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[04 Oct 2003|09:01am]

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[28 Sep 2003|03:00pm]
new blurty, http://www.blurty.com/users/shapesofshadows
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[25 Sep 2003|07:13pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | Twelve Hour Turn ]

Today was okay. School was okay. Kind of boring. I took my roll of pictures that's due tomorrow for photo, and it's going to come out horrible, meaning my prints will be horrible, meaning I'm screwed in that class. I don't want to go to school tomorrow, at least it's Friday. Anyone wanna hang out? Blah, my parents were going to get my computer today but then my dad saw some thing about recalls for Sonys, which is what I wanted so...fuck, have to go clean the kitchen, AS USUAL. Mmk, peace mates.

Oh, when I move to Australia I get to watch the specia frogs mate, score! It's like live frog porn.

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[24 Sep 2003|10:37pm]
[ mood | mellow ]
[ music | bachelor is on.... ]

fatstrat65 (10:36:21 PM): harrison ford
climxofthevirus3 (10:36:26 PM): hell yeah
fatstrat65 (10:36:30 PM): i like the "aged meat"

Today was good. School was pretty good. Math, super boring but photo was fun (accept for when I got TACKLED) and I didn't have my money yet so I couldn't do any work in the darkroom, and I have to take a whole roll tomorrow for the next project, I am so screwed. Argh, I'm already way behind in that class. Well anyway, then PE which wasn't TOO bad 'cause it wasn't that hot and then we got to go do volleyball stuff in the gym, no lame bocce ball. Then after school I walked to Sean's house with Sean, Isaac, and Corey, and Mike was there when we got there. We were there for a little bit and Corey almost died of like a bladder attack and then Corey walked home and we walked to Kathryn's water polo game which was cool, I have never seen one before. They one, swell. Then we went over to the tree and hung out there for a bit, and then walked home. When we got to my house they came in for a little while and then left and then I like found some food and cleaned the kitchen. Now I'm here talking to Sean about aged meat...Harrison Ford YUMM. Okay peace out mates.

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[23 Sep 2003|09:27pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Garth Brooks mother fuckers ]

Today was pretty neato. School was, well school. Not all that exciting but not bad. Sharpie war, I think I should watch out for Alex from now on. Got my spanish test back. Did pretty bad, like 42.5/60 or something. Hah, I'm a sucker oh well. Christie left school at lunch so I didn't have her to walk with, so I walked with Christa and Leann and just went over to Leann's house. Me her and Christa chilled for a while, Leann was "fasting" for a while (and like ODing on kids gummy vitamens?) so me and Christa ate without her for a while, and then her parents came home and we went with them to pasta pomadoro (sp) and ate. Us three were sitting at some like desolate table in the outside-side of the the restaurant. Then something UNFORTUNATE happened which we will not speak of. But it was fun and then we went over to coldstone and got ice cream, and stopped by the dogout to say hi to sean. We got back to the restaurant and Leann's mom and sister had left without us, and her dad was still there waiting for her grandma to come because she was supposed to have dinner with them, so she showed up and while she was getting food with her dad we went over to Albertons so leann could pick up some axe. When we got back to the restaurant they were gone and we didn't know where they went, and we couldn't find them and didn't have a cell phone with us cuz I left mine in her car so we just left and walked to my house. When we got there we called her mom but she was at the Y or something so we chilled here till 8 something when her mom finally got home and came and picked them up and I got my stuff out of her car. Now I'm just here talkin to my pals with my headphones on and Blue Crush on in the backround. Good times. I'm gonna try to go to Kathy's polo game tomorrow, if my mom will let me skip soccer practice. Dude David, we gotta have the partay! NAKED TWISTER. Okay I'm out mates.

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[21 Sep 2003|09:34pm]
Yesterday and today were fun. I wrote about it earlier but it didn't work and I don't feel like doing that again so yeah. School tomorrow, it's a monday but it won't be so bad since we have lockers, yay.Season = Autumn
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Yeah it's like, turn right at the penguin. When we can't be at the computer, we just pretend. [19 Sep 2003|11:59pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | blah blah blah-blah blah blah ]

DUDE today was SOOO fucking fun. Okay So school was pretty swell, we finally got lockers! First me and Christie got one at the way end of B hall, and that sucked so we persuaded (swindled?) Nate and Phillip to trade with us, so now we have one in the middle of D hall and it rules. It's also right next to Alison's so that's cool. Hmm today photo was fun too, me and Alison had a nice view... Hmm so yeah having a locker made my day. Then after school at about 3:30 Christie and her mom picked me up and we headed over to ARF to do some cat socializing. It was way neato, we found the CUTEST little black kitten and we went into that room and played with it and it was so fun. I wanted to adopt it but my mom wouldn't let me. Then they dropped me off at Benihanas where I met up with my family for my grandma's birthday. Well, since I was the last one there I got stuck sitting next to RRRR and that was pretty scary "HEY ROB AND ROSEMARY, CAN YOU HEAR ME!?!?!"*waving hands like a mad man* "I DIDN'T WANT THE BEER, I DON'T DRINK BEER" Ah, insanity. It was cool though.
After we got back home at around 7:45 my dad picked up Christie and Isaac and took us to the Walnut Festival where we met up with Leann, Alison, Rachel, Christa, and Mike. It was sooo much fun ahhh, it was great. Of course Leann had her little problem and we had a nice discussion and like freaked out Isaac. We went on some rides and it was rad and Christie is the next Ashanti. We also saw Mike's brother (Mike #2) and his girlfriend aha, and Jesus Christ? Then Leann Christa, Rachel and Alison left at around 10, so me Christie and Mike went on the Ferris wheel and took some pics, and then got Ice cream. Mike left and me Christie and Isaac went walking. "YOU KNOW HOW MARGO'S NAME IS MARGO?" OH man, and then I almost peed my pants I had to like fall over and sit on the ground to stop. We were laughing so much and it was so much fun, we went and sat at some bus stop for a while when we were waiting for Isaac's mom to pick us up. We took some pics, but they wouldn't run through the sprinklers with me. We had so much fun, then his mom got there with the dogs and the flying suspended bear ("LMAO christie, 'WTF!?!?'") and she dropped us off and now here I am. Oh yes I also talked to David today and I am glad to report he is no longer dying. Less than a month till he's coming up, yes!
Mmk today was the "funnest" day ever, The End.

PS watch out for the Catholic skanks.

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Like the three amigos, but dos. [18 Sep 2003|07:32pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Blues Clues on in the backround. ]

Today was pretty swell. Um school wasn't all that great but it wasn't bad. English, not too exciting, Mrs.Knorpp is crazy but she's awesome. Bio test, not too hard except the essay part I think I did wrong but oh well. Then into my new spanish class-the Atkinator all over again. At least that's what it appeared like. She like left me to die and didn't tell me what we were even doing, but luckily Alison came and sat behind me and we did our little coloring pictures thing (see, atkinator style) and then the freaking POLL about whose was the best (LAME) and yeah I miss Littig's class just because I was really learning stuff, but I have the homework done for the next few sections at least.But now I have another class with Alison, and one with Corey which is cool. Anyway, then me and Christie walked to her house after school and chilled for a bit, and then Isaac came over and joined us. We took like a million pics of Christie and me and Isaac "played" the drums and the WM was on. Then we all walked over to Isaac's (or should I say Isaac rode his WW2 vehicle) and chilled over there, ordered a couple pizzas (AND BREADSTICKS) and yeah. Olivia made us some interesting oreo smoothie things...and I played with the cat! And I held the bird until I accidently petted it and it flipped out. Yes that was our adventure for the day.
I'm trying to get my mom to pick me up before 6th period tomorrow because it's going to be fucking hot and I hate PE, but I doubt she will. Tomorrow me and christie are probably going to ARF for the cat socializing, and then the Walnut Festival or something. Yah, The End.

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Happy Birthday Phillip. [17 Sep 2003|07:59pm]
[ mood | Dum de dum ]
[ music | Your Face Is a Rape Scene- Pg99 ]

Yah umm today was okay. School is never great but at least it wasn't a monday. Got a schedule change but all they did was switch me into a differen't spanish class, same period and everything. Sorry Phillip no more being Spanish partners. At least I'm in Alison and Corey's class, that's pretty rad. They could have at least got me out of Dunaway though. Bio test tomorrow blah. PE wasn't so bad today, although I must say that bocce ball might be the lamest thing I have ever played. Mrs Kennedy came to photo for a bit today it was neato, I wish she was back already photo is soooo lame right now. Damnit I have to go buy some film for the first project because I don't think her stuff works in my camera anymore.Talked to David for a bit today, I'm going to call him in a second. I hope he's okay, he went to the hospital again last night.
Yesterday was cool too, me and christie just walked to Isaac's after school (well that is after we stopped by her house for popcorn bags, push-ups and water bottles) so me and him could do our Photo poster, and christie just worked on some spanish and that was fun and we showed christie corey (aka farva) and then we were going to go to Siobhan's soccer game but she couldn't get ahold of her parents so we walked back to her house, were there for a bit, got bored and had my mom take us downtown and we went and got some pizza at Red Brick and then saw Dickie Roberts, which was LAME. Haha except for the dancing slut like 10 year old and maybe two other parts. We wanted to see Cabin Fever but it was playing too late. But, yeah. I believe Mike is trying to face me through Cameron now, LAME. Oh, had a soccer game tonight. Lost. I played horribly. Oh well.

Blah I miss someone but that doesn't matter, I guess. Arrgh.

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Bored as hell. [14 Sep 2003|01:15pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Your Bush is the VILLAGE IDIOT!

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The lights are on but there's no one home,
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his face and his last name, and all the hell of
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[14 Sep 2003|10:14am]
you fuckers now I'm all paranoid, STOP THE FACING.


Aww, my first death threat.
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umm sorry for the random convo updates, but this was too good it had to be saved. [13 Sep 2003|10:47pm]
MagicCarpetIsaac (10:44:50 PM): I TALKED TO OE ONLINE TODAY
MrMikehaHA (10:44:52 PM): im calling those broads tomorrow
MagicCarpetIsaac (10:44:53 PM): SHES SO NICE
MrMikehaHA (10:44:53 PM): later
MagicCarpetIsaac (10:44:54 PM): ok
MrMikehaHA (10:44:57 PM): whats oes sn
MrMikehaHA (10:44:59 PM): i wanna tlak to her
CrazyBlondLady28 (10:45:07 PM): oe is nice?
CrazyBlondLady28 (10:45:10 PM): riiiight....
MagicCarpetIsaac (10:45:12 PM): something like bluebubblebutt or something
MagicCarpetIsaac (10:45:13 PM): SHE IS
climxofthevirus3 (10:45:21 PM): HAHAHAAHAH
climxofthevirus3 (10:45:24 PM): no
MagicCarpetIsaac (10:45:25 PM): and shes gonna wait an entire year for siobhan to come to the cabin
climxofthevirus3 (10:45:27 PM): you don't know the evil side
MagicCarpetIsaac (10:45:31 PM): so me and christie can go!@
CrazyBlondLady28 (10:45:54 PM): HELLZ YEAH
PaintballCorey (10:45:58 PM): MagicCarpetIsaac (10:55:20 PM): something like bluebubblebutt or something
PaintballCorey (10:45:59 PM): WTF
fatstrat65 (10:46:07 PM): thats like
fatstrat65 (10:46:09 PM): nicoles s/n
MagicCarpetIsaac (10:46:10 PM): corey
climxofthevirus3 (10:46:12 PM): WHAT'
climxofthevirus3 (10:46:13 PM): SEAN
fatstrat65 (10:46:14 PM): bubblebutt
MagicCarpetIsaac (10:46:17 PM): your such a
MagicCarpetIsaac (10:46:20 PM): CHICKENFUCKER
PaintballCorey (10:46:23 PM): haha
climxofthevirus3 (10:46:24 PM): LMFAO!!!!!!!!
MagicCarpetIsaac (10:46:34 PM): her name could be like
CrazyBlondLady28 (10:46:43 PM): what
CrazyBlondLady28 (10:46:50 PM): you guys...
MagicCarpetIsaac (10:46:51 PM): preteenmafiabroad69
PaintballCorey (10:46:55 PM): bigassjLogirl
CrazyBlondLady28 (10:46:56 PM): HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA
PaintballCorey (10:47:04 PM): thats for nicole/\
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Umm random highlites from my evening. [13 Sep 2003|09:37pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | buzzzzzzzz ]

RIP Simon. You will be missed <3

xcollapsmyheartx (9:23:56 PM): simon
xcollapsmyheartx (9:24:00 PM): you knew him
xcollapsmyheartx (9:24:05 PM): as long as i have known him for
xcollapsmyheartx (9:24:20 PM): so i think what we shoudl do is write th eprayer
xcollapsmyheartx (9:24:22 PM): together
xcollapsmyheartx (9:24:24 PM): in spanish
xcollapsmyheartx (9:24:48 PM): we are here today
xcollapsmyheartx (9:24:59 PM): nosotros hero hoy

xcollapsmyheartx (8:59:07 PM): your tellign me to go to the fuckigni huge poisenous fucking scary spider
xcollapsmyheartx (8:59:09 PM): and try to feed it
xcollapsmyheartx (8:59:23 PM): this is my life your talkigna bout

collapsmyheartx (9:42:39 PM): are you saying simon was gross
xcollapsmyheartx (9:42:42 PM): how dare you
xcollapsmyheartx (9:42:53 PM): he was your brother for god sakes

xcollapsmyheartx (9:49:40 PM): simon
xcollapsmyheartx (9:49:52 PM): had a very wonderful peaceful life until i made an awfule mistake
xcollapsmyheartx (9:50:07 PM): of killing this beautiful creatur
xcollapsmyheartx (9:50:07 PM): simon was a friend
xcollapsmyheartx (9:50:17 PM): simon was loyal

MrMikehaHA (9:35:31 PM): nikky
MrMikehaHA (9:35:38 PM): did you know they made a movie about you?
MrMikehaHA (9:36:05 PM): "the girl who was pretty hott
MrMikehaHA (9:36:09 PM): FOR A MOOSE"

MrMikehaHA (9:37:26 PM): nikky
MrMikehaHA (9:37:30 PM): christie is courting me
MrMikehaHA (9:37:32 PM): look at her info
MrMikehaHA (9:37:37 PM): its creepy
MrMikehaHA (9:37:50 PM): i am in no way this aggressive in my courting tactics

CrazyBlondLady28 (8:52:56 PM): ******* (9:02:13 PM): have u read huckle berry fin

CrazyBlondLady28 (8:54:44 PM): OMG YOU ARE A NUT
CrazyBlondLady28 (8:55:02 PM): HAHAHAHAHAHAH
CrazyBlondLady28 (8:55:04 PM): OMG

MrMikehaHA (9:23:35 PM): after im done courting chrisite
MrMikehaHA (9:23:39 PM): she courts me!
MrMikehaHA (9:30:00 PM): to court her or not t court her that is the question
MrMikehaHA (9:30:06 PM): what does mrs rios have to say about this
MrMikehaHA (9:32:32 PM): JUST JOKING
MrMikehaHA (9:33:00 PM): christie and i are going to go steady
MrMikehaHA (9:33:27 PM): its gonna be so cool
MrMikehaHA (9:33:33 PM): we are gonna hold hands and stuff
MrMikehaHA (9:33:38 PM): and im going to give her my pin
MrMikehaHA (9:33:46 PM): and if we ever break up shes gonna throw it back at me


MrMikehaHA (9:51:44 PM): MrMikehaHA (10:01:29 PM): are you jelous of my new broads?
CrazyBlondLady28 (10:01:36 PM): umm yes

CrazyBlondLady28 (9:52:16 PM): nikky you make me physically and mentally hurt

climxofthevirus3 (9:52:21 PM): WHAT
CrazyBlondLady28 (9:52:39 PM): your so freaking confusing

And a personal favorite:

TearsForAmy (9:56:52 PM): r
TearsForAmy (9:56:53 PM): a
TearsForAmy (9:56:54 PM): h
TearsForAmy (9:56:56 PM): r

The End.

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CrazyBlondLady28: ITS LIKE CHRISTIES QUOTES OF THE DAY [13 Sep 2003|06:54pm]
[ mood | OD'd on M&Ms ]
[ music | Big Pimpin mother fuckers ]

CrazyBlondLady28: GOOD JOB MORON
CrazyBlondLady28: fucking go to hell
MagicCarpetIsaac: I LOVE YOU\
CrazyBlondLady28: noyce
CrazyBlondLady28: *what the FUCK is this*
CrazyBlondLady28: damn fucking moeny stealers
CrazyBlondLady28: jeez im not used to mike having so many "broads"
climxofthevirus3: they're all up on your hunk of man
CrazyBlondLady28: wtf!?!?
CrazyBlondLady28: hes MINE
CrazyBlondLady28: damn bitches im going to personaly fucking take them down
CrazyBlondLady28 (7:02:09 PM): lataz braugh

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Damn hobbits! [13 Sep 2003|11:48am]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | Rad mixed CD ]

Last night I laughed so hard I was in tears.
It was great.

"We're going to kill them all!"
"I think the FBI is like tapping our phone"

Stuck here at the cabin, eh, oh well.

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[11 Sep 2003|07:51pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I want to say sorry to everyone. I know I'm a bitch, and I know you're all pretty sick of my right now. That's okay, I'm pretty sick of myself too. Don't bother hating me, because I can assure you I hate myself more. I don't know what happened to me, or what's wrong with me. A few minutes ago I burst into tears and I don't know why. I can't take anything anymore, and I'm even more mad at myself for sitting here bitching about it. I feel guilty for being so unhappy, when so many people in the world have nothing and they're not complaining, and it only makes me feel worse. I know I'm not a good friend, and I'm sorry. It's not fair to you all, but thank you for dealing with me for this long.
You wanted my true emotions? Well I hope you're fucking happy.

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[08 Sep 2003|09:41pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | silence. ]

Everything about this year fucking sucks, I hate it.

Ps. Cucumbers should be for eating, ONLY.

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[06 Sep 2003|08:17pm]
[ music | mike I'm going to fucking kill you. ]

Omg I fucking miss David sooo much. I was going to cry yesterday. He needs to come back ASAP. Screw the friends-who-get-food-thrown-at-them. DAVID COME BACK. WE NEED TO PLAY HACKY SACK AND MAKE TOFU CAKES.

frailloser1024 (8:16:03 PM): ok
frailloser1024 (8:16:07 PM): NOT ON SPEAKING TERMS
frailloser1024 (8:16:11 PM): FUCK YOU
frailloser1024 (8:16:14 PM): bye
climxofthevirus3 (8:16:35 PM): AWWWWWWWWW
climxofthevirus3 (8:16:37 PM): STOP
frailloser1024 (8:16:42 PM): IM SORRY

:*( daaaaaaaaaaaavid!!!

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[05 Sep 2003|08:02pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]
[ music | Mandy Moore ]

Fuck, I give up.

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School, blah. [04 Sep 2003|07:29pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | sfsjdfh ]

Eh, yesterday school started. It was pretty lame. Today was good though. English was fun, all we did was like play the name game with JIZZLE LOL (jizzle fizzle rizzle) oh man. Then Bio, which actually went by pretty fast and I didn't shoot myself from dunaway's voice. I sit with Lynn it's pretty fun. Then Spanish which was good, we had a 100 question test but it doesn't count for a grade so that was no biggie, then I sat with phillip and we just talked pretty much. Yeah umm I uncovered some news today. EVIL! hah, J slash K! DAAAAVID COME BACK! Okay I'm done.
oh yeah and me, leann and alison went to the golf team meeting today. After we went and found my dad and robbie on the course 'cause they were golfing, and my dad taught us how to hit, and then I attempted to hit it and it went completely the wrong direction. Then Robbie like hit it perfectly, he's gonna kick my ass. Oh well. okay now really, the end.

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