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Thursday, December 4th, 2003

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    Pass the Pork Please
    ok that subject is just something that popped out of my head. Ok so today I stayed home cause I am sick 100 degree fever anyways I am feeling kinda crappy and so I go to sleep and don't wake up till 8 that night and I had gone back to bed at 8 so that makes it a 12 hour nap. And I am on here doing stuff talking to people and my mom is going to bed and says don't stay up to late tonight you need to feel refreshed tommorow. I look at her and I say " I had 12 hours of sleep and you don't think I am refreshed I was like omg! so there is one story lol um... we have these advent calendar boxes and everyday we get something inside one of them so far the 1rst day...1 dollar (whew I'm filthy rich) the second day....gum(oOoOo fresh breath you think they are trying to tell me something?) the third day...bazooka lip gloss (strawberry) everyday it gets better.Oh shit I broke the keyboard handle ::fumbles with the handle:: oh there we go it can be taken off whew that was a damn close one anywho well I will be at school tommorow unfortunatly my mom doesn't care if I have a temp shes says "YOUR GOING" I was like "ok" me and my mom communicate pretty wellI think anyways ttyl buh bye peace -love-and raw weenies hehe

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