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    Thursday, November 11th, 2004
    7:29 pm
    i suppose i dont update enough to call this a journal. oh well i broke up with frankie and now i like john and he seems to like me but he hasnt made a move. im sick of making the first move so im waiting and its KILLING me. any advice?

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    Thursday, September 23rd, 2004
    3:47 pm
    well apparently i cant keep a blurty journal going either. i havent written for a while. me and frankie are officially going out now. but of course i still keep an eye open for other guys. i mean, the guys a good fuck but theres always someone better :P umm work has seriously been sucking ass lately. jesus there were these two guys with their gfs or something and they came in and i gave them their menus and shit and they ordered drinks and when i came back one of the girls fuckin tripped me and i spilled all of the drinks! shannon (manager) fuckin took the cost out of my pay! i was pissed. i should have like, spit in their food or something. i was like, "if you have a problem with me i can get you another waitress" fuckin bitches. i got one of the guys fone numbers tho. he was hot and when the bitches were in the bathroom or whatever he was like, sorry about them it was a dare. hello! when ur 19 or 20 or whatever u dont play truth or dare anymore. lame. but anyway he was like, call me if u wanna chill sometime and thennnnn they left and i got a big tip. obviously not bcuz of the bitches. im so bored right now. i need to go somewhere. i think frankies pickin me up later to go to lickwid. i need some good clubbin time. its more fun to go with my girls tho. i wish brit and meghan were around. :'( i cant hit on random guys when frankies there. oh well we will have some fun still. i need to showerrrrr... :-* smoochies

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    Friday, September 10th, 2004
    2:22 pm
    my very first entry!
    well i dunno what to say really. i just got a new blurty journal so i'll hopefully write in it alot. i can never keep a written journal so i think this will be easier. crap about me: im ALWAYS online, i love sex (haha), i am single for the moment, my favorite bands are nirvana, blink-182, and AC/DC, anddddd thats pretty much all for now.

    oh man yesterday i was with frankie (my friend from work) and we got out at the same time and he drove me home and we took a "detour" to the fair grounds. we fucked and made out and shit for like, 3 hours. it was incredible. too bad i didnt have to work today. then again thank god i didnt. working at applebees waitressing just isnt the most fun thing in the world. well i got nothing else to say bcuz im going to go look at other ppls journals.

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