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[18 Aug 2003|06:34pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

Mum owled me yesterday and told me that I will be returning home for a few days. I don't exactly know the reason yet, but I will be leaving later today. Dumbledor has already given me the okay, and all is set. Hopefully, nothings wrong back home, and they just want to check up on their 'precious' son. What our parents don't know can't hurt them right?

So yes, I shall probably be back within two weeks. And I no one misses me too much.

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[13 Aug 2003|08:08am]
[ mood | tired ]

Went out to Hogsmeade yesterday. Got piss drunk and came back. Did some shopping. Had with Ms. Toren at the Three Broomsticks. And then back in the Common Room later on. Not very pleasant is she?

Next time she backtalks to me, she best be expecting to be back-handed across that pretty little cheek of hers. No one treats me like the dirt from under their shoes. I was not raised to tolerate that. So lady or not, next time there will be consequesnces. Don't care if I'm known as the women beater.
[/End Private]

Rather uneventful night after that. Had a short little meeting with Pansy. [OOC - That will be posted at some when we finish it. ^^] Slytherin is just filled with colourful people isn't it?

I'm going back to bed. How I'm up at this time of the day is beyond me. I have at least another hour worth of sleep left in me. Damn the mornings. And Damn the loud snoring of those Umpa-Loons Crabbe and Goyle.

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[12 Aug 2003|10:21am]
So we have journals...why? To please the school? This has never been one of top priority things in my mind..but hey, I'm here and I really am not in the mood for a detention, so I might as well.

I'm up for a nice bottle of 'butterbeer' down at the Three Broomsticks. Who's with me?
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