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  2003.11.17  21.22
time to update!

candace wants me to update so i s'poses i will before i goes to bed. this is just like livejournal...and i don't really need it since i do most of my updating there. but oh well...i don't care too much. i'm tired, and my neck and back are a little sore. i guess wrestling will do that to you sometimes. but it's fun. yay!
i'm a little confused...and disappointed. but i won't get into that, i'll just leave you wasn't my intention at first, but now i don't feel like typing it all out.
headache...ouchies. i love maggie! and alexa! and candace! and grace! hmm, perhaps i should become a lesbian. nah. i love the cock too much...that wonderful little rooster of mine. *sigh*
i wish i knew what was going on.

Mood: disappointed
Music: everybody loves raymond

  2003.10.24  23.34

my first blurty entry...i feel touched...but i'm not going to type my day in here just yet. i shall do that later when i'm not falling asleep on the keyboard.

good night.

Mood: tired
Music: vh1