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[12 Oct 2005|06:01am]
har/.. so who is still here anyway?
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[19 Aug 2005|01:23pm]
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[11 Jun 2005|02:01am]

[07 Mar 2003|10:39pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

i re-dyed my hair today..

here's how it went )

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fillmore jive [11 Feb 2003|01:55am]
[ mood | tired ]

Let me sleep it off
I need to sleep it off
I need to sleep why don't you let me
I need to sleep why don't you
I need to sleep
I need to sleep
I need to sleep
I need to sleep, why won't you let me
I need to sleep
I need to sleep
I need to sleep
Why won't you, why won't you let me sleep?

i wish i could go to bed. i'm so freaking tired but my body won't let me sleep. i hate that. i wish i didn't have to go places in a few hours. i want to sleep for a good 12 hours but i need to be awake again at 4 to get stuff.


[01 Feb 2003|09:09am]
[ mood | scared ]

i've been watching the news since it first broke that they lost contact with the shuttle.. and now they're fearing the worst.. that it has indeed exploded.


very sad news.


[27 Jan 2003|05:12am]
haha. i watched the superbowl last night. at first i rooted for the raiders to win but when i realized there was no chance of them catching up in the 4th quarter, i became a bucs fan! yeehaw, i won!

i haven't had any alcoholic drink in over 2 weeks now. amazing. it's because i can't drink anything with this new medicine i'm taking. it's working out quite well. i haven't had any cravings or anything. i feel like i'm going to finally be able to get myself back in check. weird things have been going on in my mind a lot lately. i feel like a confused teenager all over again.

jamie and i are talking about moving up to massachusetts now. it's weird. we've never considered that as a place we'd want to live. we've always talked about maybe vermont or iowa. my brother scott and his wife are moving up there in may and they would be able to find us jobs and somewhere to stay if we decide to move. it'll be no time soon that we would be able to move, probably years from now. it's just good to look into the future every now and then.
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[01 Jan 2003|04:59pm]
[ mood | blank ]

welp heres how our new years eve went...


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[31 Dec 2002|09:57pm]
just wanted to post one last time before the new year. about to get started on the booze so i doubt i'll be back updating this thing anytime soon.. wanted to say happy new year to you all. nothing else to update with. cheers!

[03 Dec 2002|09:52am]
for rach )

[24 Nov 2002|07:39pm]
my husband just gave me the most unbelievable looking bouquet of flowers i've ever seen. i wish i had a camera to take a picture of them. they are beautiful. thank you, jamie.
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[22 Nov 2002|07:47am]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | news ]

sorry i haven't updated again in a few days.. i've been spending more time offline trying to take care of jamie.. i've also found a new hobby. i'm sure most of you have heard of that site www.wheresgeorge.com ...well, that's where i've been spending my time when i have been online. i'm afraid this is going to take up most of my online time.. it's very time consuming entering everything about a bill, and when you have 10 or more of them it takes forever. i decided i am going to take a break from my message board for a while also. i'm not going to close it down, i'm just not going to be there. it's funny how i get bored of things i love so easily. i always come back to them in the long run. still haven't cleaned the church in a few days because jamie has to stay off of his leg. jamie gets to start his new job at MTSU on monday.. the lady he called was real cool about him not being able to start his job wednesday morning and said she totally understood. we're hoping he's going to be a little better tomorrow because we have to go celebrate his mom's birthday by going to a movie and out to eat at La Siesta. we got this box filled with lots of goodies (toilet paper, paper towels, macaroni n cheese, granola bars, popcorn, gel pens, lightbulbs for my lava lamp and other stuff) from this real nice lady we know from a message board we post at. i was talking about how my lava lamp bulb blew out on the message board, and she replied to it saying she wanted to send me a lightbulb for it and i needed to give her my address.. well she sent a whole lot more than a lightbulb. this isn't the first time this has happened.. someone else from the same message board sent us a huge box of food about a year ago.. the people on that board are just amazing. it just makes me feel real guilty when stuff like that happens because i'm such a greedy bastard. anyway, i think that's about it for this update... but just one last question, anyone else here do the Where's George thing?

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[20 Nov 2002|05:46am]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | dilated peoples - clock work ]

jamie got the job! he starts this morning at 8 for training. he also has a doctor appointment this afternoon because he thinks he might have the same bacterial infection in his leg that he had a couple of years ago which he almost had have his leg amputated because of it. :( if that's what it is, he will have to miss work for the next few weeks because he can't be on that leg. i sure hope it's nothing bad.. we can't afford doctor bills, we don't have health insurance and we also can't afford to be out of work for 2-3 weeks. we decided not to clean the church last night/this morning and are going to instead, clean it later this afternoon after jamie's appointment. it's going to be weird cleaning a church with everyone still in it.


[12 Nov 2002|09:23am]
[ mood | tired ]

i'm tired as crap now but i think i am going to try and stay up all day to help jamie stay awake. we're just going to go driving around.. maybe up to opry mills or something. we need to get back on a regular sleep schedule. i think he wants to try to get a substituting job. he used to substitute elementary kids but would like to sub for high school. me, i don't think i'll ever find a job. i'm going to try and get hired on at the new walmart whenever that opens but it's not likely. i've been applying at walmart for years and they've never called back. witt's bbq is also hiring right now i think jamie is going to go apply there today. i'm glad we're getting paid from the church today.. it'll give us about $100 spending money this week and i think we'll do okay on that (if we don't end up spending it all today). i think we should go ahead and get our grocery shopping out of the way so we don't have to worry about that later when we are down to our last $10. my journal entries have been real lame lately, i apologize. there just hasn't been anything worth recording in my journal. not that this entry was worth it either, i just figured i should update with something, anything.


[07 Nov 2002|03:10pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | stephen malkmus - vague space ]

don't laugh but i actually cut my hand yesterday on ramen noodles. ramen noodles made my hand bloody. how many people can say they've bloodied themeselves up with ramen noodles?! they were'nt cooked yet, and i was breaking the block into smaller pieces before i put it in the boiling water and during one of the breaks, i cut my hand open. i wish i still had a webcam so i could show you my cut. i've been bragging about it all day, yesterday and today. i think i am going to stop drinking that Nasty Ice so fast. it's crazy how a 6pck of that makes me so much more drunk (and hungover the next day) than just a regular 6pck of say Bohannon Vanilla Creme Ale. yeah, i know the alcohol percentage is a little higher in Nasty Ice compared to other beers.. but i didn't think it was that much of a difference. so jamie and i were discussing what we are to do on our anniversary (his parents are letting us borrow $100), and i think we've decided to go see Jackass and then out to eat, maybe to sir pizza or zaxbys, (mmmm) after the movie. sounds like a plan! i think i am going to post this same entry in all of my journals, even my livejournal, so it looks like i'm keeping up with all of my journals daily.

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[06 Nov 2002|04:23pm]
[ mood | okay ]

good times were had last night. we were to my in-law's around 5:30 or so last night and we ate some awesome chilli.. and then we sat around their tv and looked at 300+ pictures they took on their cruise and a few roosevelts shows. afterwards, they gave us some stuff they brought back for us from their cruise.. i got a beaded bracelet from mexico and a t-shirt that says "La Bufadora.. Ensenada, Baja Mexico" which means "the blow hole" and jamie got this awesome button-up embroidered shirt from mexico. after all that we sat around and play the ghetto version of balderdash since we don't have the actual game we picked our words and definitions out of a dictionary. we finally got out of there about 10:30 and went on to clean the church. stopped and picked up a 6pck of nasty ice and some pumpkin seeds and came home. and that was last night. welp, my 2 year wedding anniverary with jamie is coming up in a few days and we're flat broke. i really wish i could get my husband something this year (i didn't get him anything last year either because we were broke then also). we're not even going to a movie or out to eat that day. :\ but we're getting paid $200 extra for cleaning up after a wedding at the end of this month so we hope to celebrate our anniversary then.

( i posted this in my ujournal also.. sorry for the repeat posting. i figure i will just update both journals with the same entries now. i think only rach here is my friend from over at ujournal so she will be the only one seeing this twice, sorry rach. 8( )

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[05 Nov 2002|12:47pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

i'm debating whether or not to move all 289 of my ujournal entries over to this journal or not. i think i'm falling in love with this journal. i can't give up on my ujournal just yet though. the times i usually end up updating it are in the middle of the morning/night so the server there isn't very loaded and still runs fast for me. i know sooner or later, blurty.com will get bombarded like all of the other journals have and this journal will be just as slow as the others.

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dang [04 Nov 2002|04:19pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

i almost shit on myself. i hate close calls like that. those ramen noodles go straight through me.. no break downs or anything.. just straight through and out my ass. i guess that's a good thing though.

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gungy pee me bomby [03 Nov 2002|11:20pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

my lips burn. i got this lipstick from price cutters for only 10?, it's a great color but it's burning my lips off. maybe that's why it was so cheap. we have $6 to live on until tuesday. i think it can happen.. we're stocked up on the ramen noodles and we have the fawcet water to drink. i am going to use $2 of that money to get myself a 40oz tonight so that will let me forget about how broke we are for about an hour. of course the reason we're so broke right now is because i bought the good stuff last week. it's a never ending cycle.. we're broke because of all the booze i buy and i drink to forget about how broke we are. okay, that's not really the reason we're broke. we're broke because i'm a lazy, fat ass that won't go find a real job. actually no one wants to hire me. not even taco bell.

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[02 Nov 2002|08:24pm]
[ mood | hungover ]

yeah, it's not so funny this morning is it?!

it's freakin 28 degrees outside but i just woke up in a puddle of my own sweat. we had both heaters on because it was so cold in the bedroom last night. it must have been over 100 degrees in the bedroom when i woke up this morning. i'm not up for good, i'm just trying to cool down a bit before going back to sleep. i'll update on everything we did yesterday since it was pretty eventful. we drove up to antioch around 4pm to see Punch Drunk Love (not sure what i think of it... i either really hated it or really loved it) first, after that we drove back to murfreesboro to eat some Zaxbys (mmmmm), and then we went to a few stores (walmart, target, party city) to look at their after-halloween sales and didn't find anything worth buying. okay, so maybe yesterday wasn't that eventful afterall. in other news, i made another journal last night before i went to bed.. rach, posted about a new one over at her other journal so of course i had to go check it out. 8) i hope it's okay i added you as a friend over there, rach. welp, i guess that's about it for this update. sorry my entries have been entirely too boring lately. something great will happen one of these days and i'll be able to talk about it here.


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