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¤ Mad sOrTa ¤ [01 Apr 2004|01:58pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | AmAnDa TaLkN BoUt WiLLiAm! ]

Hey!! Do ya like my new layout? Idk I wanted sumthing new. Andrea or Shanita cud u help me out a lil? =)

ANYWAYS..on to why I am mad... I was out tannin & Alicia called "Were going to the beach" or wut not so I got the ok from my parents nd I was stoked.. grr but then there all like "Corrie can't go unless an adult goes" or sum bullshit like that..welps my rents aren't home there @ work/golf so they couldn't, Halis mom is working, Corries mom said that its to "windy" or sumthing, and Alicias sister doesn't wanna get burnt.. urrg but wutever then they called again "WE CAN GO!!!" ..."April Fools" hehehehe then hung up. wut kinda bullshit is that.. it pissed me off then they kept calling and hung up.. I was mad..

Now I'm on the phone with my good friend Manda..my lil surf buddy!!

But ya ... I'm goin out with Billy again.. Here I'll tell tha story...

Alicia thought Billys friend Dustin was hott.. and he liked her back. soo Dustin asked Alicia out and she was all "Idk I bearly know him" so Billy was like u guys go talk and we'll stay here, and when they came back Billy was like "r u guys goin out?" and they were all "not yet" soo Billy was all "well we are" as in me & him..and I jus played along and then they knew we were jp soo we were walkn home from the park and Billy was like "Me & Mandy will seriously go out if u guys go out" so ya. were all "hooked up" now..lol but ya..I'm hungry ..I'ma go eat to ease my pissed off-ness...

That "grl" [[she knows who she is]] is a bitch.. =)

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¤ UpDaTiN aGAiN ¤ [31 Mar 2004|08:58pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]
[ music | "DiRt OfF yA sHoULDeRs" JaY*z ]

Heylooo...welps I'm writin again bcuz I kinda ended short cuz I was bein rushed by the parentals..

Ya since they don't "trust" me I hafta go basically newhere w/ them EXCEPT work till 2morrow *woo*woo* freedom 2morrow. lol but ya... in this case, I'm kinda happy... First I hadda go to the chiropractor cuz my mom was getn a adjustment or wut not..which was ok.. took 4ever nd I was starving. we didn't get outta there till bout 6:30...so then we all went to Applebees and I got the best cheesesticks, quesidillas, chips, & spicy chicken thingys. it was a lil "special" platter sampler. Idk but it was soo good. lol I couldn't eat it all so I took sum home. mmm... then me, madre, n pops went to JCP *yet another sale* and my mom got shoes and a shirt and I got 3 shirts. there awesomeness. ones black and its like..one of the straps is cut-off Idk wut u call them but its cute... then a baby blue tube top, and this other shirt that was pink and said "Co-Ed Surf Learning" or sumthing. Idk but it was cool. Family bonding. lol. tomorrow I'ma hafta clean..then go out to Alicias n were gonna hang out... OHH and Friday *BeAcH* oooh yaaaaa! =D...

I'm leavin.. Until next time

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¤ ShAwDeE ¤ [31 Mar 2004|04:33pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Ayyyeee... Today was pretty cool... I woke up and did all my "extra chores" so my dad let Alicia come over..we played bingo & bowled [[games online]] lol it was fun. I won! woo woo! neways..then we left n went to Billys house.. and he went to his neighbors and jumped on there trampoline..drank soda..then Billy, Dustin, Billys cuz, Alicia & me went to the park. tried to hook up Dustin & Alicia. she thought he was cute. now were all "going out" ya... Idk its kinda confusing. but ya I gotta go..Later

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¤ TaLkY DaY ¤ [30 Mar 2004|08:03pm]
[ mood | horny ]
[ music | Christina Milian "Dip it low" ]

Today was interesting. I was home alone. THANK GOD FREEDOM! but neways... First me n Alicia talked on the phone for a looong time, playn games online & havin fun. then we got off cuz my phone went dead...then Billy called.. we talked 4 awhile. hopefully I'm hangin out with him n Dustin 2morrow & Alicia ..and Sarah. lol... Idk tho..depends wut "da pops" says. oh then Hali called and we 3wayed Kody. hes amusing. never talks rly. but ya... I just got off with them.. now I'm listenin to music..I'ma go dance!

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¤ BiGgG TrOuBLE + BiGg FuN ¤ [29 Mar 2004|07:35pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Wuddup?? Finially aloud on computer again [[lol its only been a day but SHH]]

Lets talk about SATURDAY shall we...
Welps I got up and got ready 4 Cillas party @ tha beach nd Sarah came over n we went. it was fun. it was Haley, Hali, Corrie, Alicia, Steven, Cilla, Sarah, Jennifer, & Renee... the water was rly rough/cold. I seen lotsa ppl @ Boardwalk. it rained. burr.. lol but I got my face all sunburnt. well ya as yall shud no we were gonna haffa "after party" with Hali, Alicia, Corrie, Sarah, Jen, Corrie, & Me...and we did. it was currazy. we took sum interesting pics. lol.. no but my mom was goin out to her friend Marias so we invited sum guys over [[Anthony, Sam *EX*, & Billy]] she called n was all "I won't bbak fur awhile" so we were actin dumb I got pushed in tha pool.. n sum other stuff happened w/ silly string water balloons n all that jazz.. lol grls bikinis.. *coughSAMcough* lol Alicia he likes dressin lyk a grl. but neways..around 11 my mom comes walkin on the porch "busted" as I'm sitn on Sams lap.. WHOOPS..she kicked them out.. and then my moms like "were gonna hafta talk 2morrow, and u lost my trust" soo I was kinda depressed. then later that night Billy called on his cellphone "oh Sam found sum other grls and ur not his type so hes dumping u" so I was kinda upset but then we just talked to Kody *aKa* Halis lover on the phone 4 lyk 4 hrs. and was online.. on all our sns.. and acted hyper. and watched movies. it was crazyness.

Now to the punishment...
- No computer (Which I ended up getn baq tonight cuz I was a good grl)
- No cell until Thursday (So call & leave lovin msgs 446.4445 lol)
- No sleepovers thru April
- More chores (Room clean, Dog bowls, my bathroom, dishwashers, sum laundry)

So yaa.. Mandy gots busted. grr.. oh well "This to shall pass" its all good

Jus brush that dirt off ya shoulders.. lol

NEWAYS -> Today I went to the gym ... it was ok. my calves hurt. but thas kay.

I gotta go eat! Toodles

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¤ BuUdDdA ¤ [26 Mar 2004|09:24pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | "Naughty Grl" Beyonce ]

Hey! I just got home from the mall. it was fun. I left with Sarah, Caitlyn, Lauren, Celeste, & Samantha. Sarah didn't go...she had bing-bang ((or wutever its called)) ...so I hung out with them fur a lil then I met up with Sam, Marissa, & Kris. that was fun. they were easily amused with firetrucks, massage chairs, and coke machines. hehe. it was alotta fun. the ride home was amusing. all 4 of us fit in the back of my moms lil sports car. kinda cramped up. but in a good way *winks* ooo ya! I got my bikini. ish red. jus lyk Sarahs. lol I can't wait 4 Cillas party. n sum grls r spendin tha nite after...yay!! I cannot wait. but ya. I'm off ... to go clean my room.


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¤ WeEeEeEe! ¤ [25 Mar 2004|09:25pm]
[ mood | touched ]
[ music | "Ocean Ave" Yellowcard ]

Heyy...I jus got off tha phone wif Billy. he was bein..nice..which is more differenter then usually.. lol no but today was good. it started off sucky. this morning around 7:45 Billy called cuz he said he'd give me a wakeup call nd my dad was bitchn "ur not aloud 2 be on ur cell phone unless its after 9pm or on weekends" blah blah. and took my cell phone away ((which I got back, cuz me is good lil grl)) but ya... I was upset over alotta things...I wasn't gonna go to school but wutever. I ended up bein rly hyper all day. this weekend + spring break shud be kickass! Friday I'm goin 2 mall er movies..Idk...then Saturday *CiLLaS pArRrTaY* lol I can't wait its at the boardwalk with 30 ppl. yay! Sunday I think Andretti... Mon-Fri alotta stuff chillin wif friends. Val & Meg r gonna spend the night Thursday of next week. hehe. oh ya and Saturday night after Cillas party...Cilla, Alicia, Jen, Hali, & Sarah are all gonna spend the night (I think) which will be fun cuz we'll be all alone! hahaha. Billy & Blaine might visit. but Idk. I'm in a good mood tho.

Grrr Today I was supposed to chill wif Sam ((my bf)) =D butta he supposedly gotta job. or @ least thats wut Kris said. but u never. no lol Billy doesn't think thas true. haha.

I went to Wal-mart with Sarah after school it was so much fun. we got Cillas presents she will love them! hahah! it'll be soo great. tomorrow I'm getn a new bikini so I dun hasta wear mai old one. yay! or at least I fink. but u never no. plans always get screwed up. wow I wrote alot.

Neways I'm out.. pplz are IMing me.

Later gators!

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¤ ShOObY dO wHoP ¤ [23 Mar 2004|06:11pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]
[ music | "OnE cALL aWaY" ChiNgAyYy ]

Aye! [[A-eee lol Jen & Jacob ..u loserz..]]
Today was tremendously tremedous boringish! but it was ehh... Grroar Billys cell phone makes me mad he had called me cuz 5 mins be4 I got off the bus [[I left my fone @ home 2day on accident]] so I called back n it kept disconnecting or sumthing. soo ya. And I wanted to invite him to hang wif me n Sarah 2morrow bcuz were goin to Bens house to jump on his trampoline. as long as he doesn't body slam me like he did Alicia. Speaking of Alicia... were friends again (*I think*) cuz today in math Mr.Bennett was makin a commercial about space thing and we gotta make a rocket (we as in me, Lil *COOL* Renee, Deanna, & Alicia) so me n Alicia started goofin off lyk tha old days ((lol)) and now its all good. we sat at lunch together, and did our white grl dances. lol in the middle of the lunch room. haha. hers is better-er tho. but ya. we gotta skip home ec... which me & Deanna are in the same kitchen soo we didn't get 2 cook bcuz we didn't have all the supplies so I'm shur my kitchen is mad at me **SORRY GUYS** I <3 u my kitchen. u guys r tha bestest even when I'ma bitch lyk yesterday... lol but ya. another good day.

Things are getn better ---nd--- better =) I'm completely satisfied and like Frank, I have found my inner peace lol...

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¤ B-i ;; B-i ;; iTcH! ¤ [22 Mar 2004|08:35pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]
[ music | "My BaNd" d12 ]

Ayyeee my pimps n pimpettes...! Today was perty good... not the best but ok. at school everything was blah till home ec.. then we gotta cook =) Chocolate Chip Cookies. I gotta crack the eggs. not Frank! lol. no but it was shur fun. Hali & Me gotta skip 2 whole classes after that bcuz we cleaned up and made invitations to the banquet. so I gotta miss history & english... wooop wooop! lucky Mandizzle... hehe... oh ya Luke stayed out with us 4 one class to clean up our kitchen. but then in last class Hali & me were on the computers makin invitations. then we got to give them out. and talk to ppl. it was good. woo hoo... oo0oo ya buddayy...me nd Sarah had fun on the bus. lotsa songs played that we actually every like/did like on 107.1 which normally I dun like that station. lol Outkast, Linkin Park, Destinys Child..Idk sumpin like that...

...but newayys I got home nd I was gon go to the gym to take a stretch class er sumthing. but Sarah said I cud go over there + Billy had called wonderin if we were gonna hang out. so we met @ Sarahs... Billy brought this kid Dustin who has a pimp lil vroom vroom to. hes funny. kinda pyro obsessed w/ smokin thing. I think he needs the patch or gum. he was walkn around to ppls houses "HI DO U HAVE A LIGHTER?" finially sum chick gave him one... Billy smoked *gasp* I told him not to and hes my bitch but then I said he cud has 2 puffs but he had *cough* four *cough* its ok... I am a nice person.. but ya. he was wearn that bong shirt ..which I still have not receieved..BILLY IF UR READIN THIS I'LL GIVE IT BACK =) cuz thas how us 'hoes' do...

Yeah but I jus got home, had tacos..mm baby they were good. lol I <3 mexican food.


Today was pretty dayum good.

Love ya mucho

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¤ GoOd DaY ¤ [21 Mar 2004|04:45pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | "HeAdStRoNg" TrApT ]

Today rawked!

I gotta sleep in bcuz we didn't go ta church...That was "relaxing" lol.. the I went ta wal-mart n bought a dark blue dickies shirt.. its prettyful. and I bought me nd Cilla a new notebook! yay! lol and food. but ya.

Around 1:30ish they picked me nd my mom up for Andretti. it was fun. we met up with Aunt Denise, Kennedy, Maria, Joey, & Tommy. I rode double with Meg. which was so cool she was crackin up. I'm a badd driver. lol then I went single on the other track and beat Cody =P I spun him out. In laser tag I got lyk 2650 lol go me! haha.. it was so fun. I love goin there. its the bomb digitayy.. lol but I'm so tired. I took pictures so if u wanna see. lol bumper boats I was w/ Meg nd we were the ONLY ones not 2 go under the waterfall...I got my feet in on accident but thas it. Cody, Joey, Maria, & Tommy were soaked thru-out the whole day. haha loserz. jk. but ya it was bunchers of fun..

..But now I just got home =( and they are goin on there plane back to Colorado 2morrow ::tear:: I won't see them till June wen we meet them in Colorado, which shud be super duper fun! =) I'm looking uber fun to that. ooo yaa buddayy! lol

I'm hungerly...Them goldfish are screamin my name...

- - - > U n t i l . n e x t . t i m e !

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¤ BiZoiNk! ¤ [20 Mar 2004|11:17pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Yo! Wuddup? I'm bored so I filled out this survey shizz.. enjoy!

You're wearing:I'm a nudist. Us nudies wear nutn... lol jp
You can see:Computer Screen, Yellow Hummer on top of my screen, My blue surfboard in tha back, Hula Lamp, Coke Mouse Pad
You can hear:MTV, Tap-Tap Typing, Computer noise ((Fan)), My music...nd thas it...
Favorite colors:Blue, Silver, Yellow, Orange, Pink
Favorite songs:"One Call Away" // "Splash Waterfalls" // "Headstrong" // "Wanna get 2 kno u" // "Feeling This"
Favorite movies:Bring it on, Save the last dance, Finding Nemo!, Blue Crush, How to lose a guy in 10 days
Favorite stores:Pac Sun, JCP, Wal-Mart ((lol)), 5/7/9, Body Shop
Favorite people:I don't have 5 favorite ppl I luv them all!
People you love:Welps I love alotta ppl...
People you hate:Oh theres 2 of them a boy and a grl and they know who they are..R&M..
That get on your nerves:Liars, Braces, Colds, Backstabbers, Sterotypes
That you did today:Went to Hampton Inn, Went up the elevator, Went to Steak & Shake, Chilled w/ my cuz's, Played football
That you'll do tomorrow:Andretti, Church, Talk to *SoS* on tha phone, Shower, Listen to music
People you miss/haven't seen in 6+ months:Samoo, Manda, Amanda, Brett C., Brittany
People you have dated/"gone out" with:Kyle, Steven, Billy, Brett C., Robbie

5 Things brought to you by BZOINK!

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¤ YaWn ¤ [20 Mar 2004|10:58pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Today was busyy! I pretty much chilled/slept till 2...then we left for Cocoa Beach nd went 2 my G*Mas to give her sutn 4 her room bein redone..visited thurr...then we went to "Hampton Inn" (where my Aunt, Uncle, nd 2 cuz's are stayn) n met up..then left fur Steak & Shake. there cheesy fries are soo good. I wuffs them. n I got a BLT thingy. it was pretty good. then we jus chilled [[me nd my cuz's]] n went baq 2 tha hotel n went swimmin 4 a lil bit. the water was so cold cuz it was around 9ish. burr.. hehe...then we walked around n met these 3 boys that were bruvers nd me Meg & Cody were lyk ya were bros/sis's too! lol they believed us since we look alike. its awesomeness. I love my cousins. Its sad there leavin for Colorado 2morrow. yet I can't wait bcuz were all goin to Andretti. I <3 that place. its so much fun. but ya .. I'm rly tired so I'm probly gonna go to bed so I can get sum sleep 4 a fun-filled day tomorrow. WOO HOO! =D

Te amo mucho <333


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¤ JeLLo ¤ [19 Mar 2004|11:00pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Welps first off...me nd Sarah are all good again. yippie. today was good tho. me nd Sarah were supposed 2 go to Billys camper *wink* but neither cud cuz I was goin to Cocoa and her sum bday party thingy fur Ashley [[bday #2]] lol. but ya... I went to Cocoa wif my cousins... lets see there was Cody, Meg, Tommy, & Joey. it was lotsa fun. we went swimmin in the hotel pool n hot tub. they were humungurs! it was great. then my uncle brought us all sum Burger King. I'm used 2 my braces now so it was yum yum. I tooked pics of us gallavanting the hotel..so if u wanna see jus ask... I'd be glad ta show u. heh.. but ya now I jus got home n I'm supa tired.. tomorrow I might go to either A) Beach w/ Cilla nd Staycee B) Billys w/ Sarah nd sum other ppls C) Go to my cousins again. Idk. its all up in the air again. I kno I will be busy tho.

I gotta go tho..

I'm hungerly

"Hollerr" at my cell phone if u wanna talk cuz I get free weeknds yay!! lol 446.4445 buddy =)

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¤ GoOd tYm KiNdA mAd ¤ [18 Mar 2004|08:03pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Hey...whats up? I just got home from a fun filled gallavant day... sort of.. welps around 5:30 me nd Sarah were walkn around the neighborhood...we talked to Roberto for about 2 mins...he was bein dumb...so then we were jus walkn around more... n we kinda got in a lil "argument" bcuz she blames me fur things that happen...lyk how Ryan hates her, she blames me... but w/e so we were walkn n Cody & Matt were lyk hey guys wait! or w/e so we waited n then we walked w/ them n acted lyk nuthin was wrong n were cool cuz we said sorrys or ya... so we hung out with them n wenta Bens to see if we cud jump on his trampoline... which he was busy doin hw or wut not. lol so then we jus walked around more. Sarah hadda go eat..so I walked w/ Cody & Matt all the way back to there house n then baq 2 mine..cuz they are evil. haha... then Danny called n asked if we wanted to hang out so I went over there...this is wut made me mad... so I was w/ Danny jc... Sarah called she was all "we can hang out with Danny I gotta finish my poster" so I was lyk w/e..shur. well rly quick..I HATE MARK...so when I was boutta leave from Dannys cuz I figured Sarah wud never call...I walked by Caitlyns and there she is ...Mark was all "Hi Mandy, look theres Sarah" the bitch gave me this "oh I didn't do nething bad" look... Idk...I jus kept walking. lets jus say we won't be friends probably for a little. I'm suprised I didn't hang out with Billy. normally we do. but anywhoo -> thats about it. no I'm talkn to Matt, Jenn, Meaghan Frank, & Brittany on IM. yup... must go. Later!

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¤ So GoOd ¤ [17 Mar 2004|08:41pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | "So Good" Destinys Child ]

Yup my teefs still hurt... but neways today was good.. omg u all r gonna be so suprised.. Mandizzle got all A's n B's on her report card [[barely]] but still thats lyk.. a first. lol so I'm ungrounded YA BABY!! =D Freedom ::waves hands in the air:: naw but today was good. went to school...
Grls are so catty. I think its so wrong to do this ;; example: lets say Sarah hates Jennifer, Sarah tells me that I shud not be friends w/ Jennifer so then I'm not friends w/ her...well SOMEONE is supposedly doing this to one of my old best friends.. this person really needs to back off.. thats all I'm gonna say and I'm shur they know who they are.
Anywhoo -> after school I went to Sarahs nd hung out with Hott Danny I <3 him with a passion I rode his motor scooter them things are mad pimp... lol then we went to Jenns ..then hung out w/ Sam fur lyk 2 mins but hes grounded cuz he gotta F on his reportizzle card... lol so Billy came on his vroom thingy woohoo! we went to Jenns n chilled...wreshalled ;) ooo baby // naw jk.. but it was fun. I jus got home. I <3 my friends.

Welps I must go.. The wizard wants so head...! Good-Bye!! ::does Billy dance::

¤Sniff the bunny¤

¤ bRaCeS sUcK! ¤ [16 Mar 2004|06:09pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Hey ... well ya I got braces... they suck I hate them...whoever created them is a sick sad man who wanted to torture young innocent ppl. it took 3 hrs justa get them friggin on cuz it was crowded there and stuff.. they hurt so bad tho. I have taken abillion advils... lol I choose green nd blue...yesh... cuz there cool. lol but I came to school at the end of 3rd per. everyones like "SMILE" and stuff and they look rly stupid... but wutever... 18 more months and counting =)...sry I'm not excited or nething. oh but ya I left in 5th per n got checked out cuz I felt so blah... Idk if I'm goin tomorrow =/ if they hurt I'm stayn home ... n laying on my ass... all day... muahahaha.. Well Idk wut else to say, I'ma go watch a movie and maybe new hw if I feel the urge...

Buh byes

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¤ Fbi BaBy! ¤ [15 Mar 2004|07:48pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Mandy "Ba Da Ba Ba Ba ;; I'm lovin it!" ]

Braces are tomorrow *GASP* sry... but today was soo much fun! I'ma secret agent...#o2... Hrummness...neways we went ta Sams and was hangin out wif Anthony, Billy, n him... which Billy balded himself...I miss his soft hair =( he had this rly weird bike thingy that went vroom vroom that I sat on =) muahaha.. naw but then Sam brings up McDonalds n they were lyk u can come with or jus wait or w/e n me n Sarah were lyk no don't go n all this otta stuff n gots mad and alotta arguing... then they lefted... THEN me n Sarah were walkn around and came across #o3 :: aKa :: Jenn! we screamed her name! muahaha! then we got on our "corner" nd #o4.. ::MaRz:: met us n we were DuH fO pAk Fbi SHH Don't tell nebody! on search 4 Billy nd Sam!! buahahah! lol so we were runnin around n we seen Paula outside near Sams house so we were lyk PAULA MOO! n we asked she said that they were jus there nd left again...so then we were fbi yellin there names n thinkin every1 was them lyk old ppl and cars.. lol and bushes *cough Sarah cough* hahaha... then we WENT back to Sams and asked Paula again lyk 20 mins later she said that she told them we was lookn 4 them ::Gave away our cover:: nd that they said "Hahaha they'll nevr get us!!" lol and left again or w/e... thas jus wut Paula said tho. hrumm.. then we sat in Sams driveway n his daddy came home n we tried to get him to talk but he wasn't comin out. he must have known we was fBi aGeNtZ! lol..silly goose. murr hurr..they never rly showed so we lefted a ransom note and we parted ways.. now I'm at home procrastinating my history & math hw. maybe I should get to that. tha next tym yall see me u can call Me Brace Face =#... lol welps later guys... <3 ya


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¤ WoO cHa! [[Jen's Word]] ¤ [14 Mar 2004|12:14pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | "Say My name" Destinys Child ]

Saturday was pretty good... I hadda clean my room n all that but ya my cuz's Riah & Lexie came down nd I did there makeup..they looked lyk clowns.. but SHH they liked it. lol we went swimmin n I tried to get tanner [[does it ever work? no!]] but I chilled with them till about 8...then talkd 2 sum ppls online..n thas bout it. bein grounded sucks but I actually don't mind THAT much. lol but now its Sunday n I jus got home from workin out.. GET IN SHAPE BABYY... but when Sarah gets home I'ma see if we can go hang out with Billy ((Idk tho)) cuz last night around 9 he invited us to..but she wasn't home ::tear:: soo ya..we might today if nobodies busayy.. but around 6 my otta cousins Cody & Meg r comin down from Colorado n were orderin pizza n I can't wait 2 see them I haven't since 2001.. lol woop woop! butta ya the IM thingy is bling blingyy ..soo toodles... <3]]

I'm diggin one hott stud...lol Sarah

¤Sniff the bunny¤

¤ KiNdA pUt DowN A LiL ¤ [12 Mar 2004|05:26pm]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | "WaNnA gEt tA nO yOoH" G-G-G-G-G-G-unit ((lol)) ]

Mmkay I gots all excited cuz Sawa said we were definitely hangin out nd wif sum other ppls.. but then she calls outta no where.. oh my mom reminded me , I have bing-bang band thing I won't be home till 8:30 so I haf nadda to do until then. rawr. I rly wanted to go to this place to. cuz its fun. and ... fun =) but w/e we might go tomorrow I guess? Idk... and if my moms in a good mood ::wink:: maybe Sawa can spend tha night. but I ono. neways I'ma go chill sumwhurs. amuse meself... later!

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Survey Thingy...

~10 Bands/Singers you've been listening to alot lately~
1) Blink 182
2) Linkin Park
3) Three Days Grace
4) Switchfoot
5) Ja Rule
6) Chingy
7) Ashanti
8) Ludacris
9) Evanescence
10) Good Charlotte

~09 Things your looking foward to~
1) Grad Nite @ Sea World [[woop woop]] May 7-8th
2) Colorado Trip this summer
3) Getn outta gay Central n sum ppl there ;; they know who they are =)
4) Braces Tuesday... I ono if thassa thing to look foward to..it'll be better than spacers maybe..
5) My cuz's Cody n Meg comin down this Sunday night
6) Getn tanner
7) Summer
8) Goin Surfin when it finially gets nicer out
9) Seein sum1 awesome this weekend =) HOPEFULLY

~08 things you like to wear~
1) Cheerleading Shorts
2) Boys Shorts
3) Tight Jeans
4) Denim Skirts
5) Flipping-Flops
6) My etnies
7) Pac Sun shirts
8) "Love Spell" & "Sweet Talk" body sprays

~07 things that annoy you~
1) Labeling people
2) Liars
3) People who judge other people by what music they listen to
4) Peoples who think they are superior to you because of grades/clothes/nething
5) Headaches
6) When I'm grounded
7) When Sarah says we can go but then finds out about percussion ::rolls eyes::

~06 things you say most everyday~
1) Loser
2) Woot woot!
3) Nope
4) Leave me alone
5) Huh?
6) Fucker

~05 things you do everyday~
1) Hump something random
2) Laugh
3) Hug Somebody
4) Make fun of sum1 [[jokingly]]
5) Talk

~04 people you want to spend more time with~
1) Steven
2) Baylee
3) Billy
4) Manda [[surf buddy!!]] woot woot!

~03 of your favorite songs at the moment~
1) "Wanna get to know you" G-Unit
2) "Meant To Live" Switchfoot
3) "One Call Away" Chingy

~02 movies you could watch over and over again~
1) Finding Nemo
2) Bring it on ((lol))

~01 person you would spend the rest of your life with~
1) I get annoyed w/ everyone if I'm around them to much ... so really nobody... I ono!

¤Sniff the bunny¤

¤ GaH ¤ [11 Mar 2004|05:05pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Yeah.. I'm not supposed to be on but my mom said I could since my day sucked. Tuesday was great..like the BEST. but Wednesday was boring..n today jus plain sucked.. here I'll fill u in shugga...

Tuesday -- Wenta school had a grand ol time there ((I guess))..came home nd Sarah came over then we went to Bretts hizzle..we watched school of rock fur awhile then around 6:46ish Billy nd Sam joined us n that was fun cuz I wuv wen them 3 r together there hysterical.. lol but then we hung out fur a lil while.. omg and I was 3 mins late.. so I couldn't go back out.. ((long story)) you wouldn't get it unless u were there.. neways it was alotta fun n I luv hangin out wif thus lil crew cuz they are..FUN =)

Wednesday -- it was ok..but my teefed hurt. at 8am I went to ortho and got spacers *gasp* braces this Tuesday!! then my dad took me to station 72 by my house to see how burnt it is..from them burnin the fries. lol. then he took me to school or w/e and we took FCAT NRT..which is hard bcuz u hafta do 50 questions in about 45 mins.. the readin was ok..but math..was kinda hard I guess Idk.. but ya..boring day..bearly ate bcuz it hurted my teefs... =/

Thursday -- SUCKED ... this morning was all good.. but ya the whole andretti ticket thing still hasn't blown over.. and me, Jen, Cilla, Alicia, & Renee all had a notebook...and I guess I got voted out Idk but I'm not in it nemore.. and there makin plans to go places w/out me.. and not invite me or wut not. its like jus cuz Renee & Alicia aren't rly talkn to me rite now or what not that Cilla & Jen aren't aloud 2 be w/ me. thats bullshit. Central sucks and I can't wait to leave all the fuckers there.. but w/e.. I'm over it. but today me & Sarah were gonna go to Bretts again but she had band ::sigh:: so thats why I'm on the computer.. my teeth still hurt.

Can't wait for e/g..today sucked.. I miss my alot friends that I bearly see [[ Manna, Manda, Sammy, Bailey, Baylee, Colin, Billy, Brett, Chaz, Courtney ]] ya.. cool ppls right thurr.. kinda random but I miss them =( I rarely see ne of them.. n ya... ok thas all ...

(1)«Smelled like butt» - ¤Sniff the bunny¤

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