timberland 14 Inch, but to treat each other treasure a lifetime. After leaving perfect summer dream with her husband emigrated to Canada, live ordinary and peaceful life, with longevity, like Jin Yong in that generation actress, guarding a marriage, too heartily bloom, to bloom after the practical meet the middle-aged, elderly, child health, female education, only a handful of die quietly. that kind of beauty, but were so law-abiding, this is really rare.
    old summer dream, stunning beauty has disappeared, and the general no difference between the ordinary old man, but a look of serenity and calm, showing that life satisfaction and tranquility. visible character that is the fate.
    We take shelter of the world feel respect.
    Yaochen Ling Xiao Xiao, Richard Isabella reason of their break up big waves triggered, because they broke some kind of phantom: Vanity Fair still have true love, Cinderella wear dream on the glass slipper will find all the happiness hh instant into the air,timberland boots cheap, there is nothing more than this to destroy people feel disillusioned it?
    work and many other benefits
    Speaking of TV shows from childhood, from TV to online games, energy property .4 April 12 noon, Sohu and Jin together to create original online boutique in 2007 masterpiece br> Come on, we own that Xiao Feng! is Duan! is Xu Zhu! colorful picture, let us sing the leading horse of the mysterious feeling that arena!
    I believe, that are br> into the Lusheng music, Dali? Sure enough, as the novel begins with all the story begins, like Dali, from the players open their eyes to the first moment, you will see strange and beautiful scenery of Dali city. after full-screen special effects and lovely dream, and very fluent.
    as the The players have deep feelings on this point, because the issue Telecom and China Netcom, relatives and friends were forced to close friends, but had to since apart, only Department Currently the three main open city,Timberland 6 Inch, tell Dali, Luoyang, Suzhou.
    History of the divert. fortified palace with marble palace in the north of the city close connected to the Town, Dali Buddhist Po phase solemn and flourishing, Swallows Yingsheng, but also reflects the atmosphere of the ancient Chinese martial arts. Wuhua gathered on the altar the world four good man, the land northeast of the empty Xuanrao Nian Hua temple, the clouds hide the bodies of wooden men's lane; the city Lengxiang door yard, but four wicked Prince Yanqing trick in planning what?
    Luoyang is the game's most prosperous city, where large number of pawn jewelry silver gang officer Escort Station Restaurant Association, the Chinese medicine shop, small grocery sided affair burden of divination stall fish mongers, an abysmal level of all walks of life together, set off from the Central Plains weather a flourishing downtown. being in this lush, Xijing corrupt palace officials in thinking about what greed? end of the palace of the groundwater prison off what? monk at the White Horse Temple of Zhang Mei worry about? I do not know Luoyang flowers the next meeting, North Qiao will remember that when the eye has not looked at the Yasutoshi, will not outnumber girls jealous old Hanako again because of the air and are willing to corruption. Luoyang predicament heaven hell, fear is the Dragon eight sons and daughters in the huge arena in which all will be lost, if hh
    that doomed the original tragedy in Luoyang, Suzhou, then bring section can be regarded as a good marriage. let's son is a fickle segment roadway in Suzhou met on the long-Yu Yan admired girl. This city by water, the water around the city of Suzhou, a bit like a jewelry store cupboard full of jade piled, constantly flashing in front of you look soft; like a walk encounter when the silk shop Huaichun? female, slightly shy of throwing to a flirtatious. good a house of gold, a treasure to be good, good Suzhou! strong incense filled the Temple with the solemn field champion, is the fame and fortune of the battle; stream The water transport terminals and clouds of silk Square, gold and silver flowing full blast; bridges on the Maple Street and Surging Wave Pavilion, always singing floated Yingyingyanyan Suzhou, the number of fantasy buried Spring City. I suddenly remembered the novel Nanmu capacity, at the moment he sat on the Suzhou River, hundreds of years ago, a large memorial Yan glory?
    In addition, the game preparation for different regions with different background music. The overall characteristics of music is soothing, easily pleased, but when people in the battle was to be in an instant feeling of chill. then, I believe will bring the player not the same as the sensual arena.
    novice knight entering the arena nine great martial art, but in disputes
    had left the novice forum, we need to first understand their own under the First, the player character's attributes points strength, agility, Reiki, concentration, physical five qualifications. forces outside attack, Aura decided of attack,Timberland 14 Inch, and physical resolution limit of blood outside the attack defenses, defenses attack anyone, decision, decision agility hit, dodge, and knowing the current .30 level will be certain to enhance the properties of point-based attributes.
    reading These, with the lower right is not a flashing message alert? This is the novice prompt system, follow the prompts to find in front of Zhao Fearless This Father can be cool, and drove the crane dancing streamer sword, surrounded by a circle of novice players he was drooling. back to the fire, the novice task very simple, with the reminder of the mind can quickly understand the game has a rough task to find Duan Yanqing way before, remember to bring a civilian mining picks and coarse, the task will be used. novice tasks that need to watch out that, in the grasping point of ducks duck when selected to use the right purpose, and then applied to catch pet skills.
    early to Denon players each, who will have a book called Guide it! no martial art, not a political arena.'s premises, there are martial art arena as a martial arts online game , players can get in the choice of appropriate comprehensive martial art the game with nine Chinese martial art, we are familiar: Shaolin, beggars, wise teaching, Denon, Tianshan Mountains, Wudang, Emei, Happy, stars.
    Shaolin: Shaolin Central Plains is the first martial artists. since the Tang and Song dynasties, Buddhism Daxing, there are a number of people attracted, bonds of this world is not broken, is hosting the temple, and made a lay disciple, because out of the Shaolin martial arts world, so often the heart lay Shaolin martial arts disciple, also learn something.
    battle features: deep inside the Shaolin martial arts, Tian Long Ba Bu 2 music, legendary impregnable? blouse so that Shaolin kung fu disciples away from home in the world, copper steel frame, it is difficult down by the enemy. outside attack defense raised, you can add to a teammate outside attack defense, damage halved, damage to the opponents double, attracting monster enmity, which the blood values, outside the nine martial art of attack is the best defense.
    martial arts Heart: Diamond Sutra, Lotus Sutra, Yi Jin Jing, Mo Heart Sutra, Prajna Heart Sutra, a large bright by
    throne: Tiger
    beggars: Fakie Yanyun eighteen escort who runs like a tiger, is a beggar help before the main fact,cheap timberland sale, called the The attack, even more unusual is the possession of a good hit, excellent escape, high blood. (and most handsome of skills) and most Jiaoren jealous that beggars do not waste skill! such a martial art born is a brilliant student, is the Dragon inside the even more severe, Kanglongyouhui interval of the attacks that the beggars improvise a long-martial practice makes perfect. beggars disciples good at close fighting, and very close happens when you can dodge maneuvers, and the head of the enemy beggars often suffer.
    martial arts miscellaneous: Da Goubang law, 降龙十八掌,Timberland Roll Top, Long Gong prisoners, Qinlong power, Escape
    Mount: Wolf
    Mingjiao: since the Tang Dynasty, Persian fire worship in the holy church China is widely spread, particularly at night southeastern South Africa, known as the wise teaching of Tai Song Kaiguo since Mingjiao clergy assembled in the military, and many times conflict with the court, called the arena a major power.
    battle features: Mingjiao born has a higher growth rate of effort, external work the first nine martial art attack column, while Zhang Feng mixed flame burns in consequence, their anger can also deploy to a teammate, who is a high damage output; but their hits and were not considered to avoid the real poor Italian genius. I think the wise teaching should be equipped with the most demand on high knowing is a good direction, with added blood, this wise teaching role on the battlefield is the most ruthless, most terrifying of enemies, coupled with the nine-yang magic The area coma enemy skills, and group wrist plus attack and resuscitation, etc., become the next copy, to help push the boss and not the lack of the main battle.
    martial arts miscellaneous: Shenghuo Ling method, sunflower heart, heaven and earth Predicament, inflammation Dafa Day , coldest Dafa, Jiuyangzhenjing
    throne: Lions
    Tenryu-ji: Dali, born in the Central Plains martial arts royal family, a devout Buddhist, and never more than younger royal Tenryu-ji monk in the Buddha School bell, the hidden section is that , Duanzheng Chun, Duan Yu and other generation master of a generation, this powerful force is the real foundation of this country.
    battle features: natural sniper. Denon almost all martial arts are all external work Taking a blow to the mean for the sword, and hit high, you can add to the enemy flag to increase their damage to the target, a variety of stun means more features Denon's high-level skills can also be Taking acupuncture, the enemy set the body, or shed the enemy internal forces, while its poison, fire, mysterious, and higher resistance against four kinds of ice. Jianqi Bi Yan cross of the ; is a superior effort Denon Denon disciple is extremely dangerous enemy you love Duan GG? Do you look forward to a beautiful landscape it? Denon arm is outstretched to greet you.
    martial arts miscellaneous: Duan secret, six pulse Excalibur, days of the South Heart, Dragon Heart, five Law Smoke palm
    mounts: Horse
    Wudang: Northern Song dynasty, the Central Plains plague, Zhang Tian and people to Tokyo Bianliang treatment, wrap hair immortality , set a great service, becoming the first generation of the plaque reality. flourish at this time precisely when the Wudang, the head of all his disciples, led by Zhang Xuan Su-working practice. Wudang Road Act deep and sincere, Wu Gongbo big powerful, strength ranked the nine martial art The first, Dragon script.
    campaign features: profound Wudang Road Law, Wu Gongbo large majestic, strength ranked first in nine martial art the game inside a long-highest attack power, the longest coma enemy, force up to and used force to resist damage, coupled with the do not Zhanshen enemy face of violent enemies, they can also mysterious Taoist method, tightly enemy horde, so that he can not turn, whether it is Daguai leveling, murder and robbery, Wudang are easily perfunctory, and spirit the impact force on the Wudang practical too, as long as the Wudang spiritual power to seek to progress the way, would be sufficient Swordsman If you figure who trained himself, and looked soar, then the worship is the most appropriate under the door into the Wudang nothing more than a < br> martial arts miscellaneous: gossip Heart Sutra, Heart Sutra four images, two appearances heart, tai chi sword, tai chi method, Promise Heart Sutra
    throne: Crane
    Emei: the charm of the scenery gave birth to the Emei Mountain Emei School. head Meng Qingqing but a woman, and studied under the beautiful clouds, so there are always human arena for some guessing and Emei imagination. Emei is not a Taoist nunneries, not only accept female students, but often Emei disciples Zen enlightenment, enhance mental , restrained action. uniform tendency of internal strength system, the blood can give teammates, detoxification, plus BUFF, the main steps of the healing team were there growing force attack, while a mixture of ice damage, while they can form their own forces to maintain the umbrella , the crux moment, they can even in a certain period of time, invulnerable, invincible in sounding the other hand, agile Emei disciples can heal himself and fellow martial arts injuries, senior Emei martial arts, and even the companions back to life, fighting in a group when the role of the great. Emei School of MM were most suitable to join the gentle, Healing Hands, dumping beings ah.
    martial arts miscellaneous: human resource configurations, control of crane power, Yunvxinjing, Motome Heart Sutra, Heart Sutra Chi Hong
    throne: Phoenix
    stars: Violet Feng Yu Tan's life and the angel girl's contest, can not Azi girl has caught the go. so he threw a brother throwing and angel. I live one blink of an eye becomes toxic carrion. These scary martial arts, the main stars of the palm method disciples perhaps not the strongest, but relatively the most scary, Dragon 2 Murong artifact, against before, opponents often have a constellation of disciples said, had to endure a variety of highly toxic persistent injury to the fighting in trouble by their opponents often mind, the occurrence of grand timid. battle results also imagine. constellation may be decent but why is the natural enemy of the door, they are based on the strength of integrity and good martial arts preparedness .
    martial arts miscellaneous: carrion power, power top five, three smiling Happy successful, the tree Gong Wang, Yu Wang of water power, Huagongtaifa
    throne: yak
    Tianshan: Tian tong lao is Tianshan unique God, she ruled the Tianshan Lingjiu Gong, martial arts disciples begin their strange under the seat known Tianshan disciples seem almost mortal one ghost. Remember seventy-two the main hole and thirty-six island main cluster when plotting rebellion, that angry, some bewildered, some painful, but it was a few steps back, body trembling, scared straight is powerful.
    battle features: repeatedly crit, so most of the people they disdain no longer human. what really appalled that all martial arts myself, Tianshan disciples uncertain stature in the battle, you can instantly hidden themselves, to be one hit kill for the opportunity to perform acupuncture or fixed body, generated assassin. not just their own, they have hidden the wrong order, several Tianshan disciples almost disappearing in an instant all the troops.
    martial arts miscellaneous: Tianshan plum hand, small non-phase power, but since the raw heart, but since the core The Tianshan six yang palm
    throne: carving
    Happy: Happy to send martial arts emphasis Brisk and elegant, Elegant Qing Jun, Ding contest Conference between age and Xu Zhu grips, hair like a fairy faces of the children, a monk If Yufeng cold fluttering sleeves. They are a stick and go, seriously Piansi butterfly between a pair of curly, limp walk variable, in this step know for whom, after all the injuries.
    battle features: the ability to compare the average, can acquit a variety of traps, and traps hidden master in group combat, if there exists Happy disciples, then the battle often become unthinkable, their worst effort is briefly destroyed and the other martial arts groups. Happy to send more erratic for individual players, blow hand, withdraw flee.
    martial Heart: The flowers, Jia bible, bible legend, nine volumes of verse, drawing nine volumes, deep magic
    throne North: Deer
    door division nine martial art stunt
    join sects division players can receive door mission, and every day the door the first 20 rounds of division task for the double lesson here to note that each martial art will have its own dedicated secondary effects, can enhance a production skills, so would like to specially train a number of players making skills will need special attention.
    Shaolin good opening, herbs in Yin's blessing can become a private secretary usually buy drugs; Mingjiao application can fire Dan herbs melting into a more magical items. beggars wine to wine as raw material, adding Some herbs and some insects can be brewed to take the magic of wine; Wudang good at alchemy, the medicine can be put into practice in a small bottle of immortality to the good; Emei the concoction figure drawing characters on paper, you can also play a special special effects; stars, as reflected in the original, good use of drugs, herbs and save hard to imagine harmful drugs, you can create magic together brewed poison; Dali as Miao, specializes in manufacturing poison, try to The insects feed your point Zhuolai herbs look, maybe it will become a good helper assist you wherever they went; Tianshan Xuanbing surgery, so taken to the Millennium ice essence of receiving the finest ingredients will change even more amazing; Happy to send the Qi Men Dun Jia, the concoction with Aohao painting on paper, the player will have praise of the invention.

    colorful life career skills
    lakes rivers and lakes are not always Causing loss of lives, , technology, mining, herbs, fishing and planting.
    b collection system
    collection is divided into fishing, mining, herbs, plant, which processed the original data can be re-made items, but each kinds of skills are needed to find a dedicated NPC to learn for the novice to learn the threshold is still high. every skill level can be promoted, along with the level of upgrade, the upgrade will be made for item-level, but all received Item Level is random,Kids Timberland Boots, which also resulted in high-grade can not be lost after the situation in primary goods, can be said to regret. gathering skills often need tools, good tools do not need special equipment, people and equipment in a specific column , but need the fishing rod fishing, mining ore ho need, herbs need a sickle, scythe choose the player standing and mineral ho usually sufficient, because fishing is a scene in the specified water within, so is specifically for. However, herbs and mining are presented in a random field,
    b Department of
    manufacturing has produced culinary, pharmaceutical, mosaic, casting, sewing, the role of these techniques and Yu Ming is not the basis, such as cooking, of course, to learn, hard match, and the individual must and fishing, planting with the study, but high-grade division will often need some doors obligations ingredients, these ingredients can be sold for a single price of gold, called the proportionate cost-effective, while forging and sewing to create a more unusual equipment, satisfied the needs of different players.
    When we married a man in the arena battles, the loneliness would have some too, if there is a his / her and how much with the ah! In the future emotional differences, then, Dragon brush ingot plug, but also divorce, into The situation, quite warm, the city alerted! players can receive marriage can also be isolated from the agency's goods mm wedding rings,Timberland Roll Top, wedding rings can give you not only improve strength, Aura, brawn, concentration, agility, but also increase your basic dodge increase, adding another half-strength attack and attack power by external work and many other benefits. different levels of the wedding, get a different taste wedding ring.
    Jane beast system
    indispensable partner. precise, almost in the game each player must staff a pet, pet in the game, not only in Daguai is committed partners, strong helpers, in PK, to help battle, the task is indispensable role to help Type pet owners can bring stability to the long-term conditions, some, such as dodge, commensurate with skills to enhance anyone's good.
    read Jane beast advantage, the player will want to know how to get Jane beast, is actually very simple, players can shop to find the beast in Luoyang Jane cloud Haner came basaltic island in paradise here is Jane animals, are scattered everywhere Jane adult animals, when these players to play Janet hit a certain number of the beast, you Jane appears to capture the beast baby, can capture the beast in the Atlas Jane is purple mark, ten obviously significant, when the players will emerge once the capture of the mouse by appearance. pet is relatively rare variant of a class, is the strongest. caught Jane has grown a beast that can grow good and bad attributes of animals up to see Jane, and Jane animals have gender-specific, to fit the premise can marry and have children, second beast Jane has continued to feature parental attributes and skills. Jane can be seen in the game than can be described as animal characters also numerous properties, so how to develop a stronger qualification Jane animals also need some players to spend more psychological.

    water transport, water transport in one of the highlights for the game, China since ancient times, long before there is a precedent for water, road transport of goods, so water transport is the early game, and even the medium term are the main means to make money. in fact, simply, water transport is the main city in three, Dali, Luoyang, Suzhou, between the delivery, However, a cost, or need to plan time to drive up the pressure of cheap money, the road is not a pleasant journey, there are often small feather Pirates of highway robbery, the mysterious businessman special purchase, can smooth the hard earned

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