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[17 Aug 2004|02:42pm]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | Shake That- Shawna ]

hey everyone. well todaiis tueSday n i just woke up. so imma tell u about sunday n monday wich were loonq dais.. So sunday i woke up n went shoppinq but i like didnt get anythinq cuz we like didnt qo to any stores i wanted to.. then i qot home n qot readii to qo by alicias at like 6 i qot there n we qot readii n left to qo qet nikki. We were ridinq bikes n the bike i was suppose to ride was like broken so we had alicias neiqhbor fix it. Then we went n qot nikki n the weejee board.. its realli spelld ouja.. hm. so anyway then we went n qot violetta n she made me qo up there n help her pick out what to wear.. but i just playd with her puppy. then we left to qo by ryans house n then i rode a bike to loris n we were watchinq this thinq on e about the exorcist n we were so scared bcuz of her face we were screaminq soo loud!! lol it was real scari tho. Then i left n went bak by them.. then lori came n we went ridinq around on marions drive n around wilkins n stuff.. n these 2 black guys were in sum car n thei were followinq us! then we kinda ran awai from them n i was like haha bitches! n these 4 mexican guys were riqht there fixin sum car.. n thei all lookd at me. i was like sry not u.. lol. then we qot bak n lori went by her house cuz becky was cominq n i stayd by ryans. then everyone like wanted food so me nikki n mikey all rode our bikes to mcdonalds n me n nikki were so scared cuz all these cars were like beepin at us cuz we were in the waii. then we qot to mcdonalds n we spent 3o dollars on food.. n then we rode our bikes bak. n then like almost in the middle of the street my cell fone fell out i was so scared i was gonna get hit! then we qot bak n everyone ate n becky brouqht her new puppy! after we ate me lori n becky went riding our bikes around marions drive again, n then loris mom said we have to qo in so me lori n becky did n thei stayd there for a lil bit, it was like 11 wen we left.. then thei all qot there n we were all like super hyper.. especially me lori n alicia! then we wrote all over loris drivewai with chalk. then loris mom qot home n we had to qo in our tent n mikey n danny had to leave but thei never did.. n we didnt no tht. so we were inside the tent n we wanted to talk to rico thru this ouja board.. n we were realli scared cuz like mikey n danny were walking around the tent n like throwin rocks at it. n alicia qot so mad she said she was qonna slit their throats.. lol then she went out n yelled at them. Then we talked to some ghost named mill who was 10 years old and we wanted to talk to elvis presley lol but he just said hi n wuldnt talk anymore.. :(. Then mike n danny came again n nikki went by mike n violetta followed.. like always. N then they stayd there for like a looooonq time, then violetta came bak n went to sleep n nikki n mikey went by these dumpsters.. lol. then me alicia n nikki were cold so we went into the garage n sat there n alicia kept on talkinq about chicken n we were all super hunqryy. Then later nikki came bak n we did this black room white light thinq to her.. it was realli funny cuz like w.e u wuld ask her shed tell u the truth n we asked her if she liked all of us n she said yea n wen we askd about violetta shes like no. lol every1 was mad at her tht dai for sum reason.. Well i cant remember wht else happend but we were up till like 8 in the morning n then me violetta n becky slept in loris room then i think i fell asleep.. n wen i woke up sumhow i was in the tent n not in loris room anymore.. n all them were up alreadi. So i went in her house.. then we talkd to rico again n we found out it doesnt like me :( it likes evryone xcept for me n nikki! Then lori had to qo buy rims with her cousin so me alicia n nikki left n went outside.. then we hunq out by ryans house like the whole time.. then danny gave us money so we went to mcdonalds to eat. then at like 8 we went to loris to qet our stuff n then becky n lori came with morgan n sum other girl.. n they stayd for a lil bit then becky said shes having a sleepover so evry1 was qonna sleep over at her house.. i didnt qo cuz i was too tired n i just wanted to qo home.. so i left at like 9:30 when i qot home i took a shower n then later went to sleep.. todai i woke up at like 2 .. n todai im prolli not qoin anywhere.. maybe tomorow. well ill write in this later! love you.

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hey bitchez. =) [14 Aug 2004|08:10pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | Locked up- idk who sinqs it.. ]

hey! So todai i did absolutely nothing cuz im like overly tired n i cant do anything xcept for sit here by the computer. So yesterday i went to justice.. n i hung out with nikki, violetta, alicia, maggie, hannah, danny, mikey, chico, sammy, lori, franky, ricky, mike, n ryan.. n um more ppl i just dont remember.. so anyway i woke up at 10 cuz violetta calld me n i was alreadi suppose to b up n getting readii cuz violetta wanted me to b there earlii but i was still in bed.. hm so i hurried up n did my hair n got readi n then i left for violettas.. then we got like stuck in traffic cuz sum stoopid truck drivers just like stopped in the middle of this street n wuldnt let any cars pass.. it was weird. Then i went to alicias house n nikki n violetta were there n we left to go to the other side of justice, we were riding bikes too so it was pretty scary cuz we had 2 bikes n nikki was riding one n violetta was on her pegs n alicia was riding one n i had to sit on the front of her bike. but it reali hurt my butt n it was so scary riding past the busy streets! Then by mikeys house we switched so i was on nikkis pegs n then we went to founders.. then we sat there n tried to carve stuff on the tables with pennies.. but it wasnt workin. Then danny n mikey came n sum retarted arabian person came on his motorcycle n he was realli scarii. n then danny n mikey wanted to ride his motorcycle but he wuldnt let em.. n then thei were like u can have one of them.. as in us.. n hes like i want the one in the red! n tht was maggie.. haha she was like scared n she hid in the bushes n then he saw her n she climbed over this fence n ran! haha it was the funniest thing wen he said to her.. u wanna go out with me? n hes like ugly n old n he talks weird.. then he left n mikey took off his license plate n i felt so bad for tht guy cuz hell prolli get in trouble by the cops! hm then thei all rode bikes to mcdonalds but me n nikki walked with danny n mike. then we got there thei all ordered food alreadi so me n nikki went n got a bunch of food. n we all ate. n so did hannah! who was supposed to b on this 'paris hilton' diet.. to eat 3 grapes a day.. lmao. then we left mcdonalds n me n hannah rode this bike to loris house cuz i needed sumthing from there.. n then lori n hannah staid n i went to look for the rest of them on nikkis bike.. i didnt find em but i saw chico n sammy so thei tagged along.. n then i saw maggie n alicia n thei were also looking for me.. then lori calld n said thei were all over there.. hm so then we went bak to the park n thei all hung out there while i was still riding around on this bike like all around justice.. then i saw franky n ricky n we went bak to the park. then violetta left n later alicia n maggie left.. n so did lori. then it was me nikki hannah franky n ricky so we just sat there n talkd. then danny came n we went by ryans then we stayd there n thei kept on taking pics of me with nikkis camera fone! ya so like round 10 my mom came n picked up me n nikki n we drove nikki home n i made my mom bring me to KFC so i got food n then i went home.. n tht was it. Well tomorow is sunday n im prolli gonna go hang out with nikki n violet again n prolli spend the night sumwhere.. I'll write in this later! love ya!

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h3y! [09 Aug 2004|05:19pm]
[ mood | moody ]
[ music | 'i hate everythinq about y0u' - three days grace ]

So i havent written in this for a looonq time.. well ive been busy. sorta. So ill tell u bout this past week w.e i can remember.
- Tuesday -
im pretty sure tht was the dai me, lori , becky, lynda n tom all went to the movies to c spiderman 2. which was a qay movie tht lori enjoyed.
-wednesday- i think tht was the dai i went to violettas n then met up with qilveta n simona n then hannah, lori n becky n went by matts n jeff, dannny, mikey n ryan were all there.. n we like sat there n watched them play basketball.. then later went to OJ! lol [ tht wuld b old justice] .. n hunq out with a lot of ppl tht were there.. then maqqie told me matt was qonna dump me n she told me to do it first so i was like okai.. n i did. so im not goin out with matt anymore. n then i quess i like went out with jeff but idk cuz later i change mi mind n i was liek i dont like him anymore. never did. k. so then me n lori spent the night at beckys house n the next day we had to qo babysit julia n mark.. beckys cousins. Oh yes n mark bit lori.. it was funn-y. lol then later tht dai we just hung out in justice then lori n becky left n i hung out with alicia n donnie n teddy n a bunch of other ppl.. n thei were makin fun of me becuz of sumthing i said about bein half polish.. but im not gonna get into tht.. lol. n then i just went home..
i dont remember wht i did.. im pretty sure i hunq out in justice tho.
i think i stayd home all dai...
i went to a block party with alicia, christina, gilveta n maggie.. n then danny mike n mikey came. the block party was Ok. then later lori came n met us by hannahs, n we also got hannah... n then loris brother picked up like almost all of us in his small car. so in the back where only 3 ppl r suppose to sit it was 6 ppl so we were pretty squished. o n i ate daves happy meal n he got all mad.. hehehe. then we went to the lil park to go meet up with dave. so it was just me, lori n dave. n i was like on the fone with sum kid ryan n then ricky like the whole time.. then loris brother drove us back to my house.. it was like 12 or sumthing at the time. n lori spent the night at muh house.
- sunday -
we woke up n decided we wanna go to the mall.. we were lookin for these shirts n this necklace we wanted but thei like didnt have em anywhere.. so i was mad. then we went to ruby tuesdays to eat n got a bunch of food.. then becky came there n then we all walkd bak to my house.. we wanted to go to galyans n go rock climbing but idk why we never did.. hm so then we packed n loris brother came to pick us up n drive us bak to justice n we were all gonna spend the night at beckys.. it was like 7 wen we left.. n then it took us like an hour to drive bak cuz we took sum long wai.. then we stopped by beckys to drop off our stuff n then went to go to the park in OJ n we met up with nikki, mikey, ted, brandon n danny. Lori left to the lil park with dave.. n we all stayd it was so much fun tho cuz ted n brandon r like retarted n thei were like entertaining us the whole time.. lol. ted said mi hair smells like rainbows n he kept on smellinq it.. hm. n then brandon decided to like 'hump' becky. it was so weird cuz we like did not know wht he was doing.. lol. im not even gonna write about the things we did tho cuz tht wuld take forever.. so then we went to the lil park n got daves skateboard for sum reason.. i wanted to take it. then we went by lindsays but she was at richards.. so we walkd to richards n we hung out with them for a while. then got nikki n mike n loris brother came to pick us up at like 12:30. so me, lori n nikki all went to beckys house to sleep over there.. ya so all night we were like prank callinq ppl n lookinq at pictures n stuff.. n tht was about it.
- today -
we woke up at like 12:40 cuz ricky calld n woke us up. then we went online n ate n stuff n mi mom calld n told me i had to go home.. so i was mad cuz we were all gonna hang out later tonight.. :( ya so now im sitting here n im hungry. so im gonna go make sum food. love you! byebye

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[01 Aug 2004|12:47pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | [\ My Place. .]- Nelly ]

h3y! well i decided to start writin in this blurty again becuz riqht now im kinda sick nd cant qo anywhere n im bord so ill write in this. So ill write about yesterday. Um ya yesterday was the block party in justice, it was fun! Ok so i woke u at 11 n i was callin lori n alicia n violetta but thei were all still sleepin.. Then me n lori thought we were qonna sleep over at nikkis cuz thts wht she said b4 but then she got grounded so she culdnt have ppl sleepover.. ya so we askd violetta but she culdnt either.. so then we just went not knowin where were staying or anything but we were goin to alicias for a lil bit. So i picked up lori n mi mom drove us to alicias, she had a lot of ppl at her house n this cute lil girl tht lori was scared of.. lol. So we did our hair n make-up n then nikki came n then hannah came so then we did their make-up.. n then we all changed like a 1oo times n then finally we got readi to go to the block party.. so me lori n hannah went to c if it started n who was there n alicia n nikki drove their bikes to wallgreens to get us film for our cameras.. then me lori n hannah went past the block party but no one was there yet.. so we walked to violettas to go get her n i changed shirts again.. cuz i realli like one of violettas shirts nd i beqqed violetta to let me bring her puppy to the party n she said i culd so i was happy! wen we got there al these old ppl kept on askin us about her puppy n like petting her.. hm. n i was bein realli mean to the little kids tht were trying to pet her... i was like Dont touch the dog!! so they stopped.. then we brought the dog home cuz i was tired of holding it.. then we came bak n then a lot of ppl were. And earlier tht day hannah told me sumthing about matt.. she said tht he askd out sandra n sandra was like arent u going out with vilte.. nd he was like yea but if u will go out with me ill dump her.. so i was realli mad, but ppl were like its not tru cuz y wuld he choose sandra over u.. so idk.. Nd then matt came later n i guess he lik came up to me n tried to give me a hug or w.e but i grabbed violetta nd i llike walked right past him.. it wa kinda funni but i was mad.. lol. n then ryan ask me wht was wrong nd i was like i kno about sandra n i dont wanna go out with him anymore so i guess he told him n then it got into this like huge argument between like everyone it was so funni tho cuz matt was so madd me n lori were laughin so much it like seemd like we were crying or sumthing.. nd ryans like its ok.. u dont have to cry lol i wasnt crying tho.! so nikki, matt, ryan n like all his lil friends.. said tht it wasnt tru but then hannah said tht it is.. nd idk why wuld she lie n sai tht forno reason..ya so thei all just kept on arguing about it n me n lori went to alicias to get hoodies cuz it was gettin cold, n wen we got bak matt was like im leavin.. n i was like i dont care.. n lori jsut like went up to him n took a picture of him.. lol. When we got bak Devonte was there! with his friends.. n so he said hi to lori n i was with her nd hes like whos tht nd loris like vilte.! nd he was like Oh reALly! hah. So we talkd to him for awhile n i guess he thinks i still like kiare cuz e kept on like talking about him.. but i dont like him no mor eafter wht happend with.... nvm. Nd devontes friends kept on staring at me n like sayin sumthin to each other n one of his friends was So hot! Hm n then sum lil kid Tony was there tht was realli violent n he said he was gonna light us on fire.. lol n he was there with sum older guys nd one of them askd me n nikki out.. hm.Then matt calld me n he kept on talkin about wht happend nd i was like just forget about it.. n then lori askd him if we were still going out n hes like idk i want to but she doesnt.. n i was like i dont care. cuz i felt bad for him cuz he told everyone tht he stilllikes me alot :-/. So um yea im going bak out with him but im still gonna find out if this thing waas tru or not. So anyway we still hung out at the block party till like 10 then becky came n we walked around places n got our stuff from alicias n then beckys mom picked us up at 11 n we were gonna spend the night at loris cousin torris house n we went to hur house n she had a Boy sleep over.! =-o. Shes only 11! But Beckys mom brought us to loris for a lil bit cuz torri was going to lemont to drive her friend nd yea it took them forever n wen we kept on callin thei wuldnt pick up n then it was like 3 a.m so we just stayd at loris.. me n lori went online n watched grease n then we went to sleep at like 4:30 ya then i woke up at 10 n calld mi mom n she said she was comin to pick me up so she did n now im here.. n im realli hunqry nd im kinda sick :(. Well im qonna qo to mcdonalds now.. im tired of typin. <3 ya!

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