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Monday, July 14th, 2008
9:02 pm
So my Great Adventure in the North is coming to an end. I've been to: Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown, Norfolk, Montecello, Mount Vernon, Washington D.C. (Arlington - mainly), Baltimore, Bel Air (Uncle Bert and Aunt Sandy), Gettysburg, Pittsburgh (Mica's and Saul's)

The Mica's and Saul's are people my dad's been friends with for years and years and years. He was at both their weddings and the Saul's oldest sone is about my age so they would joke that we were going to get married one day (I was 3 years old!!!) they say that I also said this but since I have no memory of it and my dad has a wonderful imagination I will take it with a grain of salt. We stayed at the Mica's (they have four kids) Elinore loved it and we (the older people minus Elinore) played games all day. When we got their on saturday we played talisman (which i love!), on sunday we played settler's of catan, titan, and empire builder. Settler's of catan was kind of like a simplified version of civilization in my mind, but with no fighting. Titan was a long and slow moving game centered around recruitment and combat. Empire Builder is an addicting game about railroad building.

Gettysburg was amazing, the battlefield was huge, but there were bikers everywhere! We think there was a convention of some sort.

Bel Air was nice, I got to know Jenna some (she is so pretty! porcelin skin and red hair is lovely) and it was nice to see Uncle Bert and Aunt Sandy again. We saw some of the things my Great-Grandfather built in Towsen and I rode on the back of Uncle Bert's motorcycle all day! I loved it, it took me a couple of miles to get used to it but after that it was wonderful.

Arlington Cemetary was kind of spooky. All these people that have served our country and this is only one of many national cemetaries. I did see a tombstone with the name Booth on it, really spooky since that's my mother's maiden name....The house was neat but also sad, it was once a house full of life and love and then it became a hospital full of death and pain.

Mount Vernon was interesting, I think i use the word interesting to much maybe...i dunno, whatever, the house was large (comparatively) and the view of the river was breathtaking.....I'm used to water, hell I drive across the mid-bay bridge to go to work, but this was something else, looking out over the potomac i felt like i had stepped back in time. I just blocked everything else out around me and sank into the history of the house, I love things with history and this place was full of it - only place's in europe had more.

Monticello was interesting (there i go again....*sigh* i'm hopeless...) I thought the house design was excedingly well done, yet I wonder about Jefferson, he was so good at so many things and had a lovely plantation - yet...he died bankrupt! what did he do wrong?

Went to Busch Gardens Europe (Yes, It is owned by the same company as the two parks in florida...) rode on all the roller coasters but the griffen. We intended to go on the griffen but by the time we got to it my dad's stomach was upset and i'm no chicken, but there was no way in hell i was going on that thing by myself! And Elinore refused to ride it. But I figured I'd make it back someday and I'd be sure to ride it then.

In Norfolk we only went to the Nauticus and saw the battleship and museum, interesting but not the highlight of my trip by a looonnngggg shot.

We just drove through Yorktown, not to much to see there, but yet another thing steeped in history.

We were in Colonial Williamsburg on the fourth of July so that was kinda neat. It was a good day until it rained and then it stopped raining and then it started again. and every time it rained it got hotter and more humid. The Picnic dad paid for was a waste of money, the food wasn't that great and there were no table's or chairs for us, only benches already soaked from all the rain. The music was good though - a musical trio. We had a reserved spot to see the fireworks but they didn't tell us to bring our own seating and it was wet, hot, and there was still over an hour to go till the fireworks. So we walked back to the hotel, showered, and then watched the fireworks from our dry balcony, Just as good a seat as anywhere else. They were short fireworks also.....the Niceville and Eglin ones are longer.

We went to Jamestown on the first day and wandered around, it was fairly interesting and I know one thing for certain now. I am very glad I did not live over here 300-400 years ago!

Tonight we're in Richmond and we fly out at 0630 eastern time. It's 2232 at the moment and I'm slightly worried about my ability to get up in five hours....ick, I am NOT a morning person so this is gonna suck bigtime....and I'm not looking forward to going back to work, oh ya, I've got two paychecks waiting for me! forgot about that! yippee!!!! and I see Zack again, he's picking us up from the airport and I'll return the necklace, I'm really glad he gave it to me, cuz I've missed him

current mood: cheerful

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Monday, April 14th, 2008
10:17 pm

i have a trumpet, now i don't feel bad anymore, thank god, mars i owe you!!!!!!

current mood: satisfied

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9:10 am
omg, so i'm sitting here thinking of what i have to finish this week and realize - I LEFT THE TRUMPET IN GAINESVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mars don't you have an old one at your house in Shally? I need it by tomorrow, i'm such a stinking idiot!!!!!!!!!!!

current mood: distressed

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Tuesday, April 8th, 2008
7:15 pm
A year ago I was drugged up on pain medicine.
A year ago I had just had my wisdom teeth taken out.
A year ago I got the phone call that told me Grandma was gone.

Has it really been a year? *sigh*

current mood: sad

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Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008
1:07 am
God, you two are so STUPID

Elizabeth - you were always more of a loner and your roommates probubly thought you were invisible.... You were always part of the "loner" group, the group that steps off the beaten path and does things differently, that's cool, you never tried to be something you weren't, you also seem to like having only a couple friends but they are all very very good friends while they're your friends.

Laura - you like being the center of attention and having lots of friends, some of them close and yet others of them you wouldn't tell any secrets to. You've always been the butterfly, the one that likes being in the action, and now that ur free of Kevin you can be what you were not the last two years of high school. You very rarely lose control of your emotions, your sanity sometimes yes, but not your emotions

Margaret - Likes being the center of attention sometimes, but more often prefers to be just another one of the "guys". You like pushing yourself to the limit and now you've found someone like you in those respects. Yet he's different enough in temperment that he can curb the outbursts of passionate emotion you suffer from (Elizabeth suffers from these outbursts of passionate emotion also, btw)

Katherine - You're more of a loner like I am, you love private time to play a game, watch a movie, or read a book. All of your friends are very good friends you've known for awhile. You seldom (not that i've ever seen at least) lost control of your emotions (or your sanity)

K - bookworm
E - rebel
M - rotcnazi
L - party animal

So stop nipping at each other (mainly Lizzy and Laura, but I thought that for fairnesses sake i should include Mars and Katherine in the descrition thing)

Now play nice!

current mood: annoyed

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Friday, March 7th, 2008
11:21 pm
i just spent the last 8 or so hours with zack, we went to the jv chs baseball game where his brother was playing, then to dinner at moes, stopped by circuit city and bam, then back to his house, hung out, cuddled, and watched Erik the Viking, which is very good

I'm drunk on happiness

current mood: loved

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Tuesday, March 4th, 2008
12:10 am
Real quick, i'm not that good at keeping a daily journal, lol

stole this from katherine's facebook page:

My personalDNA Report

Happy Birthday Katherine!!!! (though it's like 10 minutes late, lol)

going to bed now, really sleepy

current mood: sleepy

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Tuesday, February 26th, 2008
10:35 pm - feeling a better, a bit that is
sleep till about 11, so didn't go to class, my throat felt better, my cough isn't as painful, but my eyes are still as bad....
canceled my physical therapy appt.
Zack called at about 1 to see how i was feeling
made myself get dressed and picked elinore up from school
came back home, Michael had emailed me saying that our ed test was on thursday and that he had the last study guide for me, that he could drop it by tomorrow or tonight when he got off work. i told him it didn't matter, as long as i don't have to think to hard or expend to much energy i'm ok. so he dropped by a little after 5, dad got there just a minute after him and we split the work on the last worksheet (basically busy work) dad went and picked up some Little Ceaser's and we played a game of AOE3, i can't think when i'm sick = i sucked
Michael left about 9 and Elinore went to bed, now i'm going to bed before i crash, cuz i gotta go to class tomorrow, god i can't think straight.....

Michael's email from earlier with a funny story (and apparently she showed real concern on her face....)

Are you planning on being home sick all day tomorrow? If so, I can come by and catch you up on work so that you can maybe come to take the quiz (though, I'm more than reasonably sure that Dr. Ketter would understand you being out).

Mentioning Dr. Ketter, I have a fun story from class today. She was calling roll and came to your name, she glanced at your seat and saw you were gone. She asked me, "Is Caitlin out?" I said, "Yes, she is very sick, she emailed me about it." Then Dr. Ketter with a look of concern on her face(for you and me apparently) asked me, "Are you going to be okay without her?" I told here that I would be fine. I thought that was humerous.

Going back to meeting up to catch you up, I'm at my practicum from 0700-1250, then I'm at school from 1300-1430, then at church from for my media guru duties, and then astronomy until 1930ish. So, I couldn't come by until 2000ish. If you are up to doing school work while at home sick semi-late at night, I will be glad to come by. I just need an address and directions.

Feel better! Apparently Dr. Ketter thinks I'm not okay if you're not in class (though, there was plenty of room for my backpack and laptop case today at our little table!)

current mood: sick
current music: Billy Joel

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Monday, February 25th, 2008
10:30 pm - still sick
swollen tear ducts, stuffed/running sinuses (granted i'm on a double dosage of zyrtec every day, so more running then stuffiness), sore throat, tiredness, horrible coughs and painful sneezing

i still dragged myself out and saw Movin' Out up at the theater, beautiful dancing

Thx Mars!! I love you too! (though the message does sound like you meant to send it to derrick.....)

current mood: sick

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Sunday, February 24th, 2008
8:32 pm
exhausted, sore throat, weakness, sinius issues = sick

i feel like crud, but i did get a raise at work today, my evaluation went from 124 -> 132 which is still successful but it's better. i now make $9.25 an hour, when i started at $6.40 back in summber 06' that's pretty darn good i think......and i make $10.25 an hour on Sundays, which is about 50% of my hours, so i think i'm doing pretty good.....ok, i'm repeating myself now......

current mood: sick

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Friday, February 22nd, 2008
11:22 am
One thing I've noticed from the prevous journal entries - I was depressed, now I'm not though.

Here's a few updates:
boyfriend - Zack 1 year and 5 months as of today
sister - she now spends every other week with us and I pick her up from school when she's over here
work - I work at Publix now and have since August
college - I get my AA the end of this semester and I'm going to stay at OWC for the next two years and enter their new BA program for Education
car - still have my BMW but it's got some issues
dad - doesn't spend as much time on the computer as he used to
mom - just as insane as ever
Grandma passed away last spring and Grandpa very lost and alone without her, it's especially bad since he's an atheist

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Thursday, February 21st, 2008
11:13 pm - How I've changed
Lets just see how much I've changed

1 MINUTE AGO: playing solitare
1 HOUR AGO: working on my English thingy
1 DAY AGO: watching Stalag 17 on TCM
1 YEAR AGO: classes = hw
I LOVE: Everyone that cares for me in return
I HATE: annoying people
I FEAR: falling...
I FEEL: zoned out
I HIDE: many things
I DRIVE: a 318ti BMW
I MISS: Zack and the way my sister used to be
I LEARN: how to become a teacher
I NEED: more time in life
I THINK: i analyze things to much....
First screen name: caitlinsmail
First piercing: ears
First credit card: it was a debit card...with compass bank
First enemy: sarah watteson in 6th and 7th grade
First musician you remember hearing in your house: probubly the beatles...
Last big car ride: Driving down to Universal Studios last summer with the Webster's
Last movie seen: Stalag 17
Last food consumed: Tuna Helper
Last phone call: about 6 hours ago to my dad
Last CD played: Don't forget to remember me
Last drink drank: Coke Zero
Last time scolded: no earthly idea - last semester at some point - about biology

I AM: sleepy and zoned out
I WANT: summer to be here - or at least spring break
I HAVE: english i need to do
I WISH: i was able to go to UF
I ALWAYS: worry about things to much...
I DANCE: whenever i feel like
I SING: whenever i hear a song i recognize
I CRY: not often, but when i do....
I AM NOT: a homework lover - but i do like work
I WIN: at Uno and AOE3
I LOSE: playing HALO
I CONFUSE: myself and everyone else
I SHOULD: be doing english


COLOR(S): purple!! or pink, or black
DAYS: fridays
MONTH: December - Xmas
SONG(S): it depends....
SEASON: spring and fall
DRINK: oj and coke zero, and water

CRIED? nope
SAID I LOVE YOU? every day i do
WRITTEN IN A DIARY?: nope, unless u count this

You can only say yes or no you are not allowed to explain anything:

1. Taken a picture naked? yes
2. Painted your room? no
3. Made out with a member of the same sex? no
4. Drove a car? yes
5. Danced in front of your mirror? yes
6. Have a crush? yes
7. been dumped? yes
8. Stole money from friend? no
9. Gotten in a car with people you just met? yes
10. Been in a fist fight? no
11. Snuck out of your house? no
12. Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back? yes
13. Been arrested? no
14. Made out with a stranger? yes
15. Met up with a member of the opposite sex somewhere? yes
16. Left your house with out telling your parents? yes
17. Had a crush on your neighbor? no
18. Ditched school to do something more fun? no
19. Slept in a bed with a member of the same sex? yes
20. Seen someone die? no
21. Been on a plane? yes
22. Kissed a picture? yes
23. Slept in until 3? no
24. Love someone or miss someone right now? yes
25. Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by? yes
26. Made a snow angel? yes
27. Played dress up? yes
28. Cheated while playing a game? yes
29. Been lonely? yes
30. Fallen asleep at work/school? yes
31. Been to a club? yes
32. Felt an earthquake? no
33. Touched a snake? yes
34. Ran a red light? yes
35. Been suspended from school? no
36. Had detention? no
37. Been in a car accident? yes
38. Hated the way you look? yes
39. Witnessed a crime? yes
40. Pole danced? no
41. Been lost? yes
42. Been to the opposite side of the country? no
43. Felt like dying? yes
44. Cried yourself to sleep? yes
46. Sang karaoke? yes
47. Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? yes
48. Laughed till some kind of beverage came out of your nose? no
49. Caught a snowflake on your tongue? yes
50. Kissed in the rain? yes
51. Sing in the shower? yes
52. Made love in a park? no
53. Had a dream that you married someone? no
54. Glued your hand to something? no
55. got your tongue stuck to a flag pole? no
56. Ever gone to school partially naked? no
57. Been a cheerleader? no
58. Sat on a roof top? yes
59. Didn't take a shower for a week? yes
60. Ever too scared to watch scary movies alone? yes
61. Played chicken: no
62. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? no
63. Been told you're hot by a complete stranger? no
64. Broken a bone? no
65. Been easily amused? yes
66. Laugh so hard you cry? yes
67. Mooned/flashed someone? yes
68. Cheated on a test? yes
69. Forgotten someone's name? yes
70. Slept naked? yes
71. Gone skinny dipping in a pool? yes
73. Blacked out from drinking? no
74. Played a prank on someone? yes
75. Gone to a late night movie? yes
76. Made love to anything not human? no
77. Failed a class? yes
78. Choked on something you're not supposed to eat? no
79. Played an instrument for more than 10 hours? no
80. Cheated on a girl/boyfriend? yes
81. Did you celebrate the 4th of July? yes
82. Thrown strange objects? yes
83. Felt like killing someone? yes
84. Thought about running away? yes
85. Ran away? no
86. Did drugs in the past 6 months Illegal: no
87. Had detention and not attend it? no
89. Made parent cry? yes
90. Cried over someone? yes
91. Owned more than 5 sharpies? yes
92. Dated someone more than once? yes
93. Have a dog? yes
94. Are you a virgin? no
95. Own an instrument? no
96. Been in a band? no
97. Drank 25 sodas/pops in a day? no
98. Broken a cd? yes
99. Shot a gun? yes
100. Been on myspace for more than 5 hours? yes
i think i did that one before....

1) Who is the last person you high-fived? idk
2) If you were drafted into a war, would you serve? of course
3) Do you sleep with the tv on? nope
4) Have u ever drank milk out of the carton? yep
5) Have you ever won a spelling bee? nope
6) Have you ever been stung by a bee? nope
7) How fast can you type? pretty fast
8) Are you afraid of the dark? if i'm home alone...ya
9) What color are your socks? blue
10) have u ever made out at a drive - in? no
11) When is the last time you chose a bath over a shower? last weekend
12) Do you knock on wood? yes
13) Do you floss daily? every other day
14) Do you wanna Fanta? no
15) Can you hula hoop? not well
16) Are you good at keeping secrets? usually
17) What car do you want for Christmas: i like the one i have - despite it's issues
18) Do you know the Muffin Man? i am sorry to say no
19) Do you talk in your sleep? i moan in my sleep...
20) Who wrote the book on love? no idea
21) Have you ever flown a kite? it didn't go anywher//
22) Do you wish on your fallen lashes? uh, no
23) Do you whiten your teeth? nope
24) Can you smell what the Rock is cooking? uh, what?
25) Have you ever asked for a pony? nope
26) Have you, or would you ever, donate sperm/eggs? it depends
27) Can you juggle? no, my dad can
28) Missing someone now? yep
30) Do the chickens have large talons? i dunno
32) Are you ready to rumble? no, i'm kinda sleepy right now...
34) Have you ever been suspended or expelled from school? nope
35) Have you ever crawled through a window? once....when i was 7, lol, funny story there...
36) Have you ever eaten dog food? nope
37) Can you handle the truth? almost always
38) Do you think the person who posted this is hot? that was my cousin.....so i guess so, but not to me, lol
39) Do you like green eggs and ham? whatever
40) Who is your daddy? the guy eatting garlic flavored popcorn and reading a book


[Shoe size] 9 and a half
[Parents still together] nope
[Siblings] 1
[Pets] mom has cats, but i don't live with her


[Color] purple!! then black and pink
[Number] 4
[Animal] kitty cats!
[Soda] dr pepper and coke zero
[Flower] roses of course


[Color your hair?] nope
[Twirl your hair] nope
[Drink/Smoke?] never - do you count drinking in Europe?
[Like roller coasters?] yep
[Wish you could live somewhere else?] i hate the panhandle, but it's starting to grow on me....lol
[Own a web cam?] yep
[Know how to drive?] yep
[Own a cell phone?] yep
[Current hair] straight with waves and very poofy
[Current thing I ought to be doing] english thingy
[Current music playing on Media Player] Don't forget to remember me
[Last movie you saw] stalag 17
[Last thing you ate] tuna helper
[Last person you talked to on the phone] my dad

About Your Room-

How many windows are in your room?: 1 huge one
What color are your walls?: blue
Hardwood floors or carpet?: berber carpet
Do you get ready for the day in your room or the bathroom?: bedroom
What kind of bed do you have?: a day bed, my sis sleeps on the trundle when she's here
What does your comforter look like?: blue, one side is dark the other is light
How many pillows do you have?: 3 regular and a bunch of small throw pillows
Is your room big? average
Is it clean?: pretty much, i'm changing the sheets right now...

do you have the following in your room:

[x] desk
[x] more than 3 sources of light
[x my cell phone, i have no home phone] phone
[x] chair
[x] book shelf
[ ] dresser
[x my laptop has cable and movies] TV
[x] CD player/stereo
[ ] bean bag chair
[x] computer
[x] posters/paintings/pictures
[ ] walk in closet
[x medium sized] large mirror (small one)
[x] bed
[ ] drumset
[ ] bathroom
[x 4 of em, 3 are alarms]clock
[x kinda]clothes on the floor
[x] box of tissues
[ ] guitar
[ ] lava lamp
[x] smoke detector
[ ] piano/keyboard
[x] a garbage can
[x] locking door
[ ] can of soda
[x] bottle of water

dunno why i'm doing this one...
I confess that in 2007 I...

( ) stayed single
( ) got your first kiss
( ) kissed someone new
( ) made-out for the first time
(x) made-out in/on a car
( ) kissed in the snow
(x) kissed in the rain
( )fell in love
( ) had your heart broken
( ) broke someone else's heart
( ) had a stalker
(x) had a good relationship with someone
(x) got head
( ) someone questioned your sexual orientation
( ) came out of the closet
( ) gotten pregnant
( ) gotten someone else pregnant
( ) had an abortion
( ) gotten married
( ) had a divorce
( ) dated someone you'll never forget
( ) done something you've regretted
( ) lost your true love
( ) lost faith in love
( ) kissed under mistletoe


( ) got a promotion
(x) got a pay raise
(x) changed jobs
( ) lost your job
(x) quit your job
( ) dated a co-worker
( ) dated your boss
( ) dated your boss' daughter/son
( ) got fired from your job
( ) got straight A's
(x) met one teacher you really like
(x) met one teacher you really hated
(x) found the subject you love
(kinda) failed a class
(x) cut class
(x) skipped school
( ) got into a fight with a classmate
(x) did something you were proud of
( ) discovered a new talent
( ) gave the teachers a reason to teach
(x) proved yourself an idiot
(x) embarassed yourself in front of the class
( ) fell in love with a teacher
( ) got lead in the school play
( ) made a varsity team
(x) were involved in something you'll never forget


( ) painted a picture
( ) wrote a poem
(x) ran a mile
(x) listened to music you couldn't stand
(x) double-dipped
(x) skinny-dipped
( ) went to a sleepover
( ) went to camp
( ) threw a surprise party
(x) laughed till you cried
( ) laughed till you peed in your pants
(x) flirted shamelessly
(x) visited a foreign country
(x) visted a foreign state
( ) cooked a disasterous meal
( ) lost something important to you
(x) got a gift you adore
(x) realized something new about yourself
(x) went on a diet
( ) tried to gain weight
( ) dyed your hair
( ) came close to losing your life
( ) someone close to you died
(x) went to a party
(x) drank alchohol
(kinda, i wasn't underage in Europe though) drank alchohol underage
( ) did (a) drug(s)
(x) got drunk
( ) got arrested
(x) read a great book
(x) saw a great movie
( ) saw a movie so scary that it made you cry
( ) saw your favorite band/artist live
( ) saw someone famous in person
( ) did something you want to tell everyone
(x) enjoyed this year overall

1: Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says:
"Why didn't you write me?"

2: Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. what do you touch 1st?
My jewelry box

3: What is the last thing you watched on TV?
kim possible i think

4: WITHOUT LOOKING, what time is it?

5: Now look at the clock, what is the actual time:

6: With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
my sister breathing in her sleep

9: What are you wearing?
jeans, blue striped shirt, and zack's jacked

10: Did you dream last night?
i did, but don't remember it now

11: When did you last laugh?
dunno, defienently last night though

12: What is on the walls of the room you are in?
pictures and posters and drawings

13: Seen anything weird lately?
torrential downpours all day

14: What do you think of this quiz?

15: What is the last film you saw?
stalag 17

16: If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first?
I wouldn't buy anything immediatly, i'd set aside enough to make sure I could finish college and save for another trip to europe

17: Tell me something about you that I don't know:
i sleep with my teddy bear, lol, i can't really fall asleep unless i'm hugging something...

18: If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
get rid of all extremists that are willing to kill innocents for their beliefs

19: Do you like to dance?

20: George Bush:
he's ok, not the best prez, but better than the alternative

21: Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?
Delilah Rose

22: Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?
Robert Michael

23: Would you ever consider living abroad?
oh ya

1. Ever been given a ring?
Zack gave me a promise ring with an amethyst shapped like a heart

2. Longest relationship?
one year and five months tomorrow

3. Last gift you received:
Zack showing up on my doorstep

4. How many times have you dropped your cell phone?
today, in the rain, luckily it's ok

5. Last sport you played?
uhhhh.....ultimate firsbee i think

6. Things you spend a lot of money on?

7. Three things you ate last?
cup of soup, milkshake, tuna helper

8. First thing you notice about the opposite sex?
hair and attitude

9. One favorite album:
a hangover you don't deserve by bowling for soup

10. Where do you live?
niceville! booya, lol

11. High school you attended:

12. Cell phone service provider:
cingular, wait, no sorry, it's now AT&T!

13. Favorite mall store:
no idea

14. Longest Job held:
9 months with Whataburger

15: Do you own a pair of dice?
in my games

16. Do you prank call people?

17. Last wedding attended:
cousins quite a few years ago

18. First friend you'd call if you won the lottery:
ZACK!!!! then ELINORE....THEN the twinners, they probubly wouldn't answer their phones though

19. Last time you attended church:
never really did..

20. Favorite fast food restaurant:
chick-fi-la or taco bell

21. Biggest lie you have heard:
no idea

22. Where do you work?

23. Where's your favorite place to eat with friends:

24. Can you cook?

25. What car do you drive?
a 318ti BMW

26. Best kisser?
ZACK!!! he just had to learn how, lol

27. Last time you cried?
no idea

28. Most hated food:
badly cooked vegetables

29. Thing you like most about yourself:
i can listen to people

30. Thing you hate most about yourself:
feeling sleepy and lazy for no reason

31. Person you want to do in a bad way?

32. Longest work shift worked?
15 hours at whataburger

33. Favorite Movie(s)?
anything that has a happy ending

34. Can you sing?
very badly

36. Last kiss:
last saturday

37. Last movie rented:

38. Latest DVD purchase:
ever after

39. Things you never leave home without:
purse and cell phone

40. Vacation spot:

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Wednesday, February 13th, 2008
1:49 am - wow, it's been forever
it's been forever since i've written in here and i'll write more later, i just wanted to reopen this blurty.....

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Monday, September 18th, 2006
1:43 am - SCREW IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!
Everything was good, everything was golden, but then, it all fell apart, like that book we had to read last year in english "Things Fall Apart" but ya, everything seems to have gone downhill, i seem to have fallen in a hole and i can't get out of it..... is there a redo button? i really wish there was, but there isn't and it hurts and it sucks, life is screwing me over, i mean, it did that for years, then it frinally seemed like things were going well, for once things were going good all over the board, but then one thing fell apart and then another and another, so that now, i'm probubly worse off then i ever was before..... maybe if for once, if i give up and stop trying to get a happy ending, i'll get one, but no, that's not the way it works, people that were born with a silver spoon in their mouth will always have a silver spoon in their mouth, even if they misplace that spoon for awhile they'll find it agian, but for those of us that never had the spoon, we never will have it, so life sucks and i've got one thing to say - "Screw it all!!!!"

current mood: depressed

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Thursday, September 14th, 2006
11:29 pm
well, like any female, i reserved the right to change my mind, and well, i'm trying to be cool with it right now, and it's working, a lot of it is probubly because i have had very little sleep and because of that i'm very hyper and now i'm sleepy, whatever, as of right now i'm keeping on waiting, but who knows what will happen, i sure don't

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Wednesday, September 13th, 2006
1:37 am
i can't do it anymore, it hurts to much, break-ups hurt, but breaks hurt worse, i'll tell him on thursday, in person, not over the phone, each day that goes by kills a little part of me, and those parts keep getting bigger and bigger...... since it doesn't look like the break will end with us together, i'll end it now, so my heart can begin to heal again, i'm sick and tired of my heart hurting, of trying to keep busy and staying tired just so i can keep moving, if i stop to think it starts to hurt again, and now..... it hurts, it hurts really bad

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Tuesday, August 15th, 2006
12:06 am - weird stuff dude, lol
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Friday, August 4th, 2006
1:26 pm
Your Five Variable Love Profile

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Your propensity for monogamy is high.
You find it easy to be devoted and loyal to one person.
And in return, you expect the same from who you love.
Any sign of straying, and you'll end things.

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Your experience level is high.
You've loved, lost, and loved again.
You have had a wide range of love experiences.
And when the real thing comes along, you know it!


Your dominance is low.
This doesn't mean you're a doormat, just balanced.
You know a relationship is not about getting your way.
And you love to give your sweetie a lot of freedom.


Your cynicism is low.
You are an eternal optimist when it comes to love and romance.
No matter how many times you've been hurt - you're never bitter.
You believe in one true love, your perfect soulmate.
And if you haven't found true love yet, you know you will soon.


Your independence is low.
This doesn't mean you're dependent in relationships..
It does mean that you don't have any problem sharing your life.
In your opinion, the best part of being in love is being together.

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Thursday, August 3rd, 2006
12:15 am
my entire family is f**king insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006
12:27 am
my dad and grandparents are being idiots, complete and utter idiots, idiots that won't accept that life is changing, lol, i wonder what they'd do if i tried to live with a boyfriend/fiance before i got married, they'd probubly flip a lid, especially since that's what i'm gonna do, i'm not gonna get married and have kids then end up divorcing, like my parents did, i want to be sure that i can live with that person on a day to day basis before i marry them, marriage should be a lasting bond, so when i get married i want to be sure beyond all doubts, i'm sorry if you have a problem with the way i feel, but i remember my parents divorce, they werent right for each other, they got married to quickly and there marriage was falling apart in about 5 years, but they stuck together for over ten because they were married and had two kids, that isn't right and i refuse to have any kids of mine grow up in a single parent household unless something extreme happens, like there being only one parent left on the face of the planet or something that happened that made it absolutly necessary for a divorce, so i will be sure of that, and when i get enough money saved up, probubly out of college, if i have to i will pay my grandparents back for the car and/or get a new car, so they won't be able to hold that over my head, ya, i'm not in a good mood, and i was so happy earlier, work was fun, especially the giant bug, omg, i laughed my head off, and i was still in a good mood, till i brought up orlando, and dad said the car was not going to orlando, i'm talking with my dad tomorrow night after i get back from dinner at the olive garden, right now it looks like the most likely possibility is Russ driving up here to pick me up, but ya, i got off topic earlier, hehe, what i find funny is that he has a problem with me staying at russ's house, because it wouldn't look right....lol, if he only knew what i've done....he'd probubly lock me away forever, i mean russ and i wouldn't be doing anything, but still, my dad's ridiculous, i will stop ranting right now, but god am i pissed, not angry, pissed, i've only been truly angry a few times since i hit puberty, and this ain't it

current mood: pissed off

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