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Date:2006-06-02 09:34
Subject:wow... it has been a long time...

So for everyone who might still glance here... I thought I would give you a bit of a news update.... as of July 1st, I will be living in Sorel-Tracy Quebec.... the move is brought on by the need to get closer to family... I will be living a few blocks from my parents... an exact 1.5 Kms... and hopefully will have a job by the time I move in to my new appartment... *S* there's my update.... oh.... and....


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Date:2005-03-22 21:04
Subject:Out of the light and into the darkness
Mood: optimistic

Life's turning around on me again... things are lining up... getting better... I am happy alot lately... working evening/nights again... seeing as they finally sent Jade and I back to tech... I got first pick of shifts, and people still ask me... "why did you pick the 4:30pm to 1am shift?"... well... let's see... I fare better being awake at night and sleeping during the day... another reason though... and this one is very important here... with me working this shift, I get more time to spend with my new, great and caring GF... she works evenings where she works too... so it minimizes the time we are working sepparately... *S*

so yeah... things are happy happy all around... mostly... Cassie and I have been going out for a week and a half now... things are going great! I enjoy every moment we spend together... but I can't help but feel bad for Cassie's room mate... Nate... another friend of mine... poor soul... his GF just took off for Spokane Washington last friday... she won't be coming back for a while... even though we keep trying to get her back... but he is torn... before she left.. he didn't realize what she meant to him... he didn't reallize how much he trully needed her... well... she will be back... but he is all upside down with himself about it... NO Nate, I will not let you sell your computer so you can get a bus ticket to go get her... I understand that you want to... but there are other ways... As Cassie said, if you do that, you will come back with Raye, and you will be kicking yourself some more about having sold the computer... keep the computer... with time, other options will present themselves... trust me...

so yeah... I haven't really been at my own appartment for much more than picking up clean clothes, my sleep machine, and a few odds and ends since Cassie and I got together... guess that is a good sign that I might end up moving in with Cassie and Nate soon... the gods only know what's going to happen... Jay shouldn't worry to much though.. I won't screw him over in any event.......

I was reading the ex's blurty lately too... read something about her being lied to for the last 4 years... but then with more reading, she also states that she has been thinking about Shaun for the past 4 years... hmmm... sorry... but wouldn't that mean that she was lying to me the last 4 years?... well... as we always say, Que sera, sera... what was done is done, and no one can change it... I knew there was no hope of getting back with her, I just clung to the severed end of string, because I was hurt... I've moved on now... and I think I could deal with meeting Mel and Shaun out in the world again... unlike last time at the bar... that was uncomfortable...

anyway... less than 4 hours to go, and then I get to walk home... and in this case, home is Cassie and Nate's place... seeing as I am there all the time, I call there home now... *sniggle* I did miss having someone sleeping with me... and I'm happy to spend as much time as possible with Cassie, wether awake or sleeping...

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Date:2004-11-06 19:19
Subject:A Random Thought
Mood: thoughtful

A lot of times people become best friends, and eventually fall in love with one another... but can it be possible for two people to fall in love with each other and eventually fall out of love to become only the best of friends?

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Date:2004-04-20 14:47
Subject:My mind never stops...
Mood: blank

...I just never put the thoughts on here...

I know this is like long after I promissed dalung1 that I would update, but you know what dalung1, I just haven't been up to posting lately... I mean, I do have things I would love to talk about on here... but as private as some thoughts are, they have to remain private...

Anyway... to get on with it... My mind is just turning around in circles about things lately, I never know what I am thinking about anymore... Maybe things will change within the next while, but for now, I just have to live with my mind the way it is...

On a side note, I am going to give blood tonight... I now know I have A type blood, which should get confirmed tonight as well as I should find out if I am RH POS or RH NEG... It's going to feel weird having blood taken for something useful other than blood tests for once... *S*

Anyway... I leave you all on this note... and these words of wisdom...
If you are waiting for something to happen, it will happen, but only if you are making it happen...

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Date:2003-12-25 08:20
Subject:X-Mas and a long time coming
Mood: chipper

Wow, it's been a while since I updated... I really suck at keeping a journal, as you can already tell I assume...

Well... I thought I would start by wishing everyone HAPPY HOLIDAYS! It may not be a white x-mas for us this year, but at least it's another x-mas where we are alive and well, so we should spend as much time as possible with our loved ones as we can, and have a hopping good time!

Anyway... to get to what has been going on in the last couple of months... well... not much to talk about... as most people already know, I never got that promotion I was trying to get... I guess the old lack of confidence killed me, as usual... but you know what... I don't really care... it's not like I would have been getting paid much more money, and it's alot more stress... so I'll just stay right where I am... *S* If I don't stay where I am, it's going to be for a new/better job elsewhere!

Going to be hopping on a train to Montreal at 1:52 am tonight to go visit relatives over the weekend... kind of a holidays visit type thing, the train tickets (one for each of the three boys, would have been one for uniquely_phazed but she didn't want to come because my older brother was coming, which I don't blame her, I don't really like to be seen around my older brother either....) were pretty much a x-mas present from my parents... and believe me... one and a half weeks before x-mas, train tickets from here to Montreal are not the cheapest... Anyway... so I will be out there all weekend, I have tommorrow off work, so it gives me a three day weekend... and will be back to work on Monday... sometimes I think I work too hard, but that only applies when I am sick....

Like now AAMOF... I have bronchiatus (sp?)... Last year I had a nasty cold, the year before... well... you get the picture, every x-mas, I have something that makes the time miserable... at least I have friends and family to make it all worthwhile... every miserable minute turns to a good time when you have friends and family to spend the time with...

Anyway, that's it for this x-mas update... keep watching, could be a new update sooner than expected.. *S*

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Date:2003-10-14 11:40
Subject:To Sleep or Not to Sleep
Mood: working

Whoah.... 9 days without an update, that's not right... *slaps himself a little* Reading other people's journals is fine, but you should update your own journal so that other people can pry into your life, as insignificant as it seems to be, as well... *S*

Anyway, so alot happens in 9 days... STILL anxiously waiting to see who gets interviewed for the Supervisor position here at work, as well as who gets it... no one has heard anything back about it, so we're all like "WTF?", and we will be oh so peeved if they don't at least interview a couple of us before hiring from the outside world... anyway... *twitches* Anxiously waiting is not good for the soul... time to move on, yet still have hopes...

Other than that, nothing too exciting happens in a normal week... but then, on my day off, I went and got the bunnies... Two pure bread Dwarf Netherland Bunnies, and an XLarge rabbit cage... food, etc... wow, the bunnies themselves aren't too expensive, it's everything else that brings up the bill... Mine is Black, with an orange "spot" on the back of her neck, and a white collar and tummy... I named her Pheonix! uniquely_phazed's bunny is orange, with dark grey ears, paws and lighter tummy. Her name is Jade! Also, as another part of her b-day present, I bought uniquely_phazed a copy of The Sims Double Deluxe... After about an hour of installing, we finally got to play, being new at the game, we weren't too sure what to do. But we managed to create a familly, the Bunnies, named Jade (uniquely_phazed's female character) and Pheonix (my male character)... Yes, we are playing together, pretty much tossing the mouse back and forth between us... anyway... needless to say we got addicted, because we spent so many hours playing, we never noticed time going by... I need my own copy so that we both can play alone at the same time though... I can't buy myself a copy right yet though... but what I could do was pre-order the Making Magic expansion pack for the Sims... *S* no shipping and handling is a good thing... and we get it a couple days after the eagames website release (as per shipping time and such)...

Sooooo.. all in all, life is just peaches and bananas!

Well, that's it for now, ttyl!

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Date:2003-10-05 09:16
Mood: jubilant

Wah... Sunday, bloody Sunday!!!
Seriously, got to work, signed on to my phone and did all that other stuff I do when I get to work (read online comics, catch up to e-mail, etc), and now, I have been sitting for almost an hour doing nothing... there are five people here, ready to take calls, that are not coming in... Well... That's a good sign, I will get to have VTO instead of having to early out... uniquely_phazed has wanted a bunny for a while now, and I kept wanting to buy her one... so as soon as we get a chance today, we are going out and buying bunnies! *S*
Oooohh... and we are having internet issues on my simple network at home... so instead of formatting the two compies, I will need to buy a router and cables... that will also save us some electricity money, because I won't have to have both compies on to access the net from my PC...
Last week was okay... did alot of anxious waiting, still anxiously waiting for more communications about the promotion I applied for... fingers are crossed... will update more on this when I hear about it... Friday was my first day off this weekend... got up as normally, and brought uniquely_phazed to work... then took out the trash as it was trash day... played around trying to get i-net working, since I didn't get anywhere with that, decided to play Diablo II for a bit... went to get shot (allergy shot by the doctor)... played Diablo some more... called the phone people to try and bring down my phone bill, that's useless, bringing it down to what I wanted would still cost the same, so I just changed a couple of options in my package to better suit our needs... then called cable people... brought that bill down ten dollars by dropping two digital packages we don't watch... then played Diablo II some more... wow... can we say I am addicted to Diablo II? *LOL* Can't wait for patch 1.10 to be out of beta testing and actually distributed!... anyway... the day keeps going on... uniquely_phazed left work early, we went grocery shopping, then had an early dinner at the Swiss Chalet... that new appetizer loaf they have is teh bomb! Then went to the parental units' house to talk with my lil bro and his woman about them maybe moving in soon... that will help with the bills, and actually help with bringing down the owing too...
Saturday, not too eventful of a day... Took advantage and slept in... Played Diablo II some... Went to Canadian Tire to buy some stuff, mainly a plunger since I clogged the toilet again... then, went to go buy bunnies and stuff... didn't like the stuff at PetSmart, so went to SuperPet, got there, was closed, and so was Office Depot... went back to go to the Mall, closed, went to Staples, closed... all at 6... why the HELL do stores close at 6 on a Saturday? They should stay open until 9 just like any other day of the week (other than Sunday, could be closed on Sunday for all I care!)... anyway... so after all this running around, we decided to have dinner... We were supposed to go to the movies, and making stir fry would be too long, so we went out... picked a place we had never been before... the Winchester Arms... Nice place, loved the Decor... Menu is great and pretty English Style food (everything had some neat English Name, like Nottingham Pie, Winchester Cathedral... Even the appetizers...), so we ordered, uniquely_phazed had the Nottingham Pie (steak and Guinness pie), I tasted it, will be having it again on my own... I had the Winchester Cathedral, burger with cheese and bacon, best burger I have had in this area... we started with escargot (forget what the cute name was) which were really well preppared! The service was a little slow, the waitress said the kitchen staff was having issues that day, no matter, delayed us, and we decided to go to the late show... then, we noticed there was a band setting up, Ceilidh Grover, a celtic band... so we decided not to go to the show, and stick around to listen for a bit... first time we did something different like that in a while... all in all, it was a good time. After that, we went home, and I stayed home alone for a while... uniquely_phazed went for a car ride... Messed around with the internet a bit, worked on budget, and then went to bed... all in all, it was a good weekend...

Anyway, I should be able to get out of work early today... *crosses fingers*

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Date:2003-09-30 11:03
Subject:Holy Kwap!!!
Mood: anxious
Music:call center white noise

Wow, just setup this journal here on Blurty because... well... My best friend in the whole world is on here, her name is uniquely_phazed, instead of on LJ itself where my original journal is... besides my LJ journal is starting to become more of a place where I post those little quiz results and stuff like that, so it makes it hard to consider it a journal.

Anyway, so this is my first day using Blurty *applauds himself* and it is already pretty much configured with a look that I like, except I might need to tweak at the colours, which will take forever so I will do that at home. *hits himself* Runon sentences... that is my biggest problem... which is why you see alot of [...]s in my post and messages and such if you know me...

Let's go on... setup my journal, and I applied for a promotion at work recently, and my supervisor tells me he can't forward my app because of my metrics... wow... big woopdi doo... and then emails me the same thing, so I reply with a little bit of profanity... I had not noticed he CCed his boss into the message, and receive a message from his boss, CCed to me sent to him about wanting my metrics for the last four months... wow... a while later, I get an e-mail again from said supervisor's boss saying that my app will be forwarded... so I sent an e-mail to appologize to my supervisor about the profanity, and he pulls me into a meeting to appologize to me... he said that "all that matters is that you're here" or was it "you care" either way, it 's a good thing... so now I will be anxiously awaiting an e-mail asking me to come for an interview... wow... imagine if I get the job... Might stick around Hellville a little longer than we were thinking then eh?

Anyway, that is all I wanted to talk about for now... Will update later if there is anything else worth venting or mentioning! CIAO!

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