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[17 Jun 2003|08:40pm]
[OOC] Has the community died or something? I'm confused. :(

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[29 May 2003|02:05pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

*Snuggles into her bedcovers, scribbling down thoughts while unable to sleep!*

Yanno, I've never had a REAL boyfriend. I mean, sure, when I was a kid we used to PRETEND to go out with all the other kids, but most of the guys in Wutai are perverted, ugly, STUPID men, just like my idiot dad! When I was in AVALANCHE, though, the guys I met were SUPER hot.

The first dude I met, of course, was Cloud. Sex on legs, baybeh! Of course, I don't think that he'd be very stable in a relationship, what with him being completely INSANE and half another person and whatnot, but still! His spikes are ADORABLE! Just like a cute little chocobo! I knew that I had no chance with him, though, especially after Tifa and Aeris seemed to want him all for 'emselves.

It doesn't matter, though! There are PLENTY of other hot guys, like...Vincent! Vincent is just a complete BABE! But still, he's a depressed old git an' I think he has a crush on Cid who, despite being old, is a babe in an old kinda way.

Theeeeeeen the Turks. Rufus is just THE hottest President of Shin-Ra EVER! I mean, really! His ol' man was a perverted, gross thing of yuck! Good thing Sephiroth/Jenova killed him, eh? Rufus' associates are hot, too! I ain't too sure about Rude, though -- bald guys isn't really the biggest turn on, although I'm sure SOME people might find it attractive. Elena's pretty hot for a girl, Reeve is kinda cute, Tseng is sexy -- long hair? Major turn on! Reno, though, is a thing of beauty. I'm, like, totally in love with him! 'cept I think that Elena chick might have a crush on him. DAMN HER! Why do all the OLDER girls get all the SEXY guys!?!?

Knowing MY luck, I'll probably end up with frickin' CAIT SITH! Or Nanaki even! YUCK!

Anyway! I'm really psyched up about this trip I'm plannin'. I ain't gonna tell dad about it neither! s'not like he'll miss me anyway, he's too busy SLEEPING and DRINKING all the time for the likes of ME! Stupid ol' git! I hope Junon's gonna be okay. Last I heard, there were rumours of REEVE taking over Shin-Ra, but Rufus'll probably start it up again. Does that mean that it's gonna be corrupt and stuff? Will we have to take 'em prisoner and lock 'em up and do kinky things to 'em against their will? Tee hee, that would be funny! I don't think it'd happen though and Rufus wouldn't DARE start up the organisation again, would he? I mean, we defeated SEPHIROTH fer cryin' out loud! We'd kick his sexy li'l' arse if he started trouble again!

Well, I'm getting kinda sleepy, so I'm gonna end here. I'll write more when I'm on the path to Junon, yay!

Love from,


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