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    Saturday, December 28th, 2002
    9:42 pm
    Manga trip !
    Haaa ! I'm exhausted !
    I get out with friends of mine. I bought HanaKimi 19 !!!!!!!! Sano is such a hunk !
    I also bought another manga called "Akai no Kutsu". I never heard of it but the cover was right and the story didn't seem confusing like most of the mangas I use to buy !
    I wanted to pick Fun Fun Factory but I ran out of money ! ^^;
    Fortunately, my friend lend me some money so that I didn't have to sell my own shoes to buy the HanaKimi ! ^^
    I couldn't have get out of the shop without buying it by all means !
    Oh, I also bought two book of Tanizaki Junichirô. Alas, I won't read them until I finish "Shônen" by Yasunari Kawabata (God ! So soporific !). This book is killing me ! I suppose Yasunari Kawabata is a kind of japanese André Gide ! My favourite Japanese writer is still Yukio Mishima. I think my complete edition of "Haru no Yuki" is the one thing I would save if my house was on fire !
    Friday, December 27th, 2002
    9:07 pm
    New start !
    Yo !!

    I'm getting completely obsessed with blogs (as if my life was adventurous enough for me to brag about it !).
    I'm currently brooding ! Talk about holidays ! I sleep until 15 and then I wake up only to eat and go back to sleep.

    O.K., since I don't have anything interesting to tell, I'll end this right now ! I promise I'll do better next time ^^.