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-*woohoooo [24 Jul 2003|07:09pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | Sean Paul-Like Glue ]

My Monster Name

A Lich is a powerful undead horror, the twisted remains of a wizard or sorcerer who completed a dark magic ritual as an attempt to gain immortality. Liches can also be created through lack of sleep and too much coffee but this incarnation of the nightmare is thankfully short lived. Liches are mercenary creatures only interested in furthering their own ends and increasing their power.

The Levenshtein distance between Jessica and Lich is 4.
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Yeah...or something like that.

your shit.

What swear word are you?
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WOOHOOO score with the shitty-ness

You're the loving smile,the one that is entirely
devoted to others,especially that one
person.You really can't get them out of your
head,but then,you don't really want to.

What Kind of Smile are You?
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Mwahahahahaha fuckersss...


What's YOUR sexual fetish?
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Dude...seriouslly! i love scotch tape! ahhhhh


What's your sexual appeal?
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ah. ok. no comment...

Yeah i think i*m done with these for now, cause they*re scaring me. But yeah...haven*t really had the time to write....Kyles goin to his dads on the 3rd & that*s gonna suck. i haven*t really been thinkin about it lately...but fer sum reason it just came up...and its gonna b crappy...but only fer like 10 dayz, n then we*re goin ta darien Lake...soo i*m not really gonna see him at school when it startz cuz he*s gettin his G.E.D and goin ta Boces...and ummm yeah i*m not....i coulda went to boces, but i decided not to cause i wanted ta stay @ school ta see him...but now he*s goin *n it*s too late fer me.....well idk...but i guess i*m gonna go fer now....

i*m sure i*ll write again s0on


i'll wash my bloody hands

-*Hooray fer being sickkkkkkkk [19 Jul 2003|11:35am]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | bLiNk 182-STaY togEtHeR foR the KiDs ]

wOw wutta weEk. Been sick fer like every..this damn infection sux ass =x. I*m actually feeling a little better today..
hah well i have a picnic ta go to at like 2..Kyles goIn witH me =)..then later i*m going bowling with the best people in the world =) then tomOrroW, is the yearlY famiLY reuniOn..Kyles goiN to ThaT toO...WeLLL i*ll wriTe neXt tiMe i geT thA chaNcE


i'll wash my bloody hands

-SiCk -* [18 Jul 2003|12:09am]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | nOnE ]

wOw...i*M stiLL sicK =X........theY*re sayIng...either Bladder Infection Or Kidney Infection...havent seen a dr yet not sure if thats my diagnosis..but yeah...woo hooo!!! I*m 0nlyne f0r n0 reas0n...well Kyles 0n and i wanna talk t0 him...but yeah....i*M tired & i just can*t sleep...and everytime i do...i either have to get up & pee or i have a bad dream or something else goes wrong so it can keep me up =x JEEZE =( 0kay Kyle just g0t 0o0o0fff....so0o i*ll be s0on....I went t0 TauGhanock FallZ t0Day with Aunt SheLL, UncLE r0Y, maRY *n was fun...we walked the trail...well we walked up t0 the big waterfall by walkin up thr0ugh the water, but we walked the trail back cause i had t0 pee...and it was realllllly slippery in the water and it w0ulda t0ok twice the am0unt 0f time walking in water rather than walking 0n land..yep...i*m babbling...and f0r n0 reas0n 0ther than the fact that i*m sick, and tired, and i can*t sleep and i*m ann0yed and ALL that g0od stuff....BLAH...Well g0od News....Kyle d0esnt g0 t0 his dads til August 3rd and he*d 0nly staying f0r 10 days insted 0f 11...which is c0ol..I*ll 0nly have t0 c0mplain ab0ut h0w i miss him s0 freakin much f0r 0ne less day
;-)....g0d i l0ve that kid...(i say that in every entry...get the picture?) ehhh well as 12:3o r0olls ar0und, i guess Kyles n0t gettin back 0n s0o i*m g0in t0 bed...i*ll write t0m0rr0w 0r weekends g0nna be pretty busy with all these picnics anfd crap...so0o0o yea...whenever i have time i*ll write...

P.S C0urtneyS birthday is SATURDAYYY


*Kyle- i l0ve y0u s0o0o much baby

i'll wash my bloody hands

-*bLaH.. [17 Jul 2003|12:19am]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | GrEeNdaY-Basketcase ]

i FeEl LiKe r0yAl craP t0DaY =x....r0aDkiLL shiT 0N aNd raN 0vEr....twiCe =(. aNd i*m biTcHy.. YeaH...thiS iS the 2nD nite in a r0W i*ve staYeD @ My aunTs h0uSe, aNd i*m haViN fuN...bUt i miSS KyLe ;-)...g0d i l0ve that kidd s0o much...Family reuni0n SUNDAY....Kyles g0in with me.. =) he*s been t0 eVeRY0ne like the past 3 years...=) He*s LeaVin me th0 fEr 11 daYs...weLL techniCaLLy 10, caUse the 11th dAy He*ll be c0mmiN h0Me cauSe we*re driviN t0 geT him 0r meET him...DarieN LaKeS c0mmin up t0o,..we camp there every summEr...i g0 with him and his m0m & dad and sister...its fun.. =p.. TodaY...wEll yesterDay n0w, we weNt t0 WatkiNs gLeNN aNd waLked the g0Rge...then We weNt up thesE staiRs...caLLeD "Jac0BS LaDDeR" yeaH...there wAs like 4839423957489579 steps and i alm0st died..screw pissed at him...and he needs t0 m0dernize...h0w b0ut s0me "Jac0bS elEvat0rs" 0r "Jac0Bs EscaLaDeRs"???ahh well...i guess i*ll take myself t0 bed n0w. I*m d0nE ventiNg..i 0nly g0t back 0n t0 see if Kyle was 0n, cause i can*t sleep, and i ususally talk t0 him when i can*t =/ but since he*s n0t 0n and i can*t call...i*m g0nna have t0 deal...i*ll writE neXt tiMe i can ;-)


i l0o0ove y0u Kyle Andrew...with ALL my heart..y0u mean everything t0 me

i'll wash my bloody hands

-*bLah*- [13 Jul 2003|11:42pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Kci & JoJo- Crazy (i lOve yOu Kyle =) ) ]

wOw...lOl tOday was....just blah.... i had sOoO much fun with my real friends thO.

And Kyle...have fun at ur dads...sOrry i was bitchy tOday...just that time Of the mOnth =x. And Yes i*ll ride with the mOmmy-in-Law tO pick yOu up On the 11th day....cause i lOve yOu!!i*ll miss ya thO and we*ll talk everyday!....after all it*s nOt that lOng kiddO ;-)...lOl i lOve yOu...

Well...back tO the bOring stuff....I gOt in a lil' fight with my hunny earlier...(i swear it*s this damn PMS shit)but yeah..i felt bad abOut it after...and wanted tO call him back, but it*s tOo late and i*ll see him tOmOrrOw =) i told him i*d call him at 9...which is kinda early fer me...but yeah..I sacrifice...i*m sO bOred & tired right nOw...i wish sOmeOne was Online that i cOuld talk tO. everybOdy in the hOuse went ta bed mOm has tO wOrk tOmOrrOw, sO thats understandable...i hOpe i get tO talk tO her befOre she leaves...sO i can tell her my plans fer the nite..i can*t wait til Darien With Kyle. i*ve already been up ther Once this year fOr that cOncert...but we didn*t get tO gO On any rides really cause all the lines were lOng. =( we went On a few thOugh... like the Viper...I sat with Kyle Mal sat with Shawn and my lOvely mOm sat all by her lOnesOme..(gOd i lOve that wOman!)-i need tO find her a bOyfriend whO i actually like....she has such lOw expectatiOns fOr herself. she can dO sO much better... I miss my dad. I haven*t seen him in a lOng time... Or heard frOm him...the last time i talked tO him was when FalOn stayed at my hOuse....havent seen Kara all summer either....whO else....hmm....Oh gOd i haven*t seen Elizabeth in like 487904823098 years....i just saw Titus a few weeks agO...fOr like 5 minutes...and he didn*t really talk tO me he talked tO my mOmma...him n her were mad clOse...gOod charlOtte is gOnna be On this shOw wednsday...lOl i fOrgOt what shOw...and what channel, but it*s at 8 i think Or 8:3o...sO i*ll just flip til' i find it Or else nOt watch it..Well...i guess i better get gOin, sO i can get up early and gO spend the day with my lOvely.

i*ll write tOmOrrOw Or sOmething


J-Kidd =P

i'll wash my bloody hands

-*Great Weekend [13 Jul 2003|06:10pm]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | Simple Plan-Addicted ]

Hey!! sOrry i haven*t been hOme tO write at all this weekend. I was with Mal, Shawn & Kyle since Friday! =) (and i had a great time) Shawns dad is so cool. I wish my mOm wOuld gO Out with sOmeOne like him. =) ahahah thats a crazy idea...he has a g/f and she has a b/f....but maybe.....maybe i*ll bring that up to shawn...lOl..i dunnO if my mOms his type thO...and i*m nOt trying tO break up a happy relatiOnship either..Well....Me Mal Shawn & Kyle went up tO Shawn*s dads hOuse Saturday arOund 1-2ish....and we just chilled up there fOr a while....(his hOuse is SO nice...and its really pretty up there) Then after that his dad tOok us tO the was sO fun. i hOpe we dO it again sOmetime. I wanna like be a street racer when i grOw up..but whO*d gO fer that? nObOdy*d like it. I*d be a racecar driver tOo...lOl...just the fact Of driving Over like 90 Mph makes me smile =). Ahhh anyways...we saw sOme nasty ass hussys there(as usual...just can*t get rid of *em their everywhere) and we watched the Woman take the whOle race. she beat all the men =) nOw thats sOme girl pOwer right there...lOl Jesus christ shOot me i just sOunded like a spice girl =x blechhh.....umm yeah...sO i*m stayin hOme*s Okay thO cuz theres sOmethin On MTV that i wanna watch at 9. Its called Bashed...and it*s like all these peOple whO are friends (Or Just Other peOple assOciated) with CarsOn Daly, talking junk abOut him and picking on him repeatedly....hence the name BASHED. =x gOdda lOve carsOn.....taking junk frOm Eminem, Nelly Jennifer lOve hewitt Kid rOck Pamela AndersOn...and Other peOple.. welllll i guess i*m gOnna gO fer nOw....i*ll write mOre later er sumthin...

<3 J-Kidd

i lOve yOu M-Cuz!! ;-)

i'll wash my bloody hands

=wOw= [11 Jul 2003|12:33pm]
[ mood | Impatient ]
[ music | Saved By The Bell theme sOng =) ]

Well..i wrOte this whOle bit thing earlier and when i went to click update jOurnal, it all sumhOw erased..yeah i was ticked..I had a really really weird dream last nite...i wOn*t get intO detail..but it had tO dO with Beecher schOol(the little cOurtyard area there), sOmeOne i hate mOre than life itself, and white girls wearing weave in their hair and their bOyfriends clOthes. =x talk abOut scary. Kyle was suppOsed tO cOme Over EARLY but my mOm tOok the car to get fixed and nOw we have tO wait til they call sO we can gO get it. My grandmas mad at me cuz my mOms gOin campin with damOn (=x BLAH) and AnthOny fOr sOme AA family thing...and they asked me tO gO, but i*m nOt gOin cuz i already made plans with Kyle MallOry and Shawn...sO shes upset abOut that... but my mOm tOld me i didn*t have tO gO. I mean i kinda feel bad, but my mom said nOt tO wOrry abOut it cause she knew i already made plans. I*m suppOSed tO hang Out with Kara Saturday nite but i haven*t talked tO FalOn sO...w/e...idk. Umm...what else tO say...Blah i*m sO bOred.....My brOther is sO clOse tO getttin stabbed in the face and burried in the backyard..i swear if my kids turn Out like that...i*ll put them up fOr adOptiOn. =x Jeeze. peOple are really starting tO bOther me anymOre. nOt like everyOneMainly little 12 year Olds whO start shit and can*t keep their mOuths shut..i think it*s funny this One girl...she wants my bOyfriend....but shes mad cuz she can*t have tO be her...=xahh well..she wants ME tOo...Isn*t that sad? pOor cOnfused little One.....ah well..Drugs are bad incase yOu didnt knO. um yeah.. well...i guess i*m gOnna get gOin...and wait fOr my mOms freakin ar tO get dOne sO i can see Kyle ;-) (lOve yOu babe;-))

Sex, Drugs & rOck & rOll,


i'll wash my bloody hands

-*SecOnd time in One day*- [10 Jul 2003|10:27pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Good Charlotte--Bloody Valentine ]

wOw i*m On a rOll...2nd time in One day =) scOre fOr the lOser with nO life.=) ahh..tOday i didn*t really dO much except gO bOwling with Kyle...and i didn*t bOwl..he*s On sOme league, and i say & watched. It rained thO tOday & it sucked majOrlly. ahhh..i*m bOred!!!!! My mOm wants me 2 gO On this camping thing with her tOmOrrOw nite & Saturday nite...but idk cuz i made plans w/ Mal Kyle & Shawn. i dunnO yet thO. i haven*t talked tO them abOut it. Kyles cOmmin Over in the mOrnin tOmOrrOw...we*re prOlly gOnna swim if it*s nOt cOld & crappy like it was tOday..=x hah. uhmm...let*s see....there*S gOdda be sOme kinda quiz thing i can take tO fill ya in On me a lil`..

*The YOU Side*
Full Name: Jessica Ann Saxbury
Are you a flirt: i dunn0? maybe?
Are you an Idiot: well 0f course..s0metimes m0re than 0thers..but sOme Of my friends make me l0ok better..
Nicknames: J SaX,Jesi, Jess, Sis, Saxbury,
Age: 16
Grade: Junior in High School (11th!)
Sex: Is a desirable aspect of human fantasies... mmmmm... er, I'm female.
Birthday: March 21st, 1987
Zodiac sign: Aries
Hospital where you were born: Arn0t 0gden
Location: Elmira, New y0rk
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: Lets n0t g0 here..umm okay.. its like bl0ndish,br0wnish..l0ts 0f natural c0l0rs at times..grr..
Eye Color: Hazel, changes th0
Siblings: Anth0ny J0seph, wh0 is 8 i believe
Parents names: R0ger & Jennifer
Hobbies: w0w..umm..breathing?

*this or that*
[boxers or briefs?] bOxer Briefs On men*SIGH*
[plaid or striped?] Plaid.
[scream or scream2 or scream3?] WoW..eiTheR sCreaM or screaM 2
[urban legend or the faculty?] uRbAn LeGeNd
[star trek or star wars?] star wars..
[alt or rap?] RapPPp
[ska or punk?] Punk.
[classical or country?] w0w. die.
[salt or pepper?] Salt.
[coke or Pepsi?] c0ke
[dr. pepper or mr. pibb?] Dr.Pepper.
[sprite, slice, or 7-up?] i lOVe moUntaiN dEw..whAt?thaT waSnt a choiCe? oh. uMmM sprite theN.*sigH*
[skim, 1%, 2%, or whole milk?] 2% aLthoUgH i BeLiEvE miLk is miLk
[rare, medium, or welldone?] mEdiUm RaRe
[skittles-original, tropical, or wildberry?] original
[m & m's-regular, peanut, peanut-butter, or almond?] Peanut
[hershey's-hugs or kisses] kiSsEz~
[tootsie roll pops or blow pops?] blow pops...hAhA
[chocolate or vanilla?] uHmM MosTlY choC0LaTe
[V-8 or hi-C?] i DoNt lyKe V-8, But i DO LIKe v-8 splash!
[ken or barbie?] hMmM...BaRbiEs aRe mOrE aNaToMicaLLy(spELLed WroNg) CoRReCt
[bleh or blah?] dEfiNaTeLy bLaH
[okay, ok, or o.k.?] eiThEr oK oR okAy
[mono or stereo?] weLl..sTeReO i gueSs
[tp or kleenex?] hEh...dEpEnds oN wuT iM usiNg iT fOr. iD raTheR wiPe my aSS w/ ToiLeT paPeR//bLow mY noSe wiTh kLeEnEx!
[sex, drugs, or rocknroll?] depends on my mood.
[shake or stir?] boTh?!
[gray or grey?] Gray.
[pens, crayons, pastels, or colored pencils?] PeNs maYbe?
[bright colors or dark colors?] boTh
[fruit at the bottom or pre-stirred?] fruit at the bottom
[snap, crackle, or pop?] i LYKe tO pOp(l0l) n0
[half-empty or half-full?] half-empty aLwaYs
[beavis and butthead, king of the hill, or daria?] DaRia..sHes gReaT..
[adidas, nike, fila, or reebok?] iF i haD t0 cH0ose theN i GuEsS aDiDaS oR niKe maYbe a lil reeb0k
[spearmint, winterfresh, or peppermint?] Spearmint.
[big red, juicy fruit, or doublemint?] Juicy Fruit
[big red or cinnaburst?] big red
[cinnaburst, mintaburst, or Fruitaburst?] mintaburst.
[tic-tacs or certs?] TiC-taCs
[sunshine or rain?] suNshiNe, unLeSS iM tryiNg to sLeEp
[rain or snow?] raiN
[sun or moon?] Moon.
[silver or gold?] Silver.
[silk, cotton, or flannel sheets?] Cotton Or siLk
[frogs or toads?] Frogs.
[skaters or jocks?] Skaters.
[preps or freaks?] Freaks.
[cds or cassettes?] Cd's.
[wild or mild?] Wild.
[rupaul or dennis rodman?] l0l...shEesH...uMM hOw boUt i Say...rU PaUl..
[bsb or nsync?] nSYnC
[keyboards-the normal kind or the separated kind?] do i caRe?
[tp-top or bottom?] uMm?
[popcorn-with or w/out butter?] doesn’t matter.
[salsa-mild, medium, or hot?] n0t a biG salSa freaK. haTe the chunkS
[ketchup, mayo, mustard, or relish?]Ketchup.
[shampoo+conditioner in one or separate?] Seperate.

*what do you think of*
[leonardo Dicaprio] BaRf.
[hanson] mMmMboP...i luved them*sigh*
[calvin klein] PeRfUmE
[swing music] Mr. PeRkiNs
[pamela anderson lee] l0l...gReaT floaTaTiOn deviCe
[winnie the Pooh] tigger
[anime stuff] b0obs.
[wal-mart] kMaRt
[the whole clinton-lewinsky thing] l0l...hes a man shes a whore...wut can i say?..we all know how the story goes.
[supermodels] definately not me.
[clowns] scary
[pre-marital sex] n0 c0mment.
[media violence] maKes me watch t.v
[mp3s] they’re nice :D
[year-round school] who wrote this? nEVER!!
[the whole gov't system] wh0 carez?

*if you were _______, what would you be?*
[a flower] dirTy aNd sMeLLy ..something everyones allergic to
[an animal] whale
[a fruit] Strawberry.
[a vegetable] corn
[a spice] salt.
[a color] black. Red. pink.
[a bug] spider

*short answer*
[are you left handed or right handed?] Right.
[are you smart?] hell no
[whats your middle name?] anne
[how many personalities do you have?] 2..ahh we lost count
[how many piercings do you have?] 3 in left ear 2 in right ear 1 in tongue
[tattoos?] none.
[do you like v-8?] n0pe 0nly v-8 splash
[what was your first word?] dad...or cat..
[are you superstitious?] kinda
[do you read your horoscope?] rarely
[do you believe in that stuff?] sometimes
[can you do a cartwheel?] yeah right.. maybe if i lost half of me.
[do you have bangs?] no
[do you have contact lenses?] no, glasses
[do you have a retainer or braces?] nope
[can you drive?] i g0t my permit baby!!
[what do you drive?] people crazy
[do you snore] I don't think so.
[do you drool in your sleep?] uh.. not recently
[do you lick your envelopes or use a sponge?] im a licker
[do you keep a journal?] online.
[what languages do you know?] English. umm i know how to say my cow is on fire in spanish
[whats the best awards show?] VMA’s
[do you like onions?] kinda
[do you like cotton candy?] kind of
[do you like pina coloadas?] getting caught in the rain
[what instruments can you play?] flute.
[what words do you overuse?] theyre naughty =x..shit piss fuck dude.
[what do you sleep in?] a bed
[whats your bedtime?] whenever
[how many pillows do you have?] 3 or 4
[do you like to dance?] i have seizures
[do you like to sing?] sure...not saying i can
[are you any good at it?] nooo.
[how many cds do you have?] n0t sure
[do you like to talk on the phone?] sometimes
[how many times have you moved houses?] t0o many...m0ving again soon.
[what do you think of chain letters?] Annoying.
[do you like where you live?] it’s alright.. I guess..
[is your room messy?] i dont think so...dont ask my mom
[how many people go to your school?] 300 something.
[do you like your writing?] nope.
[do you like to fingerpaint?] y not?
[what do you smell like?] man...uhh i smell like..jess?
[are you organized?] not really
[what do you put on hotdogs and hamburgers?] Ketchup. my mouth
[do you sleep with a stuffed animal?] no
[do you sleep with socks on?] sometimes..
[are you ticklish?] Yeah.
[are you shy?] yeah i actually am around certain people
[do you talk to yourself?] of course
[do you have a basement or an attic?] basement
[what flavor fluoride do you get at the dentist?] its usually nasty.
[did you go to preschool?] Yes.
[are you a morning person?] No.
[whats your favorite outfit?] whatever makes me not naked.
[do you have a friend that you wish wasnt?] occasionally
[who has the sexiest voice in the world?] hmm...
[who has the most annoying voice in the world?] Britney spears.
[whats your iq?] -.0
[whats your purity test score?] wow.
[do you believe in reincarnation?] kind of..
[do you believe in God?] s0metimes..
[do you believe in aliens?] yes
[do you believe in ghosts?] yup
[do you believe in bigfoot?] maybe?
[do you believe in the loch ness monster?] no
[whats your favorite feature (on yourself)?] l0l...uhh...nothing at all..
[what do you do when you're nervous?] i st st stutter. l0l i bite my nails and act all shy
[whos your role model?] hmm..h0w b0ut...Santa clause
[what celebrities do you look like?] y0u kn0...that 0ne.
[what celebrities do you act like?] marilyn manson..l0l
[do you like classical music?] nope
[how old do you wish you were?] younger
[what will you name your daughter?] penis
[son?] bob
[have you ever gone skinny dipping?] Yeshh *shivers*
[have you ever thought you were gonna die?] yes (l0l 0mg..*ch0ke 0n wendys..*)
[wheres the farthest place you ever traveled?] upstairs..l0l no umm south carolina.
[where do you wanna go?] mars.
list all your classes] trying to forget them.
[whats the best advice youve ever been given?] does it matter?
[whats your motto?] whatever

*hard questions*
[would you rather be tall or short?] short..
[would you rather burn to death or freeze to death?] freeze
[are the best things in life free?] sometimes.
[can money buy happiness?] it could.
[overly happy but poor or unhappy and overly rich?] overly happy and poor...which is how it is now.
[would you eat a bowl of live crickets for $40,000?] maybe.
[if you could change your name, what would it be?] something other than what it is maybe.
[if you had a band what would you name it?] lozers.
[wut do wanna b when u grow up] anyone but me.
[gonna go to college?] if i have money by then
[where do u want to live] hell sounds nice.
[who do you love?] Kyle<3 all my real friends
[who do u hate] ahhhha yeah that 0ne w00oo0od chuck =) she kn0ws wh0 she is!
[if you had to dye your hair right now, what color would you make it?] red, maybe more blonde than it is.

Yeah Okay..nOw that yOu knOw the Real*s almOst 11'O clOck..sO i guess i*m gOnna gO talk tO sOme Of my friends On AIM fer the rest Of tha nite then crash On the cOuch til` Kyle calls and wakes me up tO cOme Over in the mOrning...

Hugs-Kissez & Safe sex

i'll wash my bloody hands

*Thankz Meg!* [10 Jul 2003|09:40pm]
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[ music | Seal Paul-Like glue ]

Yesss!! Meghan made me this really cool journal...and i <3 it!!(thanks meg!) Ahh well since this is my 1st entry i*m gOnna just dO my best tO annOy the hell Out Of everyOne...that dOesn*t cOme tOo hard fOr me thOugh..sO this shOuldn*t take lOng. Summers been pretty fun sO far..alerady theres sOme drama, but we wOnt get intO that..I went tO the rOc the Mic (-5o cent, Busta rhymes, missy ElliOt, FabOlOus, Jay-Z-) cOncert with My mOm, Kyle, Shawn, and MallOry On june 29th. It was pretty cOol even thOugh we gOt there tOo late tO see Fab, and we Only cOuld Hear missy, then we left a little bit early...sO didn*t get tO see ALL Of Jay-Z =( what REALLY sucks, is that Sean Paul jOined the tOur shOrtly after the cOncert we went tO. Grrr...This may make peOple hate me but I freakin lOve Sean Paul. nOt as much as Kyle thOugh...i lOve him way mOre ;-) lOl. I*ve been hangin Out with Kyle almOst everyday...and we*ve Only gOtten intO like 2 fights;-) its great!! FalOns in tOwn frOm Ocala flOrida until August. We hung Out with her fOr a few nights. It*s been pretty crappy Out the past few days, sO i haven*t really dOne much. I watched the mOvie "gOodFellas" fOr the first time yesterday and i hOnOstly lOved it! Well i*m gOnna get gOin i guess...sO meg can finish makin my jOurnal as pretty as hers ;-) i*Lll write again Later Or tOmOrrOw!!

Hugs Kisses and gOod charlOtte

i'll wash my bloody hands

[10 Jul 2003|09:33pm]
i love meghan. she's so hot. oh yeah. =]
and we'll start a new life| i'll wash my bloody hands

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