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"and i ask myself: what good do you do?" ~no doubt [18 Jan 2004|02:22pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]
[ music | a perfect circle ]

This night is ever important.
I bear that in mind as i prepare.
Now, as i dress, i think of how
i will be lying in bed at the end.
I pull my best gown over my head, my
eyes momentarily submersed in the
black. The black they will see for ever.
I wrap myself in a lace shaw, which
is delicately covered in velvet webs.
These webs will the spiders themselves
wrap me in years from this night.
I sit, looking across my bed at you.
You are crying; i am not. We wanted this.
We drink now from our beverages.
You drink from a plastic bottle. But i.
I drink from an ever eloquent, ever
fragile glass. We too are like this glass.
You dine on colored capsules. While i
dine upon fine cuisine. These meals;
Our last before everything changes.
We will soon find ourselves dazed and weak.
I'll lie down and invite you to join.
There, we lie. This, the last place
we will ever lie ourselves coolly down.
But it will not be the last place we'll lie.
People will gather and mourn our union.
We will smile and wait to greet them.
They will celebrate "better times & places"
But tears will fall for our departure.
We have made our biggest & permanent
decision; our harmonious & final solution.
Tonight is ever important...
We solve our problem. I needed our union.
We lie together now. The black of
my best gown covers our eyes. The
spiders wrap us in their finest silks.
This is the last place we'll lie ourselves.
But it is not the last place we'll lie.
...Tonight we sleep. We sleep together... Forever.

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"updated... never" [17 Jan 2004|01:50pm]
[ mood | hurt ]
[ music | a perfect circle ]

to all of you readers who don't understand the mind of a depressive "misery chick" ... don't bother reading this or any other enties from now on... this is the dark side of my brain and life journal.

i 've lost my grip on my friends. i have a relationship with a guy which isn't working out... when i tried to make that unofficial fact an official one, he either blew it off, or forgot it. and once his abscence of a recolection of this event was made apparent, i made a decision... and so, i'm in a situation, now, where i avoid doing the things that would be concidered cheating. the reasoning :if one considers you to be in a certain relationship with them, you should respect them and treat them the way they should be treated if you were indeed connected in that way.
the best example of this: i knew this girl who told me that she concidered me to be her close friend, and so i protected her secret as though she had been my closest friend.
one the whole, i try to be a decent person and be loyal to my friends... they are the only people i will sacrafice myself for... and so, it takes a lot to earn my trust and the lable of being my friend. but for these people, the few, true and trustworthy people i have found, i will readily be give up my happiness so that hey may have some.
i hope that they would do the same.

i love my mother, but we have lost our once strong bond.
i'm convinced that my father harbors the same hatred and resentment towards me that i hold for him. i feel nothing in this area... these are the facts, adn so... they just ARE... there is little ot no sence in feeling anything about it.

between school, my dad, my "boyfriend," my dwindling friends, and my deep-seeded hatred of the world and myself, i am drowning. all this, and much more are what i feel are the things that will kill me.

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[28 Sep 2003|01:52pm]
just popping in to say hi.... and now that i've done that... later
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"this egg roll tastes like elephants smell" [09 Sep 2003|05:12pm]
sorry guys. schhol was hectic and after saturday, i've just been too tired and sore to bother hobbling into the computer room to type up my journal entries. thurday was cool, i think. Mrs. Schuenemann gave me some cool stuff because i'm an art aid. that was also katie's birthday, i think.
friday was alright. i went to the delanco middle school for a punk show. the usual suspects were there. rafael was also there, and adam came later in the evening.
saturday morning, i took melly to ihop and we went to the mall. i baught two baby mice (without my parents' knowledge)... we got home at about 3 in the afternoon. at 6:30, raf and adam and jennie came over, where we waited for maggie to come. after she got there, we all went to melly's. her cousin, fabian, was there, as well as, dan pfister, rika, genny ham, and the people who were once at my house... anyways, after a long series of events which i don't remember clearly enough to get into, we decided to play hide-and-go-seek tag. it was about 11:30 at night and obviously dark. anyway, i was running, i didn't see the pothole, but my foot found it just fine. my ancle twisted worse than it ever has before, and i've been on crutches since.
the perk to this is that i get to use the elevator in school... the downside is that it hurts and hinders my activities.

yesterday, mrs schue had a funeral to go to during my art aiding period, so i had to deal with the hopelessly incompitent ART I's...
the second i crutched myself into the room, "we neeed pencils, where are the magazine clippings?-" says one loud and annoying girl.
i'm thinking: "listen, you ART I, freshman trash, a) my priorities are always to go to the back room, eat my lunch, THEN comeout and see if i care to help you, and b) I'M on FREAKING CRUTCHES! CRUTCHES, i say!... my lord. give me a freakin minute and some breathing room..."
i ACTUALLY said (and in a monotone voice): "the magazine clippings are over there. and by now, you KNOW that mrs. schuenemann does NOT supply pencils."

also yesterday, i went for my first driving lesson. it was fun. i can't wait until i'm out on my own.
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"i'll never let go, jack..." plunk ~titanic [02 Sep 2003|09:28am]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | revis ]

there is no short and sweet way to do all of this, so here we go...

you know about maggie and such...
Rafael and Adam got me at about 6:30... at some point, rafael bad-mouthed sharpie eye-liner... pft!
i watched gossip before i went to sleep.

woke up @ 7:15. packed some more things. Finished reading maggi'es comic book. showered. ate a PB&J.
i went to school to fix my schedual one last time... it is now perfect.
watered lawn for an hour and 50 minutes... it rained twenty minutes later.
i arrived at the campground at about 3 in the afternoon. i decided to go exploring while walking the dog. this adventure had much better results thant he first time i went exploring (i came back hours later with 18 mosquito bites and several ticks all over my body)
i had a tomato sandwich for dinner, and watched TV until i fell asleep.

my parents wanted to go to the beach, and i had summer reading to do. so, i read all day on the beach. that's fine, though, because i don't usually go swiming at the beach anyway. we got home, and i read more. mom and dad went to bed early, but i stayed up until i made it to page 101.

mom and dad left about ten minutes after they woke me (at 6:45). i resumed reading with breaks for drawing sandwiched inbetween. i finished my book about twenty minutes after mom and dad got back from crabbing.
i went down to the campground's park where i met libby, jamie, britney (1), ashley, kitty, kenny, and danny. we all commuted to the skate park down the road. (sad thing here is that we were all able to walk in the middle of the road without having to move or without risk of being run-over) britney became bored with this almost upon arrival, and for some reason, everyone caters to her every whim... so we walked back to the campground. i later pissed people off several times by acting as a ref for some of the truely retarded arguments they had. seeing that my presence was no longer desired, i left.
i also had called maggie at about 2 and rafael at about 6.
today's quote:
"oh, god. the fucking atlas if talking again-" one of the girls in the group
"i think you meant encyclopedia... but i'm really not all that bright." me
"JESUS!" girl says as she storms off.

flea market, yard sales, walmart... blah blah blah.
i woke up with a hang over. the night before my mom and i split a bottle of arbor mist and then had some mixed drinkes... alcohol=BAD!
at the flea market i got makeup and jewelry... total of $8
at the yard sales i got a "private" sign and a pin... total of $0.25
and at walmart... well, i don't know. my dad got a whole bunch of fishing stuff. i have no idea how much he paid... i got a cool copy of a key made. it has flames on it.
i isolated myself from the worl using my headphones & blasting music. i like the world a lit better sometimes when i don't have to listen to it.
i texted shay and candy... good times
staerted to drizzle @ 5:10 and poured at %:35 for a few hours. i went out and "played" in the rain, all around the campground, bore-foot.
mom, dad, and i watched: JAWS, SouthPark, TheManShow, IloveThe70's.

it was finally cool enough to wear a long-sleeved shirt.
back to walmart (cerca 1:00 pm)... only this time, we shopped for me! i also got to drive around a little bit.
i ventured back down to the park, where i found heather, britney (2), ashley, libby, and amanda. we hung out and walked around. we danced to the live band (it only played country/folk music so it looked a little silly seeing two other goth girls -who were tenters, and so i dont remember their names- and myself dancing to this kind of music)
i made two new friends later in the evening (P.J. and Michelle)

it rained in the morning... i wakled the dog a few times... mom, dad, and i watched: 1stWives'Club, and HystericalBlindness. we left, and got home at about 3:10.
i went to rafael's house where we ate a really good dinner and then waited for adam to pick us up to go to his house. a while after adam got us, jenni called and we had to go get her as well. yay... the group reunited at last... well not for long. rafael and i stayed in the car... and the rest is just for me and him to know... -wink- ...this is where the entry title comes from.

phew... sorry that was so long folks... but at least i did it... woo, go me. (monotone)

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"i wish this phone doubled as a gun =p " candace [26 Aug 2003|11:59pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | radiohead, smashing pumpkins... eh, you get the picture ]

you see, candace hates endless chatter. she also really loves silence. and so, one shouldn't call her to vent. or to babble.

today i went to maggies at about 12:30. she gave me a pic from a mag she had. she also lent me a comic book. her mom gave me a day-planner. it is cute.
we then went to the video store where i got a free "chicago" poster and a $5 copy of "gossip."
we then ran some erands and came home.

when i got home, rafael called me and said he'd be right over to get me. we hung out all day and kept everything G-rated. it was cute. and i already miss him...
well good night for now... what little actually remains

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[26 Aug 2003|10:33am]
"this ground i stand on is shakey... cheri, did you drug my chinese food?" -rika
yesterday, rafael and i were supposed to go to creek hobbies at about 5. i tried to get him to come over here earlier so we could hang out prior to going. his dad had been at a doctors appointment and so, i waited. rafael said he would call me when his father got in and then we could decide what we were officially doing.
i had realized at about 4 that i had to talk to rika when she got off work at five before i did anything. you see, Sunday is usually rika's day, but i spent it with rafael. so, after the Sunday incident, i at least owed her a visit and some explaination.
so, i was waiting for rafael and rika when 5:30 rolled around. my dad only fed further to my desire to get out of the house. "you can't just wait around the house all day," he kept saying. so finally, i grabbed my cell phone and decided that i would hang out with rika until rafael called me.
and that i did... until something like 8-9 p.m. i was at the docks with rika and melly when my cell rang... i remember distinctly because rika and i were in the midst of carrying melly over the rocks so we could get there faster without melly hurting her feet on the rocks (she was only wearing slippers)... the conversation was brief and ended in rafael saying he would call later, when i wasn't busy with my friends. the other call came when i was leaving the docks at about 9:45. it followed the same basic format.
after dropping melly off, and being walked home by rika, i sat in the chair in my living room. i sat and waited. the third call never came. i realized it wasn't going to at about 11:40. my dad was asleep. my mom was out with a friend. my friends aren's able to recieve calls that late at night. so i sat, half-crying because i didn't get to see rafael and i was pretty confident that he was upset due to that fact.

this morning, my father woke me at 7 a.m. he told me what chores i had to do, and just before he left he said i couldn't die my hair until my "grades go up." mind you, the only poor grades i got were in classes he made me take and that i told him were too difficult. and so the grade in two classes was a high "C." granted, i'm not proud of them, but they were the best i could do and have nothing to do with the way i look. that idea, which somehow became implanted into my dad's head, is severely deranged and delutional.

stupid red bitch

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also [24 Aug 2003|12:41pm]
i decided that if i were to leagally change my name i would change it to soemthing like stokely, or ophelia, or laguna lori, or something like that. i don't knwo when exactly all this popped into my head. it was probably when i was in the tub or when i was decorationg my room... something stupid like that, i'm sure. i just hate my name. yea. i'm a retard, i know.
let's play a fun name. anyone who reads this entry can play. post entries with possible names that you think would suit me and then with a name that you would change yours to. it just makes you think about it. you can change your last name too if you want. whatever floats your boat. everyone should play along.
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sorry. i forgot to copy and paste the last two entries... [24 Aug 2003|12:38pm]
[ music | mest ]

midnight entry from lj:
yes, i AM going to ramble in delight. rafael's sister dropped him off and we watched 'frida' while waiting for adam to pick us up... yes we actually watched 'frida'. adam came to get us and we went to the car show in riverside until it was time to pick jenni up from work.
we took her to her home where we sat around for a little while and i met her family, including her sister who once said that i laughed like a man... to which i responded "yes, well, you're a shithead."...anyway. jenni HAD to eat dinner so, adam, raf and i left her there.
we made a quick stop so i could snatch a sign advertising the car show which was taking place and then home to make sure everything was in place for when my grandmother got there. next, we went to adam's house. i got to meet and pet his sister's new, adorable puppy.
jenny called at about 8:30 and said she was read to be picked up. we ran and got her and were on the road again by 9:00 and heading back for adam's. rafael and i didn't go into jenni's house or adam's house the second time around for either. we instead sat in the car. rafael was ill, even if he didn't want to admit it and he was running a fever. so naturally, neither of us liked the idea of transfering the germs. cheri doesn't like being sick because she has a slave-driver for a dad who doesn't care if she gets sick or weak.
by the way. adam showed a real hardcore-friend-ism. rafael had requested only that he have orange juice to help him with his 'minor cold, or whatever.' since adam knew he had none in his home, he stopped at acme and baught a small carton of o.j. that was pretty hard core... also, adam got a '90' on his test, which is also hardcore and "ow-worthy."

hey, i was so happy to see all the new comments i got on my journal! thanks for posting. that just makes me happy!(yes, i am pathetic, but aren't you happy that you posted and that you made me so thrilled?)

this morning at 10:45 in lj:
i have the sniffles today. that angers me. i'd rather have a sore throat, or have no voice, or be tired, or have a fever. i hate the sniffles, clogged noses, and that post-nasal drip thing... grumble.

well now that i've bitched for no good reason...

i've been faced with a dillema. rika told me she wanted to hang out today, but rafael told me the same thing. in all fairness, rika requested my time first, but then, she always takes forever to wake up and contact me... my solution: go over rika's at about 11 or 11:30 and give her some dohnuts and explain the mess including the bit about rafael being ill (even if he doesn't want to admit it), and beg her for forgiveness. that's my plan (-sneez- ow, that actually HURT).

convo's with Sarcasm Goddess:
(raf and i walked away from maggies house the first time he met her)
"wow, she was pretty cute" -rafael
"I'LL EAT YOPUR FIRST BORN!!!!" - me in loud bellowing voice
okay... i didn't exactly say that, but that was maggie's version of the story, and it's funnier)
(as adam and jenni get back in the car)
"did you nurse him back to health?" -adam...
(i answered that question with a loud cackle)
(in comic strip about timmeh! by katieeatworld)
"that's it. i'm sending her my head in a box"
(he says calmly, as if that were the only sencible option left)
(melly's more recent quote of the year)
(she got it from the teacher's strike episode of the simpsons)

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[23 Aug 2003|11:15am]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | the pillows & korn & smashing pumpkins ]

melly and i watched 'the simpsons,' ate chinese food and then walked to the docks. we sat and talked for a little bit while dipping our toes into the water. we had hoped to get caught in the rain, but the storm passed right by us.
lj entry from about 9:30:
i woke this morning to my dad telling me it was 'time to get up.' ... meanwhile, im thinking, "hey, screw you pal. it's like 7:30 and i only went to sleep 3 and half hours ago..." okay, i didn't really say that, but i thought it, and that's all that matters... well, not really. eh, screw it.

i hope to spend some time with rafael today (and to be honest, i'm sort of begining to miss adam and jenni as well. they're such cool people).

well, i don't have much else to say.
good day, for now.

lj entry from about 11:10:
yea, my parents and i had problems following rafael's directions, therefore, i am at home pouting and half-crying because i can't see rafael. i'm pathetic.
i'll write later

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good times cut short. [22 Aug 2003|03:55pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | 311, BrandNew, Chevelle, ColdPLay, FountainsofWayne, Garbage ]

Last night at melly's was fun. and we stayed up to the dim hours of the morning as well.

at one point in the evening, we were watching a movie, when we heard a knocking at the window.
"what was that?" me
"did you hear that?" melly
"what the hell..." we spoke in a simultaneous, low whisper.
i began to reach for the blinds, "no, not yet, wait," melly said as she fumbled with the remote and paused the movie... "okay, now.
i squeezed my eyes shut as i yanked quickly on the cord, causing the loudest and most startling noise possible. melly ducked under the covers. after peering at the fog covered window for only a millisecond, i too ducked under the covers.
melly said in a frantic whisper, "Cheri, check and see who it is-"
"fuck-you. you-see-who-it-is!" i immediately responded.
just then we heard a whisper, "Melissa ... it's Alex"
melly bolted to the window, opened it and yelled, "don't EVER do that EVER again!"

anyway. we watched "200 cigarettes" and "bowling for columbine." we also played old school video games; 'Mario brothers' on Nintendo, and 'sonic and tales' and 'mortal combat' on SEGA genesis we also played 'yoshi story' on nintendo64. we then screwed around with photo shop and took stupid pictures. also during the evening, we watched 'fresh prince,' 'the Simpsons,' and 'home improvement.' good times.

I was forced into the realm of the living this morning by melly's dad giving me the phone telling me that my father was calling. He told me that I had a doctors appointment. I was severely displeased be all of this, but I bumbled along, got dressed, gathered my things, and stumbled to the door.

So off to the doctor for me ... the following are letters that I orally dictated while heading to, waiting for, and seeing the gynecologist:

Dear Mrs. Crotch Doctor,
If your ability to give decent directions is any indication of how well you do your job, then I am terrified.

Dear Mrs. Crotch Doctor,
Your office is too far away. Move it closer.

Dear Mrs. Crotch Doctor,
Why can't you get matching chairs?

Dear Mrs. Crotch Doctor,
The only cool thing in your waiting room is a sci-fi looking light fixture.
p.s. you're a square.

Dear Mrs. Crotch Doctor,
I don't know if this dawned on you, but not all women want to read about their health while sitting in your waiting room. Your reading materials suck. Please improve your selection.

Dear Mrs. Crotch Doctor,
I hate you already

Dear Mrs. Crotch Doctor,
I'm sorry that I'm not a circus freak and I can't pee on command

Dear Mrs. Crotch Doctor,
You did it. I don't know how, but you did it. You've made it onto the list of things that are worse than the dentist, and I haven't even been examined yet.

Dear Mrs. Crotch Doctor,
Your sidekick scares me. Why are there TWO of you staring at me like that? At least one of you needs to go away.

Dear Mrs. Crotch Doctor,
I wish you had let me keep that nifty robe.

Dear Mrs. Crotch Doctor,
thanks for not being the one to pop my cherry.

ANYWAY... i miss rafael. he'll be coming home tonight. i'll see him tomorrow, i think....

bye bye for now... i have to water the lawn and then i'm going back to melly's.

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yay! [21 Aug 2003|11:24am]
[ mood | starved ]
[ music | coldplay ]

Yay! Yet another E--mail from Rafael! I like getting E-mails...

Yea, so anyway, yesterday worked out nicely. When I called Maggie the second time, I explained to her where I stood on the day and she quickly told me to go out with Shannon, get my book, and enjoy the day.
The picnic was nice and there was a lot of good food. We went back to Shannons house where we were periodically hearded out of the house because realiters were showing people her home. She's going to be moving soon. Two movies and a few hours later, we went to the diner with Cyndi (because Carla had left). After the diner, we came back and poked around a bit.
I got home ten minutes past curfew, but no one really noticed or cared. I went upstairs and continued decorationg my room, at which point my cell phone rang. It was Maggie. After I hung up and called her back from my home phone, she made a three-way call to her friend, Jeff. He was funny and I can see why Maggie likes him.

I slept in this morning yet again. I'm really happy about that. What I wasn't happy about was finding a list of crap to do (it took up the entire paper) on the kitchen table; the same kitchen table that was in the room with absolutly NOTHING to eat. I was out of money, so I couldn't run to Cumberland Farms, or to the bakery to fix my problem. And my mother wonders why I'm pissed off today.
Anyway, i have to go get so chores done and eat because my mom just got back from the grocery store.
Good morning for now.

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well, today is not coming out the way it was planned [20 Aug 2003|11:37am]
[ mood | refreshed ]
[ music | revis - "caught in the rain" ]

maggie and i were supposed to go on a picnic, but her work is an asshole and it scheduelled her for later today. i called her earlier today, but no one answered. my ride will be non-existant in an hour. shannon has offered to take me on a picnic... but being that she and maggie are grrnotcreative and kiwi_deftone, and they are fueding, we won't all be going. i'm in a difficult possision. well, i hope all this works out.

well, rafael e-mailed me the other night and i answered it this morning. i miss him. he needs to stop being gone. that upsets me. heh.

i finally got to sleep in until ten this morning. it was great, although i'm still sleepy.

well, good morning for now. i'f i think of anything, i'll write.

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rika's over [19 Aug 2003|07:56pm]
[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | korn ]

rika's over, so i'll make this short. i went to school at nine to help mrs. schue set up the art room. i was there for six hours. we went out lunch in the middle of the day, but then returned to the school... my jobs today consisted of construction a buliton board, setting up an entire computer system, hanging posters, helping fix a stool, helping with inventory, and other crap. (by the way rika is now asleep and has been for a few minutes) i then came home to mow the lawn and pull weeds...
okay rika just woke up... she's the second friend i've watched sleep in two days... no, i am NOT a creep. they just sorta fall asleep... rika got to see me sleep earlier today, so all is well...
well, good night for now...

rika says "moo"

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we're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of phili! [18 Aug 2003|09:47pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

yesterday, i went to walmart with maggie, where i bought a really hideous lime-gone-puke green binder, a black note book and a black blankie. we then went back to mag's and watched "my first mister," during which maggie fell asleep... and yes, i let her sleep, and for a while during the credits of the movie, i even sorta watched her sleep. she's so peacful and adorable when she sleeps. i like watching people sleep (says in creepy stalker/serial killer way). we then got chinese food... maggie read my mind. we came back and takled and jumped and laid on the tramp-o-lean. it was a good day.

i went to phili with maggie today. i baught a scetchbook and maggie gave me an old messenger bag she had. we walked and took the bus and did a lot of movement threw phili.
since maggie and shannon are in the midst of a hard-core fight, i'm sitting back and trying to ignor the whole mess until the smoke settles and i can see what damages have been done. oh, that reminds me, i'm sorry i've missed your calls, shay.

tomorrow, i'm supposed to help mrs. schue set up the art room. and then i'm doing chores.

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[17 Aug 2003|03:04am]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | BrandNew - "Stacy's mom (has got it goin' on)" ]

yey guys, i have 21 posts and have recieved only nine. please try to re-post or instant message me or e-mail me. i am intereested in what you have to say... blurty is just being a stupid head... thanks for your posts anyway.

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he he... all-nighters are fun [17 Aug 2003|02:08am]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | FLCL end theme (the pillows - "riding shooting star") ]

i miss&love rafael...
but all love-stricken puppy, mushy, heart-beating, girly affection, adoration, and lovey-dovey stuff aside...
(stupid lancaster! ...steel my boyfriend... i'll show you!)
okay... seriously, stop that cheri. you're scaring me... and i am you, so stop...
i heart all-nighters... as long as i get to sleep the next day... i'm only a morning person when i've been awake since the night before. i hate waking up in the morning when i have been sleeping, especially when i have had an insufficient amount of sleep.
once, my mom came in and woke me up (during the summer, mind you) and told me that i had chores to do and i should get started on them... i looked, squinting hazily, at my clock and said "it's five forty-five... get a life." and rolled over and went back to sleep.
when i wake up in the morning, i just want to eat, read the comics, get a shower and veg out (not neccissarily in that order). if that routine gets be-funked, i become very bitter, especially if i was disturbed before i was able to become fully rested.
so many all-nighters, so many memories... heh heh heh.

wow, my pop-up ad blocker has blocked 28 pop-ups since i've signed on... woo! way to go pop-up blocker! way to do you job! you rule! -talks to inanimate objects and computer software-

anyway... i think i'm a shower addict. for the first time in weeks, i just went an entire twenty-four hours without showering... i've been showering two and three timed a day and i just can't help it. i love showers! that is just sad.

well, i'm done for now... sorry for any typos... lets face it.... no matter how many times i check, there's almost always some somewhere.

good night
or good morning... depending on who you are, how you look at it, and if you want to get all technical about things.

heh. sleep well... heh heh heh

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yet again [16 Aug 2003|07:47pm]
i just read kiwi_deftone's journal and grrnotcreative's journal. heh. and grrnotcreative says that I hate her... well. anyway. i guess she stopped posting or something because that post was at like 2AM friday, and she hasnt said anything in it since then. i'm sure that she'll be upset when she reads kiwi_deftone's journal. i would be if i were her... bye
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yea, yea. i know [16 Aug 2003|07:08pm]
yea, i know i can edit previous entries, but it's just funnier to leave it all like that...
i was GOING to say, "i'm at melly's."
change in plans for his week:
tomorrow, i'll be going to walmart with maggie. monday, i'm not sure. tuesday, i'll likely be found with rika. wed, i'll be hanging out with maggie. thursday, i'll spend the night at melly's. friday, i have no idea. saturday and sunday i have no idea. all the unofficial ideas remain, but those are the set plans.
mental note: go to , for "the big urban myth show, , get pictures off the internet, clean up and free up memory on computer, read "fast food nation,"
and i'm spent. good night for now.
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oops [16 Aug 2003|07:06pm]
oh crap!
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