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Rain [07 Jan 2005|08:13pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | Cello Suites: Suite No. 1 in G Major - Bach ]

You know, the thing that I've noticed about rain is that whenever it's pouring hard my parents are always fighting. It's always something different and then they somehow go back to past arguments. It leaves everyone upset. So why do they do it? Why do they cause so much pain? And why does it rain everynight this happens? I believe that I'm now emotionally scarred by the rain and my parent's arguments. Just watch, when I'm older and might possibly have a career or something, and it's pouring rain, I'll have a mental break down or something. I'm only doing this to vent a little bit. My friend is having an emotional crisis at the moment and I have to be able to soothe them. The cello suites are making me a bit better. perhaps I'll listen to some Vivaldi later as well.

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Strange Dreams [05 Jan 2005|07:12am]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Cello Suites: Suite No. 1 in G Major - Bach ]

Hey! I have something to talk about. Amazing isn't it?

Anywho, I had a series of bizzare dreams last night.

Dream One:

I'm driving to school and there's traffic. The car in front of me is sideways across the lane and I stop in time so I don't crash into him. He waves at me and begins to straighten himself out. I continue driving and I hear a police siren so I stop. Before I know it, I'm a hostage to the guy in the car and he's a hostage to the police man.

Dream Two:

I'm at school the next day (I believe I'm still a freshman since I have the same teacher. Possibly sophomore. That'd make more sense) I tell all my friends about it during science. However I was claiming it was both dream and reality for some reason.

Dream Three:

It was a mix between getting seperated from my family and at a party with my friends. This short girl asked me to dance with her. I said sure why not. blah blah blah. I think we did a truth or dare thing or something and she told me to ask someone out. The person wasn't at the party so I went around looking for Sue. XD

Dream Four:

This last dream confused me the most. I didn't understand it at all. I was in a meadow and there was a large tree in front of me. As I'm walking towards it, there are a bunch of doves everywhere. There are also a few crows, but not nearly as much as the doves. When I'm closer to the tree, the birds begin to cry. I hear someone say (like a narrator or something), "They cry to awaken an angel." I'm a little confused and I kneel down to the tree and stare at the trunk. I begin to see a head come out of the tree and neck. She had long light brown hair. When her neck was visible, her hair caught fire to the point where her hair length was now to a little bit about her shoulders. I could hear gasps but I only felt the presence of the birds who were dead silent. The rest of her body made it out of the tree, but her arms were skinny and she had scratches on her shoulder. I heard someone say as if dissapointed, "She does not look like the other angels..."

My Dream Sequence ended from there.

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When was the last time i updated? [11 Dec 2004|09:12pm]
[ mood | blah ]

that's interesting.. i didn't even bother updating until i recieved an e-mail saying i got a reply on one of my posts... me: i have a blurty? o_o; then i just remembered afterwards. haha XD

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French French French [13 May 2004|05:34pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | speedy speed boy - initial d ]

Which Gackt are you most like?

quiz by mcvarmazi

hehe took the gackt test =P

today was pretty fun in french! we had to do dialogues in french from our le monstre dans le metro story. me, wang wang, and laura got the coolest one.

i was suppossed to be the police officer, wang wang was the fat lady, and laura was the mechanic but they switched rolls. so this is how it went:

laura: *runs up to me* ah! monsier l'agent! c'est terrible! il y a un monstre, un grand monstre dans le metro!

*laura runs away*

me: MAIS! MADAME! *grabs her arm and laura wakes me with a purse...i fall to the ground*

me: *gets up and sees wang wang* AH! vous etes le mecanicien! qu'est0ce qu'il y a dans le tunnel? ou est le train?!

wang wang: oh! monsieur l'agent! il y a un monstre qui attaque les trains! il mange les voitures! deux secondes et une premiere, une belle premiere! glouk, gloug, gloug et au revoir! *pushes me aside and tries to run away*

me: *blocks her way* mais certainement, monsieur le mecanicien!

wang wang: non non s'est vrai! nous arrivons ou nous tournons a gauche, juste avant la station, et voila une grande forme sombre, devant nous, sur les rails. je vois que c'est un animal, un animal gigantesque, terrible! je, je.....

me: eh biend, monsieur le mecanicien, donnez-moi une description de ce monstre, s'il vous plait.

wang wang: mais, monsieur l'agent! le monstre est la! il peut arriver a la station! allons en haut!

me: non, monsieur. je regrette, mais il est necessaire d'ecrire une description exacte! (while i say this she says: i'm crazy in french... don't kno how to spell it) c'est ce que monsieur le commissaire desire. donnez-moi la description!

wang wang: pourqoui? *points* VOILA LE MONSTRE!

i turn around and fall over as she runs away.


laura: ah! mr. agent! it's terrible! there is a monster! a large monster in the metro!

*gets knocked over by her purse when i try to get her to talk to me*

me: hey! you're the mechanic! what's in the tunnel?! where's the train?!

wangwang: oh! mr. agent! there's a monster that attacked the trains! he ate the cars! two second class and a beautiful first class! glou glou glou and good bye!

me: but certainly, mr. mechanic.

wangwang: no no it's true! we arrived or we turned left, just before the station, and voila! a large dark form in front of us, on the rails. i saw this animal. a gigantic animal, terrible! i...i!

me: umm.. alright mr. mechanic, give me a description of the monster please.

wangwang: but mr. agent! the monster is there! he can arrive at the station! let's get out of here!

me: no sir. i'm sorry but it is necessary to right an exact description. it's what the commissioner wants. give me a discription!

wangwang: why? LOOK! THE MONSTER!

i turn around and fall XD and that's the best part of today. other than a friend of mine lending me her cape till 7th period tomorrow... bwahaha
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New House? [04 May 2004|06:17pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | Baby Look at Us Now - Sarina Paris ]

well.. i'm starting to really think about what it'd be like to move. i mean.. the whole new house clean right when you first get it kinda of thing is pretty cool i guess... but the problem is.. is that the house my dad's looking at is in everett. also thing to consider is that it'll be close to my mom's salon. but then there's school. no friends or anything. plus what am i suppossed to do about my damned schedule?! they probably won't even have japan trips... *sigh* bye bye japan... course this house isn't even built yet.. my dad seems to like it though. it's small, fair price and all that crap. wonder if my friends would care? meh... we'll all just end up rubbing it off anyway.. meet new people, forget the old ones. also, i'll hafta drive a freaking hour from everett to renton if i ever plan on picking up neko. that is if i even talk to neko ever again. hmm.. something i've noticed is that i seem to lag when it's almost the end of the year. probably we have a bunch of like.. week breaks and crap. makes my mind go slower and slower. then i freaking fail at the end of the year. that's gotta suck. as you can see i'm not too thrilled about moving... or my grades for that matter.

On a much happier note, school was.....alright? meh. it was ok i guess. only think slightly amusing was that the sub in orchestra called me Dennis at role call.... me: yes my name is dennis! *cough* can read *cough* wesker: DENNIS KILLS COWS! me: SHUT UP!! *points at wesker across the room* but! i shall get my revenge! chowchow said that when he talks about me and cows i should come back saying bach hates him :3 bwahahaha. uuh yea i feel like crap.. chao

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Bleh [06 Apr 2004|06:10pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Hello fair blog, i am yet again depressed today. of course my day has just turned depressing from one little tiny thing and i'm about to goto bed anyway but oh well. anyhow, my mom told me earlier in the week that she needed me to draw her some stuff. she showed me the pictures and it's fairly easy. today, i mentioned that i'm planning on playing tennis with some friends tomorrow. she freaking glares at me getting on my case about the drawings. i ask her how many drawings there are. then she asks if i finished my hw... i've been at the salon ever since school got out and havn't done any hw.... what the crap. so i go back to the question of the pictures. she says about six. i say that i can get them done. and she says: but how can you if you're going to be playing tennis?! me: i can do them in the morning and when i get back.... the entire time she was glaring at me. so basically now i kinda feel like my parents lack confidence in me. maybe i won't play tennis tomorrow i duno. know what's funny... ms. king came up to me and mentioned art programs in the summer and she thinks i can get some kind of scholarship or something (which is a lil extreme to think about at the moment..) buut i kno i'd never be able to go into the art field because artists don't "make enough money" as my parents say. instead i hafta be a freaking doctor and make LOTS of money... what the hell.. and from the sounds of it... my parents are fighting again. aaand i have a couple tears leaking out. i'm going to bed... i feel like shit...

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Damn It All [31 Mar 2004|06:08pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

*sigh* guess what journal with absolutly no emotion! i've been having a VERY crappy week! let's see... i'll sum everything up for you: Sunday: i worked my ass off at least 2 hours on a spiderman picture i wanted to enter for this marvel super heroes contest on the oekaki. since i thought everything was going oh so well, i didn't bother to take a screenshot (stupid me) so i pushed send. and it asked are you finished. i pushed ok. then it takes me back to the contest board. and what do you know?! the slot that i hade didn't show a THING no peter parker, o spider man, not even a freaking dot. so i asked neko to goto the contest board and see if she could see anything. she said she saw a blank slot. so i basically spent 2 hours of staring at my compu screen and straining my eyes for NOTHING. i therefor decided to quit oekaki since my own oekaki board won't work for me. yet it works for neko. i formated my MSN name to "shoot me" and that ended up with wesker IMing me asking why. so i explained everything and asked if he'd like to do the honors. his reply: "sure, with my bare f-ing hands" that made me feel a little better. but i still felt like crap. MONDAY! well la di da. monday was slightly ok but it really pissed me off as well. let's see... in third period, i had to stay after class a lil bit to sort out the borrowing the prismacolors with ms. king. by this time i KNEW i was gonna be late for math since it's on the other side of the school and we have 4 minute passing periods. so i ran out of the art room. so i was running in the breeze way and after i passed the music rooms, my books fall out of my bags. this reeeally ticked me off. and at the time kenny and david were there laughing at me. they helped me tho. seamus was also passing by and helped a little. then when they left i was still gathering my things. then seamus came by again saying: oh dear...do you need some help? o_O; at this point i'm still struggling/hurrying but i just told him i was fine. i was late for math. at lunch, i got to witness june eat almost all of her 2 vegitarian pizzas. it was quite funny. guess that was the high point of the day. she almost looked like she was going to hurl everytime she had a few veggies. still during lunch, i was in the library with franklin and david for no apparent reason. once the bell rang, we started walking out of the library. we barely walked like 4 feet out of the entrance to the library and my books fall out of my bag...AGAIN. so i had even MORE stress and rushed to class. 6th period - french. we're told to get out our planers...and i look in my bag. as it turns out..i've LOST my planner. Tuesday: well.. the good news for yesterday was that i spent most of the time coloring in math. the bad news was that i remembered why i didn't like my one strap blue backpack cuz the zipper is broken as well. and finally, today... today i RUINED my art project by adding a stupid puddle. the puddle doesn't even LOOK like one. now i despise my project. and i despise myself.

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I Drink Eggs [25 Mar 2004|06:07pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Hmm, today wasn't very much fun. prolly cuz i had math and english today. Bri gave me an interesting look during s.s. today actually. once i walked into the library, she was right in my face and asked "alright, what are we going to do cuz we're screwed!" me: i already finished the rough draft =P we barely finished by the end of class. so i was like: eeeh i'll give you the scripts tomorrow... bri: you want me to do the scripts? me: nah i already finished it.i'm just too lazy to get it out right now. bri: O_O; anywho.... what else...oh we had a french worksheet....wesker read it wrong and wrote "i drink eggs in the morning" course i read it wrong too and wrote "i drink pieces of toast with jam" blah i feel like such an idiot >_< hmm.. new song in orchestra! yay! and the coolest part is that it's called: Rosin Eating Zombies from Outer Space. woot. we didn't finish sight reading it. prolly continue on monday cuz tomorrow we're gonna watch mulan. aagh unit test in math on monday. eep eep eep. chao.

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Third Trimester [23 Mar 2004|06:06pm]
well, nothing much really happened today. the start of the third trimester and stuff. the only thing that changed on my schedule though was P.E. now i have exploratory art :) hmm.. in s.s. we did more research. except i'm reeally starting to hate our topic for powerpoint. in french we researched new orleans. course i didn't know i was suppossed to research over the weekend. apparently june and laura did eh heh. so they're basically done and i still needa do my part. buuut being the lazy arse i am i've been updating the site and such. played a lil gunbound today. oh! i had some pretty strange dreams over the weekend. first one was that almost everyone at school were zombies. and i had a freakin bloody axe as my weapon of choice o.< so, i just stood there staring at zombie wesker and alfred and i'm all: dude.... i don't think i'll be able to kill you guys... wesker: why not? me: you're too tall.... the only way i could kill the zombies was to split them in half straight down the middle. and i accidentaly killed mathew. then he came back to life. got mad at me. and then gave me a piggy back ride o_O; i said sorry to him this morning for killing him in my dream eh heh. he probably thinks i'm weird now. let's see... my other dream...hmm can't seem to remember it at the moment. oh well. we also had seat tests in orchestra today. i did soooo horrible >_< 9:42... i should goto bed. sure why not :) chao!
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Botha Botha [17 Mar 2004|07:04pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | Oissu! - Hand Maid May ]

ahoy! last night was the orchestra festival. my dad and i left 20 minutes before i was suppossed to be there and we were lost until 7:14. so i was basically 14 minutes late. what made things worse was that we had to walk on the other side of the campus cuz we parked in the wrong place. luckily i saw alfred and i was all: ALFRED! THANK GOD!!! XD and by that time all the orchestras were in the freaking gym. but everything went well. mr. adamo claims he got numerous calls and letters saying the kellogg orchestras were one of the main highlights of the performance. i personally think that einstein was a lot better than us. and after hearing the second violin tests for corelli... yea they're probably better than us. no offense to my fellow classmates though eh heh ^^;

let's see.. today was a C day and we had this harassment assembly thing. i thought it was pretty good. much more enjoyable than past assemblies. course i won't really rant on about it because once the assembly was over, ms. ozog told us to grab a sheet of paper and write an article about the assembly.. o.<; apparently it's for the troubador and whatnot. i'm kind of hoping that my article won't show up in the troubador cuz well.. we had to write it in half an hour. and when i have to write a decent paper in half an hour at 10 in the morning....my writing is most likely to turn out like crap.

in P.E. we had to turn in our locks. which REALLY has me confused now cuz i have no idea if we're suppossed to be in exploratory arts for 2 hours tomorrow or be in P.E. wearing regular clothing for 2 hours...... yearbook was cancelled today so i spent pretty much all of hangtime doing hw. chao!

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I Just Killed My Mirror... [15 Mar 2004|05:44pm]
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | Theme of Love - Final Fantasy IV ]

just a lil thing i thought was funny in secret window *points to title*

well, it's been 17 days since i last updated neh? so let's see what's happened so far these past couple weeks:

March 4: Neko's birthday and my orchestra concert. she came a bit late and i was getting all worried too ^^; bacon also came. kori was gonna go but she couldn't cuz she had too much hw. sadly the performance sucked. i got lost on both of the songs for a measure or two. i also forgot to do my little happy birthday duet with sue aaargh.

March 13: watched secret window with bacon. YAY

and today! well.. we didn't do a whole lot today. oh yea i watched legendary frog's new flash movie yesterday. can't wait for the matrix has you to come out. three days until the trimester is over and one day until the district orchestra concert. followed by a four day weekend! except, i have loads of projects now. for science i have to make an atom, english i have to write an essay on anne frank, social studies i have a power point presentation to get ready for, for french i have to do a presentation/cook, and in orchestra i still need to do my test thing. that's every class but PE and math hehe. luckily for social studies and french i have groups and such. plus my french group ganged up on me and decided to burn down my kitchen. i was about to work with chowchow and wesker, buuut wangwang DID come to me first. oh well =/

aargh i don't wanna write this stupid essay. it's sooo boring. plus i'm not even that great of a writer. funny how some people think i'm really good at writing yet i never really write a whole lot on my free time...

oh i also drew an oekaki yesterday and actually finished it! today i put it on my DA thing. and a couple seconds after it was submitted someone commented o_o;; scaryness....

well that's about it for now i guess. eh heh heh. chao!

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The Fears of High School [26 Feb 2004|07:20pm]
[ mood | nervous ]
[ music | Theme of Love - Final Fantasy IV ]

well, we had highschool registration today. learned about the classes, graduation requirements and such. the good news? since me and sue are born in september we might take drivers ed together. the bad news? the chance of having our french 2 trio (me, chowchow, and wesker) seperated. ;_; cuz apparently from chowchow's analysis, he and wesker are taking french 3 next year whereas i'm starting japanese fr the next 4 years of my life. then chowchow will stop world languages since he'll already have the credit and stuff for college. wesker is prolly gonna continue his french. but.... there IS the chance i'll be in geography, math, and science with them.. unless they take honors geo and science. then it'd just be math. but a sure thing is that we'd be in orchestra together! there's also the chance that i'll be in math with kori ^_^ also the chance of being in classes with fiona and wangwang. wangwang'll prolly continue her french as well since she's so perfect at it o_o;

so basically, i have the fear of seperating from my closest friends when we reach highschool. maybe i'll just cherish our last middle school annual day and await what comes next.

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Save Me Batman! [24 Feb 2004|03:23pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Around the World - Daft Punk ]

heh. sort of an interesting day today i guess ^_^ well.. not really. buut i still feel happy. hmm today in english i played out my scenes. cept i still hafta finish my last one. not much happened then. we discussed themes for soooo long. we were also informed that our shorecrest registration is gonna start on thursday during english.

math wasn't all that interesting either. though we did have a pop quiz kind of thing. i took it in as a test even though they stated "this is NOT a test. it is a CONTEST" can't spell contest without test =P so anyway we basically had to answer 40 short questions in 30 minutes. i was able to finish, cept i guessed on a few. eh heh heh. then we worked on more graphs. my group's graph had the most votes for keeps. most likely cuz it has a huge drawing on it that takes up over half the page o.<;

lunch - boring, s.s. - boring with a load of idiots.

french was alright i guess. we had to do one of those games where 1 person says where they are and what they've done (practice on passe compose) and the other people say where they were and what they did along with saying what everyone else said. so when it was wesker's turn carlos wouldn't stop being a dork. so wesker said he was at the cinema and he died. and i said i was in paris. and i couldn't think of anything so wesker said: "oo say you jumped off the eiffel tower! " aaand i did =P then afterwards since i "jumped off a tower" i assumed that i was dead. course wesker got greedy and said: no i died! you....got saved...by batman. which would explain the title. hehe *point*

orchestra was alright. course i think i needa move my finger a lil bit up cuz apparently my C# isn't sharp enough. gaaar.

oh yea. i wore one of my mom's dresses today. the bloody dress was soo freakin short man. and it ended up being reeeally windy when passing period to 7th came by. soo i got a lil uncomfortable >_<; hmm. that's all that's happened so far. cuz i doubt you'd wanna know about me eating oreos after school =P chao!

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Like a Bird in a Cage [20 Feb 2004|06:59pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]
[ music | Once in a Lifetime - El Hazard ]

i was kinda feeling bored/depressed. so some where around there. today was really boring. it went by so slowly. all i did was watch tv. i checked by on the comp to see if anything new was happening. but nothing. i also pretty much lived on bananas too. though i did have a small plate of rice. buut it wasn't all that much. i'm also freezing cold dammit -__-; so i've basically been a living corpse all day long. it's surprising how hopeless i am. let's see... parents at work still. brother's gone to study with his friend. and i'm stuck in front of my compu in my stupid broken chair blabering my problem to an online journal. whoop di do. i wouldn't be surprised if i turned into some smoking idiot with a lousy job when i'm older. sad life yes, but oh well. that's life right? filled with the shitiness of the excitence of humans with their life styles, popularity, politics, and crap like that. rather boring really. course what do you know? you're just an online journal. i think i'm done ranting for today. since i havn't been really doing anything there's not much to say. chao.

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Good Memories - Wesker's Oddness [18 Feb 2004|08:19pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Eyes on Me - Faye Wong ]

lol. i just remembered the time when i was obsessing over LOTR pairings in math and me and chowchow were trying to figure out why sam took the hobbit girl instead of frodo. so then wesker comes up and he's like: "sam got married to some woman cuz frodo chose gollum instead of sam." THAT sentence has stayed in my mind ever since. my reaction and chowchow's for that matter was like: "OMFG THAT'S SO TRUE!!!" then after orchestra i was talking to alfred about the whole pairing of gimli and legolas. i'm not even sure if he was paying attention to me. but then wesker catches up to us and heard what i was saying and he said: "hey do you know why sam got married to a hobbit woman?!" i cracked up slightly while wesker and i explained it to alfred. and alfred's like: O_O;;; wth?! i was laughing soooo hard.

then there's the other time in math when we were making these poster things. i had a sevvie in my group and at the time he was holding a meter stick. so wesker comes up to him and was like: "i'm gonna take this meter stick" so then the sevvie turns to me and says: "quick! slap him!" so i walk up to wesker (he's damn taller than me in comparison) and he says: wait! if you slap me i'll kill you with my bare f***ing hands. which caused me to crack up madly. he ended up taking our meter stick anyway =P

that same day in french wangwang and the person who stole my whale took my planner and started scribbling in it over the dates we had winter break and such. that's when wesker walked by and scribbled something down saying: you will die today. i turn to him and say: really? i'm gonna die today? him: yes. that is my prophecy. me: and you prophecy states that i'm going to die? him: ....yes XD

strange world isn't it? =P

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Starry Starry Night [12 Feb 2004|08:30pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | Vincent - Don Mclean ]

starry starry night.
paint your pallet blue and grey.
look out on a summer's day.
with eyes that know the darkness in my soul.
shadows on the hills.
sketch the trees and daffodils.
catch the breeze and winter chills.
in colors on the snowy lemon land.

now i understand. what you tried to say to me.
and how you suffered for your sanity.
and how you tried to set them free.
they would not listen they did not know how.
perhaps they'll listen now.

starry starry night.
flaming flowers that brightly blaze.
swirling clouds in violet haze reflect in vincent's shine of blue.
colors changing hue. morning fields of amber grain.
whethered faces lined in pain. are soothed beneath the artist's loving hand.
now i understand what you tried to say too me.
and how you suffered for ur sanity.
and how you tried to set them free.
they did not listen did they not know how.
perhaps they'll listen now.

for they could not love you.
but still your love was true.
and when no hope was left inside on that starry starry night.
you took your life as lovers often do.
but i could've told you, vincent, this world was never meant for someone as beautiful as you.

starry starry night.
portraits hung in empty halls.
framless heads on namless walls with eyes that watch the world and can't forget.
like the strangers that you've met.
the ragged men in ragged clothes.
the silver thorn a bloody rose.
lie crushed and broken on the virgin's silk.
now i think i know. what you tried to say to me.
and how you suffered for ur sanity. and you u tried to set them free.
they're not listening. they're not listening still. perhaps they never wiiiill...

a song by Don Mclean. truly beautiful yet sad. i'm a little depressed at the moment and i don't really know why. i guess.. it's because i feel everyone expects too much from me. and because of that i fear what i'll be like in the future. it seems like i'm always alone and lost. i never really know what to do.

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Coldness [11 Feb 2004|06:24pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | Grand Prix - Initial D ]

today was fairly boring. we reviewed solutions in science, played badminton in PE, had discussions in S.S., worked on projects in french, and practiced in orchestra. at hang time all i did was outline my little pictures. also had some skittles. blah i have a stomach ache at th moment. and it's really cold. 22 days until the concert. let's hope neko will be there. i still need to make my valentine cards and get a birthday present for neko. this is begining to become fairly bothersome....

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Blah [08 Feb 2004|06:40pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]
[ music | Cannon in D - Johann Pachelbel ]

well. i saw Relic and RE today at bacon's. i actually hadda go to her house like 1-2 hours early than we planned to meet. but that's ok. relic was VERY disappointing. sure there was some blood and gore and stuff... BUT THEY DIDN'T HAVE PENDERGAST! pendergast was this like sophisticated FBI agent dude and i thought he was pretty cool in the book. and then they killed off dr. frock and greg. dr. frock i might not be soo mad about.. but they weren't suppossed to kill GREG! furthermore, dr. green wasn't even suppose to find out that the creature was whitman! uuugh they totally screwed up the story. oh and bacon's dad pointed out that it's suppossed to take place in new york, NOT chicago. plus the monster didn't even look human/lizard. it looked more like a freakin dog... RE was pretty cool though (since it's like the 4th or 5th time i've seen it) i kept whining about how alice was killing the cute lil doggies. tristram didn't agree with the whole cute lil puppies ;_; blah. tomorrow's monday.. a C day. also progress reports and the fitness run.. blarg >

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Ronicus Explodicus [07 Feb 2004|10:19pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | Air - Bach ]

well, my cold has gotten worse today. but i think i'm still goin to bacon's house tomorrow to watch RE and relic :3 RELIC! WOOT! hmm.. other happenings? hmm spent all day watching tv, playing cards, sneezing, and getting head aches. hope this cold passes by monday at the latest man. i feel hooooorrible!! >< but at least vivaldi's music has been soothing. oh yea. i also watched potter pupple pals 2 again today. and i finally found the deleted scene! ron was dancing with the butterflies goin: follow the butterflies! follow the butterflies! whee! la la la la la la! then hermione pops up and says: ronicus explodicus. then ron's head pops off. really cool. chao!

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Dr. Snape [03 Feb 2004|10:02pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | Yume De Aru Youni - Deen ]

well.. over the past few days i've been reading the fanfic dr. snape. really funny fanfic. i laugh everytime i read it. aside from that, i've been studying for my math final this thursday and reading night for my book report. i hafta goto the library tomorrow to get after the darkness since night isn't long enough... gaaar. hmm.. today i watched potter puppet pals. ron is so cool X3 also, neko's dad is cuttin out their internet cuz of her BROS she won't be online for who knows how long! TT~TT *sigh* i'll talk to neko till i hafta go. chao.

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