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    Thursday, July 3rd, 2003
    2:26 am
    SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, today we went to the fair...but to more important things i think my bro's friend is throwing up in my bathroom....damn it, these walls are thin, what an extra odd situation to be in. ok, no more thinking it's happening...it really is, ew ewewew. anyway, we went to the fair which was fun, though i found pubes in my soda. "hey, you have a thick coarse hair in your teeth"-Lindsay, being a smart ass. anyway, afterwards we hung out at Dan's, the boys played poker while the girls just kinda sat around and talked. then we went to los pericos. ok, so it seemed more eventful than all that. now i've been sitting around thinking what to write for my sociology paper due at 7 this evening. i've had the assignment for little over two weeks, but really, who starts things on time? certainly not anyone i know.

    so lately my obsession has been with the tucker max website. the guy is such an asshole, it's great. it provides endless entertainment. i've even become so desperate as to read the stories more than once. ah geeze, make it stop. also, i've discovered another weirdo thing about the midwest. they celebrate 4th of july on the 3rd of july...does this make sense to anyone? bbqs and fireworks on the 3rd?! whats the point of that, the holiday is pretty self explanatory. hmm, strangeroos.

    ok, so back to my socio paper i guess, i wrote a kick ass intro paragraph and have apparently called it quits since that. it's that and study for the midterm.

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    Sunday, June 29th, 2003
    2:49 am
    I don't get many things right the first time...
    So Marquette Mandy used to have the lyrics to the song "The Luckiest" as her AIM info a while back, and I really didn't pay much attn. But as of late almost all LJ peeps I read have dl'd this song and cried and cried and cried about it. So I figure I'd give it a shot, I didn't think I'd be cryee about it, since I'm not really in a situation to apply the song to my life as of now. But the piano is so damn enchanting. Fuck you, Ben Folds, I think I may start to cry, too.

    so, I haven't been too productive lately, I sleep and go to class. I just received a new credit card, perhaps I'll do some damage with it, which would also count as a contribution to the American Economy...since I'm a v. proud american...

    so, the other day i decided since I feel extra lazy that I'd go for a run. I think i had simply forgotten that i can't/don't run. so, i cheerfully started a brisk walk/which started my AM jog on Thursday. I ran for about .0056 of a mile, it was horrible. but i was too proud, since the run was along a golf course and the same people who same me start the run were the same golfers who saw me stop running. so, instead of turning around to go back home, I had to save face and so I walked all the way through these neighborhoods just to get home. It was horrible, as the hour went on i swear every gardeners' truck and construction worker stopped to make a comment or honk or give me a leering stare. I finally got to the point where I could easily go to Lauren's house, so i walk up to her door and knock/ring the hell out of it. actually, i knocked twice...still, no lauren answering the door. so w/o anyone to save me and give me a ride home, i walked all the way home. while i walked through the door, sunburned and lungs heaving, i was informed i had a Dr's appt for my now not so broken foot. perfect timing, me.

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    Current Music: Ben Folds-The Luckiest
    Saturday, June 21st, 2003
    2:09 am
    aunt mary says they have the darkness in their eyes
    ok, so this may come off to some as just a needless rant and rave, hold your whiny whines, peanut gallery!

    sooooooooooo, i've been home since may 9th. I decided the wise thing to do would be to get a job and take a class, both of which seemed like brainless notions while i was in Milwaukee. How hard could both of these tasks be!?!? well, thanks to our current economy, nobody is hiring. and then, to top it all off, if they are hiring, they sure as hell don't want to hire college kids who will just leave at the end of the summer. as if this wasn't enough of a slap in the face of area college kids, retail/restaurant jobs don't want to hire anyone without any experience...which i can understand, however if nobody ever gets hired because they lack experience how the hell do they expect to gain any?!?! shitheads, really, shitheads the alls of them. what makes me even more yuppily frustrated is that most of the people that have jobs that normally "kids" would have are like the 38+ crowd who are making this their career instead of a way to earn some money before moving on to the bigger and better. WHORES!

    registering for class was hell for a bit, but surely got cleared away thanks to a lamb named debbie who i have never seen, however she has a pleasant phone voice. if the world was ending, i'd like to hear her voice last. anywho, apparently Las Poo doesn't understand that Marquette is a private school, thus students do not pay a different tuition for in/out state status. i had to fight with them like hell, since they wouldn't release a hold on my registration. Finally, it was explained to me that all i had to do was write a letter convincing them of the aforementioned and then send in my tax forms...well since we all know that Yasmin does not work, that would be quite difficult. This woman I spoke to before the debster convinced me that I had to file taxes regardless of my employment status, which made me panick for a good 4.56 seconds before i realized that this woman obviously is INCOMPETENT. debsaloo just simply said i needed to make a copy of my DL so she can make sure i'm good to go. so, blah blah, to make a short story extra long, i'm in sociology right now and i really like it, it doesn't seem like a "class." the people in it for the most part and swelonderful.

    ok, my baddest ass problem thus far in the summer are....(drums rolling....) MY PARENTS!

    so, let's break it down by parent.

    Dad-so, we don't talk that much, unless i make the effort but really it's more of a he's never really around since he works tons and travels more tons than that. it's cool, i completely understand but when he gets extra frustrated from trabaja he likes to get hissy pissy at my mom, bro and i. so, we like to pretend that we believe he's the one who does everything in the house (cough BULLSHIT cough). so, he lets me go all the way to school halfway across the country where i could easily be having drunken sexual intercourse 25/8, yet when i come home to sleepy san ramon where i'm never more than a 5 mile radius he flips and wants me home by 12. he's completely serious about this, sees nothing wrong with it. i mean, it's not like i'm wreaking havoc and mayhem and opening pandora's box, my friends and i are usually sitting in someones family room talking or watching a movie. we're like the most straight kids ever, but nooo, home by 12 says curfew nazi...only he doesn't tell me. he'll call every so often but mostly i'll come in oneish/twoish and he'll be like "why so late?"and i'll tell him the honest truth of who/what/why. but he disregards it and adds "i expect you to be home." ok, call be rapunzel, hoes.

    mummy dearest: my mother thinks i'm the move naive person on the face of the earth. which is funnnny, because though i don't claim to know all, i often think she's the most naive person on the face of the earth. she likes to tell me things like "Yasmin, you know, when a guy tells you that you can't get pregnant the first time, he's lying.....hmm...lets think about this one....FIRSTLY, what the hell kind of loser says that!? secondly...who would believe it? if the sayer/believer get together anywhere in this day and age they deserve the wrath of God, honestly. so i tell her "mother, nobody has said that to get a woman into bed since 1958" but then she writes it off as me being super naive, since apparently i believe that you can't get pregnant the first time. the experiences i've had thus far would make me believe far more that a woman would say that one to a man...hmm mother...hmmm and then apparently, since i sometimes hang out w/ my friends who are dating my other friends..i'm somehow seducing them. because apparently i can't hangout w/ anyone's boyfriend w/o them being there....mother, just because you are super insecure doesn't mean my friends are. and yes, they do know/"allow" this to happen, we are all FRIENDS. bitches, geeze. i can not stand her assumptions of me/my generation. i often try to calmly and nicely correct her/remind her i'm not some bimbo naive slut gang banger but she just writes it off as me being "nasty and grumpy" BEE JEEBUS, AUGUST 17TH CAN NOT COME SOON ENOUGH!!!

    so, happy thoughts: yay, i heart my friends and extended family, i had a great day w/ jeffrey and breanne in SF. we did the cheezy tourist shabang today and then jeffrey is coming over on sunday to meet the posse. oooh, friends colliding!

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    Tuesday, May 27th, 2003
    7:57 pm
    tell me who i have to be to gain some reciprocity...
    I have this overwhelming sense of contentment right now. i dont even know if that is really a word, but it should be because that is exactly how i feel. I spent mem day weekend at UCLA w/ my high school friendolas. It was just a nice release, i havent seen them since early January. We weren't really like regular high school friends, there really weren't any big conflict. We seemed just to pick it up from where it was, there werent any awkward moments or silences. and i guess absence does make the heart grow fonder because i love every single one of them so much, its not even funny. we just kinda hung around. i went to a dashboard concert saturday night at the Troubadour, its a smaller venue but perfect for the occasion. I went down to so cal w/ ambika and peter, the drive went surprisingly well, i thought for sure i'd get freaked out at some point, but I-5 is pretty much a straight road through the unnecessary parts of California. everytime i see areas like that i want to take people who romantisize (once again, is this even a word?!?) cali to those areas and laugh. who knows why, i feel like breaking hearts. also, i've become completely overtaken by teen girl squad. all i can say to anyone anymore is "sooo goood" or "noooo goood" or even "well, i think its hella cool and you guys need boyfriends." it gets bad when:"yasmin, does spaghetti sound good for dinner?"-mom
    "yeah, sooo goood!"-me "are you trying to get smart with me?"-mom. haha, fun times. everyone who hasn't should go to www.homestarrunner.com and then click toons, then shorts, and find teen girl squad, you'll be a better person

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    Saturday, May 17th, 2003
    1:03 am

    SO, the past few days have been spent once again job hunting and spending time at home. I should really respect and honor the fact that i have a lovely home i can return to, but i think noelle put it best when she asked me "is it ok that its only been a week and i feel like killing them?" i hope once i get my job and start going to class they won't be such a problem. today i ran a few errands with my mom, that was nice, really low key. then i went to see Down with love with chrissy. i really dont know what to take from that movie, it seemed like a GIANT CONTINUOUS OLD NAVY COMMERCIAL!! i guess the plot just kinda lost it towards the middle. anyway, at the theater i saw this kid i went to high school with which totally brought down the mood. i don't know why i'm so negative towards those who i wasnt friends with but went to high school with, their mere existence is a pain in my side. i hope this goes away because i might actually have to see more of them during as the summer goes on, or for some, actually begins. tommorrow i'm helping my aunt w/ my cousin's bday partidad and then off to stanford's exotic erotic. this should be interesting...
    Tuesday, May 13th, 2003
    1:05 am
    job search
    Everyone, once they find out I start my summer break almost a month before UCs, tell me i will probably get the better summer jobs...please tell me where these jobs are, because as far as i'm concerned NOBODY IS HIRING. well, today i went to Barnes and Noble, Pier 1, and even borders. the guy at borders was a super ass though, this is how this situation played out:
    me-excuse me, can i have an application?
    ass guy-::while eyeing me up and down:: are you even out of high school?
    ass guy-::with a look of disdain:: are you over 18?
    me, in reality-yes.
    ass guy-::sensing he lost this battle:: here (i almost caught him in a frown, he really really didnt want to give me that application)
    but then i ran into yaldee in the cafe
    then i came home and ate yummy chicken and then hung out with stella. we saw Identity, which was twisty, i had my knees up and hands covering my eyes and ears most of the time. but then again, i was like that for the harry potter 2 movie as well. tommorrow-er, i guess later today i think i'll stop watching my TLC television and head out job hunting earlier, perhaps even turn in some applications. chris says i'll get a job in exactly 3 days, lets hope he's right.
    Sunday, May 11th, 2003
    11:24 pm
    uf, por fin!
    This obsession is getting worse and worse...first, i would just glance and laugh at those with online journals...then i spent most of my online time reading them, it even went as far as reading those of people I DIDNT EVEN KNOW, but now, this just takes the cake...i actually have one.

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