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Taking a break [042104 ]
After not being able to update here for a long time, i have decided im just way too busy to keep updating what i missed and what not. If you want to cut me fine, but i'm not sure i may come back soon. when things calm down i will come back and leave a few lines but other than that.. i dunno. I'm sorry i made you all wait soo long and im sorry i took up a spot on ur friends list, i know i wasn't a good one. Hope to talk to yall soon! IM me if you feel like it: or Sbeara214 for IM. Please do e-mail me or IM me! XOXO love always- Sarah
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I'm Sorry [040604 ]
Ok, so I haven't been keeping up with my blurty, but its the week before spring break and its crazy at school. I most likely won't update untill friday.. if even then! I will be gone all next week untill sunday so please don't expect comments or an update unless i find a computer some where. I found out I have tendonitis in my knee and im out from softball for a week.. which really sucks and yea. well this is a quick update so im very sorry please don't cut me for not updating or commenting, but if you must you must! I love you all
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I'm screwed// [033104 ]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Well today at school was a great day, but I get out to my car and lone behold.. I have a fucking ticket on my windshield.. the back of my car was at a fucking fire hydrant!!!! wheres the yellow line along the curb?!? wheres a sign?!? UGGGG I'm soo upset right now and nobodys home to talk to me and I need help big time!!! I'm like sobbing here cuz I dunno what my parents are gonna do, I'm probably gonna be dead!! And to top it all off.. no its not just a fine, its a court date! Wahoo Sarah's going to court on 5/28/04!!!! AHHHHHHH ok I'm done..

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A crazy shopping trip// [032804 ]
[ mood | hot ]

Today me and my mom went shopping yet again! I got 2 shirts, a belt, black pants, and a black zip up shirt. I'm happy, although I was looking for a cute suit, skirt and shoes, but I didn't find em'. Weird story: My mom was in the check out line and I was looking at flip flops and purses.. and these 4 guys walk past maybe around my age a little older and they are totally white trash one of the guys was black so you could tell he had an influence on them. I hate when white guys try to act all big and bad wearing like fubu or sumthing, it just makes me sick cuz they think they rock like Emeneme or sumthing I dunno! lol But newayz they were like hey hunnie so I was ignoring them and they are like trying to start a convo with me bout stuff and im just like I'm sorry, I don't have an answer and they are like its ok and start a new topic! I was like ugg shut up! So I was getting pretty pissed and all of a sudden Anthony comes out of no where and is like hey baby and pretends to be my boyfriend. The guys just walk away and are like naw, muh bad. lol I was like ahhhh what are you doing here Anthony!! and hes like I read ur away message and I figured I needed to go shopping to so I was gonna come find you! haha I was soooo happy he was there cuz I was getting scared and my mom was in a really long line so she wasn't gonna come save me! EEKKKK I could have been raped lol! Well I'm off to go do homework cuz I have soooo much! More of an update later and I will try to comment later on! XOXO

Heres a lil thing I did... its not accurate by anymeans!!!!!
What do people really think about you? by Raven319
favorite song
Parents thinkYou're sleeping around
Strangers thinkYou're hot
Friends thinkYou're a slut
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

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[021604 ]

Friends Only
Sorry! You have come to another Friends Only Journal. Please read and follow thes few simple rules:
1- Update and Comment as much as possible.
2-DoN't TaLk LiKe ThIs- it is very annoying!
3-Please don't put down any of my journal entires/ comments, nor any of my friends.
4- Comment and ask to be added to my friends list.
~Thanks! :D

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