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29th August 2014

betterxtogether, posting in emolyrics @ 8:52pm: remember when we were little, and dad used to always take us to baskin robbins? you'd have to sample, like, every single flavor before you could decide on what you actually wanted, and then once you did, you realized that you didn't like it, so you'd cry. dad would have to take you back in to get another cone? this is about how you don't trust your instincts. maybe i'm not built that way. so? it's a skill. learn it. make a decision and stick with it. remember what i used to always get? gold medal ribbon. every time. i figured i loved it -- why question it?
betterxtogether, posting in emolyrics @ 8:49pm: The things we do just to keep ourselves alive

If any one reads this I'd love to know how you're all doing nowadays

27th August 2014

yourxsweetheart, posting in emoleericks @ 12:51pm:
And I know you're never gonna understand
And won't you slow this down oh if you can
You swayed your hips and stole the breathe that I was taking

I touched your lips and held your hands when they were shaking
yourxsweetheart, posting in emoleericks @ 12:47pm:
If everything we've got is slipping away
I meant what I said when I said until my dying day
I'm holding on to you, holding on to me
Maybe it's all gone black but you're all I see
You're all I see
yourxsweetheart, posting in emoleericks @ 12:43pm:
People you've been before
That you don't want around anymore
That push and shove and won't bend to your will

I'll keep them still
yourxsweetheart, posting in emoleericks @ 12:41pm:
Don't you lock when you're fleeing,
I'd like not to hear keys.
yourxsweetheart, posting in emoleericks @ 12:39pm:
Then the snow started falling
We were stuck out in your car
You were rubbing both of my hands
Chewing on a candy bar

You said, ain't this just like the present
To be showing up like this?

As a moon waned to crescent
We started to kiss

And I said I know it well
That secret that we know that we don't know how to tell

I'm in love with your honor, I'm in love with your cheeks
What's that noise up the stairs, babe?
Is that Christmas morning creaks?
yourxsweetheart, posting in emoleericks @ 12:36pm:
This is not the sound of a new man or crispy realization
It's the sound of the unlocking and the lift away
Your love will be safe with me.

23rd August 2014

finalxfall, posting in emoleericks @ 7:32pm:
I'm all over you
I'm not over you..

22nd August 2014

stilldreaaming, posting in emoleericks @ 11:34pm: Don't paint me black when I used to be golden.

21st August 2014

__gloryfades, posting in emoleericks @ 1:48am:

if you must die, sweetheart,
die knowing your life was my life’s best part
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