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[28 Sep 2003|03:01pm]
I started a new journal. This one is getting old. If you want the url, contact me. I'll give it to you.
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[27 Sep 2003|06:54pm]
Today was wonderful. I spent the day at Lucy's. We cuddled and kissed lots. I love holding her, its so great. I sooo have the best girlfriend in the world and I don't care what anyone else says, shes wonderful!!! I am sooooo happy. We went over to Ricky's then to Annibel's. Then Lucy left her keys a Ricky's so we went back to his house and got them, then we had her house to ourselves, hehehehehe!!! It was heaven =)

I'm gonna see her tonight too. Rocky and stuff, shes not staying the whole night, but I'm glad she can come for at least the beginning of it =) wow, HAPPINESS!!!!
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[26 Sep 2003|09:48pm]
Today was wonderful. I loved it, 1st hour was ok. 2nd hour we had a party and I talked to Mel more and such. Shes cool. She dyed her hair. 3rd hour was ok. Lunch was nice =)

So me and Lucy meet up with Anthony and Derek. We get in his car and I soooo held Lucy and stuff. We went to Wendy's and they made fun of how Lucy ate her Frosty, hehe, funny. Then he took us back to class and we got back on time.

Then after 4th hour, Lucy and I went across the street and my mommy came and took us back to my house and and cuddled big time and had LOTS of little kisses, hehhehehehe! We're offically dating now. So yes... I FINALLY HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!!! Then Nyrobie called and we eventually went to her house and took the bus to the mall.

I have the best g/f EVER, shes so sweet. It was so much fun to be with her at the mall. I'm so happy, you have no idea. Its amazing. Wow. Hehehehehehehe!!! The bus didn't come to take us back so my daddy picked us up and stuff and took Nyrobie and Chris home. Then he dropped us off back at my house, I didn't want Lucy to leave, =( oh well, I'll hopefully see her tomorrow. Needless to say, today was an amazing day.
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[25 Sep 2003|04:30pm]
Today was good. I had such a scare after 1st hour, Nyrobie walked up to me and said "Make your move on Lucy before someone else does." and I'm all "What does that mean?" and shes like "This guy told Lucy that he likes her and now shes starting to consider him." and I flipped out and was jumping around screaming "THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!!!" I wanted to take things slow, but apparently thats no longer an option.

After 2nd hour I bumped into her like usual, and I told her how I feel and she was all like blushing and giggling and happy and stuff, she said that I have nothing to worry about and shes gonna come to lunch with me and Anthony and Derek. Then after school tomorrow, shes coming home with me and then were gonna go to the mall with Nyrobie and her b/f later. I can't wait =)

The rest of the day was pretty good. I held hand with her and stuff, I got inteims and I have 1 A, 2 B's and a C. I'm happy with it. So yah, tomorrow is gonna be nice.
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[24 Sep 2003|10:28pm]
Well, I just saw that some dumb fuck made a rude comment on my journal and didn't have the balls to say who they were... typical. Oh well, I don't care, I'm too mellow to get really mad. I did warn all the dumb fucks that if they kept doing that I'd delete their comment. Well, I went a step further this time, I blocked all anonymous posting. From now on, no more anonymousness. I think that'll solve the problem. Why can't people just let me live my life? Why do people that dis-like me enough to say something so rude to me even bother wasting their time reading this? I wouldn't waste my time. Only like 2 people read this anyway. So whatever. I actually hope the dumb fuck has a good life and a happy day tomorrow because they probably dont have many good days, hence that makes them such a mean person. Oh well, HAVE A HAPPY DAY!!! I know if your reading this your probably saying to yourself "That dumb bitch, I'm not mean, I just hate HER." I know better though. Theres a deeper pain that your feeling and trying to take it out on me, I'm not mean to anyone, so I know it CAN'T be something I did personally. You can hate me if you want to, I understand. Feel free to insult me, I rather you feel better about yourself when you say it, honestly. Just don't say it on my journal.....thats MINE. Anywhere else is ok, you can even IM me if you want to. Really, you can. I won't fight back. Really, I won't. Feel better.

(I know, I'm so nice it scares me sometimes.)
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[24 Sep 2003|03:56pm]
Catch me! I think I'm falling in love! LUCY AND I HAD OUR FIRST KISS TODAY!! 1st hour was ok, 2nd hour was ok. Then, before 3rd hour, Lucy came to see me and gave me such a big hug. 3rd hour itself sucked, cuz Mr. Herman made fun of me and made me sit in the front of the room.

Lunch was heaven. Lucy and I held each other a little and I put a sticky note on my lips that said "Kiss me now!" and the first time she kissed the side of my mouth. Then this guy that we're friends with said "Whoa! Did you guys just kiss?" and I said to Lucy "Opps, he missed it, I guess we'll have to do it again." and she kissed me again, this time it was all on my lips and longer, wow. When we walked back to class, we were holding hands a little. It was great. I wore a sticky note that she wrote on it saying "Lucy's" and I put a sticky note on her that I wrote saying "Sarah's" everyone asked us if we were offically each other's and I said "No, well... not yet anyway." hehehehehe.

All in 4th hour I had the note on my chest and everyone was like "AWWWW!!!!" I got her number, I'm gonna call her like 5 or 6ish, I wanna keep her waiting, cuz I know when I wait for people to call me...they keep me waiting and I'm twice as happy when they do finally call. Shes so amazing, I'm so happy. Nyrobie and I are going to the mall after school on friday, I'm gonna invite Lucy, my soon to be g/f =)
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[23 Sep 2003|04:06pm]
Today was really good. 1st hour was ok. 2nd hour was good. 3rd hour was good, and lunch was fantastic. I go to the corner and then I couldnt stop drooling over Lucy the whole time. We didn't hold hands, I held her chain. Hehehehehe!!! I love things. I kept givin her kisses, on the cheek though. She couldn't stop smiling. ::sigh:: This is starting to turn into smling. I'm so happy.

4th hour was ok. After 4th hour, I ran into Lucy, and shes such an angel. Wow. Amazing. I'm so into this girl =)
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[22 Sep 2003|03:48pm]
Today was so great. 1st hour sucked though, 2nd hour was ok. 3rd hour was ok. Then lunch rolls around and so I get my food from across the street and go back on campus to the corner, and I find out that Lucy broke up with her b/f yesterday. So I hugged her so tight and didn't want to let go. It was so great, lunch today was cool, cuz I got closer to the people at rocky and we all like hung out and stuff. Lucy was so hot today, she bent my soda can and someone bent it back and I was like "BASTARD! LUCY BENT IT! SO IT STAYS BENT!!!" and then Lucy smiled and bent it again for me, then I was all happy again.

After lunch, we walked to class together =) we talked lots and stuff. Then, we went up to the 3rd floor, which is where both our classes were, and we hugged...and we held each other sooooo tight and didn't let go but then the 2nd bell rang and she had to go to class. So then I floated into 4th hour, humming and giggling and freaking out Emily a little. I talked about it with Kim during 4th hour. She thinks I should download the "I Love Lucy" theme song ring tone. That would be cute.

So then AFTER class, Lucy and her friend Stephany walked up to me, and she said to Lucy "Is this the girl you were telling me about?" and Lucy blushed and smiled and said "yah" and I smiled and stuff. Then we went down stairs and I held her again, I didn't want to let go but I was gonna be late for my bus. I really hope this turns into something... ::sigh::
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[21 Sep 2003|07:10pm]
Ok, so I just went to the bowling alley with Nyrobie, Chris, and Anthony. Chris won. Nyrobie toldme that Lucy's b/f is breaking up with her tuesday...YES!!! Anyway, Anothony was all over, me, he really likes me. I don't want a guy right now, espeacially with all these girls lining up for me.

After that, Anthony drove us to Nyrobie's which is like litterally 2 seconds away. We rocked out and chilled and such. Then Nyrobie let me drive her mom's car. It was cool we drove around. I WAS THE CLASSIC DUMB ASS TEENAGER!!! I'm so stupid, I went so fucking fast. I hit the curb twice and I hit the parking stopper. I was trying to show off, I'm so stupid. I'm ALWAYS going to be careful from now on no matter what. I almost got us killed several times. PLUS there was a cop right near us when I hit the parking stop. I turned off the car and sat for a moment and calmed myself down. Anthony and Chris were following us in Anthony's car. I only have a permit. I could have been royally FUCKED. I turned the car back on and drove it back to Nyrobie's with no problems. I soooo learned a big lesson today. Showing off to look cool...really isn't important.

After that, we went up stairs and hang out in the apartment. It was cool. After a while I had to go cuz my mom called and stuff. So I left and here I am. All in one piece, thank god.
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[21 Sep 2003|02:48am]
Wow, I just got home. ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW KICKED ASS! I kissed two girls, and they were both hot as hell. I kissed 3 boys, they were good. I got 5 HICKIES (3 of them from gay guys, and one from a girl)!!! AND I LEARNED HOW TO DRIVE A STICK SHIFT CAR! HOW FUCKING AWESOME IS THAT!

Ok, so Nyrobie takes me there and we bump into Annibel, Lucy, Josh, Kim, Chris, Kathy and a whole bunch of people, we walk around, they leave to go see another movie. Me and Nyrobie walk around, she kept trying to kiss me but I really don't want to kiss her. I have my reasons. Then we bump into JT, we didn't really talk much. Then the other movie got out and we were all hanging around and stuff. It was cool.

This guy Anthony was like hitting on me and holding me and stuff. He has a stick shift car so I asked if I could drive it and hes like "OK!" and I'm all like whoa. So then I didn't get to that till later, then we were all standing around and Manny (whom is gay) have me a hickie, and OMFG I wish he were at least bi. WOW I creamed myself like right there is was great. Then we bump into JT and he did it again, and it was so good, my jaw popped out of place for a moment. After that I humped Lucy, who is hot as fuck, but has a bf, but I don't think she will for long cuz her bf promised not to do anything with guys that night if she promised not to do anything with girls and she followed through, but once she left he was all over all the guys.

So then we finally make it to Anthony's car. He takes it around back and we switch seats. So he says "SLOWLY let off the clutch" and I didn't and we jolted so bad I swear we were gonna go through the dash board. I finally did it and we went like down the little strip, I kinda got it. Not very well though. So then we pulled around and met up with Nyrobie and all them again, some more people for rockie started showing up.

We went in the theatre and everybody was getting freaky with everybody. I held girls hands while they made out with over girls. I felt kinda left out, and then this girl Jessica turns to me and says "awww your all alone" and she started makng out with me and gave me a hickie. I like that lots. Then this other girl, Amanda, who was flirting with me all night, came over and held my hand. When the movie was over, she kissed me on the lips goodbye, I didn't want her to pull away, I loved it. It was amazing. Then this gay guy Micheal wanted to bite me, so I let him, THEN I remembered that he has AIDS so I pulled away really fast and I was like "um, u bit too hard." he didn't draw blood, thank god. There was lots of gay boys, they all thought I was adorible. I think they're adorible too ::giggles:: I giggled lots.

I went home and got home kinda later then I should have. My neck hurts really bad, but I LOVED the one from Jessica, ugh, god it was amazing. I hope that Lucy and her b/f do break up, cuz I really like Lucy, shes such a sweety, and shes bi and hot!!!! I think she knows I like her, and I think she likes that I like her. I really want them to break up. I could really start a relationship with her. Shes so loyal and sweet and ugh. Wow.
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[20 Sep 2003|06:37pm]
I hate my mother with a passion. I want to butcher her up into tiny little pieces. I told her that me and Nyrobie were leaving at 7 to see Rocky Horror Picture Show and shes like "OMFG IT STARTS AT MIDNIGHT YOUR GOING TO DO DRUGS!" and gay shit, so she knows that Chris Anis goes and so what did she do? SHE CALLED THE ANIS'S! I hate her. Chris is going to think I'm the biggest nerd EVER. I hate her. Now they are barely considering letting me go. I hate her. I want to kill her.
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[19 Sep 2003|08:51pm]
Today was cool. 1st hour was ok. 2nd hour was cool, we have groups and Melissa is in mine. She dyed her hair like blonde-red its awesome. She had cramps so she was all like quiet and looked like a dog that was being put to sleep. We had ANOTHER fire drill, and I bumped into Nyrobie and the crew (lol haha imma nerd) and we all hung around and talked, I saw Emmy. 3rd hour was stupid. I talked to James and it turns out that the hot girl Venessa, has a boyfriend.

Lunch was fun. I bonded with some people, Annibel, Danny, Lucy, Christina (not the horny one from yesterday, another one) she was cool. I asked around about the Linkin Park boy, no one knows him. More sticky notes were going around, they said "kiss me" so I put one on my lips and Nyrobie kissed the paper. Annibel kissed me on the cheek, so did Biscuit, and the bunny girl (Christina). She wore bunny ears and a sign that said "pet the bunny" it was cute. People are so nice in the corner, well, mostly b/c they're all bi and and not afraid to touch other girls. So yah.

I went to 4th hour and we took a video quiz. Andrew made a swan and said "LOOK ITS A SWAN!" really loud and he looked dumb. It was funny. I got a 100 on the quiz, so that felt good. I love that class Ms. Cooper is so funny, I hope I get her again Jr year for Algebra II. So yah, then I decided not go stay after school, cuz I was really tired and I just wanted to stay home and relax.

I got on the bus with Nyrobie (shes on my bus, she lives in the apartment complex by my house) so yah. She was like sooo flirting with me and trying to lift up my shirt and stuff. Pablo knows I'm bi now... ugh. After we got dropped off we stood on my block and talked for a while, she kissed me goodbye (on the cheek) and almost hit my lips. She winked at me and stuff. I think she likes me....shes not my type....she has a bf, I'm flattered and all but how many times do I have to say this... IM NOT JUST LOOKIN FOR A GOOD TIME!!! I want a RELATIONSHIP with a girl. Whatever. We're gonna hang out tomorrow, its not that hard considering she lives 30 seconds away. Andrew just called, he wants to hang out this weekend too, he has a g/f but he likes me. I know he does. The year is young, I'll find eventually someone....SINGLE....and that wants me back. Oh well, at least I'm makin friends and I have plans this weekend. Woo hoo!
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[18 Sep 2003|06:32pm]
Today was pretty good I guess. 1st hour was ok, 2nd hour was so confusing, Melissa is like smiling and waving to me now, thats so awesome. 3rd hour was REALLY stupid. We had another fire drill, except this time there was ACTUALLY a fire. I bumped into Nyrobie and she introduced me to all her friends and stuff, so thats cool.

Lunch comes and I go across the street, Melissa waves to me again. I head to the corner, Nyrobie wasn't there. I saw some of the people that I saw in the fire thing, and they kinda blew me off, some didn't but a few did, but right as I was gonna get offended, I realized that we're all teenagers... we're spacey. Anyways, so yah, Melissa was there, obviously. She smiled, we didn't talk though. I made some new friends and stuff. After that, 4th hour sucked.

Aftr school, I hug out with Bisciut and these 2 guys, Ken and Jeff, and this one girl, Christina, that licked my face and held my hand. Shes confused, shes a whore, shes not my type. I mean, shes looking to have a little fun, and I'm looking for something more then a chew toy, I want a relationship. Either way, TRUST me there is nothing happening between us in the future. We smoked a cig and my mommy came and got me. Tomorrow, we're hanging out again after school, but I'm staying later. I would have stayed late today but I had a shrink appointment.
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[17 Sep 2003|03:14pm]
Today was PERFECT! I love today. 1st hour, I'm making progress with George hes making eye contact and hes making renances of words in conversations, and hes smiling now!!! I skipped out on most of 1st hour cuz I had to take pictures. Shawn came with me cuz hes in my first hour and his last name begins with a C too. So we were slowly walking and talking, and then when we get there, Andrew was there and apparently Shawn and Andrew know each other and we all started talking and stuff. We didn't end up taking our pictures for a while.

Then we slowly walked to 2nd hour when they made us. Andrew and I walked in perfect unisen down the stairs. It was so funny. Then I finally get to 2nd hour, and we had a fire drill. The little gothic girl Melissa started talking to me and smiling, and I was all "heh, cool." and stuff.

After that, we went to 3rd hour, and Sid wasn't there and I thought that the good of my day was about to end, but Nancy said that she'd let me eat lunch with her and her peeps. So I did in the beginning then I bumped into Bisciut and we went to the corner and it was POURING rain during lunch so everyone was soaked and it was sooo much fun over there. I made like 50 new friends. I love the corner. Hehe. I finally talked to James, and this girl that he hangs out with (The one I thought was really hot) her name is Venessa. She was all "Hey, I see you around everyday!" I giggled lots. It was so great.

4th hour was really cool, Andrew, Kim, and I all sat around and talked most the hour. It was cool. Andrew is funny. It was just awesome. Then after that, I got on the bus and there was a girl from the corner that has apparently been on my bus the whole time, I didn't know b/c she doesn't have enough money to buy hardcore clothes. So yah, I talked to her a lot in lunch and we talked a lot on the bus, her name is Nyrobie. Cool huh? lol. So yah, I took Cara's advice and just kinda was being myself and I didn't push anything...AND IT WORKED! I'm hanging out over there tomorrow. Hehe. Wow, I love things. I'm so happy I could puke. The people over there are more awesome then I could have ever imagined.
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[16 Sep 2003|03:25pm]
Well, I didn't write about yesterday cuz blurty was down, I don't think anyone will notice though. Anyway, so yah, today was like the twilight zone. Ok 1st hour was good, I'm doing some major sucking up to that lady so next semester I can have honors English. I tried to talk to George, but hes REALLY hard to talk to cuz hes so quiet and shy and stuff. I'm not going to give up on this kid though, I think once he opens up hes gonna be really awesome. I can feel it. 2nd hour was ok, 3rd hour was ok. I talked to James a little more. We argued about Blink 182, he likes them....I don't. Meh, it was still a fun conversation.

Lunch, ok this is when things started to get weird. Sid and I went to the dominican place to eat, we took it back to campus and ate where we usually eat. So George walks by and I said "Hey Georgey!" and then he pointed behind him and there was ANOTHER GEORGE! Apparently George has an identical twin and I said hi to the wrong one. I'm sure they get that all the time. So yah, that was... freaky, only because I wasn't expecting it. I was like... WHOA!!! For the rest of lunch.

So 4th hour rolls around, and me and Kim talked a lot, we laughed a lot about the past and everything. It was cool. Ms. Cooper gave us such an easy assignment to do. Tomorrow.... I'm gonna talk to George more! DAMMIT! I'm not giving up on him, MARK MY WORDS!
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[14 Sep 2003|08:32am]
I did something really stupid last night... I went to a football game... I had no other choice... I hate football though. It sucked ass. We get there and imediately, I'm surrounded by people with half my intelligence... I heard one guy say "SWING BADDA BADDA!!" and I was all "ITS A FOOTBALL GAME DUMB ASS!!!" stupid people. I hated it, my dad's friends met up with us. They weren't too much brighter. Well...the night wasn't ALL bad... heh... I used my dad's friend's bonochulars to stare at the cheerleaders jigglin their asses, hehehehehehehe!!! There were lots of hot chicks there, so that made it barable. On the way home...we had to take my dad's friend home... I sware I hate that man... he had the window down when we were doing 80 on I-95. I was in the back and I couldn't move, it was so loud and EVERYTHING in the car was blowing around. Papers went out the window...ugh...stupid. My night sucked. I wish my dad didn't make me go...I hate my dad too...I hate a lot of things. Rarr.
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[12 Sep 2003|04:32pm]
Wow....all these good days....I've been taking them for grantide, I forgot what a bad day felt like. So in first hour we wrote the whole hour and my hand really hurt. 2nd hour, was loud and noisy and I have no friends in my first and second hour so they always suck. 3rd hour, was really dumb we were all tired and stuff.

Lunch, I couldn't eat with Sid cuz she left early. So I went across the street and got fries and ran into Emmy and Kevin... well, this girl sat by them and Kevin said to her "Hey, you know that girl that likes Kim?" and the girl nodded then he pointed at me and said "Thats her." ok, Kevin SWORE he wouldn't tell anyone and hes been the one spreading it around so I said "Kevin, stop spreading that rumor." and hes like "IT WAS ALREADY SPREAD YOU FUCKING BITCH DAM CALM THE FUCK DOWN!!!" so whatever, I left and I ate alone, I remember that bisciut wanted to eat with me, but he never showed up. So I wandered the school and ran into Shawn (the kid in my first hour, not my ex) and he was hanging around some hardcore people, on of them being my old neighbor, Chris. They all blew me off...and Shawn didn't talk much either..........

So the bell rings and I got to 4th hour like really pissed at the world and at Kevin I mean, he says he didn't spread it but I ONLY TOLD HIM AND EMILY WHO THE FUCK ELSE COULD HAVE SPREAD IT, HES SUCH A FUCKING DUMB ASS THAT DOESN'T THINK I'M GONNA REALIZE THAT. I talked to Kim and I thought that she thought I liked her so she asked Emily.......but it turns out that KEVIN TOLD HER I DID. So I started screaming in the class room and flipping out cuz I wanted to kill him....I still do. I started to vent to Kim a little bit (ok, to set the record straight, I don't like Kim anymore, I stopped like a week ago...I like A LOT of people and stop liking them fast, as you read this, throughout the year, you'll see that a lot.) and then anyways, Kim starts to ignore me, I got kinda sad that I was in like pain from being lied to and being ditched, then being rejected...and it really hit me at that point, that no one cares and no one wants to hear my stupid issues. So I shut up. Then we played this game that everyone had to go up to the board and each problem they got right in the fastest time against the other people on the board in the other rows was a point for their row. Well, my row had only 3 people, and they didn't participate, they wrote down the problem on the board and and waited for their round to end....I really tried...AND OUR ROW WON!!! I got all 7 points, we were tied with this other row, and I had to out beat them all to win, and I did. Every last one. So yah, that was a boost to my ego...not that I really have one.
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[11 Sep 2003|06:24pm]
I love my life. Today was great. 1st hour was ok, 2nd hour was ok. 3rd hour was cool, Nancy and Sid and I were all talking and laughing and stuff. I talked to this cool kid James. Hes awesome.

Lunch was cool. Sid and I got Chinese again and talked lots and stuff. After that, we wandered and I bumped into this kid in my first hour 3 times. His name is Shawn. I think he likes me, cuz he keeps looking at me and stuff. Hes a grunge/punk kid that is in awe by my bondage pants and chains hehe. Anyways, hes really cute and such and we talked after the 3rd time we bumped into each other. Sid left for JROTC after a while. And me and Shawn kept talkin, hes really sweet and mellow. I'm starting to be friends more with with under the stairs people (the punk people that hang out under the stairs) then the corner people (which are more hardcore) ah, oh well, I don't really care, I'm making friends so I'm happy. =)

4th hour was cool, me and Kim talked and stuff, it was cool. Shes so adorible when she stumbles on a word that she can't read. She's like "Sarah, what's this word?" and I'm all "coordinate" and shes all "Thank you Sarah" and I giggle cuz its cute. I talked to andrew and Melissa in 4th hour, Melissa is an awesome chick, espeacially when she makes fun of Andrew just to get him mad, hes funny when hes mad.

After 4th hour, I was walking to my bus and I passed the corner people (I have to get to my bus.) and theres this one girl that I keep hearing about, her name is Marissa. She has purple tips, baggy bondage pants, and chains everywhere, and shes hot as hell. She looks like she could be at least bi, so I smile at her everyday, and today... SHE SMILED BACK AND BLUSHED! WOOOO!!! Hehe. So yes, my day was wonderful.
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[10 Sep 2003|03:23pm]
Today was really awesome. 1st hour was boring, 2nd hour was...meh. 3rd hour, Nancy, Sid, and I are forming an alliance against Venessa. I know its wrong, but shes been shit talking all of us... she said I look like a zombie!!! Rarr. Anyways...

So lunch rolls around. Me and Sid walked across the street and we got chinese food. I ate big time. Then we wandered and we walked across the corner people. Ok, for those of you who don't know, the corner people are the rocker/goth/punk/emo/all that good stuff people of McA. They moved from the hill to the corner of the school. Theres 3 distinguished groups within the corner society. One is like group that sits on the bench and says "DUUUUUUDE" and are really mellow and barely speak. The other are REALLY hyper and are always play fighting... like kittens. The third are some people that stand around and talk and play hacki sack (I wanna be friends with them, hehehehe. I have a few of them in my classes) so we're walking by and I see Biscut talking to the hacki sack people. I walked over to him and we talked and I watched them play but I didn't talk to them, I talked to Biscut and his friend Clue. We smoked a black by the portables and I was late for 4th hour, but she let it slide.

4th hour, I talked to Kim a lot, and I broke her pen and it was funny she was all "I'm gonna kick your ass." but she was cute about it. We talked about the whole, me liking her thing, I told her that I don't and shes all "I wouldn't have cared if you did. You wouldn't be the first girl to get a thing for me." I laughed about that. I got on the bus and went home...and day.
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[09 Sep 2003|07:57pm]
Today, in a nut shell... was really cool. 1st hour, we didn't take the test, shes giving us an extra day. 2nd hour was cool. 3rd hour was ok, Venessa is starting to get on my nerves though.......I know she doesn't speak perfect english but I think the girl knows what QUIT IT means. Ugh.

Lunch was good. I ate lunch with Sid and told Danny I can't see him anymore. He was really freaking me out. After me and Sid ate, we walked around campus for the rest of the time, we spotted drifters and I got a look from a really hot male drifter person. I hope we bump into him tomorrow.

4th hour was ok. I talked to Andrew and apparently his g/f thinks that I was the one giving HER the dirty looks, I thought it was the other way around, whatever, anyway. I apologized to her personally after class, Emily saw the graveling she was all "YOU'RE ALREADY ARGUEING WITH PPL!!" lol. Anyway, yah, I got on the bus after that and went home.

At home, my mommy found my ciggs and apparently... is like ok with it, as long as I don't do it again or whatever. She said ok to Halloweenie Roast!!! WOOO!!! Anyway, so yah, that was my day.
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