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[19 Apr 2004|03:26pm]
*This or That*
Orlando Bloom/Johnny Depp: Johnny Depp
3 Doors Down/3 Days Grace: 3 Doors Down
Bob Marley/Shaggy: neither, thanks
Usher/Farell: Usher
Jessica Simpson/Mandy Moore: Mandy Moore
Horror/Comedy: Comedy
Lake/Beach: Lake
Vhs/Dvds: DVD
Sweet/Sour: sweeeeet
Italian/German: Italian
Yankees/Braves: Yankees
Monkeys/Dolphins: Dolphins
Pinapple/coconut: pineapple
beer/whiskey: beer
gatoraid/poweraid: eww, neither
water/propel: water
gloria jeans/star bucks: star bucks
sandels/tennis shoes: sandals!!!!...wooo hooo....flip flops for life! haha
hair up/hair down: hair down
messy/organized: organized
quiet/talkitive: talkitive
icecream/milk shake: milkshake, mmm
cash/check: cash! cha-ching
whip cream/cool whip: cool whip, because it is oh so cool

*The Opposite Sex*

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: yes ^_^
Do you LOVE them: oh yes, very much so
Describe them: Tall, brown hair, baby blue eyes, a cute little smile....funny, smartass, loving, and PERFECT
What attracked you to them: his personality, and his sexyness, hehe
If you could change one thing about them what would it be: he's real busy all the time....i'd make him less busy
How long have you known him/her: 10 months? ... *shrug*
Could you see yourself spending the rest of your life with him/her: of course
If single what do you look for in a guy/girl: everything that Mike is...
Does he/she have any tatoos: nope, getting...
Does he/she have any peircings: yup yup, sexy ones *wink wink*

*About You*

Tall/Short: short...5'2".....SHUT UP BITCH
Innie belly button/Outie belly button: innie, hehe
green/blue/or brown eyes: blue, with green/goldish circle in the middle...
white/tan: white
Would you take a bullet for your bestfriend: yes, Trina Mo is my life, without her I've nothin'!
Name a personality trait of yours: sarcastic
What are your nationalities: british
Do you want to be successful in life: yes
What do you want to be when you grow up: lawyer
Do you want to have a family: yup, 4 kids, hehe
What is your dream car: eclipse! oh yes
Do you regret your past: some of my past
Fallen in love: i'm in love now
Been depressed: hell yes....
Missed someone so much you'd do anything to see them: yes
Do you believe in God: no *rolls her eyes*
Thankful for what you have: yes...I'm thankful for all the important people in my life, who are the rays of sunshine, hehe....


Who have you known the longest: trina mo
Do you trust them: yes, with my life
Would you lie just so you could fit in: do i really want to lie about myself so i can be friends with people who don't know the real me? uh, no thanks
What do you love about them: each of them is a very beautiful person inside, they inspire me
Do you see yourself in them: me and trina mo are a mirror image, haha
Have they been there for you when you needed them the most: yes
Would you change anything about them: i wish Trina Mo wasn't such a whore *heheh*
Who's honest: Trina Mo....everyone else liesssssssss
Who's naughty: all of them, they are all naughty with me, hehe

*Name A Song*

Linkin Park: wooo.....hybrid theory, meteora, and reanimation all those cds
P.O.D.: Youth of the Nation
Eminem: my band ft. d12
Usher: yeah
3 Doors Down: When I'm Gone :,( always brings me to tears
Tim McGraw: my best friend
Michael Jackson: rock my world
Boys II Men: on bended knee
Kid Rock: make love to you or some shit...i dunno haha
Simple Plan: ugh....brain freeze
Mandy Moore: In My Pocket
Bon Jovi: Its My Life
Lynard Skynard: uhhhh
311: hmmm
Pink Floyd: eeek
Billy Idol: dancing with myself
Madonna: ray of light
Kenny Chesney: hmm
Martina McBride: there you are
Nirvana: puh~lease
Sir Mix Alot: baby got back? hahahah...

*Do You Like*

Football: yes
Nascar: eh
Basketball: yes
Baseball: yes
Surfing: yes
Dancing: YES
Poetry: YES
Drawing: yes
Partiing: mm hmm
Boys/girls: *hehehe*
Snakes: ahhhh nooooo
Sponge Bob: fuck him
Taking bubble baths: yes
Writing Lyrics: used to...

*The 5 W\'s and H*
Who are you: Rachel Marie
Why did you take this survey: I was bored
When did you start this: i dont fucking remember...
What\\\'s LJ username: xxxglass_tearsx
Where are you going after this: *shrug*
How long did this take you: tooo longgggg
Uhmm: i agree
Did this entertain you: no
Will you put this in your LJ: yes
Will you tell your friends about this: i wont go out of my way to tell them
Tired yet: more fed up
Are you going to get off the computer: lol no
Going to get out of the house today: yes
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