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Tuesday, January 4th, 2005

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    I know, you care that I haven't updated in awhile. I'll tend to do that from time to time. This break has been fun for all. Tady had her gall bladder surgery. It went well. She's doing a bit better these days. :) I did my best to nurse her back to health. She now has the Sims 2. She now has something to do in her spare time. Libby's Potluck was very fine. We must do it again sometime. We must indeed. The Dance at Wing's was fun. Next year we'll get it right. Next year. I didn't make too many New Year's resolutions. Just a couple I'm quietly keeping to myself. Tady's back in Valpo these days. A little piece of me is missing, but Mom's car is done, so I should be able to see her at least every other weekend. :) The Bright Eyes show is in two weeks, then the SoCo show is the week after. Exciting. Need to remember to take those days off. Not much else exciting in my world that I can think of off hand. If I do, I'll Post. Ta.


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