i have loved you beautifully.

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13th October 2014

__gloryfades, posting in emoleericks @ 10:43pm:

hey, sletjes.

(missing this place lots, lately! hard to believe it was so active at one point.)

12th October 2014

__gloryfades, posting in emoleericks @ 2:12am:

tuesday afternoon, i ain’t got shit to do
but fall in love with you.
fallenorigin08, posting in emoleericks @ 12:45am: We miss you.
__gloryfades, posting in emoleericks @ 1:24am:
i took off my 9-5, but you still don’t have the time to kiss me, just hit me. and if i left you all alone, would you still pick up the phone?
it's iffy, you miss me.
ztgplove, posting in emoleericks @ 1:27am:
Now I do as I please and I lie through my teeth
Someone might get hurt, but it won't be me.
I should probably feel cheap but I just feel free... and a little bit empty.

11th October 2014

fallenorigin08, posting in emoleericks @ 9:44pm: Say, say, say that you want me.
Please, please, please go.
'Cause I, I, I can't take it anymore.
Oh, I gotta know for sure.
fallenorigin08, posting in emoleericks @ 9:44pm: When she said
"You drink alone. That's just who you are."
I told myself
"This is the last drink I'll ever have."

That wasn't the last drink I ever had.
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