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    Saturday, February 14th, 2004
    8:21 pm
    Valentine's Day, or as I like to call it: "February 14th"
    Been a while since I've updated...

    Once again, the flower, greeting card, restaurant, and jewelry industries' favorite holiday is upon us: The always popular Valentine's Day. Once again, I say "Pfft."

    It's been a few years since this day has been anything but forgettable for me. If you gave me $1,000 I couldn't tell you what I did last year. 2 years ago I made dinner for Eva, but I'm trying to purge all thoughts of that relationship out of my mind. As for this year, when I'm done writing this I'll continue [i]Atlas Shrugged[/i] by Ayn Rand, which is admittedly less expensive and probably more eventful than having some out-of-the-blue date.

    So, what's with the lack of female company, you might ask? Well...I don't really want to get into it. Let's just say right now, even though I've been GF-less for over a year, I still think I have every right to be picky. Perhaps more on this later. So, yeah, I'm disappointed in being alone, but ultimately I guess right at this moment it's the best thing.

    Now, on to begin pg. 330 of Atlas Shrugged!

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    Sunday, January 4th, 2004
    3:56 am
    2003 Review: The Life of Cory and Other Tales
    Well, another year has passed, and I have mixed feelings about the last 12 months. One thing I always find interesting is that I do get a bit wiser in almost facet of life every year, and this was no exception. Enough with the opening jibber jabber, because I want to get down with my year in review. Let's go month by month, like this is a financial analysis or something completely unrelated. And remember, much of this is a year old, so I might be off on some specifics.

    January 2003:
    Big Event- The much delayed break-up with Eva. This should have happened a long time beforehand, and I would like to thank my friends (especially Tim) for making me put myself first and getting the balls to do something I've known deep down I should have done the day after we got together. No doubt the single most important decision I made in the year.
    Smaller events: Started working on and reading for my Honors Thesis, started substitute teaching, started running/working out

    February 2003
    Big Event: Alternative Spring Break in New Orleans. This was a blast--a totally alchohol-free, yet unbelievably fun vacation to the Big Easy. The girls on the trip were a lot of fun (and yes, I was the only "rooster in the henhouse" as people liked to point out). Great times I'll never forget, and New Orleans is the coolest city I've ever been to.
    Smaller events: Finding out that I won a Senior Honors Thesis Award Scholarship; Continued (and essentially finished for the year) working out and getting in shape,, Yeah, I think that was it. ASB was a week of it, for Pete's sake!

    March 2003
    Big Event: Trip to Seattle for WrestleMania XIX. Seattle is a cool city, although not as neat as N'Arlins. Too bad I saw them within a month of each other. That also didn't help the pocketbook. Anyway, for a WM swan song, I can't complain...the furthest I've ever been away from home, and the show was better than 2002's.
    Smaller events: Getting a terrible cough that tore my throat up for a while and made me vomit green in the middle of the night on St. Patty's Day; Realizing that all these vacations were making it hard for me to get jobs subbing; and that delicious grilled cheese I must have had.

    April 2003:
    Big Event: Hmm...Can't think of anything hugely important here. I feel bad if I forgot. I guess a lot of my friends graduating was the most important and bittersweet. Congratulations to them, and it would be 8 months before I knew what it felt like.
    Smaller events: I got a job at TutorTime Daycare in Canton, where I've been ever since. Thanks Angie, one more time. I...almost finished my honors thesis. My extension let me finish in the fist two weeks of May. Final Title: "Exterminate All the Brutes? Colonization and the Problem of Morality in Heart of Darkness and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court." I also missed my first WWE Pay Per View since August 1998.

    May 2003:
    Big Event: Uh, working at TutorTime, I guess. The kids are a lot of fun, and in May I mostly worked with 4 year-olds. Adorable. Oh, Finding out that my student teaching placement was going to fall through, but that wasn't until the very end of the month.
    Smaller Stuff: Passed my Michigan Teacher Tests (actually, that was probably April, but who cares), had "mistake #1" of the year, and started golfing a lot. Golf Rules. Oh, and Billy Joel and Elton John rocked the body that rocked the party in concert.

    June 2003:
    Big Event: Man, the more I think about these the less exciting my year seems. Maybe that's a good thing. I can't think of much. I'm going with starting working with the summer camp kids...went on a lot of cool field trips and such, individually most of the kids were harmless but put them together and watch out. A hard but rewarding 8 hours a day of work.
    Smaller things: Passed my last class in traditional procrastination fashion. It was online, too, so that didn't help. Had my first quasi-relationship since Eva and I broke up, which ended abruptly in July when she (as previously known, but still abruptly)moved to Florida. Nice of her to say goodbye. Oh, and golfed 3 times in a span of 24 hours. Did I mention that I love golf?

    July 2003:
    Big Event: While nothing earth shattering, 4th of July was a very interesting day. Have had some good laughs for months about that. Alchohol + that weekend=much unnecessary nakedness. Don't ask. Besides that, just went out to the bar a few times every week and worked my last day at Gags and Gifts when the store closed. Thank God.
    Smaller stuff: Joined my wrestling chat board, which is lots of fun and I've had some good moments, and started finalizing my student teaching placement.

    August 2003:
    Big Event: Philadelphia! A weekend with one of my best friends, my favorite singer, and the city of Brotherly love! The Philly trip was a lot of fun...the sights are amazing, the cheese steaks flowed like water, and the Springsteen concert on the 11th was the best 3 hours of my life. 4 rows away from one of the best performances of the year. Whooo!
    Smaller Events: Started student teaching at Lincoln High School, and had a great experience...more on that later. Uh, I turned 22 on the 13th. That was fun, although 22 isn't the best age. Said goodbye to Tim as my roommate after 3 years, only to move in with Josh and a couple other friends. This will be Josh and I's 4th year together. Talk about variety.

    September 2003:
    Lots of Small stuff: continued student teaching, saw Bruce again on the 21st at Comerica, got kicked out of a Michigan State football game for behavior hazardous to my and other people's safety, ummm....that might be it. I did a lot of student teaching stuff. Oh, I helped out with EMU Orientation for the last time ever as a member of the SWAT team, which means I did little odds and ends. A fitting end to my 4-year Orientation career.

    October-November 2003:
    These were kind of blah months in terms of anything happening. Student teaching took up almost all my time, and after these months I feel I know The Scarlet Letter by heart after reading it 5 times a day. The most rewarding moment came on the last day of student teaching, where I got a card and gifts from my 3rd hour students. I honestly felt special. I also received some great comments from all the classes on the survey I asked them to fill out for me. I also received the comments "get lost" and "get some new clothes." Aaah, teenagers.
    Small stuff: I love Thanksgiving. I don't remember what I did on Halloween. What the hell do I ever do of significant importance?

    December 2003:
    Super Big, Gigantic, Only Time It Will Happen In My Life Big Event: Graduation! Ok, it wasn't that huge, but it was a good time. The ceremony was nice, my robe was shiny, and Josh and I'l grad party was sweet.
    Other stuff: I love Christmas! Made mistake #2. Started substitute teaching again. For 3 days of band. Short sentences. Oh yeah, I won a fantasy football league and a football pick'em league (where you pick the winners in all the weeks games) against almost 30 people. I, my friends, rule. Finally, I rang in the New Year the only way that seems fit: At a bar with some friends, one of who got kicked out for no apparent reason, and for the 21st time in 22 years, nobody important to kiss at midnight.

    Not bad for trying to remember things months later. All in all, I learned a lot this year, and I guess it sets up for 2004 pretty nicely. I went through a lot, but I'm here and motoring up for the rest of my life. Vroom, vroom, or something like that.


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