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Monday, March 12th, 2012

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    by others trampled upon rathe
    : See your morning SMS morning eight or nine things, returning to the text as an ordinary morning ferry on a layer of beautiful golden text nearly sadness,cheap puma shoes, do not understand these separate days, the depression Why far greater than I? I am unable to answer your question, the answer is too pale passion, uncertainty is the last year, a summer feel, and now it has long since disappeared from my mind. no longer willing to uncertainty can not be determined lot of trouble, the fact always hidden in an unknown corner, silently laugh at our panic-stricken eyes.
    I: hh
    to you: Thinking in the burning, bent on burning in the spring full of window grilles. It also will be able to raging in the limited enthusiasm, once fleshed out at once become desperate frozen loneliness. an extension of this retreat is always knocking the door of fate,Puma Drift Cat, soon forced it to desperate and there is no protagonist, it should fall into the already prepared good through the ice.
    I: hh
    to you: there is no main character, I really hope there is no main character in his own life, by others trampled upon rather than evade, even if the torment, the interests of being at your fingertips abuse, and perception. I seem to be an idiot is a brilliant smile, my smile is sunny spring, but I was too, the protagonist of their own loyalty, my heart is like the left foot, even numb would also like to jump. I do not believe in fate in someone else's hands of blowing hot and cold, for this faith, I almost always want to maintain a serious and paranoid attitude, holding a moralist of polished dagger, the guardian of the secular public with distance .
    : hh
    to you: you how long to remain silent, you remain silent for a long time. less stable silent cross inserted in the middle of your body, and immediately threat we will use the faces of the explosion, in order to permanent safe, reach out your hand, now, to strangle it is not cowardly, not hands? I Come, the silence is to take the initiative to be broken, if the later step, it will be raised flattering face WARNING: Do not upset the rules of the game remaining, you are you, he he, you are the eternal enemies and friends.
    : hh
    to you: the sky feeling very depressed, I familiar with it just as aware of their eternal boredom downright these neurotic,puma for cheap, why day and night cycle? night is coming, and sticking out the tongue of the vampire walking around me in a dream the way it met a beautiful encounter vigorous love, he said, take a picture, this morning the ghost sad roses for their own bring a bright dripping flowers he deliberately picked to Emily in the garden, my face is an instant, drift down to spend the blood infiltration into the pink my ghost standing behind his shy afraid to look at herself in the mirror, he did not know the night, the ghost is not mirrored. photographs taken in my hands, I all alone sits there, the head of a withered black roses to reach out to, I had no time to hide to give the ghost he robbed, his smiling face in an instant into the dark, sorrow pouring down from his eyes, he was a gentle
    I: hh
    you: the shadows floating, wandering in the underworld to return the road between the sun, embarrassed, hesitant,Puma Speed Cat Big, has been used to black and white at the same time the day they can not adapt to the forever black and never white .
    smile I
    I can not make any beautiful you are right, dear, you always stand behind me, but I do not want you is nothing that does not exist, too many occupied large tracts of happiness nothing I need your presence, your air, your no way nervous smile, I can think of you standing in front of the mirror that reflects from the mirror is a simple sweet smile. Yes, a smile, instead of panic, rather than cold, is not contradictory compete.
    the tears.
    you: to seize me, and lead me, guidelines I hh
    the me: With the your breath, do not debate the direction to flight.

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