hey kids [073104|09:05pm]

whats new?
i`m in love
and i moved to gj -

rotfLmFao [011604|08:16am]
[ mood| crazy ]
[ music| womans werfff- licia keys ]

Y 0 u n G T 11: theres a man in my house
Y 0 u n G T 11: brb
ChelLieBabii: LMFAO
ChelLieBabii: ok
Y 0 u n G T 11: hes walkming around with lyk a bycicle pump
Y 0 u n G T 11: and pumping it in random places
ChelLieBabii: lmfao
Y 0 u n G T 11: im lyk mom
ChelLieBabii: its a exterminator lmfao
Y 0 u n G T 11: LMFAO!!
ChelLieBabii: lmfao!!
ChelLieBabii: omfg lmfao
Y 0 u n G T 11: thats what he is
ChelLieBabii: ur an ass lmfao
Y 0 u n G T 11: rofflmao
ChelLieBabii: lmfao
Y 0 u n G T 11: i thought exterminators
Y 0 u n G T 11: had lyk big backpacks
Y 0 u n G T 11: and big boots
Y 0 u n G T 11: n lyyk
Y 0 u n G T 11: a hose thing
ChelLieBabii: LMFAO
Y 0 u n G T 11: and they lyk gas your hous
ChelLieBabii: LMFAO
ChelLieBabii: i wud call that...
ChelLieBabii: a terrorist
ChelLieBabii: lmfao
Y 0 u n G T 11: ROFFLMAO!!
ChelLieBabii: lmfao

[3] ...x... !!@#$%

Jus Some Quotes... [123103|02:36pm]

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Haven`t written in lyk years... [121103|03:21pm]
[ mood| crazy ]
[ music| naggin` part 2 ]

Yeooo check it-->

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Boobies....lmaO [102603|11:05pm]
[ mood| awake ]
[ music| cheers - obie trice ]

Y 0 u n G T 11: lmao
Y 0 u n G T 11: i wana sey something
Y 0 u n G T 11: but ull think im so odd
ItAliAn DiVa: tell me lol
Y 0 u n G T 11: lmao i cant
ItAliAn DiVa9: wut? now u haff to tell me
Y 0 u n G T 11: pinch yer bob
Y 0 u n G T 11: boob*
Y 0 u n G T 11: thers lyk something inside of it lmao
ItAliAn DiVa: LMfAO!!!!
ItAliAn DiVa: i knowww
Y 0 u n G T 11: did u do it?
ItAliAn DiVa: lmao
Y 0 u n G T 11: lmao
Y 0 u n G T 11: what is that?
ItAliAn DiVa: lmao
ItAliAn DiVa: idk
ItAliAn DiVa: lmao
ItAliAn DiVa: omg
Y 0 u n G T 11: lmao
Y 0 u n G T 11: LMAO
Y 0 u n G T 11: its lyk
Y 0 u n G T 11: when you freeze a water bottle
Y 0 u n G T 11: and then it melts a little
Y 0 u n G T 11: and theres the water
Y 0 u n G T 11: and the hard part in the middle
Y 0 u n G T 11: THATS A BOOB!
Y 0 u n G T 11: its lyk sold in hte middle
ItAliAn DiVa: im askin jays friend lmao
ItAliAn DiVa: mammory gland
ItAliAn DiVa: lmao
ItAliAn DiVa: thats it
ItAliAn DiVa: lol
ItAliAn DiVa: LMFAO!!!
Y 0 u n G T 11: big ass gland
ItAliAn DiVa: like the milk tube
ItAliAn DiVa: its the milk tube
ItAliAn DiVa: lmao
Y 0 u n G T 11: big ass tube
ItAliAn DiVa: LMFAO!!!!
ItAliAn DiVa: me too
Y 0 u n G T 11: its lyk a hamburger in there
ItAliAn DiVa: lmfao
Y 0 u n G T 11: a fatass hamburger
ItAliAn DiVa: lmaooo
ItAliAn DiVa: hes like "y u wanna kno?" lmaoaoo
Y 0 u n G T 11: LMao
Y 0 u n G T 11: cause i squeeze my tits--OF COURSE!
ItAliAn DiVa: LMFAO!!
Y 0 u n G T 11: LMFAO
Y 0 u n G T 11: did u tell him that?
ItAliAn DiVa: [she sed to jay`s friend] DiVa: we were squeezin our tits and got confused
Y 0 u n G T 11: LMAO!

Ahahahahaha what the FUCK is wrong with me?--Issues...

...x... last time yOu saw me ii was p-i tO tha mOtha fuckin` m-P! ...x...

[6] ...x... !!@#$%

T-UnnnEt!! [102603|04:26pm]
[ mood| annoyed ]
[ music| MOULIN ROUGE! ]

Liss [Capt`n Trench] - Britt [Briddy Cent] - Me [Young T] - Mich [Pishy Mishy]
Not Pictured, Alisha [Murphy Keys] & Jamie [Mamma Trench]
Yeh My Nose Luks Huge... ;/

LMAO See tha bread in my hand? All 4 of us were eatin` it at the same time it was so fuckin` funny...ah we`re so dum ;D

T-UniT!! -- Systaz Fo` Lyf!!

....x.... ii fuckin` LOVE *him* ....x....

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RetarTz [102303|04:05pm]
[ mood| busy ]
[ music| miss p - cherish ]

Me and Chell being retarded...

Chell Left, Me Right

I`m on the right ;D

...x... ii`m s0rrii but ; s0 sexii ...x...

[2] ...x... !!@#$%

OMG!! [101503|05:11pm]
[ mood| ecstatic ]
[ music| walked rite out of heaven - jagged edge ]

OMG!!! Zach made the first cut for Jr. Islanders!! For all of you who don`t know, that`s fucking amazing. He gets fully sponcered by the Islanders, spends two weaks in Quebeck [Canada] with a family, and gets coached by the pros!! [[He`s fucking awsum]] I`m so proud of him ;] I tought him everything he kno`s ;D
`yOunq t*<

...x... suqa hOw`d yOu qet sO fly? ...x...

[5] ...x... !!@#$%

heyy [101503|02:21pm]
[ mood| excited ]
[ music| jagged edge - promise ]

Hey--How`s lyf? Been pretty gud here... Today me and Britt had fun hitting people with volleyballs in gym lmFao omg and she was makin` funna Michelle [[not my pishy]] it was SO funny! We visited Mama Trench, lmFao you had to see the luk of terror on her face when she saw us--Byers is mean, he wouldn`t give us a pass ;[ ;P so we were really late to chem, not that any of you care loL...Imma stop this rambling ;D
`yOunq t*«

...x... bOy listen, yOu`re the Only piece Of the puzzle ii`m missin`...x...


yeO [092503|04:34pm]
[ mood| crazy ]
[ music| the new justin song [offa the bad boys soundtrack] ]

NEW THEME!!!! I Fuckin` Heart It...!! The "Miss Pimp" Should Be Down Further But I`m Too Lazy To Fix It ;D I Got Dance And Homework So I Gota Bounce...1`<3 T-UNIT!! ;D ;D
`y0unq t*<

...ii kn0 y0u think y0u q0t qame, but baby y0u ain`t q0t m0re than me...x...

[10] ...x... !!@#$%

AyyO [091903|02:23pm]
[ mood| blank ]
[ music| summertime - beyonce + ghostface killa ]

Hey--I Might Be Movin` To Greatest Journal, I Ain`t Too Sure Yet Tho`...I`ll Letchu All Kno` ;D
1`<3 Toria

This Outfit For The Wedding This Weekend....Yay Or Nay? It`s Kinda Cut Off...But You Get The Idea...Too Slutty? ;/

...x... if y0u eva needed s0me0ne, ii`m the 0ne y0u sh0uld call, ii`ll be there t0 pick y0u up, if eva y0u sh0uld fall, if y0u q0t pr0blems, ii can s0lve `em, they biq 0r they small ...x...

[9] ...x... !!@#$%

AWWZ!! [091603|02:26pm]
[ mood| blah ]
[ music| gone - nsync ]

AWWZ!!! I LOVE THIS PIC!! Me + Chellie Slow Dancin`
[[ I`m On Tha Right ]]

Arite Imma Make Dis Short ;D
1`<3 Toria

...x... seems s0 l0nq aq0 y0u walked away ; left me al0ne ...x...

[6] ...x... !!@#$%

I`m Bored... [091203|06:29pm]
[ mood| bitchy ]
[ music| Angel - Amanda Perez ]

I`m bored...and punished- wooPeEe. It sucks so bad, I`ve been lukin` forward to Friday ALL week! Shyt son I got tons of hw to do, I should prolly do it tonite so I don`t gota worry about it 2m. Sunday`s gon be crazzzY! Football game--> Alysia <-[spelling?]`s christening ;P blah blah blah blah.
1`<3 Toria

...x... and ii reely reely reely care ; and ii reely reely relly wantchu ...x...

[5] ...x... !!@#$%

Crazyy Shyt! [090603|10:58pm]
[ mood| lonely ]
[ music| twisted - keith sweat ]

OMG! Today we were walkin` up to 7-11 and these guys were botherin` us--Sayin` shyt, whistlin` yanO? Bein` douche bags...So whatever-We ignored them and went and got what we needed but then had to go back cause we needed gum.. So they were harassing us and shyt and I sed to this guy in 7-11, Get those guys to leave us alone--He`s lyk "They`re botherin` you?" I was lyk yeh and I walked out--I was lyk "Yo make shure they ain`t followin` us" and sure enuff they were they kept circlin` around us and shyt so we ran back into 7-11 and were sittin` in there tryin` to get sum1 to come pick us up and they were parked outside waiting for us! I was lyk hell no I ain`t goin` home...So some lady with her 048509845984098 kids drove me to my Granpa`s cause I didn`t wana go home alone and shyt yanO? And then my uncle drove us home wen tha coast wuz clear.. We got home and called tha Po-Po`z and we told them their license plate numbaz and shyt...I was so skurd loL I was shakin` and shyt [lyk I got with Valarie] and I couldn`t walk my kneez were knockin` togetha so hard loL. Anyways, I`m done ramblin` for now ;D TUESDAY!! OMG!!!! ajflijsiodfjaojdf (:
1`<3 Toria ;D

...x... ii can`t xplain the way y0u made me feel ; everytime that y0u t0ld me that y0u l0ved me ...x...

[2] ...x... !!@#$%

y0 y0 y0 [090503|10:12pm]
[ mood| drunk ]
[ music| Slave 4U - brit ]

Wuzz Gud Kids? I feel lyk a ho` postin` this pic of me on mah journal but I LOVE my new bathin` suit!!!

ISN`T IT SO KUTE?!?!?!?!
Blurryness=Gey.... It`s gotta cute lil` heart thingie on it but you can`t see to gud ;/
Yumminess for Frank ;D ;D

;[ I Miss *You*....I Love *You* ;[
Aiite I`m Out...
1`<3 Toria

...x... n0 matter wut ii d0 ; all ii think ab0ut is y0u ...x...

[2] ...x... !!@#$%

More Sweet 16 Pics [090103|08:24pm]
[ mood| crazy ]
[ music| cupid - 112 ]

Me Jackie & Britt

Mr. JT & Michelle ;D

Jackie Bein` A Douche ;D

Miss Michelle ;D

My Brother...I Was Havin` Fun Annoyin` Him By Takin` Pics While He Was Eatin` ;D

Thazz All For Now!! ;D
1`<3 Toria

...x... let me see that sexii b0dy q0 bump bump bump ...x...

[2] ...x... !!@#$%

SWEET 16!! [082503|02:10pm]
[ mood| lazy ]
[ music| keep ya head up - 2pac ]

Yupp I ruined it, my eyes closed....Lukin` High...loL Me-Jackie-Britt

Britt - Me - Jackie - Lissa

And that`s all for now...Imma scan more later ;D

1`<3 Toria

...x... me `n muh qurLz q0n` shake tha r00m ...x...

[2] ...x... !!@#$%

*Yawn* [082203|07:18pm]
[ mood| stressed ]
[ music| what a qurl wants - b2k ]

Tori wants to cry.... ;[ Everybodyz bein` mean to me today...Maybe it`s just me? Oh well. I got my makeup professionaly done today it lukz hott!!@#$% I don`t have much to sey...I`m kinda borin`, what can I tell ya? I can`t wait `till Sunday wOop wOop. I`m so nice and tan ;D ;D Arite I`m out, Latez.
1`<3 Tori

...x... iit`s days lyk these ; ii run and hide ...x...

[2] ...x... !!@#$%

KraZii EyEz!!@#$% [081703|06:37pm]
[ mood| annoyed ]
[ music| keep on singin` my song - xtina ]

New theme...I`m feelin` it oh-oh *dances* loL sry...Imma dork ;D I fucked up though...It tiles on the side..Oh well. 2morra is tha Stripped/Justified concert-YEY! I can`t wait...;D ;D ;D ;D Arite imma make this short--
1`<3 Toria

...x... yesterday s0me0ne asked me ; "d0 y0u reely think it`s p0ssible t0 l0ve s0me0ne f0rever" ; then ii th0uqht 0f y0u and t0ld them "f0rever isn`t l0nq en0uqh" ...x...

[2] ...x... !!@#$%

Awwz [072803|10:13pm]
[ mood| bouncy ]
[ music| como la flor - selena ]

Awwz ish me!~

mwahaha..sry imma lil bored ;D ;D
1`<3 Toria

...x... listen as ii tell it t0 the werld ; ii`m f0revuh yer qurl ...x...

[4] ...x... !!@#$%

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