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Why not me on a rainy day? Why not me to love all your fears away? [01 Mar 2004|12:16am]
Damn boy with his beautiful hair and brown eyes and unbelieveable personality.

Damn his cuteness.
Damn his humor.
Damn his being smart in a good way.
Damn his way of thinking like I do.
Damn the fact that I tell him things I've never told
anyone one else and I don't know why.
Damn him for haunting my daydreams.
Damn him for being so unbelievably easy to talk to.
Damn him for living so far away.
Damn him for not knowing.
Especially when he makes me melt when all he says
is, "Goodnight, Carly."

And damn my stupid ass for liking him.

...The sappy country love songs aren't helping right now.
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[22 Jan 2004|07:07am]
[ mood | worried ]
[ music | The News on TV ]

I don't get it, you know? We've known eachother since I was fourteen and she was just fifteen.


What's going to become of us? I worry at times. I don't really get it.

What happened to becoming buisness women and opening our own porn shop and becoming insanely rich and buying our own house and decorating every room with themes and...Bleh. What happened to us turning eighteen and getting our crappy ass one room apartment? Nope. Not the way it's going to be. Instead we're going to be living in a thousand dollar a month town house with three other people.

I worry. I really do. What happened to the little girls we used to be?

I remember sneaking out at night, walking down to the pond to smoke and talk on the phone or to just talk.

We can talk endlessly. We've been best friends for five years and yet we can still talk to eachother like it's nothing.

What happened to not sneaking out to go to the pond, but to hop into Lee's car and go 'party' or just generally cause a rucus? What happened to the time when I finally tried weed and then we'd sneak out to hang out with Moses and get high in his backyard.

Or going to the mall, being little mall rats.

Or walking EVERYWHERE we went. And beating the absolute crap out of eachother and seeing eachother every damn weekend.

Where did it all go? Where will everything we have now be five years from now?

I'm afraid.

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Oh the jasmine in my mind... [02 Jan 2004|03:48am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Some song I don't know the name of ]

Woo! Major thankyous and adoration for the April.

'Cause she's cricket like you wouldn't believe.

I don't have the tags figured completely out yet. I need to figure out the username tag and search and see if there's a cut-away tag so that my lovely little blurty [-pet, pet-] doesn't become unbelieveably crowded an' such.

I love having long, red fingernails, I really, really do.

I just had an amusing conversation with Starfish, and I do believe I will share.
She just said something about being German and beating on someone...

Me: Ooo
Me: -does the flirty growl thing-
Her: -Pounces and takles her over in the name of her kinsman-
Me: -squeals girlishly and allows herself to be taken, in the name of her kinsmen-
Her: Oh that's right your Polish. Poland always was getting invaded by germany
Her: Poor poland it's just a flat ass feild
Me: Invade me, baby! -kerwink-
Her: -Growls and invades wink wink nudge nudge-
Me: -squeals girlishly again and pretends to be offended-
Her: -Speaks that oh so dirty smutty filthy german to her-
Me: -purr. melt. Erm..comes too and "tries" to fight off-
Her: Oh don't fight just surrender everyone's doing it look at the French -purrs and nibbles her throat-
Me: -can't take it. cackles-
Her: -grins- I win -has her way with her-
Me: Ooo
Me: -enjoys herself immensely, though tells other people she didn't, so they don't know she actually likes being "invaded"-

It's wrong, in so many ways. Yet highly entertaining at three in the morning. -grin-

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[02 Jan 2004|02:55am]
Booga - la booga. Test, checka waaah.
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