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[06 Jul 2003|01:23pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

wow. i never write anymore. ever sinse dan dumped me i dont have much to write about. not much fun. but i do have fun when im with ian and pat and evan and all them. and when im with bridgette. but i get depressed easily. wow. i have no idea what to write about

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[30 Jun 2003|06:11pm]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | uGOTTAdieDIEdieDIEdie4yerGOVERNMENTdie4yerCOUNTRYthatsSHIT!! ]

still feeling like shit... but the anti-flag concert last night was awesome. the mosh pit was crazy. just ask sarah or laura. im all scratched up and sore now. but it took my mind off of everything so thats good. but yeah. i feel like shit.

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Remember... [28 Jun 2003|05:35pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Remember that last Saturday I saw you? It was a perfect day. You held me in a sweet embrace. Ill never forget your scent, your taste. And we kissed before you left like nothing mattered. I knew id always see you soon, and I dreamt about you that night, as every night I did, and do.

Remember that last Wednesday I talked to you? And I cried for hours? And you told me, You reassured me that everything was going to be alright? You told me you loved me, time and again. You couldn’t wait to see me next.

Remember when I didn’t see you for that week? And it killed me inside? And I loved you more?

Remember those last few days you ignored me? I did nothing wrong and I thought everything would be okay.

Remember that last Monday you called me? And ruined my night? Ruined my life? You told me that we couldn’t be together anymore. Do you remember that? You told me it wasn’t fun anymore.

Remember when I cried for days? I lost 10 pounds maybe more.

Remember when you came to see me? And I cried in your arms? Did you like that? You said you did, but did you like the fact that I was in your arms, or the fact that I was crying?

Why was crying in your arms the best I’ve felt in days? Why was my four months with you the best of my life?

Remember when you loved me back?

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[28 Jun 2003|12:16am]
i havent written in forever... and as you might have heard, yeah... dan dumped me on monday... so i havent been doing so great... but yeah i probly wont be writing much anymore. cya
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[18 Jun 2003|05:07pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | none ]

wow i hardly ever write anymore. i just got back from teresas. wow. tomorrows the last day of school unless i have to go to summer school. im in a pretty sad mood. i probly wont be able to see dan for awhile because of reasons. so yeah im pretty upset.

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[14 Jun 2003|02:31pm]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | oldies ]

well last night, i went to get mikes ears pierced. lobe on the left, and cartilage on the right. i payed for the cartilage as a realllllly reallllly late birthday present haha... i promised him on his birthday that i would buy him that when he wanted it. then, i went to the mall with diana, mike and amanda. it was fun :). i "raped" some person ina chicken suit. haha it was funny. i went with <3 diana <3 as my date haha. but yeah. today i worked till 12, then i went out with my dad for a little while. now im here and im waiting for dan to get back from paintballing. hopefully he'll come pick me up in hi CAR cause he has his LISCENSE :)... yesterday was frieday the 13th and my daddy got bit by a black cat haha...hey did i mention i got a kitten? we have lots of wild kittys around my daddys house all the time and this time we're actually gonna keep one :) yesterday we brought 3 of em to the SPCA (the gray one thats ours just to get checked out) and 2 black ones (one mom and one kitten... the kittens the one that bit my dad) that are really mean and wild. they wouldnt check out the gray one so i had to bring it home in my lap and now we gotta bring it to the vet to make sure its okay so we can keep it. im excited :) i love the thing its sooo adorable! so yeah. fun fun

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[12 Jun 2003|06:54pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

well i havent written in awhile, but i only have one thing to say... DANNY GOT HIS LISCENSE TODAY!!!!!!!!! :-D

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[03 Jun 2003|10:04pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | none ]

sunday i hung out with bridgette for awhile, then did a project. then yesterday school, then danny came over :). so that was fun. then today, school, then work, then absolutely nothing. so boring. but yeah. school tomorrow. ugh. only good part about it is getting to see dan.

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[01 Jun 2003|12:05pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | digger- "i want my hat back" ]

thursday school and all that... boring. friday i went home on the bus with dan, then he came over my house. hes so perfect i love him. :). then yesterday i worked in the morning, then slept like all day, then went to my mellys 16th birthday party which was fun. then today, i just got back from work half hour ago, and i have no idea what im doing today. so yeah. wow. digger is freaking awesome. i <3 danny

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[28 May 2003|09:53pm]
i havent written in awhile. sunday i hung out with dave and danas at her house. we got ice cream and it was yummy. then i went to pats for awhile. then monday i went to the movies with dan... it was fun and i thought everything was better until he called me that night and said we should go on a "break" till friday. you know, no talking and all. so tuesday we didnt talk or anything. then when i got home from work, he called me and said he couldnt do it and that he wanted to be off the "break" :). he couldnt even go one day. :). today there was a field trip for spanish to some spanish restaurant. all the food was horrible, and it was really boring. the slut spanish teacher was wearing a freaking totally see through shirt. it was gross. shes stupid and doesnt know how to plan field trips, so we were late getting back to school and didnt get there till like 15-20 minutes after the bell rang. and the stupid ass teacher called the school and had every bus wait for us to get back. shes such a bitch. she held up the whole damn school for 20 minutes for one freaking bus full of people. i didnt feel like getting on my bus and getting a lot of shit like everyone else that got on their buses probly did, so me and sarah got my dad to come pick us up. then me and my mom went to get danny at hoods, and he came over for dinner and stayed till almost 9. it was fun :). but im going to bed now. goodnight.
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[25 May 2003|01:44pm]
yeah so last night, i went to bridgettes. she gave me two awesome pairs of pants... and i fell in love with the one :) then we went to a show at mikals. it got pretty boring, sorry to say. the first band was good, not really my type of music, but their strings kept breaking... and we kept having to wait for them to fix em. then emotion sickness came on. amazing amazing band. absolutely amazing. ive liked them sinse their first show. ive seen em a lot. not as much as id like to though. but two bands couldnt play for some reason... so they kept playing more and more songs. so me and bridgette finally keft. it got boring. we went back to her house and hung out for awhile. the i went home. this morning i got outta work. now soon daves comin to get me and were goin to danas. fun fun :)
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[24 May 2003|04:17pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | just turned the distillers off ]

well last night, i hung out with my love dana, and dave. ive talked to him a lot online but weve never hung out before now so it was awesome. hes really cool. first we went to applebees, then to see the matrix reloaded...again. then i slept over danas. it was really fun cause we havent hung out in a while. i cut her hair last night too. and i did an okay job if i might say so. me and dan arent doin so well i dun think. :( i dunno. well yeah this morning danas friend todd came over and stuff, and we walked to rite aid, got hair dye, and i dyed it. it went from blonde, to a red. its soo cool. i love it. but her family is being fucking bitches saying how they dont like red heads and how it doesnt suit her. fuck them. it looks gorgeous. but anything looks gorgeous on my dana :) well now bridgettes coming to get me, im goin to my moms for a min, then im probly goin back to her house for a lil, then were goin to a show, i have to work at 8 tomorrow. ugh. goodbye

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[22 May 2003|11:57am]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | some song that mr urbassic has on the radio ]

ahh im in computer class right now... i just finished my prettifull powerpoint project thing. now i get to go to lunch... i gotta talk to dan about something. wish me luck. i hope it goes okay.

i <3 dan

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[19 May 2003|10:00pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | "you wanna get me high" -the donnas ]

sunday after i got home from bridgettes, i hung out with nick. it was very fun. first we went to the mall, and ate and stuff (i got the donnas cd "spend the night" good cd) then we went to phoenixville where there were all these shops. they were all closed though cause it was like almost 5 and on a sunday. it turns out, we took a stroll down gay street. literally. i swear! then we went to target and played with a big bouncy ball in the isles, played with that electric book thing that teaches you how to read when you like touch a word with the pen and it tells you what it is, and we were making up our own sentences haha. then we played with the orgasming "the incredible hulk" doll. i swear it really did orgasm. youd squeeze its stomach and its mouth would open and just like moan in this high pitch. then we got back on the road, and i spilled the new orange mountain dew all over my thigh and it got everywhere :(. so he brought me home. then school today. i got to see danny :). he got his car saturday :) and he gets his license in i think 24 days :) june 12. yeah. im excited :). wow tahts a lot of smiley faces! but hey, what can i say? dan makes me happy :). hopefully im going home on the bus with him tomorrow. and ill get to see his car :). but yeah. im gonna go to bed now. goodnight.

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[18 May 2003|02:08am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | the donnas ]

yeah so last night i did nothing. it was prom night so a lot of my friends were there. my brother won freaking 500 dollars there i was soooo mad and jealous. but yeah then i had danny over my moms... shes outta town and noone was home. and now my dad went outta town tonight so im at bridgettes right now. im sleeping here cause i had nowhere to sleep. we saw matric reloaded with her and her boyfriend and his two friends. it didnt make much sense to me. then we went back to dreis (bridgettes boyfriend) and watched tv for ahwile. i almost fell asleep i was so tired. now im back here at bridgettes. her and drei are laying down and im here. so yeah. im tired.

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[16 May 2003|08:23pm]
[ mood | lonely ]
[ music | distillers...what else?my boyfriend hates em but i love em! ]

ok so i wrote the 12th... well nothing really happened in between then and today... i went over dannys tuesday :) and leahs to work on a project wednesday and well absolutely nothing yesterday.. today we had a half day and we got out at 11:15. i went home with danny with dave and katrina :( and chris.. im not even gonna say some stuff about it cause its not for the public to see, but i was sad :(. until danny started being near me :). then i was happy. but yeah im still angry about something... oh well :) i went home at 2, came here (my daddys house cause my moms at a race) and slept till like 7... and here i am now. a lot of my friends are at prom and i have nothing to do so im bored outta my mind. im not usually sitting home on my ass on a friday night i swear! haha. well both of my parents are gonna be outta town tomorrow night. my mom at a race with her boyfriend, then my dads going to south carolina for a week. i dunno what im gonna do cause i have nowhere to stay. i gotta ask a few people. i know it sounds rude, "can i stay at yer house saturday night i have nowhere to stay" lol but its gotta be done. so yeah.

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[12 May 2003|09:37pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | taking back sunday ]

yeah so last night i went to the movies with dan :). we saw daddy day care which was kinda funny, but it was pretty corny. then we snuck into the last half of x-men two which we already saw, but still. i had a lot of fun. well obviously. i mean i was with dan. :). yeah today school was boring. came home and slept and stuff. wow.

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[11 May 2003|11:31am]
whens the last time i wrote.. thursday? wow. okay so friday. friday i went to dans first show with mike and his gf and bridget. it took me forever to find a ride. there was no way i was gonna miss dans first show! mikes my best guy friend though. hes very very trustable. yeah. so dan did soooo good! his band sounded absolutely AWESOME! i am sooo glad i got to go. then i got to hang out with dan the rest of the night there :). then saturday i worked in the morning, and then i went to bridgettes. nick came too. it was fun. we made a psyco-kitty movie!! haha it was great. we filmed her cat doing crazy things and stuff. then me and nick made a stitch video with this little vibrating stitch doll bridgettes boyfriend got her. that was crazy. we made it walk (or vibrate) off a little table thing, then we made it hang itself from the ceiling off her fan, then we turned the fan on and it went flying across the room haha. and we did other crazy things with it. nick: "is that a vibrating stitch doll in your pants or are you just happy to see me?" haha. well yeah then we went out and just drove pretty far away with no plan or anything and we ended up in some weird town i forget what its called. bridgette probly knows. but yeah then we went into some genaurdis and i was wearing dark sunglasses and holding bridgettes hand and smiling like an idiot, while bridgette asked how to get to trenton with an english accent. the people were trying to tell us, and the whole time bridgette insisted that it wouldnt take long and that we were already in new jersey. ( this was at like midnight) it was funny. then after driving around some more looking for some more places, we went back to bridgettes. nick showed us his powers of force with a pen between his hands, and bridgette was going crazy laughing. she was scaring me haha. then i kept trying to do it, but i guess the force just isnt with me... by the end of the night, we were all talking no sense, and laughing our asses off at every little thing. nick finally brought me home around 2 am, and of course my mom was still awake worrying because "she cant sleep until she knows im safe" even if she knows im not gonna be home till like morning. but yeah i had an awesome night. it was so great. its mothers day. i got my mom a dozen roses (last night with bridgette and nick) and this morning i cooked her breakfast (after going through a dozen eggs for three people trying to make them right). in then end i ruined 5 eggs, and had 7 scrambled for us, extra crispy bacon, toast, and orange juice. they liked it though. thanks god. happy mothers day!!! now this afternoon, hopefully im going to the movies with dan :). i cant wait. sorry this entry was so long. but hey, last night was a night to remember, right?
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[08 May 2003|09:12pm]
i just dyed my hair... i dont like it much, but oh well. ill have to deal. its a dark plummish color, but it gives off a black effect on a lot of it. well some of it is black from before, but still. its almost all one color. the streaks are a little bit lighter and look purple in a lot of light, but yeah. i dont like it. but hey i wont have to dye it as much, right? its permanent. itll fade a little, but its a lot more permanent then the other stuff. i <3 dan
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[08 May 2003|05:28pm]
[ mood | happy ]

im not even gonna apologize when i forget to write a day or two anymore cause i always forget haha. well yesterday, school was stupid. got in another fight with fucking bitch mrs robinson. after school i worked. then today school was stupid as well, and i have in school suspention for science class for a few days cause mrs robinson is a bitch. but yeah. i just got off the phone with dan and that always puts me in a good mood :).

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