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07:57am 13/07/2004
Which generic smut novel character are you? (With somewhat relevant pictures!)

The Burly, Surly Stable Hand

Do enjoy heavy lifting, heavy eating, and heavy drinking? Are you good at picking up bales of hay and fine-looking women? Are you wearing flannel at the moment? If you answered an affirmative grunt to any of the above, then “The Burly, Surly Stable Hand” category has you profiled.

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07:54am 13/07/2004

IMDB's Top 100 Best Movies of All Time
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Which movies have you seen?


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let's update, shall we?   
07:39am 29/06/2004
  last update...oh, yes. son was born.

he's now 4 months old, and is getting bigger everyday. he's over 27" long, 14lbs., and is now beginning to eat food...baby food, but, yeah. what else is he going to eat, steak?

we're moving, again, due to the crazy neighbor. go read my livejournal to find out more. in a nutshell, we're tired of having our lives threatened. it probably wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have our son...we could probably just deal with the neighbor. but, yeah...just too much to deal with.

um...yeah. probably a lot more going on, but I'm working right now, so...go read my livejournal to find out more, if you want.

I'll try to update this more. maybe just copy and paste what I write in LJ. who knows.

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just in case you don't read my lj   
07:35am 17/02/2004
  my son, Caelan Tarrant, was born 2/4/04. w00t!  

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02:30pm 02/02/2004
  it's still here.

maybe I should wrote more...


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07:41am 12/12/2003
  apparently, LJ is being worked on...or something. I read the news section about how they are working on the code, because whatever they did isn't working.

hopefully, the error I'm getting when trying to update my journal there is related to it.

anyway, because I can't make any updates there right now, I'll uypdate my good ol' blurty journal.


the only thing I wanted to talk about today was Fatal Frame 2. I found a way to keep me from getting all freaked out about it.

when one of the ghosts attack me, I curse and taunt it.

like so:

"Oh, so you want some of this, you dumb fuck? Come on, bitch, come get some".

*snap picture*

"Yeah, that's right. It hurts, doesn't it, you stupid twit? Oh, you want more?"

*snap picture again*

yeah. it's stupid. but fun.

oh, and my VB class last night...the last one of the semester...was cancelled. the instructor had a family emergency and couldn't make it in. I'm a bit upset, as I wanted to share with him my Ninja Burger RPG program to see what he thought of it. he did give us his email address, so maybe I'll send it to him.

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11:38am 24/11/2003

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08:54am 13/11/2003
  yeah, I tried, and failed.

I really will try to update here more often.


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I strike at my journal again!   
08:42am 28/10/2003
  my PC sounds like it's going to explode. the fan keeps getting louder, and louder, and louder...

oh. looks like Access was sucking up CPU.

close that.

there goes the fan. back to normal.

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09:10am 10/10/2003
  two entries in one week.

that's a record...well, a recent record. or something.


so, anyway...

I'm torn about the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. I want to see it, but on the other hand, I don't.

from what I've seen in the previews, they've changed a few things, which I may or may not like.

plus, they got a few big name stars to be in it...that kinda draws away from the impact of the film, in my opinion.

eh...I'll just wait to rent it.

but, by then, the baby will be here, so I may have to rent it and watch it over at Jim's place.

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holy freaking crap   
01:44pm 01/10/2003
mood: shocked
blurty's working on my work PC again!


still using LJ more, just because a bunch of my offline friends use that...okay, 3 of them...but still...

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I'm still here   
09:45am 22/09/2003
  maybe once my new home is all settled, I'll log in from home and update my blurty.

but, since I'm at work, it's still being a bitch.

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still here   
11:35am 15/08/2003
  see title  

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04:57pm 29/07/2003
  blurty works from home.

imagine that.

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02:36pm 25/07/2003
  that's what blurty is still being. a bitch.  

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yeah, I'm still here...   
11:09am 16/07/2003
  and Blurty is still being a bitch, so, I can't read my friends' journals. sorry.  

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yep, I'm still here   
09:19am 01/07/2003
  I've been using my livejournal more lately, because blurty is being a bitch...it isn't loading up a lot of the times I try, or when it does load up, it looks all wacky.

I'm updating right now using the client.

and that's why I haven't made comments on other people's journals. sorry.

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02:16pm 26/06/2003
  so, little bit of background first.

as many of you may know, I'm taking an online class for C++ programming...normally it's an on-campus class, but a few classes have the option to take them online. because it's the summer and I'd have to do some weird juggling to take two classes, I decided just to take the online class. it goes a bit longer, but gives me a bit more freedom.

anyway, I've been doing really good in class (knock on wood). I even got extra credit on a program that the teacher wasn't giving extra credit for...she just really liked my coding. so far, I've received 2 110% and the rest are 100%.

however, there's a column that says 'class avg'. this has been jumping up and down...everywhere from 104% to 69%. I figured that was just because the homework and discussion grade weren't weighed as heavy as tests.

now, to the 'wow' bit.

we received our discussion grade for this past week. another 100%. cool.

but the 'class avg' grade showed a 52%.

I thought to myself "there is no way I could have a 52%".

so, I went to the discussion board, with the plan to post about this. however, someone beat me to it, asking why that grade jumps around so I just added a bit about how I was wondering too.

and we got an answer...

that is the entire class's average. so, last week, only a couple of us received 100%. the rest got less than that...with 12 people in our class, that means most of them received 50% or below.


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09:34am 25/06/2003
mood: annoyed
music: Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack
been trying to download Kingdom Hearts music for the past few days. managed to get enough songs last night to burn a CD.

nothing else really to report...you can read my LJ for my current annoyance.

oh, in case you missed it...I'm going to be a dad :)

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03:14pm 24/06/2003
mood: ecstatic
music: The Faint - Sealed Human
I can now officially say it...

I am going to be a dad.

go me...and my wife.

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