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9th November 2003

7:47pm: id hafta admit, for a sunday, today was fun. i had a yummy breakfast and got my daddy to give me some money! :D then me, mommy, and lyss went to get the car cleaned. & on the way i saw shea! then mommy brought us to burger king, and we got fatty fries and onion rings. :9 good stuff. then we got the car cleaned and went to the mall and i got a sweater and some beanies and scarves and other cute articles of clothing. when we were done shoppin, we came home and i ate dinner. redskins won.. :( which sucks. but i think cowboys won! :D which is always good.

i dunno what to do now. weekend are such a drag. you waste most of the day sleeping, and then your piled with homework so that your whole sunday is wasted by doing homework. grrr >.< i also hate acs. but i <3 the people there. i dont ever want to leave you guys. your the light o my world.

Current Mood: confused
Current Music: get low- lmao
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