11th May 2003

11:31am: whens the last time i wrote.. thursday? wow. okay so friday. friday i went to dans first show with mike and his gf and bridget. it took me forever to find a ride. there was no way i was gonna miss dans first show! mikes my best guy friend though. hes very very trustable. yeah. so dan did soooo good! his band sounded absolutely AWESOME! i am sooo glad i got to go. then i got to hang out with dan the rest of the night there :). then saturday i worked in the morning, and then i went to bridgettes. nick came too. it was fun. we made a psyco-kitty movie!! haha it was great. we filmed her cat doing crazy things and stuff. then me and nick made a stitch video with this little vibrating stitch doll bridgettes boyfriend got her. that was crazy. we made it walk (or vibrate) off a little table thing, then we made it hang itself from the ceiling off her fan, then we turned the fan on and it went flying across the room haha. and we did other crazy things with it. nick: "is that a vibrating stitch doll in your pants or are you just happy to see me?" haha. well yeah then we went out and just drove pretty far away with no plan or anything and we ended up in some weird town i forget what its called. bridgette probly knows. but yeah then we went into some genaurdis and i was wearing dark sunglasses and holding bridgettes hand and smiling like an idiot, while bridgette asked how to get to trenton with an english accent. the people were trying to tell us, and the whole time bridgette insisted that it wouldnt take long and that we were already in new jersey. ( this was at like midnight) it was funny. then after driving around some more looking for some more places, we went back to bridgettes. nick showed us his powers of force with a pen between his hands, and bridgette was going crazy laughing. she was scaring me haha. then i kept trying to do it, but i guess the force just isnt with me... by the end of the night, we were all talking no sense, and laughing our asses off at every little thing. nick finally brought me home around 2 am, and of course my mom was still awake worrying because "she cant sleep until she knows im safe" even if she knows im not gonna be home till like morning. but yeah i had an awesome night. it was so great. its mothers day. i got my mom a dozen roses (last night with bridgette and nick) and this morning i cooked her breakfast (after going through a dozen eggs for three people trying to make them right). in then end i ruined 5 eggs, and had 7 scrambled for us, extra crispy bacon, toast, and orange juice. they liked it though. thanks god. happy mothers day!!! now this afternoon, hopefully im going to the movies with dan :). i cant wait. sorry this entry was so long. but hey, last night was a night to remember, right?
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