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Monday, November 10th, 2003
Hello hello. Laptop is up and running so I will update every two days. Anyway, it's nice to be back. I spent this weekend with Anna in Bristol. It was nice seeing her again, I know I bitch about her sometimes, but I have actually quite missed her. She seems a bit different in Bristol- more relaxed and sociable. And not sneezing every five minutes, or snoring. Just thought I'd add that! It was a lovely weekend.

Today I saw Drew and we attempted to shag in a public toilet. Never again! I suppose I did discover that I am more bendy than I thought- my leg got pretty high up the wall. Also I think I worked off a lot of calories. Shockingly I actually worked up quite a sweat. I think I've lost weight this week what with all the walking I did in Bristol and- euhm- today's antics. My feet fucking hurt. And I've just realised despite the lack of sleep I have to be up for work.

Maybe I can use my newfound disability as an excuse for lateness. I had a medical today and it turns out my epilepsy is a disability. Woot.

current mood: tired

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