09:24pm 13/03/2005
mood: happy
music: "I've got HIGH HOPES........."
I found Jenny online! And we actually had time to talk. Even though it is almost 10:30 where she is. She read my blog and i read hers! She wins on drama though at least social wise. i have many other problems but those are all family related. And if i enter them in this blog no one will know about it because it'll be private. When it comes to family drama, i think i just might win. luv u Jen! It was nice talking to you and i'll email u a photo of my haircut soon. Don't get mad. I'm posting our chat in here. Not many people read them anyway.

CaitlinsMail: JEN!
fairmaiden88: heyhey!
CaitlinsMail: do you have a blog?
fairmaiden88: yeah
CaitlinsMail: at what website?
fairmaiden88: the link's in my aim profile, or can you not read it?
CaitlinsMail: i can't get it
fairmaiden88: My livejournal
fairmaiden88: do you have one?
fairmaiden88: wow thats the same format as mine
fairmaiden88: cept for the colors
CaitlinsMail: i noticed that
fairmaiden88: whoa, 19 inches????
fairmaiden88: how short is it now??
CaitlinsMail: little below shoulders
fairmaiden88: daaaaaaaang
fairmaiden88: why the sudden change?
fairmaiden88: yep, FCAT is so wonderful
CaitlinsMail: wanted it
CaitlinsMail: i look really good with it like this
fairmaiden88: oOo, who's kevin??
CaitlinsMail: Laura's boyfriend
fairmaiden88: heh wow
fairmaiden88: i know a Laura too
fairmaiden88: she hates me
CaitlinsMail: what part are u at?
CaitlinsMail: this is my cousin laura
fairmaiden88: HAIR
CaitlinsMail: did u start at the bottom?
fairmaiden88: heh no
fairmaiden88: brb
CaitlinsMail: "new" is the first entry
CaitlinsMail: k
fairmaiden88: yeah, i just started mine too
fairmaiden88: weird coincidence eh?
CaitlinsMail: ya
CaitlinsMail: i started mine after laura showed me hers
CaitlinsMail: u don't have to read the im chats, those are mainly for me
fairmaiden88: i started mine to piss off Laura
fairmaiden88: weird
CaitlinsMail: lol
CaitlinsMail: i think the entry i just wrote is the longest i've ever written, actually i know it is
CaitlinsMail: if u don't count i'm conversations
fairmaiden88: gah, i wanna go to bed
fairmaiden88: but i'm kinda waiting for someone to get online
CaitlinsMail: read the blog
CaitlinsMail: the drama in it should keep u awake
fairmaiden88: wow, you have no idea about all the drama i've had lately, my lj barely scratches the surface
CaitlinsMail: try mine, i might give u a run for your money
fairmaiden88: well, for instance, i've been called a slut and a whore so many times in the last month that it doesnt even faze me anymore
CaitlinsMail: your twilight zone entry is very interesting, especially the comments
fairmaiden88: lol, that was the end of the misery, or so i thought
fairmaiden88: yeah, laura and my friends are always getting into fights on my comments pages, just look at the ones with 10 or 11 comments
CaitlinsMail: who is kittykat42088?
fairmaiden88: oh i think you might know her! leila moradi??
CaitlinsMail: no idea
fairmaiden88: remember lydia?
CaitlinsMail: i did have her sn on my im list for a while
CaitlinsMail: yes
fairmaiden88: lydia's oakley_smile
CaitlinsMail: you're the only one i keep in touch with from SF
fairmaiden88: you, lydia and leila are the only people i still hang out with from middle school
CaitlinsMail: you're my only one
CaitlinsMail: all my real friends(except for you! ) are from HS
fairmaiden88: lol
fairmaiden88: yeah i totally hang out with a different group now
CaitlinsMail: who's Russ?
fairmaiden88: my boyfriend
CaitlinsMail: thought so
fairmaiden88: yeah, cant you tell
fairmaiden88: hehe
CaitlinsMail: did u read mine?
fairmaiden88: somewhat
CaitlinsMail: some of those memories make me sad
CaitlinsMail: you'll be able to tell which ones
fairmaiden88: *sigh*
fairmaiden88: i try not to think about jimmy
fairmaiden88: yeah
CaitlinsMail: tell me when you've finished reading
fairmaiden88: okay
CaitlinsMail: finished urs
fairmaiden88: he's the one who wants to become a priest or something???
CaitlinsMail: who?
fairmaiden88: i think i remember something about that
CaitlinsMail: derek?
fairmaiden88: or maybe i'm thinking of something else
fairmaiden88: that guy u wrote letters too
CaitlinsMail: mike!!!!
CaitlinsMail: no
CaitlinsMail: he went to a catholic school from 4th to 8th grade
CaitlinsMail: no
CaitlinsMail: he wants to work on rockets
CaitlinsMail: what entry are you at?
fairmaiden88: heh, just finished
fairmaiden88: aw, you cried
fairmaiden88: *huggles*
CaitlinsMail: you read the latest one?
CaitlinsMail: that i just put in
CaitlinsMail: the monster entry
fairmaiden88: yep
fairmaiden88: lol
CaitlinsMail: so in drama which one do you think wins?
fairmaiden88: who, you or me?
CaitlinsMail: ja
fairmaiden88: i definitely win in drama
CaitlinsMail: lol
fairmaiden88: my lj has like only 2% of my drama included
fairmaiden88: cuz the rest of it is too personal
fairmaiden88: and would have to censored!
CaitlinsMail: you know who the letters where to right?
fairmaiden88: yes
CaitlinsMail: he's the same guy i told you about in my letter last spring
fairmaiden88: wooow
fairmaiden88: *cough* time to move on
CaitlinsMail: there's no one else i could even be interested in
CaitlinsMail: girls outnumber guys in IB 2:1
fairmaiden88: lol
fairmaiden88: still
fairmaiden88: *pats*
fairmaiden88: try to move on
CaitlinsMail: and the guys in rotc either have girlfriends or aren't worth getting involved with in that way at all, in short, they're jerks
CaitlinsMail: i am trying
CaitlinsMail: i made that resolution last saturday night, a week ago, after i cried and spent the night out with Elinore
CaitlinsMail: and so far its worked
CaitlinsMail: as far as i've been willing to test it that is
fairmaiden88: heh
fairmaiden88: good!
fairmaiden88: *hugs*
CaitlinsMail: u have school tomorrow don't u?
fairmaiden88: hehe, come to my school, i'll introduce you to some nice guys
fairmaiden88: yeah
fairmaiden88: do you?
CaitlinsMail: tomorrows a teacher workday here
fairmaiden88: grrness
fairmaiden88: no fair
CaitlinsMail: did u read my last entry? i said there was no school tomorrow
fairmaiden88: must've missed it somehow
fairmaiden88: i dunno
CaitlinsMail: I was having fun and unwinding. I'm going back over to my mom's tomorrow and i'll most likly sleep all day if i can.
CaitlinsMail: sleeping all day is hard to do at school
fairmaiden88: grr ness
fairmaiden88: oh well, 4 days of school til i go on spring break
CaitlinsMail: last week of march here
CaitlinsMail: school starts here on my birthday next year?
CaitlinsMail: oops no ?
fairmaiden88: eww that sucks
CaitlinsMail: talk about it
CaitlinsMail: i've got my liscence now
CaitlinsMail: got it in december
CaitlinsMail: u still there?
fairmaiden88: yayness!
fairmaiden88: yep
CaitlinsMail: don't have a car though
fairmaiden88: that sucks
fairmaiden88: i drive myself to school now
CaitlinsMail: i borrow my mom's car a lot
CaitlinsMail: when i have to stay after school for a while
fairmaiden88: kewl
CaitlinsMail: both tuesday, and wedensday
CaitlinsMail: i'm driving it to school
CaitlinsMail: ROTC stuff
fairmaiden88: gah
fairmaiden88: i'm off to bed i think
CaitlinsMail: night!
CaitlinsMail: it is 10:45 where u are
fairmaiden88: gah, u suck@
CaitlinsMail: and u have school tomorrow!
fairmaiden88: !
fairmaiden88: lol
CaitlinsMail: i'll talk to u later
fairmaiden88: yeahyeahyeah
CaitlinsMail: and i'll keep reading ur blog!
fairmaiden88: lol
fairmaiden88: ditto
CaitlinsMail: did u save mine?
fairmaiden88: yep
CaitlinsMail: k
CaitlinsMail: ttfn
CaitlinsMail: jen?
fairmaiden88: hehe, still on...
CaitlinsMail: i noticed. )
CaitlinsMail: bye for good now?
fairmaiden88: lol
fairmaiden88: getting there
CaitlinsMail: or did a certain someone get online?
fairmaiden88: was talking with my b/f
fairmaiden88: lol
fairmaiden88: heh
fairmaiden88: he did awhile ago
fairmaiden88: g'night then
CaitlinsMail: night!
fairmaiden88: fairmaiden88 is no longer signed on.
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Procrastination + SAT = idiocy AND Pass&Review + idiocy = confusion   
05:42pm 13/03/2005
mood: drained
music: disney(again!!!)
Pass and Review is screwed BIG time. Field day should be ok though. I'm working kickball with Micah. I almost got the relay race, Francia got it instead, and i'm glad. Kickball is much more fun. Francia's helper is Mike( or Greg or little man{courtesy of Naomi B.} or even Micheal){Naomi didn't give Micah a nickname, though she calls Derek muffins.} I think Derek is working the volleyball, if i remember correctly, i might be wrong though. I'm not sure who's in charge there. For Pass&Review I'm adjatent, i get to call out the commands to the sqn. commanders. Micah is Bravo Squadron guidon, Mike is Echo Flight guidon, and i have no idea what Derek is, i don't think he even has a job. Lopez is Charlie squadron guidon and Dearco is Alpha squadron guidon. Almost any of use know what we are doing, i think this'll be our worst year yet. Maybe not though, i won't jinx us by saying we will do bad, just that we won't have a steller performance with these odds.


Woke up at 3:45, toke a shower and watched TV until Kevin picked me up at about 5:15 or so. He had left his calculator at school so we stopped by the twiners. I unlocked thier front door and snuck into Laura's room and turned on the light. What do i see? A person that is not Laura in Laura's bed. That freaked me out for a second, until i realized it was Katherine. So i turned off the light and went over to Margret's room. It was really her in the bed and not someone else. When i turned on the light she woke up so i asked her if i could borrow her calculator for Kevin since he left his at school. She said yes, so i grabbed it, turned of the light, went outside, relocked thier door, and got back in the truck. Kevin and I decided that if he went in and Uncle Jerry woke up, Kevin wouldn't be seeing daylight ever again. Ugh, i can't explain it right, my dad did a nice job though. A little after six we got to Navarre and stopped at the waffle house for breakfast. I insisted on paying while he handled the tip. He did pay for the gas. We drove to the walmart in gulfbreeze and went down that toll bridge. Got on I-10 and then got off at the exit for UWF. When we got there they had no signs saying where the testing was or where the building was. We wandered around until we found it by accident, by that time our breakfast was talking to us, or at least me, but we both had to use the bathroom. The test was in three seperate portables, sorted by last name. Kevin and i were in the same room.
We took the essay first, it was harder than FCAT but easier then AP or IB. It was no problem. The test was long but easy the last three sections were pure torture. I just wanted it to end, two 20 min and one 10 min. Those last ten minutes were the worst of the whole 3h 45m. Wow this is a lot of talk! We stopped at Albertson's afterwords, i needed some IB(pain med). Then we ate lunch at Chick'fi'la. Ran into Karen there and some other people from choctaw. Then we headed back to I-10. We ran into some traffic though, the eastbound side of the bridge is still one lane only. That took a while, Kevin didn't like a couple parts of the bridge. It was metal grating and you could look down and see the water through the bridge. (Tip for Laura, Kevin closes his eyes on ferris wheels) We got to Crestview ok, i dozed a bit on the way. He dropped me off at my dad's and he came in for a couple minutes and met my dad. My dad played a courteous host and offered him a soda, Kevin took a 7up. Then Kevin left to go pick up the rest of his photos from walmart and to drop Margrets calculator off, and maybe talk(etc) with Laura for a little while. Laura didn't have it in her blurty so i don't know if they did or not.
Went over to my grandparent's for dinner, saw my great-aunt Linda and watched old videos of my dad as a little kid. Very funny stuff, came back home and watched the movie "1776", very good and very funny! Then stayed up playing the sims 2 until about 1:30, very stupid, i know. Then i woke up about 7:30 and started playing again. Played that almost all day, but oh well. I was having fun and unwinding. I'm going back over to my mom's tomorrow and i'll most likly sleep all day if i can. Doing homework now, i'm screwed for the math homework, i left my book at school by accident. It's been a nice weekend so far and the next time i write in this will be next Wed. Then i'll get to tell about how much i screwed up pass&review, with the help of others of course! ttfn

Hope everyone that read this had a great weekend!
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MY GOD!   
05:49pm 09/03/2005
mood: crazy
music: uuuuhhhhh..........
Anybody who reads this entry probubly reads margrets also. Did anybody else notice that she put in an entry at 1:33 am?????????? My god! Dosen't she ever sleep! I went looking for a conversation i had with her in ninth grade. Couldn't find it though. I guess it got deleted when my computer was reformated. I found this email from her though. I hope she dosen't fall back on this.

From Margret
To all her friends but no family except for me

hey yall i need ur hope. i mean seriously. i am like startin to (if im not already) being a really bitch to everybody and to my family and to everybody i care about. and i dont want to i need to change. and i really dont know what to say cuz i have to do this and you guys cant this for me or anythin, just if i need advice can i please call any of you up...i dont know what for. i mean, just talk with laura about me being a really bitch.... i mean ive liked changed from what i was..i did actually follow rules and stuff and now i just dont and at times i dont care even tho i know i should. i dont know anything bout anything anymore so... i dunno... just help me plz

That's why she needs sleep. At that time she was up all night or almost all night every night. This is going on my friends only security lvl, i don't want mar killing my by letting everyone read it.

normal day, basically, nothin new, cept i chose my world lit 1 topic. ummm..... can't remember what it is right now. oh well, i'll write it down tomorrow. Mar's getting sick now. Kevin said he wouldn't be getting to close to laura till she couldn't be contagious anymore, maybe he was just kidding. But if he wasn't it'll probubly only last until the next time they get alone together outside of school. Then he'll be all over her. oh well, at least he had good intentions. Hope everyone else had at least a semi-nice day.

05:39pm 07/03/2005
mood: giggly
music: shrek! again
And here's a conversation i'm having with Kevin:

CaitlinsMail: hiya kevin!
Kn2000night: hey... brb
CaitlinsMail: okie dokie
CaitlinsMail: go here
Kn2000night: back
CaitlinsMail: k go there
Kn2000night: was doing history & talking to grandma
Kn2000night: ok
CaitlinsMail: k
Kn2000night: what am I looking for?
CaitlinsMail: blurty
Kn2000night: yeah. Who's?
CaitlinsMail: mine
CaitlinsMail: i'm zann88
Kn2000night: ok.... let me read
CaitlinsMail: k
Kn2000night: ok... Your hair? Acne? Someone you've liked? ... talk to me here
CaitlinsMail: do you have a blurty at that website?
Kn2000night: no . Didn't even know about "online journals" until like a week 1/2 ago when marg. told me to read hers. Then I discovered Larua's. I never write down my thoughts. If I do, it's on paper or Microsoft word
CaitlinsMail: u can make an account for free, then u can read the friends only stuff
Kn2000night: Oh, I see. Is there something more I need to read then?
CaitlinsMail: and i never said anything about acne
CaitlinsMail: theirs a new entry now
Kn2000night: whatever. Dermatology. Ance's on my brain. Exzema (however you spell it) on yours
Kn2000night: ok... let me refresh
Kn2000night: she's sick!!!! o great
Kn2000night: is she like, almost puking like I was?
CaitlinsMail: almost
CaitlinsMail: as far as i know she hasn't yet
CaitlinsMail: and she's supposed to retake a test tomorrow
Kn2000night: I need to call her. Maybe some quinine capsules would help? They're for malaria.
CaitlinsMail: she's sleeping!
CaitlinsMail: i just called like 15 min ago
CaitlinsMail: Katherine answered and she didn't sound happy to be interupted
Kn2000night: I know that. I'm glad she's sleeping now. At least she's not puking. I feel so bad. How could I have been contagious? A stomache bug from Friday? I feel so bad. I already said that. Plus, she's got that test tomorrow morning. All we can do is pray. I wonder is Margret coming to band tonight?
CaitlinsMail: she's supposed to
Kn2000night: I can give her some quinine capsules for lar. That might help! Dr. Kevin to the rescue
CaitlinsMail: as far as i know
CaitlinsMail: lol
CaitlinsMail: im greta
CaitlinsMail: and ask
Kn2000night: I did. She's away.
CaitlinsMail: like always
Kn2000night: ok... dinner time.....
CaitlinsMail: k cya
CaitlinsMail: gonna do german now
CaitlinsMail: with tacos in a little bit!
Kn2000night: I'll send some quinine w/ Laura, if she's not allergic to any medications???
Kn2000night: w* Marg.
CaitlinsMail: not that i know of
CaitlinsMail: you can ask
Kn2000night: ok. Bye
CaitlinsMail: when u get back on check my blurty again!
Kn2000night: Kn2000night is no longer signed on.
CaitlinsMail: cya
Kn2000night: Kn2000night is no longer signed on.
CaitlinsMail: oh well
Kn2000night: Kn2000night is no longer signed on.
05:25pm 07/03/2005
mood: giggly
music: Shrek! (again)
I got so many compliments on my hair today! My ego is so good right now. I feel like i could fly. I got 19 inchs off of my hair. I look so GOOD like this its just amazing. I had so much fun today, coming in late and all. I wish it was like this every day. Poor laura's sick, probubly a milder version of what Kevin had, they did kiss between then and now, he might have still been contagious. I took her home today, on the way we stopped at Century 21 and picked up their dresses for band. Then we stopped at Winn-Dixie so she could get some pepto bismal for her stomach. She's sleeping right now. I hope she feels better. Talking with Terri right now. let me post what she says. Then i'll say ado to you!

fAsHioNcHiC19: hey
CaitlinsMail: hiya
CaitlinsMail: do you read blurties?
fAsHioNcHiC19: sometimes
fAsHioNcHiC19: why?
CaitlinsMail: mine
fAsHioNcHiC19: oh cool, I'll bookmark it, I have like a special section for those
CaitlinsMail: that's why
fAsHioNcHiC19: oh ok
fAsHioNcHiC19: I like your new haircut
fAsHioNcHiC19: I think you should've layered it though
fAsHioNcHiC19: lol
fAsHioNcHiC19: hey, what did you do in history today?
CaitlinsMail: i didn't realize it would be this thick
CaitlinsMail: presidental cards
fAsHioNcHiC19: FUN
fAsHioNcHiC19: lol
CaitlinsMail: o ya
fAsHioNcHiC19: what are we doing tomorrow?
CaitlinsMail: same
fAsHioNcHiC19: oh
CaitlinsMail: its due weds
fAsHioNcHiC19: we actually have to do them?
CaitlinsMail: yes
fAsHioNcHiC19: I might be late again tomorrow
fAsHioNcHiC19: if I am, remind me to check in with mr. fusco
CaitlinsMail: okie dokie
fAsHioNcHiC19: or you could just tell me what to do
CaitlinsMail: did u read my blurty yet?
CaitlinsMail: ok
fAsHioNcHiC19: yeah, who is your crush?
CaitlinsMail: my lips are sealed
fAsHioNcHiC19: aw come on
fAsHioNcHiC19: I promise not to tell
fAsHioNcHiC19: I'm guessing BEEP!
CaitlinsMail: : )
fAsHioNcHiC19: that was rather obvious
CaitlinsMail: how so?
fAsHioNcHiC19: only him and the twins knew you were getting ur hair cut
CaitlinsMail: ok so nothing else?
fAsHioNcHiC19: um...
fAsHioNcHiC19: BEEP!
CaitlinsMail: so did laura
CaitlinsMail: she stole that seat from Mar
fAsHioNcHiC19: lol
CaitlinsMail: so i don't feel bad at all
fAsHioNcHiC19: ok
fAsHioNcHiC19: so what is the history homework?
CaitlinsMail: first 21 presidental cards
fAsHioNcHiC19: how?
fAsHioNcHiC19: like what are you supposed to do?
CaitlinsMail: president, vice, years served, terms served, electoral votes won and total votes possible, main policies, age, minority president
fAsHioNcHiC19: geez
fAsHioNcHiC19: geez
CaitlinsMail: most of it is in the back of ur text book
fAsHioNcHiC19: ok
CaitlinsMail: don't forget the german homework!
fAsHioNcHiC19: my book is at school though...
fAsHioNcHiC19: I know
fAsHioNcHiC19: and the bio
CaitlinsMail: then do it tomorrow
fAsHioNcHiC19: and study for math
CaitlinsMail: so many things to do, so little time!
fAsHioNcHiC19: yeah
fAsHioNcHiC19: and I have to do a social life as well
fAsHioNcHiC19: geez
CaitlinsMail: physics people had a lab also
fAsHioNcHiC19: and church
CaitlinsMail: and homechores
fAsHioNcHiC19: no, I refuse those
CaitlinsMail: wish i could
CaitlinsMail: u do know i'm saving this talk to my blurty
fAsHioNcHiC19: oh... uh oh
fAsHioNcHiC19: too bad we aren't talking about sex
fAsHioNcHiC19: oh wait, oops!
CaitlinsMail: : o
CaitlinsMail: rofl
fAsHioNcHiC19: I have a journal
fAsHioNcHiC19: but you would be shocked by it
fAsHioNcHiC19: your innocent IB mind
CaitlinsMail: try me
fAsHioNcHiC19: it has my illegal expeditions
fAsHioNcHiC19: I think I heard thunder
CaitlinsMail: maybe
CaitlinsMail: maybe you are just going insane!
fAsHioNcHiC19: that is possible as well
CaitlinsMail: of course it is
CaitlinsMail: you're in IB
fAsHioNcHiC19: I think it could just be me in general
fAsHioNcHiC19: but it's not like IB helps
CaitlinsMail: that too of course
CaitlinsMail: this is my longest entry yet
fAsHioNcHiC19: wow
CaitlinsMail: if u had a blurty on that website i could make you my friend and you could see some onther entries that only people on my friends list can see
fAsHioNcHiC19: so many people tell me this!
fAsHioNcHiC19: but then I would have a name on like 5 diff sites
CaitlinsMail: oh well
CaitlinsMail: uggh i really need to start my german
fAsHioNcHiC19: I need to start anything
fAsHioNcHiC19: lol
fAsHioNcHiC19: it is thunder
CaitlinsMail: are you sure?
fAsHioNcHiC19: yeah
fAsHioNcHiC19: pretty sure
CaitlinsMail: i need to stop talking so i can concentrate on my german
fAsHioNcHiC19: ok bye
CaitlinsMail: ttfn
fAsHioNcHiC19: yeah, I just saw lightning
fAsHioNcHiC19: it;s gonna pour tonight
CaitlinsMail: of course
CaitlinsMail: you just jinxed us
fAsHioNcHiC19: lol
04:18pm 06/03/2005
mood: refreshed
music: Shrek!
well i just got my hair cut, bout a foot and a half off. I feel so cool with this new hairstyle. Only the twiners know that i was getting my hair cut this weekend. I have decided to put a certain something behind me. Just move on and concentrate on school. If an intrest is ever shown in me by this certain someone then, if i still feel the same way, i'll stop moving on. I don't see that happening though. : ( I feel a lot better now after my cry last night, along with the night out with my little sister. That and the hair cut make me feel a lot better. Get to go into school 3 hours late tomorrow! I think i could learn to love FCAT!

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06:54pm 02/03/2005
mood: contemplative
music: slow - love songs or sad songs
God, I'm an idiot. I just hit something that deleated my whole entry. So now i have to start again.

I finally realized something today. ( != is "not equal to" in C++) Katie != Romance. I'm doomed to like the one guy who has never shown any intrest in girls, let alone me. He's also a Catholic. I'm starting to regret letting Laura talk me into tell him who was writing the letters. I really wish i hadn't. Then he wouldn't know that i like so he wouldn't have any reason to be uncomfortable around me. : ( I did write him one last letter. I hand wrote this one.

I understand, I feel the same way - "thoughts/feelings" - I'll treat you the same way i have since 9th grade. Unless you've told someone only you, me, the twiners, and my sister knows i like you. I won't be a female version of Derek. Laura S-B told me that you thought is was from Laura S because of the sentance structure. I think i'll take that as a compliment to my writing abilities. : ) We'll just forget these 4 letters: you - after you read this letter/note. me - after i give this to you (which i already did). If i could go this long not letting you know i like you i can go another 1.5 years or so. Hope we enjoy Vicksburg.

I think i'll give it to him tomorrow before we leave. Then we can put these letters behind us and hopefully go back to the way things were.
Third Time's the Charm   
06:09pm 28/02/2005
mood: optimistic
LauraC712: hey
CaitlinsMail: hiya
CaitlinsMail: have to deliver the letter on Wed.
LauraC712: lol i love my lizzie
LauraC712: kk
LauraC712: np
LauraC712: lol read this
CaitlinsMail: i won't be in until 3ed - if then tomorrow
LauraC712: ok
LauraC712: np
CaitlinsMail: got a dermatologist appt. in bluewater
CaitlinsMail: for my exema!
LauraC712: das its gut
CaitlinsMail: ja
LauraC712: when?
CaitlinsMail: 0815
CaitlinsMail: i changed the letter
LauraC712: for the better?
CaitlinsMail: BEEP,
Well here’s the third letter – delivered to you by Laura S-B. She’s giving it to you after second, mainly because I want you to have time to think before lunch. Well, I was going to give this to you yesterday but my dermatologist appt. sorta stopped that from happening. I hope that if you want to just pretend these 3 letters never happened, we can still be friends like we are now. I would hate to lose that just because I finally got the nerve to write these letters. Bye. See you at lunch.


LauraC712: aw
CaitlinsMail: ??
CaitlinsMail: which parts?
LauraC712: the hate to lose part dot dot dot
CaitlinsMail: read it!
CaitlinsMail: ok
LauraC712: lol i see it wheenver i look at my 'friends' list
CaitlinsMail: i got rid of the sister part
CaitlinsMail: it sounded kind of desperate to me
LauraC712: yea
LauraC712: i concur
CaitlinsMail: why didn't u say anything then?
LauraC712: i thot u wanted it in the letter
CaitlinsMail: u should have said something though
CaitlinsMail: just imed it to mar
LauraC712: im sorry i didnt =(
CaitlinsMail: just changed this part
CaitlinsMail: I hope that if you want to just pretend these 3 letters never happened, we can still be friends like we are now, I wouldn’t treat you any different.
CaitlinsMail: sound's good?
LauraC712: i'd get rid of the "i...diff" part
CaitlinsMail: ok
CaitlinsMail: any reason's why?
LauraC712: idk, it just doesnt seem to flow
LauraC712: make the sentence really bulky
CaitlinsMail: alright i changed it
LauraC712: hey i gtg, i ahve band
CaitlinsMail: good luck
CaitlinsMail: have fun
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05:37pm 28/02/2005
mood: excited
music: That 70's stuff
I'm so happy! I'm getting in to see a dermatologist tomorrow morning. My face and neck should clear up by then. So everything should get better! Also a little thing i'm doing will be compleated on Wed. I'll explain Wed. evening.

See i actually am writing in this for now! Huzzah for me!
02:27pm 27/02/2005
mood: excited
music: disney - can't get them out of my head for some reason
Ummm... Not sure how good i'll be at keeping this up. But maybe i will be able to keep it up. Nothing much this weekend just bio, math, history, sims 2, and Knights of the Old Republic 2. Hope everyone i know had a good weekend. Especially Laura and her date with Kevin. I really hope things work out for them. Ummm.... No idea what else to write.

I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THURSDAY! This month is going to rock! Everything i love is in this month: sailing - spring break, ROTC - pass & review/field day, field trips - Vicksburg, days off from to school - Spring Break and teacher work day, coming in late - missing math, german, and bio - and it's excused - FCAT.
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