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Friday, May 16th, 2003

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    See you at the reunion!!
    I'm looking at some photos on my desk. One of them is of Kristen and I at Prom. It's so strange to me that you can have a best friend for about 5 years, and then she goes to Michigan State...and you never hear from her again. I've picked up her number and called her a few times in the last couple of years. She's never called me. Half the time she doesn't even call me back. It's kind of sad to me when people just fall out of your life.

    I'm glad that Danielle talked me into going to The Faint last night. I've heard a couple of their songs on samplers and things like that, but I've never really listened to them. The show was a great big dance party...I love those. I was able track down Ryan, but it was strange seeing him. He was acting really weird, like he didn't know me or something. It was one big giant awkward silence. Boys are too confusing for me.

    I went over to the bar to talk to Jon and Crystal, and while I was there, I ran into Eric the sound boy. I've come to the conclusion that I turn into a complete retard around boys that I dig. He looks at me and goes, "HEY! So, where were you on Tuesday?!" His band played at Small's but just didn't feel like going. I told him that I was busy, but I would make it out to his next show. I thought it was cute that he was wondering where I was. Then he goes, "I'm going to get a drink, you want a beer or something?" So what does retard Lauren say? "No thanks, I'm underage." Okay, who in the fuck says that? Apparently I do. *shakes head* I didn't see him after that. I bet he thinks I'm a real winner now.

    I had a little run-in with Jack. Psch! What a complete tool.

    Danielle wallet got either lost or stolen at the show. That was a total bummer. Thank God all she had was her debit card and ID in there. I would flip out if I lost my wallet. From there, we headed over to the Stick. No one was really there and they were playing crappy dance music. Blah. Bring back the 80's jams!! I ran into some kid that I ended up talking to for a while. He proceeded to follow me around all night and randomly make out with me. Weird. I was talking to him, and then all of a sudden, we were making out. I was like, "Oh," It's so weird when stuff like that happens.

    I ran into Chris Farrugia. I always liked that kid, he's pretty rad. We exchanged phone numbers and he said he'd call me if he was ever going up to the Stick.

    James called me around 2:30am to see what I was doing. I told him that I had just gotten to Danielle's from the Stick. He said that I should meet him and Mike over at Lisa's. I got over to her house around 3 and stayed until 4. Mike and I sat on the porch and talked for a while. There's something about that boy...he's such an amazing person. People like him are so few and far between. We ended up watching episodes of Saved By The Bell on her computer and then we all took off.

    Today I got up around 3 and found out that Rachelle's friend had an extra ticket to Alkaline Trio. I called Beck to let her know that I found one. I've got to head down to Clutch in a few. I may be meeting up Heather and E-boy at Small's to see his show. Witches, represent.


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