white friday?   
02:16am 01/08/2003
mood: happy
todae was a veri nice friday... no arguement or... well... i had to stand outside the computer lab becoz i hadnt finish moi newspaper report... i hate mr lum. i wake up quite early but lay on moi bed for pretty long time. i finish moi drawing... actualli dere's no need to redraw e class t-shirt design but juz outline lorz.i outline it wif rui xing but she juz gif up half way n went home.i stayed back till 2 plus while the others were gone... i dunno how sze min noe eddy n get to noe to get a class t-shirt... the class decoration were finished. it was fantastic and outstand the other classes. im proud of it. the paper hearts which iz moi, has a heart on it. mrs ang said dat those hu had contribrute to e class will get a heart. i did so muchie for the class but y cant i get a blue form for merit point?!! lolx... hope dat our class will win lorz... good luck to moi class...
02:10am 31/07/2003
  well... todae sandra gif mi paper hearts to draw all the classmate into it. tml iz the deadline of the class decorations as well as the design of the class t-shirt. sze min asked mi to draw it again coz it's all crumpled becoz of the passin around and itchy hands... haiz... our sch cutural club got silver for syf! im so happi for jeraldine. im goin to wake up earli to finish the drawin!  
i want to change the world...   
04:23am 30/07/2003
Inu running. ^_^ Cute!
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there will not b rainbow after e rain, but there will b sunshine   
03:47am 30/07/2003
  yesterdae night,moi luo han fish lay eggs! i was overjoyed when i saw the sight of the eggs.moi father thought it was juz another foreign livin thing happens to b in e equarium...lolx! todae sandy pick a fight on mi again. i cant b bother abt her.i've learn sm malay language... testin testin... mulut awak ada cacing... maku awak macham tahim... sandy cinta hairi... dia seorang bebuh... bad words precisely... lolx... juz to use it to attack on sandy. sandy pick a few words and fight back... but i bet she forget it juz a few days later. n ya, she tell hairi dat it's unlucky to hav mi as a frien... im shuld b the one sayin dat not her.... forget abt the unhappy things... li koon say dat dere will always b rainbow after the rain... but i don tink so... i tink there will b sunshine brightening up the day after the rain has dampen the mood.  
01:34am 28/07/2003

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i want to change the world...   
01:27am 28/07/2003

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lolx...which chinese maiden r u?   
01:17am 28/07/2003

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u go gurl!   
12:58am 28/07/2003
mood: blank
well well,our sch band indeed get c.o.p... haiz... d principal told us dat.she aso say dat dey wept and doesnt wans to play in the morning again ever. good heavens. juz a little failure and dey get into such depressed. but dey played. thumbs up for dem n hope dat dey will get better results in future.i get the red cross manual from fazila.now goin through it and takin notes.im goin to get mum to print two copies. one for mi and one for fazila :p well... i had those weird n alien feelings now a days. i don noe y. i juz cant b bothered. o ya... todae we did shepherd pie during home econ.i didnt quite lyk it coz of the beans.im allergic to it.i wan to do marcaroni cheese durin the exams coz i tink it's nice.some of dem aso did it, it's provin dat dey lyk it.the bitch iz doin shepherd pie.mayb she tink dat she did it before so she decided to do it again so it's easier.i hate the pie.

after home econ,we shared bits of the pie around n taste.i've tasted marziah's n i tink it's quite nice.sandy wanted to taste mine so i allowed her.she tasted it before she say dat her one iz the nicest. *pucks* she said mine was awful.i tasted hers n i tink it taste lyk dung.it realli taste lyk dat becoz of the taste of potato which smoothen into dung.her best frien commented dat e teacher shuld taste it n gif her the highest marks since hers was so nice.guess she was juz pullin her legs as no one tinks her pie iz nice lyk wad i tht.sandy n her best frien, rui xing iz bhb la, donno how to b ashame of themselves.
anything will do   
12:48am 27/07/2003
  today iz sunday n tuition iz cancelled. good for mi. well,mum n mi went to e mall n i've brought tons of accessories n books. got dis wonderful book about the famous women in ancient china. it's in chinese. i saw faiz dere.he's the guy who was moi classmate last year but kick out of sch becoz bad results. yesterday nite,i sleep late to read finish harry potter and the chamber of secrets, now juz started reading harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban.well, went online and ivan told mi dat our sch got certificate of particpation in syf. poor wei le and the band members. dey alwaes look down on red cross, now dey've got it. e other schools in west district got either silver or gold. hope our sch will win at the nxt two years later syf. nothing much actualli.c ya,bye  
red cross bersu right!   
01:44am 26/07/2003
mood: happy
yahoo...todae i got red cross n need to wake up early.i need to meet fazila at seven at e bus-stop.when the alarm clock rings,i press it to stop n when back to sleep.moi mother scream mi to awake n stop dat it 6.55!i call fazila dat i will b late.when i reach dere,i recieve an sms sayin dat she iz in sch n changin.todae was lyk usual,we did footdrill but dere was no master parade n dunno y.sandy e bitch hu iz in outdoor i/c,teaches e juniors red cross song.i tht red cross is info not outdoor catagolry?it takes her forever to teach dem.she iz rude and scold dem.i sit at the beside of the class n talks to fazila.and ya,she had heatlh law test wif e juniors before the teaching of red cross song.sandy dare not sing in front of the class and use the recorder.e chairman was not happi abt her.sandy lyks to sing but y she dare not sing in front of the class.i've got to admit dat she had a veri bad voice.sandy tried to tok to mi but i onli reply to her if neccessary.

we had a project to do, consisting of four pages,project on the history.i choose the topic on raffles hotel becoz i tink it perhaps easy to do.the deadline iz on 21 of august.i was asked to stay back after red cross and fazila too.becoz of the info quiz.i later find out dat dere iz not onli info quiz to take part,but aso red cross knowledge!
horse tail...haha   
01:03am 25/07/2003
mood: crazy
rmember yesterdae moi junior say that sandy got a hair which so thick and dry that looks lyk horse tail?todae we got to run 2.4km lyk every friday.coz dere iz a award call light award goin on...so during pe lesson,i was sittin at the back while she was sittin in the front.guess wad i saw.her hair was thin but was still dry and messy.she had gone for a hair cut n had trim it.darn it.she noe how to foretell izzit?

mi n li koon had talk to each other after e teacher had a hard time on us.he asked us to hav a partner n discuss.li koon turn her back as she doesn't wan mi to b her partner.e teacher walk gingerly towards us.li koon turn back when she notice the cold stare.e teacher,mr lum, shout ,"STOP!" den he scold e class.den the discussion started again.i discuss it wif li koon finalli and became frienz again.thanks to him aniwae.he walk towards us again to inspect whether we had done our parts.but unluckily,he ask mi to say it to whole with timing five minutes.i realise i had nothin to say after i had the words came out frm moi mouth in a quick manner.the five minutes was still a long way to go.i paused for a veri long time.after mi,he ask for the others.the other talk abt not more than 1 minute and he let dem through.he's bein bias.i tink he's tryin to revenge becoz i make fun of him without noein hu i was makin fun of....lolx...i had recieve a call frm the red cross vice chairman,kai ling, she say dat i am in the red cross info quiz! oh gosh!
want the heck?   
12:46am 24/07/2003
  todae sandy e bitch is late for school...guess dat she's juz pure unlucky.she was soak wet after runnin six rounds around the field for bein late.i rmember dat once i was late,she make fun of mi.mayb dat was wad we call revenge...moi godbro was so happi to hear dat.i told him not to b so happi becoz he doesn't noe when was his turn.lolx.i was scratched by li koon todae.she write smthing bad abt mi on the table.i fight moi way to erase it off when she hold moi hand tightly.as it when more tightly,her sharp finger nail injure moi hand.im one head block wif a hot tempered so i scratch back.so both parties r badly wounded.we nv talk since then.moi two juniors hu iz moi godbro's frienz doesn't lyk sandy.dey say that she had a thick and bushy hair which look lyk horse tail.dey call her horse tail...lolx...i agree...coz her hair iz...haiz...so the thick and u can't imagine how bad it look lyk when she let down her hair.her hair iz dry lyk wires.  
04:08pm 23/07/2003
mood: annoyed
yoz...im back home.well,i sick of sandy...again...she's damn idiotic.she got accepted for excusing for aspro, and she's damn proud of it.she keep sayin it on the journey frm the hall to moi class as dere was assembly before.while she was walkin behind mi,she say it so loudly dat a deaf man will b able to hear it.and she keep humming loud tones.she so boastful dat she keeps sayin it to others.hu noes dat after she gone,moi frienz say dat she's so proud and irritatin coz she keeps murmerin it,and aniwae,it was benefit to us as we don need to c her face...and it's great dat i can hav a peaceful afternoon...lolx...

i accompani wei ling walkin to the prefect's room.half way through,she can walk by herself n i went away.she call mi to take care and i tell her to take care too.but how i wish dat she can keep those words coz i saw brans walkin at the opposite direction, after not even a second.i was alone now and he was aso alone too.i was so embarrassed, i hope dat smone was dere wif mi or perhaps wif him.it was at the place where study desk was located, and the people was rite at the end of the path.damn it, how i wish dere was smone.the atmosphere was so tensed,i sneered when i noticed dat he had noticed mi however...i try to focus on smthing else...i wanted to ran away but i could not.i donno wad was i tinkin at dat time.i hate seein him.the look of his face sux.when he had walk past mi,i stomp all the way back home.i was filled wif anger.wad pretti unlucki,isn't it?bran,if ur readin dis, i wan to tell u dat...U SUCKS

i tell moi mom abt the vandalisin.she say dat it's bad to say smone iz a prositute, and hu noes dat in future, a curse will fall on the person herself n end up being a prostitute herself.coz dis happen durin moi mother time when smone say moi grandma...but after years,her own daughter became a prostitude.it's quite a sad thing...
school day   
12:42pm 23/07/2003
mood: excited
music: atlantis princess- boa
yoz, im in sch buddy.im in the computer lab above moi classroom.we r tryin a new stuff, it's moi first time in dere.it's nicer than e others lab in school.e internet system iz faster than the others except for moi own lap top...lolx.dere's nth muchie to say.juz nothin to do so i hang around in the internet.juz dis morning,we find smthing on bao zhen table,smbody had vandalise it.it was none other than sandy hu sit dere the day before.she had written dis:she's a fucker.she lyks to scold fuck you.she's a prosititute.she's not bao zhen.i noe dat it was referin to mi.she always lyk to say i scold fuck ya out of blues althrough i didn't.aniwae,bao zhen erase it.lolx.durin art lesson,i discover the vandalising i did when sandy critised i vent moi anger by writin all the bad stuff if her on the desk.there sm cute replies like:are u a guy or not?ur handwriting is so nice!, and who is she,wad class she's frm?,and mrs goh sux.agrees?...lolx...gtg.bye bye. luff ya.lolx...
tuesday, an even day   
08:43pm 22/07/2003
mood: geeky
todae iz juz another perfect dae.juz dat sandy keep annoyin mi.todae's chinese lesson was on a chap abt the man hu die for his country, China.i joked abt dat he iz tupid dat he did not accept e bribe and get a tortune by his enemies.moi chi teacher carry on the joke.but sandy e bitch who was sittin at moi back seat shout dat im greedy and could not resist the temptation of money(in proverbs).i ignore her and laugh loudly together wif moi frienz n teacher,pretendin dat i did not hear it.she got piss up so much dat she keep sayin dat, tryin to get attention frm mi,tryin to get a fight.she muz haf stop it when she feels lyk an idiot talkin to no one.doesn't she hav the brains dat she iz killin e atmosphere,no one wans to listen to her?i keep on jokin all the way. teacher ask mi whether im local, i replied wif a no, coz moi ancesters r frm china...lolx....if i replied dat im local,dere's nothin more to joke abt.teacher tell us a story dat a teacher died in fire explosion in a bus while takin her students for an exclusion.she had tried to freed her students but did not succeed,even when she die.her body was found huggin her students,she muz haf tried to protect them even till the last breathe.deep inside moi heart,i was touched.but teacher joked dat if the teacher is mi,i muz haf escape leavin moi students behind.the bitch once again,shouted mi names.dis time iz a the word betrayer.i pretend not to hear and keep on laughin.her shouts were drowned by the laughters.she stop it immediately once.she act as a fool.round one, i had won.k.o to mi.the game iz not over yet.i noe how to deal on her when she tries to find trouble on mi.im not a fool,i tink she has no clue of it.
what kind of typical high sch character r u dude?   
04:14am 21/07/2003
Hey Princess! Get off your cell phone and listen
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chobit quiz   
04:03am 21/07/2003
You are Chii!  Adoreable, Sweet, Loving
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racial colours   
03:02am 21/07/2003
mood: pissed off
yup, todae is racial harmony day.i feel weird when i stepped into sch.i hung moi head so low dat moi face were bury into e ground.dere iz lots of ppl wearin it of course.and the whole assembly ground was filled with rainbow colours.sandy wear a brown indian costume, i tink it looks funni on her coz doesnt match her as she iz gigantic.dere iz some program held for us.dere iz chinese dance and indian dance and a malay song sung by two gals.nobody dances well accept for the sec one prefect.i tink got those dancing dna.n dere iz a fashion contest,dere iz gal wearin jap costume,i envy her.it's so elegant.dina wear a india costume,she looks sexy on it.it suits her perfectly.boys will drool more for her.aiin and juliana are havin a nice dress.three of them r asked to join the fashion contest,but sadly dey didn't win.dere iz three student winners and two teacher winners.the teachers are mr kelvin tan(lots of gal pupil crazy over him coz he look cute) and the cutural club teacher whose name i had forgotten(she dotes on her cutural club member alot)

im sick of sandy.she keeps critising mi.i told moi mother abt it.she said dat dis kind of person dere iz no need for care abt her, let her talks wad eva she wans and let her mouth rots.

im asked to draw the notice board.first the class t-shirt design now the class notice board.im proud n happi of it.i got dis talent of drawin, i wan to thanks moi mum for it.her drawin was in the exhibition in india when she was young.

dere iz contest which iz to improve our sch environment.rui xing made the powerpoint.i tink she juz wan to show off as inside the powerpoint, it's written:proudly done by:khoo rui xing, while e presenter's name iz odd.

i got piss off by weilson in msn messenger.he such a jerk.he's the bitch's x-classmate for goodness sake.his attitude got the same as e bitch.dey both sux.he tinks dat i shuld change moi attitude as he tht dat sandy iz statin the facts.i hate him too now.i noe he's on sandy's side.i tell him statin the facts does not need to tell other ppl.why not tell mi face to face.she doesn't hav e courage to do dat as she was afraid dat others will take her as a bad egg.she's one aniwae.when u talks behind one back,it's a rumour dat u wanna spread.

moi attitude iz not so bad at the first place honestly.i don tok rude words or piss one off.i change dramaticalli becoz of sandy.i got bullied by her as i was too blur to noe anithin at dat time.i got make use of by her dat time.i don need to play soft on her now.a ppl attitude culd change over night. i learn dat dere's a harsh reality society dat im gonna face no matter in the present or in the future.u culd not trust anione except urself.trusted frienz r hard to come by.i put moi trust on her at the first place,now i regret abt it.i was juz a tupid brat.

she make use of tons of ppl,sm realises it after she had done it, while some,dey did not realises it until now.everyones knew dat she's using of ppl.onli the tupid ones doesn't noes.the ppl make used/use by her is:godbro(he shove away whenever he saw her),li koon,rui xing(she tupid laz),weilson,redzuan,wei ling,kah hui,syahidah,yin whee,derrick,yongseng,dere's a lot more,dey r her x-classmates i donno deir name,and last of all,mi.
ppl she nv got to make used of,dey had a mind of thies own:aiin,dina,juliana,hairi,ian(e bitch tinks he look cute),sandra,jeraldine and blahx...and most of all she lyks to play wif friendship.
sunny day   
12:55am 20/07/2003
mood: artistic
music: sweet dreams- jang nara
it's juz another ordinary sunday, i went to moi big aunt's house for tuition.i try to please moi aunt by stuffing food continuelousli as she ask mi to eat.i had eat tons of ice-cream.i need to maintain moi size.i had a bloaty stomach now... darn it.i had bought teenage dis morning.i read it half way through.im goin to bring it to sch tml n make e bitch jealous.and...ya,tml is racial harmony day. gonna wear traditional costume.i don wish to... but everyone's wearin, if i don wear, im odd one out.i decided to wear the cheongsam which i had wear last yr.i dont wan to wear e qipao.moi cheongsam has a golden dragon design on the left side.the whole blouse iz black and e cuttin iz awsome.it's a cool one unlyk e qi pao which is silver in colour and it's elegant,it quite troublesome wearin it anyway.
saturday's morning dew   
01:12am 19/07/2003
mood: annoyed
music: get ur freak out
wei ling ask mi to meet her at seven in the mornin as dere was red cross.the location iz at e sch bus-stop. when i arrived, dere was no sight of her. i tht i was late.but den, i caught a glimpse of sze min. i ask her whether wei ling has arrived, she shook her head. so i wait for another 15 minutes but still, dere was no sight of her. so i went inside the school as i was afraid i might be late.

i did not accompanied sandy coz i dislyk her and her words so i decided to join the other gals.as the new commitee had started,she tht dat she has a position who can gif commands around.she ask e junior to do to do dat, which she shuld not b doin as she was not e chairman nor e vice chairman. she was juz a little outdoor i/c. during the game,i n her started a quarrel.it was when our team had lost during the three-legged game.she's wearin the outdoor course t-shirt n her best frien too, while others r wearin plain half-u,i tink she's tryin to show off.as it was black in colour,i hope dat she had a heat stroke or die of heat :p she's veri xtra. chairman ask dem wad e forefeit will b.dere was a lots of suggestion of course, but sandy hopes to make mi wet...

bitch:pour the water to their bodies!
mi team:we nv bring xtra t-shirt!*grins*
bitch:i tht e notice board say dat muz bring xtra t-shirt
(i was not happi at dis point. she talks as if she was the head.SANDY u SUCKS!)
mi:if u wan us to b in trouble u say la!
(then she tht dat i had say fuck you)
bitch:u wan to fuck mi but i don wan to fuck u
mi:i don wan to fuck u coz im not lesbian

later during the break, i was walking pass the water cooler where she was.she speaks so loudly dat she tht i culdn't hear.she complains to e juniors dat i had scold her fuck u but i did not, and complains a lot of stuff abt mi which she usualli does.i told e other gals abt it.dey scold a lot of things abt her which i fulli agrees n happi to noe dat dey noe whose was in e wrong.

e bitch has a gift of explainin dat the other side was in the wrong she was right.so even shangde tht i was wrong.i scream at him n explain it to him n tell him e proof, while throwin bits of leaves at him.he told mi dat he was in anyone's side n i don beliv it.later i found out dat i was in e info quiz, csandra ask mi to stay back later.but i did not, i ran away back home :p

todae i also went to gramps house lyk usual in saturday, yesterdae i did not went to e orchestra as i don wan to c e bitch face.lolx.i noe she was angry abt it as she was alone.she was afraid of lonely more than anione else which i m not. i noe she was plottin smthing dat day n i was rite.she juz wans to convince mi to go dere to accompani her.nxt wk is e last wk but i don feel lyk goin too.i wan her to hav a taste of lonely.im not dat evil ok?and i bought couple if cds and vcds.i had bought vcds:charlie's angel(e old edition i lyk it so i bought it),the cat return(product of hayao, i lyk his works),the twins effect(a vampire movie,i had juz watch it.it's cool but a bit bored,a hongkong movie),cds:one(a edition of different singers),atlantis princess(by boa,korea pop singer, a new product of hers,she's beautiful)