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who likes who [20 Nov 2003|05:36pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | alien ant farm - smooth criminal ]

maddie likes mike, persie likes mike, mike liked maddie but he doesn't want a relationship so he doens't like her ne more, and i don't kno who i like. i kinda like mike, but then, it seems like my apart of some freaky "like mike" (that's a!) club. plus, y would i like him if he doens't wanna go out w/ ne one? he said maddie try to make out w/ him on the bus, and she's like who's gonna kno? he said he told pretty much his exact words he said, "i don't want a relationship; i just want booty."

omg! on the bus, everybody was throwing paper at each other. when someone threw paper at mike and it fell on the seat, he'd try to touch my ass...EVERYTIME! it was so annoying! he also kept trying to put paper down my shirt (along w/ david). one time i wasn't paying attention, mike pulls on my shirt and drops a ball of paper down it. he "claims" he didn't look and wish he had, though.

the reason y i was riding phil's, mike's, russ's, nick's bus in the afternoon is bc i missed my bus. i was just about to get on my bus rite before it was about to leave and my gay ass bus driver didn't see me and just drove off. i rode my old bus (that i usually only ride in the morning) and called for my dad to pick me ^ from phil's house.

it was weird; my dad had pulled out too far at the stop sign between gold bear and the main road in forest creek. this car goes by and not to hit my dad's car, the move away from the crub. at the same time, there was these kids walking on the sidewalk and one grl was walking and fell off something and landed in the street. if my dad hadn't pulled out lil making that car move over about a ft or two, that grl probably would have gotten hit. the car was probably at the most a ft away from hitting her.

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to do list [19 Nov 2003|09:52pm]
here's some things i'd like to do sometime within my life:
-suba dive
-sky dive
-bungy jumping
-learn to drive a motorcycle
-learn to drive a stick (manual car)
-get into a physical fight and win
-bitch slap a ho
-go to all 50 states
-travel the world
-go to a super bowl
-go to a ut game wearing maroon and when ppl look at me, just say wut?
-convice some guy to like me and say no when he asks me out
-be at a news yr party where eveyone's drunk (except me)...tape it and use as blackmail
-cuss someone out that i don't even kno
-flirt my way out of a speeding ticket
-make butter from milk
-have my room clean for more than a!
-when i meet someone, tell them a fake name and three months later be like wut the hell? my name's amy
-live in new york
-be in the magazine isle of wal-mart for hours and read of all the magazines
-go backstage w/ an awesome band
-have a pet dog
-be a playboy bunny for halloween...ears, boobs, tail, and all
-go to las vegas and come home w/ more money
-graduate high school and college
-get married
-buy an outfit that costs more than $2,000
-eat chocolate straight for a day
-steal someone's "thunder"
-read the dictionary from a-z
-walk ^ to someone across the room and hand them a breath mint
-sing "mr. roboto" in a car w/ the windows ^ while waiting on someone
-tell someone my last name's vinegar
-go deep sea fishing
-swim w/ dolphins
-learn cuss words in other languages
-see every classic ballet
-see all the well known musicals
-go rock climbing on a mountain
-if my sis has kids, mess them ^ by telling them things they shouldn't kno at a young age
-see a wrestling match (the "professionals" like wwf) and of course, laugh
-work as a vet for bush gardens
-be in the newspaper
-in a car, turn ^ the sound and bass really loud to the whitest song i can find while driving down the road
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barrs [05 Nov 2003|12:06am]
[ mood | guilty ]
[ music | gorillaz - sunshine in a bag ]

according to this site, , barrs is cough syrup. i'm saving the site bc it's kinda strange that there's so many drugs and names for them...something to look at during the summer or when i'm! so that means toria had six bottles of cough syrup and obviously she's high...i wish i could help her. would be still be friend if i hadn't moved? i wonder that a lot. maddie says she has problems w/ her best friend from ohio bc she's gotten her belly button!?!

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toria again [04 Nov 2003|11:50pm]
[ mood | disappointed mature sad scared ]
[ music | the guess who - these eyes ]

SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: Amyyyyyyyy
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: whats suuuuuuup
PrimaBa11erina17: whos this?
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: nuuuuuuuufin mucho here
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: lettme give u a hint
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: these eyes at 11:00 at Bob's resteruant
PrimaBa11erina17: toria!
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: AMY
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: girl do uy know what barrs are?
PrimaBa11erina17: i miss u soo much!
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: i miss u too girl
PrimaBa11erina17: the kind u got in trouble for selling at school?
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: i just got outta jail again
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: yes sirrrreeeee
PrimaBa11erina17: i kno it's a kind of drug
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: well u know what they r and stuff right like how they make u feel
PrimaBa11erina17: i can pretend i kno how it makes u feel
PrimaBa11erina17: lol
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: ill tell u silly girl
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: its like
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: wow
PrimaBa11erina17: cool
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: u feel like u r SO UNBELIEVABLY relaxed and chillen and u feel all hyper up like u wanna do sumthing ur a ll slow and shit and yet u wanna go party
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: and for som1 who doesnt take em much 1 is a good amount
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: for normal ppl 2 will get ya fucked up
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: well i have been doin em for so long i took 6 and i feel lovley!!!!!! usually i gotta that 7 or 8 but u know im felling goood thn a mother fucker
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: im the bar baby lol
PrimaBa11erina17: lol
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: girl im fucked up
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: omg girl how the hell did we grow up together and turn out SO different
PrimaBa11erina17: i do not kno
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: lol
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: for real th9
PrimaBa11erina17: u're on drugs...i'm in pre-ap classes
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: damnit it cant type
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: i know
PrimaBa11erina17: i'm in algebra II!...junior's class
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: im a drug dealer and ur on drill team with good grades in junior classes
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: haha
PrimaBa11erina17: no...i'm NOT on drill team
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: and..we r best friends
PrimaBa11erina17: here, there wear cowboy boats and hats
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: hmmmmm
PrimaBa11erina17: i still dance, though
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: drug dealer.
PrimaBa11erina17: i kno...
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: .....................................
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: haha
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: girl i love u
PrimaBa11erina17: i love u too
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: thanx for always being there
PrimaBa11erina17: i always will be
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: me tooooooooo
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: u kno how much money is under my matress right now
PrimaBa11erina17: how much?
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: not tchnachly under my mattres my money is stashed better than that....but 1,246 dollars next to a pund of weed and 80 bars
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: LOVE MY LIFE amy thats my saying for everybody not matter who it is or how u live ur life
PrimaBa11erina17: holy shit...that's a lot of money...and drugs
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: love ur life..bc soon enuff itll be gone
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: ya
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: shhhhhhh
PrimaBa11erina17: i kno...i do
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: thyere is a thought that goes thru my head everynight b4 i sleep
PrimaBa11erina17: wut
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: well me and every one i know and assosciate with all carrie a pistol......sooner or later one of us will use it...and sooner or later som1 will use there on us
PrimaBa11erina17: that's scary
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: i kno
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct: hey girly brb
PrimaBa11erina17: k
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct signed on at 11:42:24 PM.
SeXy0dRuNk0Prfct signed off at 11:42:39 PM.

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so this is y ppl commit suicide [28 Oct 2003|11:15pm]
[ mood | scared ]
[ music | p diddy - i'm coming out (remix) ]

i scurred!!! very scared!!!! paul and phil have this "plan" to destroy the whole world...that doesn't scare me; i hear about it every day during art. then, they started talking about who they'd save, and of course, phil said me rite off the back. i kinda laugh at the idea...yea, i get to live in their crazy plan that will never come true. the ppl that live r paul, phil, royal family, military, and slaves. (i was "royal family" which is pretty much friends of phil and paul.) well, today, phil made ^ two kinds of slaves: workers and women. he pretty much means women that will have sex every 20min. (EWWW!) in art we drew pumpkins w/ ppl sitting at our table, and i drew paul bc he was sitting across from me. the drawing was characterized or wut and i gave paul big ears, huges eyes that slant down, and a bunch of freckles. for that, paul said i didn't get to live, but phil said (while i was sitting rite beside him) i could be a woman slave. i was about to throw ^ rite there and then on the art room floor. THAT'S SO SICK!!! PHIL! that's wrong in too many ways.
Pds895: i will torture you later for what you have done
Pds895: good night
PrimaBa11erina17: wut did i do?
Pds895: you know
PrimaBa11erina17: the pumpkin?
PrimaBa11erina17: lol
Pds895: phil said:
Pds895: phase 10 and 12
PrimaBa11erina17: huh?
PrimaBa11erina17: wuts taht
Pds895: every 20 minutes
PrimaBa11erina17: *that
Pds895: you
PrimaBa11erina17: phase ten and twelve?
PrimaBa11erina17: wuts that?
Pds895: phil said we needed to have these phases added to the plan
Pds895: they are "fun"
PrimaBa11erina17: wut kind of "fun"?
Pds895: ask phil if you don't get it
Pds895: his sick mind, not mine
PrimaBa11erina17: like sexual or torture?
Pds895: closer
PrimaBa11erina17: or both
Pds895: remember the 2 types of slaves
PrimaBa11erina17: not really
Pds895: workers and .......
PrimaBa11erina17: women
Pds895: correct
PrimaBa11erina17: that's wrong
Pds895: phil insisted that it was that way
Pds895: i just wanted to kill lots of people
Pds895: but he wants to ..............................
PrimaBa11erina17: ewwww
Pds895: yea
Pds895: kinda sick
Pds895: but anyway
Pds895: i have to go write my essay or whatever
PrimaBa11erina17: i'd rather be a worker
Pds895: too bad
Pds895: remember what phil said
Pds895: 10 and 12
PrimaBa11erina17: wut about ten and twelve?
Pds895: he also said you
PrimaBa11erina17: i don't get wut ten and twelve have to do w/ ne thing
Pds895: ten and twelve when this all happens
Pds895: phases 10 and 12
Pds895: sorry amy
Pds895: nothing i can do for ya
Pds895: have fun
PrimaBa11erina17: ...
Pds895: lol
PrimaBa11erina17: lol
Pds895: evil i am
Pds895: sorry
PrimaBa11erina17: smart u r not
Pds895: i am in a funny mood
PrimaBa11erina17: haha
PrimaBa11erina17: lol
Pds895: lol
Pds895: might as well try to enjoy it
Pds895: can't get away from it
PrimaBa11erina17: good sense of humor
Pds895: tired..... sense of humor
Pds895: do you understand 10 and 12 now>
Pds895: ?
PrimaBa11erina17: yes...
PrimaBa11erina17: wrong-ness of it all
Pds895: bet you can't wait
Pds895: lol
PrimaBa11erina17: he can be very sexist and gross
Pds895: yes he can
Pds895: he gets first pick
Pds895: i get a larger part of the kingdom
PrimaBa11erina17: he thinks that's all women r good and cleaning and cookin
PrimaBa11erina17: *cooking
Pds895: and ...........
PrimaBa11erina17: we're not
Pds895: good at cooking?
PrimaBa11erina17: me?
Pds895: just jokeing
Pds895: can you cook?
Pds895: well
PrimaBa11erina17: kinda, but i'll say i can't, so i won't get "picked"
Pds895: we are going to have cooks and chefs and stuff
Pds895: you might want to be in the royal family
PrimaBa11erina17: like married in or wut?
Pds895: then only 2 people will be above you
Pds895: wut
PrimaBa11erina17: marry into the royal family?
Pds895: adopted or marry
Pds895: however you choose
Pds895: the result will be the same
PrimaBa11erina17: i'll just be apart of it w/ no relations
Pds895: not for very long
Pds895: i get to manage all the kingdom and stuff
Pds895: phil just want to ............ and stuff
Pds895: every 20 mins.
PrimaBa11erina17: ewwwwwwww
Pds895: yea
Pds895: gross
Pds895: you can't wait, can you
Pds895: just kidin
Pds895: jk
Pds895: jk
Pds895: jk
Pds895: jk
PrimaBa11erina17: don't kid
Pds895: kid
Pds895: lol
Pds895: haha
Pds895: funny
Pds895: kik
Pds895: kid
Pds895: hehe
Pds895: yea
Pds895: you will kid
Pds895: hehe
Pds895: phils kid of course
Pds895: i need more sleep
PrimaBa11erina17: that's ur fault
Pds895: the sleep or the kid
Pds895: you should feel honored
Pds895: only a few will live
Pds895: and carry on the human race
PrimaBa11erina17: not w/ phil
Pds895: we are going to get rid of std s and stuff
Pds895: phil or another royal family member
Pds895: not many of those
Pds895: about 20
Pds895: most girls
Pds895: ohh, by the way
Pds895: gays will be killed
Pds895: lezs will be invited by phil to the royal palace
Pds895: he is gross some times
Pds895: the sad thing is...
Pds895: i remember all of this stuff
PrimaBa11erina17: wut the hell is the pt in them...they don't wanna do ne thing w/ him
PrimaBa11erina17: all they want is other women
PrimaBa11erina17: and that's just wrong
Pds895: he wants to watch
Pds895: you know phil
Pds895: gross
Pds895: i hate my memory
PrimaBa11erina17: ewwwwwww
Pds895: he doesn't know about phases 13 and 14 though
Pds895: hehe
Pds895: lol
Pds895: i can't tell you.......
Pds895: so don't ask
PrimaBa11erina17: wut r those phases
PrimaBa11erina17: ...wut r all of the phases
Pds895: i won't tell you yet
Pds895: we are on phase 6
Pds895: soon to move up
Pds895: ooo
Pds895: the sun sent a solor flare thing at earth
Pds895: it arrives tommarow around noon
PrimaBa11erina17: wow...

i'm afraid i'll be raped by phil before my sophmore yr! all the things paul said phil said r soo sick!
Pds895: you would then be in my %51 of the kingdom and phil would have to ask me if he wanted to do ..........
Pds895: i will make the right choice
Pds895: women's rights
Pds895: all the way
Pds895: you wouldn't mind that would you
PrimaBa11erina17: wut
Pds895: my %51
Pds895: he has to ask me first or be killed
Pds895: thats it!
Pds895: you can be why we go to war
Pds895: he .......... you and i got mad because he didn't ask and we can destroy the rest of the planet(each other)
Pds895: thanks for the great idea
Pds895: you know what i am talking about .... right
PrimaBa11erina17: he could try, but won't get close
Pds895: :-D
Pds895: to you
PrimaBa11erina17: *close to me
Pds895: i will try to make sure of that
Pds895: not without my permision
Pds895: after that
Pds895: he can use any force he wants with you
Pds895: sorry
Pds895: i can only do so much
Pds895: O:-)
PrimaBa11erina17: if u give me a gun, he won't get ne where
Pds895: lol
PrimaBa11erina17: lol
Pds895: a gun
Pds895: lol
Pds895: just a gun
Pds895: why do that when you have %51 of the kingdom protecting you
Pds895: i will stand to my word, don't worry too much
Pds895: you must help plan the cities though

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maddie's house [27 Oct 2003|10:03pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]
[ music | the cardigans - lovefool ]

early release!!! there was one today. when i first heard we had one last week, i was surpised bc courtney never had ne last yr; she just had off periods. school was out at one...three hr earlier...30 min earlier than we got out in middle school. there was only 55min per a class (five min passing time), but there was no lunch. i was really hungry when i went to maddie's. yup, i went to maddie's after school...she didn't have v-ball practice after school. it was a lot of fun. at first we were going to watch a movie, but maddie didn't have ne good movies. we really wanted to watch the matrix: reloaded because mike just got it, and he was going to watch it. he didn't get to watch it either bc rite before he started the movie his dad walked in and asked wut it was rated, and it's r, so he didn't get to watch it. haha! lol!

after we sat around for awhile, maddie called phil to come over, but he was doing hw. who the hell goes home on an early release and does hw? ...phil lol! then, we got some food from mcdonald's and wendy's. just about as we finished, mike comes over. we just sat around talking and watching tv; then, mike walked rite and front of me and he had a huge hole in his pants rite on his two inches in diameter, and i told him. it was so funny, he covered his butt and ran into the sitting area and sat down by katy. (that feels so weird to type katy not caity.) while he did that maddie and i were laughing and throwing this wrapper or something back n forth. well, dj wanted it and i didn't catch it and landed rite in my crotch and dj goes for it. i jump out of the chair, and maddie and i start laughing. luckily, mike didn't see that.

soon, phil came along. katy, maddie, mike, phil, and i started talking about the best place, and of course, we all said our home towns. houston rules! lol! (oh yea...russ isn't there bc he's on a cruise all bastard! lol!) then, we started talking about "the hick states:" arkansas, missouri *cough cough*, tennessee, west virginia, and for some reason maddie said louisiana. i was like wut? she like, u's where all the black ppl live; it's all ghetto. i was like there's a big difference between ghetto and hicks, rednecks. o yea, katy also told us about the last time dj ate chocolate because he had just eaten a hershey's kiss...wrapper and all. well, he got really hyper and tried to rape pee wee. lol! i kno scary...especially since they're both male dogs. she said it took dj two days to get over wanting to rape pee wee.

after that, we go upstairs to play pong...well, katy and mike play pong while we all watch. mike won two out of three. then, we went outside to play v-ball. i wearing jeans bc it's kinda cold; plus i never wear shorts to school, so i have to change into shorts just in case i slide on the ground. only shorts of maddie's that fit were her old v-ball shorts...spandex. w/ mike and phil, i had to put on another shirt that cover my butt bc...ya, u nice, muscular ass! lol! yea way, thank god we didn't keep score. maddie and phil were on a team, and mike, katy, and i were on a team. it was funny, i followed the ball back, but then realized it was behind me and told mike to get it at the last second. of course, i kinda took too big of a step back and kinda fell in the splits, (and didn't realized it bc i'm so flexible that i didn't even feel...i knew i was on the ground, though) and mike missed the ball. mike never did ne thing on our team, but he said i wanna stay in the back row bc i like the's one of those compliments u don't wanna take bc they flatter u, but they're also very wrong bc for him to be complimenting that means he must have been staring at my spandex. mike kept bumping the ball wrong so for the 50th time he bumped it wrong, so i throw the ball at the back of his head, and he turns his head. opps! lol! i hit him rite in the nose. by then, maddie's mom was playing, and we were all laughing. a couple min later, my team was doing horrible bc phil and maddie's mom had maddie, and bc i hit mike on the head w/ the v-ball, maddie and i switched teams.

after that, we only played for like two more seconds and started playing basketball bc the guys wanted to. since phil and katy had the most basketball experience, they were captains, and since phil like loves me, i was on his team, and maddie and mike were on the other team. mike was guarding me since he'd rather guard me than phil. of course, when i'd check the ball in, he'd be like where r my heads, they could be here, they could be there, they could be smacking ur ass. another time, (bc i was ^ against the garage bc that was out of bounds) he puts his hands on the garage door and like surrounds me, and he's like wut? i was just blocking. katy said no...that's harrassment. it was so funny! lol! and then, mike said to me, y can't they do in basketball wut they do to each in football and pat each other on the butt, and he makes the motion of smacking someone on the ass. of course i didn't say this bc he's probably be like that's ok too, but in football they "pat the ppl othe butt" that r on their team. throughout the game while mike "guarding" me, his hand kinda grazed passed my ass a couple of times. both times i was like MIKE!, but he'd just act clueless. before the game was over, i had to leave for dance :( lol! (i'm sad about the game ending, not mike trying to touch my ass.)

omg! i sit by the sickest guys in english. they're always talking about sex or jacking off. in fact, today alex was talking about his friend and her boyfriend having sex in her closet so her parents wouldn't get caught. alex also gave steven a condom, and then, they all started joking about how he'd never use it, and u should always buy two condoms, one for sex, the other to try on before to make sure u got the rite size. it's really sick. alex has this huge hicky on his chest from his grlfriend, and he was bragging about how he went the movies w/ his grlfriend, but they didn't watc it. every day, they always seem to talk about balls being attached to the chins...i dont' kno y...

speaking of weird things, on friday i was talking to kari when we had extra time in world geography. she thinks i should go out w/ nick. eww!!! i'll never, ever go out w/ nick again. i've said this before and i'll say it again, nick is a horrible boyfriend, and i'll never like him in that way again bc he turns into a major jackass. (for homecoming...when maddie and nick still liked each other, nick didn't even make maddie a mum or wutever they're called.) then, we started talking about how kari dislikes maddie, and that she's horrible friend. of course, she can do some bad things, but she's not a bad friend (unless u're counting that time she chose nick over me...but that's done and over). kari did tell me something about maddie i never heard about. last yr while mike was going out w/ persie, maddie was pretending to be lesebian or something like that (i couldn't understand exactly wut kari!) and she, stina, and mike were hanging out, and she licks mike's ear. then, she tells maddie to make out w/ mike and stina said no i'm not going to do that to persie, so her and mike just go behind the wall and just stand there for awhile. y would u lick someone's ear? that's really

i kno as soon as i get a boyfriend, i'll be like i dont' have enough time for him...y do i have a boyfriend? but rite now, i want a boyfriend!!!!!!! phil would go out w/ me in a second, but i don't want to go down that road again! lol! that road leads to some poor farm down in! out of the guys that i hang out w/, john, mike, and chris would be the only possiblities. well, i really don't hang out w/ chris, i just see him every b day during lunch...he's russ's friend...that says a lot! lol! plus, he's really quiet. john...i don't kno, he's nice and all, he just has this weird quality to him. i don't kno wut it is...maybe he's too nice...i don't kno. lol! (i'm very picky.) only thing wrong w/ mike is maddie likes him, and phil likes me, so he probably wouldn't even think of liking...which really pisses me off if that were true. i won't have another boyfriend until i go to college...just kill me now.

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my ingenious plan [24 Oct 2003|11:15pm]
[ mood | predatory ]
[ music | rollin' (remix) - limp bizkit ft dmx ]

my bus is ALWAYS over crowded in the afternoon. a coupld days ago, there were so many ppl, we all had to get off and they had to call our name off the list to get on the bus. maddie (like usual) didn't ride the in the afternoon that day, but they were about to get on the bus and play a game at another high school, so she was talking to me. all the sudden she's like i have a secret to tell u. she told me that she likes mike.

...maddie likes mike. ah! it's not that i kinda like him; it's that mike's the only one left that is "pure." lol! the rest of my guy friends, maddie has them wrapped ^ around her finger. she trying to get mike to be another one of her bitches by making russ make mike come to v-ball games. it's not rite how she has all of them and their a way she kinda uses them.

i have the greatest plan to keep mike from going out w/ maddie (even if he does like...don't kno whether he does or not). this is wut i'll say to him:
so does nick like maddie...bc i kno she doesn't like him at all. i think she was the worst grlfriend ever...even worst ex-grlfriend, MUCH worst. she became attached to him too quickly and never let go. it took her so long to get over him, and then, she messed it ^ for him when he tried to go out w/ brook. (of course, he tried to play both sides on that lil thing...told maddie she meant nothing then told brook that he only liked her.) maddie was too dependent and overprotected (both of them were overprotective). and after they broke ^, she became the worst ex-grlfriend. y couldn't they just stay friends? she sent him mixed singles when they broke ^. that's how she keeps him and along w/ the rest of ya'll wrapped around her finger. yea...all of ya'll....russ, phil, nick, and soon u. y does she have u and russ going to her v-ball games? he's got his own grlfriend and u're not her boyfriend. and y do u go to her house every weekend? u can hangout at other ppl's houses. she gets phil to tell everything to her, and it's obvious wut she talks to him about...nick. all she ever does is complain or love nick.

something to that degree, i'll tell mike online. (of course, he's suppose to be talking throughout it, too.) that proves maddie's a bad grlfriend, REALLY bad ex-grlfriend, and that he shouldn't let maddie use her like she's trying to. the hardest thing will be getting online as the same time as mike; other than that, there's no flaws to my plan. hehe...i'm so evil!!!

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this weekend [19 Oct 2003|10:23pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | jimmy fallon - basketball ]

i didn't have dinner tonite; i had lunch and two breakfasts today. we didn't have ne to eat other than leftovers and none of us wanted leftovers, so we just had another breakfast! lol! it was yummy...i had french toast for...umm...dinner.

all i've done today pretty much is go to church, sleep, watch tv, and download music. it was funny, during lunch, ice skating was on and i was like, "is there ne football on?" ice skating doesn't really appeal to me. it's like dance, but they jump and spin around and they do incorrect ballet technique, and that really bugs! thing is on sundays, they only have nfl football on, and i really don't like that either. (i sound so picky about wut i watch for have no cable!) they play football for money; in college, they play for their school.

my sis was here this weekend...well, thursday thru saturday. it was weird, when she was here, her and i just talk for like 30 min. that's weird for us...we usually don't just talk to each other for 30min! when she's gone i don't miss her, but when she's there i kinda notice that when she's gone that the house is a lil empty (even though when she is home she just stays ^ in her room).

i really don't have much to talk about.

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mmm...this cherry limeade tastes so good! [13 Oct 2003|10:09pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]
[ music | hello nasty (the cd) ]

today's columbus day, but i had school. that's bc we had school off last monday; don't ask y. i'm kinda glad we had last monday bc i would die that week w/ out. i was so tired bc i never get enough sleep and over several weeks it had addded ^ and soon i would have probably given into it and fallen asleep during math or science. lol! i actually understand math...the hardest part is the quizzes bc they're timed and she doesn't give us enough time. i never have time to check my answers! so i get good test and hw grades and my quiz grades r in the 70's. it pisses me off.

ut lost!!!!!!! :D ut lost to ou for the forth yr in a row!!! even though it was pure luck, A&M beat ou when they were number one and A&M of course didn't have a number. lol! they lost pretty bad, too...75-13...sad. ut didn't lose quite as bad as baylor did to A&M...73-10! hehe! :D of course, i'm comparing A&M beating a horrible school to ut losing against the number one football school. well, for rite they're number one. but!

speaking of football and losing, we had our homecoming game last friday. i went to the game to watch us lose to mcneil. i was horrible...i didn't pay attention to the game it was so bad. we lost 3-29. haha! we! it was cool, though...i hanged out w/ all my friends (except for maddie and caity). i got bored a lot, so i'd stand ^ walk around the whole home side looking for more ppl. i started wondering if i had add since i kept getting ^. mm...this ice tastes sooo good....wut was i talking about?!? lol! jk!

damn teenage yrs. lol! everyone's probably said that at least once when they were a teenager. i don't kno; i like mike...i think, but i don't kno. i'm not sure if i like him as a close guyfriend or i like him as a possible boyfriend. there's a thin line inbetween the two...i'm just not sure where it is. lol! ahh!!!! i don't kno. i think that makes me nervous not knowing. i always have to kno eveything. lol! that sounds horrible, but it's true. (i've said "horrible" a lot through out his entry.) if i don't kno wut i'm talking about, i at least make it sound like i do, but it's bad when i do that, and someone catches me on it bc i said something wrong. but since i kno so much that doesn't happen very often. lol! i'm so kidding; i'm no where near perfect. if ne thing i'm the exact opposite: i can't spell, i'm not good talking in front of crowds (i get shy), i never speak out for wut i believe, i don't project my emotions that often or ever, i have no time, i'm not that pretty, i'm not the greatest w/ guys (boyfriends), i have a bad sense of time (i always delay wut i do like rite!), i don't eat as healthy as i should, i lie, i take a lot of short cuts, i barely get ne sleep, i'm not the greatest dancer, i use kazaa, i can be VERY unsincere and sarcastic, i can be perfectionist (on work not my, my room is never clean, u can see my vains thru my skin, i can be bully, i act tuff when i'm not, i complain and whine to get my way sometimes, i set my goals too high and let myself down, when i start a project it takes me forever to finish it, shall i go on? some ppl think i got it ez, but i don't. i like that quiz that sad i was winter bc it's so true. it fits me perfectly. except i like summer better...temp wise. lol! *sigh*

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MY LITTLE PONY! [10 Oct 2003|06:37pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | salt n peppa - push it ]

i don't think the pep rally worked, it's just i'm listening to loud music...that's y i'm so happy!!! :P yea...we had a pep rally today; today's homecoming. i always wanna call it a prep rally bc all the football players and cheerleaders celebrate our last defeat at home for the season. lol! i'm going to the game tonite just to for good laughs when we lose and to hang out w/ my friends. i'm not going to the homecoming just like i said i wouldn't. everyone keeps telling me i should go, but it's too late now. oh!

u kno wut i hate is when u can't tell when someone's serious or sarcastic. it's ok to be sarcastic but change ur tone of voice, so u make it noticeable that u're being sarcastic. during world geography, steven and i r partners for a project (he's probably not going to do ne thing), and he wanted to talk to jc and colby. when we walked over colby says to me, "u look hot today," and i was like thanx. jc was like, "wut did u just say?" colby said, "i said she's hot; she always is." in my head i was like hehe! because i think he's kinda cute, but after i thought about i wasn't sure if he was just joking around or being serious. damn guys! lol! they're annoying, yet us grls can't resist them!

my mouth tastes like a mixture of pepsi and m&m's...quite strange.

u kno i haven't had a "cola" soft drink in a long time. (the brown soft drinks r colas, but i didn't wanna say brown soft drinks bc that kinda sounds gross.) i never eat out bc we're broke and i don't canned cokes, so i don't drink coke ne more. i rarely drink sunkist...haven't had that in over a week. all i drink is apple juice. :D apple is the best!!! lol! (u kno...the :D looks more like someone talking or singing instead of a huge smile.) i go thru atleast three bottles of apple juice! and i'm the only that drinks it at my house.

i feel kinda bad today...i didn't eat ne breakfast. i was really late. i got ^ at 7, yet after i put my makeup on it was already 7:35! well, not really, the clock in the bathroom is a lil head; i don't kno how much...that takes away from having it ahead bc then u can just say, "'s really 7:30, but it says 7:42." u kno?

caity wasn't at school today. :'( i knew she wasn't there when i didn't see her between 5th and 6th period. after the pep rally, i asked melissa if she was here, and she said no. i hope she's not sick. (she probably is since she wasn't at school, so hopefully she's not vomitting other end. lol! ew...) or maybe she just didn't want to be around all the school spirited preppy stuff! lol! when i was thinking about y she wouldn't be at school i thought about that before i thought that she could be!

i thought i was gonna die today or atleast get beat ^. lol. i forgot all about the ou/ut game that's tomorrow and wore my aggie shirt that says,"thy shall cut all of the horns of the evil," or something to that effect. i didn't really get ne bad looks. just erin, mr. ryan, carmen, and nicolle. dillon thought it was awesome...a fellow aggie! lol! since it was homecoming plus the big ut game's tomorrow, everyone was wearing our school colors or burnt orange. only maroon shirt in the whole school today! (i didn't spot ne at the pep rally.) o yea! lol!

gotta write! i've got nothing to do until seven. that's when melissa's going to pick me ^ for the game. i could do hw, but whos gonna do that on friday? lol! come on, u wait til ten on sunday! of course! haha...amy logic!!! it's the greatest! :P

i see u baby...shakin that ass...shakin that a-a-a-a-aaaasssss! lol! great song. i kno it says i'm listening to push it, but that was a long ago when i started writing this. i wonder who came ^ w/ the idea to write a diary. bc if u really think about...u're just writing to urself, pretty weird, but it helps u bc it gets out the things u wish u could say or r too afraid to say. like i could never tell ne one about how i still sleep a blanky...i'm so fucking kidding!!! i never even slept w/ a blanky ne way...that was my sis, and she didn't stop sleeping w/ it 'til she was about seven or so. i did used to take like five different stuffed animals to bed and play w/ them and fell asleep doing that. hehe! i usually played w/ my pound puppies and kitties! they were the greatest! along w/ my lil pony! awesome toys!!! of course, who could forget the netiendo...the original!!! that had the best games ever...and mario and the hunting game on the wall! hehe! i'm getting so happy remembering my childhood toys. most of the games i played were imaginary games that toria and i played on the swing set. it always had the same plan: we're two princesses captured by an evil person, so somehow we escape and save these two hot princes who r also captured by an evil person. and usually the evil person is trying to force to marry them or their ugly son. everytime we played this, the only thing that changed was our name, where we were from, the guy's name (always fake), the environment around us, the evil person, and the animal we rode around every where. i usually had a jaguar, leopard, or a tiger. grr! lol!

times have changed so much since then. i live in round rock, and toria got kicked out of school. she got caught selling drugs; she said she had 100 bars on her. i don't wut kind of that drug that is, but it's illegal, of course. it's sad she's a drug dealer now, has sex (luckily she stays w/ guy at a time...of wut i kno), smokes, and probablys smokes some of the the illegal drugs she sells. she wants me to come down to houston, and i really want to, but she's changed so much in bad ways. plus, i'm afraid they'll bust her at home for selling drugs, and i'll get arrested, too! lol! i really didn't like the friends she had when i went down there like two yr ago...just think of wut kind of friends she has now. it makes me feel so goody-goody-ish and sad at the same time. i sometimes wonder if i still lived in houston if i'd be good friends w/ her or even friends at all. if we did stay friends, would i have tried smoking, drugs, or drinking by now. (i've had a glass of champgne at a wedding and a sip of my parents wine or beer, but not enough to make me drunk.)

*sigh* i'm gonna to go now since i'm all typed out. and my hands r getting tried, too! lol!

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[06 Oct 2003|04:29pm]
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:( [06 Oct 2003|03:29pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]
[ music | alien ant farm - these days ]

toria's profile:
FoX22889:u betta come back to lc soon before i gotta find a new drinkin buddy DUDE TY YOUR FRICKIN AWESOME HEHE I GOT MY TY FIX AT FIESTA!!!!! lol hehe
LC pLaYa0769: miss you and much love back ta you
HeY EVeRy BoDy check it out hehe i go to aLc now but ill be back to gunna have good revenge hehe, imma be like "POW in ur face mr. JaCKsOn (the ass who kicked me out) Im BAcK!"


PrimaBa11erina17: wut did u get kicked out of school for?
PrimaBa11erina17: this is amy brinegar from round rock if u don't remember
HaLfBlondeNcRaZy: OMG I WUV U
PrimaBa11erina17: :-D
PrimaBa11erina17: i love u too!
HaLfBlondeNcRaZy: omg u have to come see me!!!!!!!
PrimaBa11erina17: i kno! but i have like no time
HaLfBlondeNcRaZy: well seriously
HaLfBlondeNcRaZy: u HAVE to come here......cuz i cant leave the state
PrimaBa11erina17: back before started i was in houston and i stopped by ur house, but u weren't home
PrimaBa11erina17: i leave in tx
HaLfBlondeNcRaZy: awwwwwww
PrimaBa11erina17: y can't u live the state
HaLfBlondeNcRaZy: \nope
PrimaBa11erina17: y
HaLfBlondeNcRaZy: im on probation
PrimaBa11erina17: for wut
HaLfBlondeNcRaZy: um i sell weed and bars but i had a hundred bars on me in school.....and they put me in jail for 6 im in Juvanialle probation habilitation for 9 wekks.....i get out december 19
PrimaBa11erina17: damn
HaLfBlondeNcRaZy: its allllll goo0o0o0d
PrimaBa11erina17: is that y u got kicked out of school?
HaLfBlondeNcRaZy: yea
PrimaBa11erina17: that sux
HaLfBlondeNcRaZy: not realli im still toria...RaNdOmLy HaPpY 24/7
PrimaBa11erina17: lol
HaLfBlondeNcRaZy: hehe THESE EYES at 7:00 at the bbq place in the middle of nowhere!
PrimaBa11erina17: :-D
HaLfBlondeNcRaZy: missing u!
HaLfBlondeNcRaZy: so u gotta bf?
PrimaBa11erina17: no...
HaLfBlondeNcRaZy: aww any prospects?
PrimaBa11erina17: yea, but not very many bc we have a 9th grade campus, so u never get to see the rest of the guys
HaLfBlondeNcRaZy: do ya want one?
PrimaBa11erina17: i don't kno...i mean i would it's i don't have time
HaLfBlondeNcRaZy: yea
PrimaBa11erina17: i get home and go to dance, take a shower and go to bed
HaLfBlondeNcRaZy: i gots one he's cool i love the guy hehe
PrimaBa11erina17: awww
PrimaBa11erina17: how long have ya'll been going out?
HaLfBlondeNcRaZy: about 2 months
HaLfBlondeNcRaZy: :-D
PrimaBa11erina17: :-D
PrimaBa11erina17: brb
HaLfBlondeNcRaZy: k

i don't kno wut to do...she's my best friend houston, but all this stuff that she does now!?! i wanna visit her A LOT because i miss her, but i don't bc she's changed so much!!! i was so happy when she said these eyes 7:00 at the bbq place. every time i hear that song in the car when i'm w/ my mom, i almost start crying.

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should be doing a lab report and reading but delaying like usual [02 Oct 2003|10:27pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | fuel - falls on me ]

after april, maddie and i have slowly started to regain our friendship, but i don't kno how to get back to the pt that we were at. we used to be unseperable, but obviously that changed! lol! i kno that over the summer i've changed and so has she. to in a way, "catch her ^" on wuts going on w/ me, i could let her see my journal, but there's A LOT of REALLY bad stuff about her in this. and she thought i'd get mad over her thinking about killing me in a dream, she'd kill me in reality. i don't kno how to talk about the thing that happened back in april in a serious way w/ out her getting mad. i kno some pt in time it will happen, but it'll be very uncomfortable, and i really need to clear some things ^ for her!!! lol! like i don't like nick and NEVER will again! lol! i don't kno about her, but i think a lot about wut that lil event and look back and see how stupid i acted. y the hell would i ever pick a guy over a friend's feelings? i kno she turned around and did rite back to me, but wut can i do about wut she did about half a yr ago?

ne way...enough back that. i don't kno, it's really weird, some days i like mike...some days i don't. persie asked me if she could tell him that i liked him, but i told her no bc that day i didn't like him (lol) plus, it would be stupid to tell him bc he doesn't like me. it would be really weird if he liked me bc he has a date (as a friend), courtney mallon to go w/ him to homecoming. now, i don't to go w/ him to go w/ me to homecoming, i want him and all of my friends to just hang out and watch a movie at someone's house. that would be much better than some stupid dance. plus, homecoming u have to kinda dress ^, and i don't wanna really do that. only cool thing about prom is u get REALLY dressed ^ and after prom is awesome. lol!

stina kinda bugs me now. i mean i'm friends w/ her and all, but she's way too much of a goodie-goodie. she studied for a biology test for like three days straight! it wasn't that hard; u could have just glanced at ur review before the test and done fine. she's also running for class president, and she's in the debate club. plus, she does almost every single extra credit assignment bc she's afraid she's gonna get a 93! oh a- it's not possible!!! stina's nice in all; it's just that she's so nice and seems to be prefect, she seems superfical.

omg! i hate this!!! i'm trying to download this one song and i keep getting these messed ^ verisions. AHH!!! it's so annoying!!!

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[30 Sep 2003|06:01pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | rx bandits - what if ]

yea...i was looking at the main page for this thing and it had a list of the top user...the ones w/ the most entries. i was surprised caity wasn't on there. :P every time i look at her journal, there's at least twenty new! of course, i don't check it every often, but compared to her i barely update this. but i also write REALLY long entries.

i finally figured out when homecoming was! lol! i actually thought it happened like a month ago, but it didn't. i'm not going, of course...i think it's so stupid. wow! lets celebrate our last time we get to get beat at home! lol! a lot of my friends r going; persie says she'll only go if i go, and if she goes i have to. obviously, i'm not so she won't! lol! i think i've said this some time ago, but phil asked me out to the homecoming...*shudder*! only way i'd go is if someone forces!

omg! maddie had this dream; she didn't wanna tell me bc she'd say i get mad. i mad for another reason than y she'd think i'd get mad. in maddie's dream, i become like 16ft tall and i ask nick out and he says yes, and she was going to ask him out, but i asked him out first so she started getting really mad at me in the dream and then she woke ^. maddie said if she would have slept ne longer, she said she probably would have killed me in the dream. she thought that her killing me would make me mad...i don't give a damn about that, k? lol! wut pisses me off is she still thinks that i like nick or ever could. no matter wut happens, i'll NEVER EVER EVER like nick in that kind of way EVER!!! eww! she's never gotten over that one lil thing. that's wut pisses me off. ahh!!!!

haha! u kno wuts soo funny? russ is going out w/ a grl named kyle, and it's pronounced like the guy's name, not kylie. just like last week, russ was going out w/ this grl sarah and she was bi. everyone was like no wonder sarah liked him; she got both at the same time. sick, but funny! lol! y would u wanna be bi? that's just sick! *shudder* i don't wanna even think about it. oh...i got some info in debate i did not wanna hear. i knew he probably wasn't, but michael rivera confirmed he wasn't a virgin. *SHUDDER SHUDDER* that's so wrong! we're in 9th grade. ewww!!!! i need to get that out of my mind!!! asklklsdffjasd;dfkskasddfajkjksdkaflasdflsfad;fasd;ljkkdflasasfkldjklsad;askldjfkjasdkl;ldkfj;;;;;;;;;jsfadfjsdkljsjkajksdjklasdf;dlkjasfkljdfakf;klfdasklfjaklafdfskjfkdsajklfajklzklfaadfkskasddfajkjksdkaflasdflsfad;fasd;ljkkdflasasfkldjklsad;askldjfkjasdkl;ldkfj;;;;;;;;;jsfadfjsdkljsjkajksdjklasdf;dlkjasfkljdfakf;klfdasklfjaklafdfskjfkdsajklfajklzklfaa keep on rollin' baby! lol! i'm listening to that now! hehe! thanx for the song what if...great song caity! :P

u kno wuts weird? i went to bed at like 11:30, and i'm really tired. oh well, i'm about to go to dance and i can sleep in the car!!! :)

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[21 Sep 2003|10:02pm]
[ mood | normal ]
[ music | clipse - when the last time ]

i sleep, go to school, go to dance, take shower, do hw, and it starts all over again. i have NO free time. ha! i shouldn't say that i sleep...i only get 6hr if i'm lucky. that's bc i get home at ten and i have to do hw and take a shower. in a way i was happy that on friday my eye got swollen. yea...i looked horrible! lol! the doctor and everyone else thinks it was some kind of bug bite, but it wasn't. like on monday or something like that, i plucked this hair since it was no one near my eyebrow, but the skin around it got all red. i just kinda covered it ^ and didn't think about it. on friday when i woke, i could barely open my eye! lol! i looked like my dad after his motorcycle accident (w/ out all the noise stuff and bruises). of course, my mom freaks me out and takes me to the doctor. he puts me on this medicine and says that i also should take this other medicine, too, but my parents would have to pick it ^ at walmart. started getting better by itself plus that stuff wouldn't do ne good since it was an infection not an allergic reaction. the algera or wutever he gave me, my sis (she was in town and her allergies were really bad) and she took it. sis wasn't in town this weekend. it really didn't seem ne different when she was gone. i kno that sounds horrible, but yea... i was either sleeping (on friday), babysitting, watching football, or she was out. u kno wuts sad? she went to my school's homecoming and i didn't. of course, at the time my eye was still a lil swollen, but still.

omg! he's a good friend and all, but i don't like being around him ne more. phil told me he likes me and wondered if i liked! in a nice, i told him i never liked him. unlike maddie, when he liked her, she just ignored it as if it weren't even true. that's just plain rude. he kept on asking me i was going to the homecoming dance and if i didn't have a date if i'd go w/ him. ok, y would he even wanna go to the homecoming dance? i think it's stupid...celebrating our football team losing. yay! lol! obviously, i told him no. if he had never told he still likes me, i wouldn't feel so weird around him.

u kno the two ppl that r really getting on my nerves...maddie and mike. maddie first...every since last spring, i've somehow been annoyed by her. rite now, i'm mad at her bc she doesn't talk to me. i mean she mite make a comment to me; she's not mad at me. we just don't talk. on the bus, she sat down by me and realized i was doing hw, so she decided to sit by stina. i told i can talk and do hw at the same time. maddie said, "oh...but i haven't talked to stina in a long time. i talked to u yesterday morning." i thought about she never said ne thing to me. maybe "hey," but we never had a convo. we never talk ne more and wut annoys me is that she thinks that we do.

ok...mike. he's got a very similar case as maddie. he never talks to me either. but i don't think he likes me as a friend. i think he only talks to me sometimes is bc we hang out w/ the same friends. on the bus in the afternoon when maddie has v-ball and everyone else has gotten off and jc like has football, mike never talks to me. i be nice to him...he ignores me...i say some comment that's slighty offense to some other person and he's all like don't be mean. i can see y stina is mad at him. i can't see y he's mad at her.

even though maddie is annoying me, i still do nice things. (and it was funny, too.) we're hanging out before school like usually and this one grl i don't kno who she was, but everyone else seemed to kno her from 6th grade. supposably she was a skater and is a prep way...she starts telling a story and all the guys start crowding around her. and persie and i r like ok, but maddie storms off to class and says, "everyone wants to listen to the pretty grl." by then, the guys had blocked persie and i out and we had our own mini-circle and i just blurted out (not loud enough for that grl to hear me) "wut pretty grl?" persie was like amy!!! i was like ne of us r prettier than her (including maddie) and she'd look better if she didn't dye her hair. it looked like she had dark hair, but she wanted it to be a lite blonde and it was slightly orangy. it was soo funny, though! muhahaha!

well, i have to go now bc my dad keeps telling me to make my lunch bc they didn't get me ne sandwhiches when my mom and dad went to the gorcery store. and i got to take a shower, study for spanish quiz, vocab words, and sleep! i should really stop putting things off til the last minute! lol!

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a lot stuff on my mind [07 Sep 2003|08:58pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | staind - for u ]

i've been working on my spanish project on and off, and rite now i'm taking a lil break, but it'll probably be pretty long bc i'm probably gonna type for quite some time! lol! for one thing, i don't who or wut, but something keeps trying to send me this virus and they're like it's a patch hurry use it! and i'm like duh...this thing itself is a virus. i even used the virus check thing and it said it was a virus. every day i get and gets annoying, so being VERY stupid, i asked my dad if i should block it or wut. of course, being my dad he's like download it's a patch for ur computer. and then, i checked it and showed him it was a virus, and he's like it's from microsoft...look at the address. umm...ppl get fake addresses all the time. if that virus was in his mail, he would have downloaded it months ago. lol! but wut sux is he sent me to the to download REAL patches for my computer. i ended ^ blocking the address like i was going to plus more.

stina and i seem to be getting to be pretty close friends. we always have good convos (before april 1st, i never had these good of convos w/ maddie that i have w/ stina). i can talk to her about maddie and inform her about maddie and my lil event and she can fill me in on stuff i didn't kno. like her and mike at the trampoline. we talk about wut we'd like guys to do for us...not to do. and while we were talking about guys, she said i should go out w/ mike. if u were looking at me that second, u would have seen my eyes lit ^ and then go down real quickly. bc i kinda of like him, but she never said he liked me, she just said he'd probably go out w/ if i asked him out. in other words if he liked me or not...he'd just go out w/ me for the hell of it. i don't if it's bc we ride the bus or wuts so different, but stina and i r a whole lot closer than last yr.

ppl always say there's a big difference between high school and jr high, but i just can't see. only thing different is the schedule and the amount of projects and hw u get. i guess the big difference. also, a lot or ppl seem to have more school spirit. i guess u could call me a 2%. i don't care one bit about stony pt spirit. i just wanna go to a&m. there'd be ppl like me that like a&m and i could get away from my dad and his patch craziness! lol! i kno i'm not ready for college and i don't wanna leave me friends, but that's the school i give my spirit to. high school sux! lol!

i FINALLY got my schedule changed last week; i'm in dance IV. it's really ez!!! it doesn't ppl that a lot of the grls r seniors (so they started dance in their freshman yr and moved ^ every yr bc it's high school) and they can't do ne thing. the grls that r officers r okay, but ah! the thing that annoyed me the most in my last dance class was ms. mudd couldn't do the leaps bc of her back, so she had this grl show everyone. i could do leaps ten times better and higher than hers! i don't kno if she forgot from the first day that i can do leaps, she didn't wanna embarrass everyone bc i'm a freshman, or she really doesn't kno how good i am. i don't kno wut it is, but it annoyed the crap out of me. and also, these grls came ^ to the grl that showed us how to do the leaps and told her, "i wish i could do fuetes; u can do them so well." um...they're not that hard, and i can do russian fuetes AND turns in seconds. so ha! but i don't like showing off. some time before dance class i should start doing fuetes until someone walks in. haha! that'll show me!!! i'm a dancer...a great one compared to the grls at my school...i need to show off and be loud! *evil smile*

i finally conviced maddie she needs to get over nick w/ out her yelling at me!!! i just hope she keeps that promise bc she keeps getting hurt and wuts even worse is she gets all darmatic and it annoys the hell out of me!!! lol! stina and i jokingly said we should make bets among our friends on their relationship! that would be great...i think! :P i'd bet $25 she'll like him again by the end of the yr...better yet the end of the semster. lol! i'm so cruel.

i actually have no more to type about...wait a minute..satin! aka: ms. bonk!!! NO ONE likes her; i feel sry for the kids that had her last yr. she's so boring and goes REALLY fast. we're already on the second chapter, but she had to slow down for us bc we don't learn fast enough. i got a 70 on my test, and it's like worth 50%!!! i took a retest and she said i improved. wut the hell? did i get a 70.1? y don't u just tell me my grade?!?! i hate her! i'm just glad i had mr. mitchell two yr and i'm going have her for only one! devil i tell u! DEVIL! lol!

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if u touch me, i'll rip ur arm off and bet u w/ it [03 Sep 2003|09:48pm]
[ mood | enraged ]

the title is a lil extreme, but u get the pt. ah! my parents...i tell them about math, and my mom just blows ^ in my face. she's like u need to study, don't make excuses, go in early and take the test. u kno i was thinking about going in before school and taking the test, but now i feel like just playing sick or something for tomorrow. my mom just...ah!...she pisses me off so much!!! when she starts argueing, her voice gets all weird and REALLY annoying, she goes round and round saying the same thing, i just wanna tell her to shut ^ and let me mess ^ my life and learn from my mistakes. she keeps going on about how i'm one of the top students in my class and i should do better and study. wut the hell? i'm no where near the top of my class...i wasn't even in the top 10% last yr. only way i'll seem to do good is bc i'm taking pre-ap classes. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! i don't wanna say i hate my mom, but at this moment it's pretty damn close.

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that bitch! lol! [24 Aug 2003|08:50pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | cake - never there ]

i send a whole e-mail just saying "i'm sry" over and over again to maddie just to make her talk to me and she doesn't even send an e-mail back saying "i forgive u" over and over again...oh no! lol...i really don't care, that's how maddie is...everything's about her, so yea. do u wanna kno y maddie blocked me and won't talk to me all last nite?!?! it started out normal, hey wuts ^ and all that crap. and then, i tell her...u kno the poems in ur profile r pretty cheesy. (i don't really like poems unless they have a meaning in it...u kno the deep kind...that r short, lol!) she turns into pissy mood she goes on and says well u haven't gone thru wut i have. and i'm like rite, y is she's so upset? i have to admit to this, i was kinda bored to i kinda pushed her on by asking her wut have not gone thru that u have? lol! maddie turns around and says (i was 99% sure she was gonna say love or something like that...very close!) she's gone thru so much w/ nick. i tell her i can't go thru that...obviously since i'm not her. duh! then, maddie goes on to say how come everything has to be ur way? um...that came out of nowhere; that doesn't deal w/ ne thing that we're talking about. i tell her i'm confused, how am i trying to make it be my way? she doesn't respond...then, she blocks me. i got on every single sn i have and they're ALL blocked. i finally get her to say something: omg! go away! wut the hell is w/ that? today, she doesn't seem mad, but this is wut her profile says (yes..another dumb poem! lol!):

Everyone is intitled to their own opinion, yes. But when you were all little kids, didn't your parents teach you that little saying "If you dont have nething nice to say don't say it at all" What do you think they told you that? So people won't get their feelings hurt? thats only part. The other part is that one day that person you hurt is going to beat the shit out of you for hurting them, and why? becuase of your big mouth.

my mom never said that to me...bambi's mom said it to bambi, but yea kno... i kno that makes it sound like i'm really rude; i'm not. i just stated my opinion about poems, it's not like i said something bad about her. she mite as well blocked me for me saying the music she listens to sux. lol! and another thing...i dont' mean to brag or ne thing, no matter how tall she gets, she'll never be able to kick my ass. caity has a better chance of kicking my ass :P bc swimming is WAY more excerise and gets u more in shape than v-ball and softball combined. dancers and swimmers i very strong. v-ball and softball r just eye-hand cordination...which i don't have! lol!

last nite bc of the lil fite and all, i was working on my wizard of oz power pt. well, my dad heard the witch laugh and walked in...i minimized it. i told him it was an inside joke in between me and my friends. and he was like y can't i see it, and i'm like's between me and my friends. see, i was thinking if i showed it to him, the next time he saw maddie he mite tell her about it and that would NOT be good! lol! he finally went away.

today i'm in a good mood. y? i went to college station...A&M!!! there's ppl like me there...aggies! :) my sis also moved over there, but that doesn't have ne thing to deal w/ mood. i'll see her once in awhile on the weekends, so there's no reason to get all sad. plus, now i can get into football games for free. see, i can pass of as a freshman at a&m and seat in the student section. u don't think so? there were ppl there that looked a whole lot younger. plus, i was carrying some of my sis's stuff to her dorm by myself, and two guys came ^ to me and asked me if i needed help, so they carried it for me. and they thought i was a freshman IN COLLEGE NOT HIGH SCHOOL! muhahaha! lol!

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school [18 Aug 2003|07:42am]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | it stopped (i don't kno y) ]

it's starting today's the first day of school. somehow i got ready and still have plenty of time to spare, but that won't happen for the rest of the yr! lol! i had the weirdest dream i kno caity and maddie were there. everyone at school needed to buy a blank tape, so everyone at school was buying a tape at a movie store, but they had NO blank tapes. well, the isle w/ the blank tapes were full, so everyone thought they didn't have ne. for some reason, paul's locker was there and i pointed him out to caity and we both! yea...well, i gtg pretty soon so yea...

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august 9th [09 Aug 2003|10:10pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | ]

hehe! i kinda pressed enter and entered a blank entry. :P lol...that was smart! lol! now i'm "editting" it. today was pretty cool. i woke ^ at 9:15 this morning, but stayed in bed til 10...hehe! every day i'm trying to get ^ 30min earlier; it's working, but wut i need to work on is getting OUT of bed after getting ^! lol! today i actually did something :O it was cool, darlene, caity, and i ate at le madeline (i think that's spelled rite)...a neat lil french cafe. w/ the buffet think it kinda reminded me of a french luby's w/ good food! lol! caity was rite :) (about the good food). then, we got our nails painted. never had that done before. my nails look all purdy!!! all shiny!!! after that, caity read us a story...a lil kid's story about bug. in the end, katy did...haha... then, off to home. i kinda forgot wut i did, but i kno i put on my comfy track pants i bought myself and laid in bed. i love my bed! lol!

while i was laying in bed, my mom told me i had this thing at church tonite (pizzazz), so i got ^ and got dressed again. i saw becca and chelsea there. i also saw kelsey r, tim, and brittany fuller, but i decided to hang out w/ becca and chelsea. i was like who could i hang out that wouldn't make me look like a loser. lol! while we were waiting to get in for the "concert" (christian rock exciting can that get?) and this guy named nick came ^. he stuck his hand out to shake mine, "hi i'm nick, u look lost...can i help u?" keeping my hands in my back pockets, i said i'm amy and no...i'm fine. then, he left. all the grls around me were like oooh! he likes u. at first, i thought he was a skater, but he had some church shirt on and old navy pants (i kno my!). his hair also was kinda long...looked like jp's hair (he didn't look like him, though). i started thinking maybe he's not a skater, and if he isn't, maybe i could get to kno him a lil better! lol! he's really not my type...i hate to say, but i like more of the clean cut, preppy-ish look, but i don't kno this guy was pretty cute. he had a wrist band, so he was going to the pizzazz thing all week. and i didn't look like he had a grlfriend...that's always good! during the "concert," when some ppl were jumping around and looking like a dork (i wasn't, of course not...i'd NEVER make myself look like a dork...*cough* *cough*!). he wasn't jumping or getting into the music...just like me!!! lol! maybe he likes good music like me. at the next "concert," i'll maybe go ^ to him and talk to him IF caity comes w/ me some nite. u don't have to go every nite...u can go for just one nite, but it costs money. y wouldn't u want to go, caity? don't u like to hang out w/ me? lol!

ne way, tomorrow is the "big opening" of my church. we just got a huge church..we used to worship in a fellowship hall. yea...that sucked, u can't sleep well on those chairs! lol!

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