JaCk AsS iN tHe WiLl oF gOd   
12:26am 31/12/2003
mood: amused
music: Down "The Man That Follows Hell"

FUCK......This Blurty www.livejournal.com/users/bloodthirstcult

if you cared anyways..
SOilent rEd Harvest   
09:23pm 18/12/2003
mood: blank
music: Sepultura "War"
Eyes are burning right now
I want to go take off my contacts but my bathroom is occupied, im playing "Downward Spiral" on my stereo pretty loud, (its better loud, so fuck off)
Tomorrow is Static-X...along with those...other bands "spineshank" and "twisted method"
I dont really like Twisted Method....same with all these other shitty nu-metal bands...fuck linkin park and adema.

I just finished my algebra, my teacher is fucking evil. He assigns us 7 problems a night...but each has all these (a,b,c,d,e,f) questions and graphing and equations to solve and fractions. So in a nutshell its about 35 problems a night. but i always start at like 9 cause im always fucking off.

Im glad tomorrow is our last day of school for 2 weeks. Now i just have to wait until summer time
but the school year goes alot faster after the new years.

I want to smoke some pot right now...i love the feeling of being intoxicated.
Alot of people do it just to be cool, or just because theyre with their friends and want a good laugh.
I do it for mental purposes. It helps me reach into a different state of mind. A part of my brain that i never really use. Maybe another reason i do it is for spiritual purposes, i can think beyond reality when im intoxicated.
My senses are higher, the music has a better sound, i can taste more of the food then i usually do, i think thoughts that've never occured to me before.
Hell...its alot better than ciggarettes...fuck those pieces of shit. Well...stooges are ok sometimes.but i outgrew them quickly.

Im gonna go play GTA3
12:32am 02/12/2003
mood: bored
music: the fan in my computer
Insomnia Strikes at me again,
hello fellow readers, i know i took my sweet ass time to update.
It started raining again today, im happy now.
Thanksgiving was alright, my cousins still annoy me but i love them.

Dec.19th Static-X, woot!
Im gonna try to stay after the show a bit just so i could try to meet them.

Today we went back to shitty school, i felt like PURE shit this morning, my eyes felt like they weighed like 40 pounds, my mouth was stuck together , my head was pounding. ugh fuck.
I was more active today then usual though, morris and i were making fun of random people in P.E. and talked about stuff.

Chemistry class is getting a little more challenging, but i'll study over the week to pass.
Usually Zach and i are burning stuff in there, like pencils and paper. Our teacher, Mr.Wong doesnt care either! he just said "Try not to light the building on fire! Once we move out, go for it"

I think the drowziness is getting to me now
07:04pm 16/11/2003
mood: crappy
music: Morbid Angel "Convenant of Death"
Today sucked, it was boring

Fuck you
Post Mortem Ejaculation   
11:28pm 10/11/2003
mood: tired
music: Deicide, "Bible Basher"
I was looking at some website, it was headshots of unidentified bodies of dead people. There heads were reconstructed, but i forgot what its called when they do that, anyways, after they work with their heads it looks like wax, like a wax dummy at the wax museum, its actually kinda creepy cause they look like dolls.

Tomorrow we have a break, woot! but then we go back on wednesday

Im so tired i dont know why, well tomorrow im gonna hang out with the "crew" and go get a sugar high
04:22pm 09/11/2003
mood: lazy
music: Shadows Fall "Destroyer of Senses"
06:22pm 07/11/2003
mood: indescribable
music: Nine Inch Nails
Hey pig

Yeah You

Nothing Can Stop Me Now Because I Just Dont Care Anymore
07:16pm 05/11/2003
mood: good
music: KMFDM "Godlike"
Halloween was fun, josh and i slept over at danielles. We talked and did stuff, most of the time i was lighting matches and throwing them at josh and nearly burnt ash's blanket. i got about 1 -2 hours of sleep, because i was hyper on candy and had a huge headache and at 5am danielles litte brothers and friends were running around the house and screaming. The footsteps echoed loudly, and luckily i heard someone yell "Jesus Christ, what the hell are you kids doing! Its five in the morning everyones sleeping!" then after that i fell back asleep and woke up later on. We went to Bakers Square, it was like 9 in the morning and i had cheese burger. Then after that josh and i walked back to my house and we watched Room Raiders, and went old school and listened to Gorillaz.
I was thinking when im 18, if Room Raiders is still around, im gonna buy bizarre porno magazines, and when they search for stains on my bed, im gonna jerk off and jizz all over my room so when the black light goes on they'll be like "oooh my goood". muhaha

When josh left i fell asleep right away and i woke up around 5 and went to Deedee's birthday party.
It was hella fun, but mynor was being annoying with the lighter cause he lit some of my hair on the back of my head on fire, he did it to marc and jimmy. We punched him, then ate pizza.
That was about it, then uhh i dont know im to lazy to write anymore.
Happy Halloween, some sweets for my sweets   
05:35pm 31/10/2003
mood: happy
music: White Zombie "Feed The Gods"
ah its Halloween, today was a good day.
I spiked my hair (liberty spikes) i got up like at 6:30 to spray my hair with hair spray, and took half an hour to finish. People liked my outfit, but liked my hair more. A black and red striped shirt, with fishnet sleeves, Leather trench coat, red hair, red eyeliner that goes down like the Crow.
It was chilly, and it even rained a bit in P.E.
I'll write more later, must go to Danielles house
NucleAr Holocaust   
07:29pm 28/10/2003
mood: nerdy
music: 28 Days Later Soundtrack
Wow, Jace just let me borrow a book called "The Bible Code". Its fucking amazing, cause this reporter is a mathematician and he stumbled across scripts from the muslim bible, in this cave. That fucking script predicted World War II and Kennedy's Assination, i dont know how he does it, but all i know its fucking right and fucking scary. It says Armageddon will begin in either the year 2000 or 2006, but in ancient history im sure they didnt know what nuclear bombs were, so they said it would be fires and earthquakes destroying major cities and the worlds Super Powers. It begins in the middle east, obviously. But its to long to explain, i've read most of it in a few hours. But im gonna go now
12:24am 25/10/2003
mood: gloomy
music: Amon Amarth "Death In Fire"
So hot, So Bored right now.
No ones home, no one to talk to.

I think this is the first friday out of this whole year, that i didnt go out.
School was actually pretty good, lunchtime was pretty cool, i hung out with some cool people in this "new" area finally, well its mostly just like the old days except in a new spot, but this spot is cooler. Marc and Mason brought their acoustic guitars, i played for like 5 minutes, until Marc yelled at me to give it back to him.
After school my dad picked me up from school, we went to Dairy Queen and ate something, then we went to Best Buy to go look at stuff. I finally got Beavis and Butthead Do America on DVD. woot!

Josh keeps bugging me to go to homecoming cause he's going with Ash, along with Xander and Meghan, even though i dont really have a date.
I dont really know about Anna, we sort of lost touch all of a sudden, plus it might be to much trouble for her to come anyways.
I dont really want to go to Homecoming, its gay. The Theme is "gayer" to because its based on Ancient Civilization and the Seniors are the "Greeks" and the Juniors are the "Egyptians" and the sophomores are "Latin Americans" haha, after they announced that, me and the other beaners in the class were like "YEAH!!! We just have to be ourselves now! woot!"

we're not gonna have band practice this week, cause Hisham cant do it, and josh has his little anniversary with ash.

Relationships are Gay anyways, fuck em

"I just want Bang Bang Bang! I dont want relationship! I dont want to know your name! All I want is Bang Bang Bang!"
Infection Dissention   
08:16pm 23/10/2003
mood: blah
music: Fear Factory "Smasher-Devourer"

I am very bored. I Just got off the phone with Marc, we attempted to prank call some people but they recognized his voice, well, i guess later we'll call businesses and mess with them like what we did before.
School was ok, i hate lunch time now, its so..lame. I dont really talk with people cause most of the cool people moved, and all we have left is FUCKING SHITTY ASS Freshman (but some of you are cool ^_^) but im so FUCKING PISSED AS FUCK! we have all these STUPID FUCKING ANIME CLUB PEOPLE THERE!! they piss me off so fucking much. Theyre so goddamn annoying, and not only that but we have alot of poseurs who play with "Magic" cards "Throw me a fucking bone!!!" thats a sign theyre never gonna get laid and that theyre gay. Theres also a corner of computer nerds, but 2 are cool.
that whole hang out spot was ours last year, but now its fucking gone and ruined. I need to find where everyone else hangs out.
I hate it, i dont really have that many friends at lunch except for a few. Last year was fucking great, andrew (quizno) was here, we hung out near the bleachers and played hacky-sack and listened to music.
Why cant there be more "cool" people at the school, i wish some people would just come back and some go away.
I dont know anymore. I'm just in a pissed mood right now. Maybe i'll just hang out by myself near the football field with headphones and a sketchbook, or just call people.
"I just got hit with a mallet, i hope i'm not drain bamaged!"   
11:00pm 18/10/2003
mood: energetic
music: Sinisstar "First Day Of Nowhere"
Band practice was fun, me played some original tunes. I think we sounded good cause Hisham got his drumset, and Alicia brought her bass. So this time we sounded good, but there was this weird sorta jam we got into. Hisham was like "i want to try to play something slower *does a slow drum beat* right now instead of doing this right now *plays a fast/wild beat*. So he starts playing the slow beat and then i come in with a pretty cool lead and played some riffs, then Alicia came in and played seperate notes on her bass but still sounded good. We played that for about 3 minutes then i ran out of ideas and stopped. Then josh tells me we should play a song he wrote, so i come up with a riff, and Hisham makes a drum beat, man, seems like that whole band connects because we stop at the same time, or Hisham does a drum roll and we all stop..i dont know, its kinda of a mutual thing we all have.
Ash recorded some songs on her video camera. Hopefully she'll erase some shit on there to save the embarrasment for some of us.
Coma Red : a; Edens Throat - b; Adams Fist   
02:33am 18/10/2003
mood: sleepy
music: Godspeed You Black Emperor! "Sunshine and Gasoline"
I had a good day today, school was ok.
After school i ate some Wendy's, took a drag of grass, took a shower then to Deedee's. It was just me and her in the house since marc and jimmy left. I walked in when she was asleep cause she was all out of it and watching TV. I suggested we watch something else so i put on random channels then she'd find the weirdest/stupidest things and be like "WAIT!! PUT IT BACK!!!"..so we ended up watching Christina Aguileras bio on VH1 and so i couldnt take anymore and changed the channels, then about half an hour we were watching "VH1 Goes Inside Southpark" haha, that was great.

After i left, josh and ash came to get me to go see Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and i most say, it was a pretty damn good movie! I mean, its really nerve wrecking,gory, brutal ,sad,suspensful and kinda depressing at times which mixes to become a DAMN good movie!
Josh dressed as Leatherface, he had the mask and the butcher uniform, and i just wore my trench coat and my facial skull mask with a beanie. Then we saw some random people from Southcity who we're asking us who we were and asked us what we looked like underneath. josh took off his, and they asked me so i just took off mine and they were like "aww you have a nice face, you should leave your mask off!" i feel embarassed whenever i get comments like that for some reason, it feels good but then i dunno..
then some dick security gaurd told josh to take off his mask or else get kicked out of the theatre even though we were OUTSIDE and not inside....duur!
So we go in, i see that i have a missed call and voicemail, it was Anna. She usually calls me when she's with alot of people and its kinda hard to talk to someone that way, or else she calls me when I'm hanging out with friends. I just get confused sometimes....

This musics really depressing and dark, but yet its really beautiful and hypnotizing. Its "Godspeed You Black Emperor!" yeah, their names kinda long and annoying to say. But I downloaded like 19 songs from them album tracks and live, they have 4 cd's i think but 3 tracks since each are about 10-20 minutes long.
If you've seen 28 Days Later, a track called "East Hastings" is playing when..uhh the main character..uh, JIM! runs through the city and sees the destruction for the first time, with that guitar solo and shit.

Tomorrow's band practice, from 3 pm till 8pm. Hopefully we'll come up with something fresh
Crippled Light and Spider Spines   
09:36pm 16/10/2003
mood: hyper
music: Static-X "Im With Stupid"

i've been so fucking hyper these past few nights, eek! im scared

Today was pretty much an easy day, but i had the most fun in P.E. since we had swimming and since our teacher is pretty cool he usually lets us bullshit around so me, "tonka", mike martinez, riley and morris just did 'fancy' jumps in the pool. HAHA tonka did a belly flop, and i got like 4 gallons of water up my nose.

In the locker room, Jace, Mike and I were singing 60's, 70's and 80's "Rock N Roll"
"We're not gonna TAKE IT!!!!"

Tomorrow im going to go see "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", and i'm gonna take andrew "quiznos" advice to watch the orignal (which i've seen like 50000 times)
Dixie Whiskey Shot   
10:12pm 15/10/2003
mood: lethargic
music: Eyehategod "Dixie Whiskey"
Fuck! i need to meet new people, more people. Theres no one here, or else they've all changed into something else, and not themselves.

I'm usually a loner at lunch, i talk to people then they just go off and disappear somewhere or else i just get bored and do something else. I wish Andrew "Quizno" was here still, i was never bored at lunch cause we'd make fun of random people, kick durock and buy CHOCO TACOS!!!!...ahh the memories still live in our heads.
Like that one time, nills and luis and i spent the night at his house and watched From Dusk Till Dawn and the next morning me and luis tried to make bacon but the grease in the bacon was popping because of the heat, and was landing on luis, hahah. Good times!

Today, nothing interesting....uhhh i dont know, fuck you
A Drug Against Love   
08:02pm 14/10/2003
mood: happy
music: KMFDM "Lust"
An ordinary day today.hm mmm..

Yesterday was the fucking best. The day was OK, not that much work, simple work.
After school my dad wants to go to SF with me to go to Guitar Center. So we drive and get a good parking spot nearby. We get inside and since i havent been there in a while, and since my guitar knowledge EXPANDED alot more, i nearly jizzed myself looking at all of those guitars. So my Dad knows my interests with BC Rich Warlocks. He asks a service dude to let me test one, so he plugs it into a distortion box, and into an amp, tunes it, and hands it to me.

I sit down and play about 7 chords and had to control myself from running out of the store with it, so my dad tells me he'll get it for me, on a few conditions "I do better in Algebra, I practice EVERYDAY, Dont fucking break it!"
So i nearly scream "FUCK YEAH!!!" and hugged him. So we purchase it, by the way its a BC RICH WARLOCK N.J. Series.As we leave the store we walk down the block and its kinda dark, and im hella paranoid that someone might swipe it from me. So this bums like "HAHAHA i used to Play GEETAR!!! *cough cough* 'Bout six years 'go, IM AS GOOD AS I'lL EVER BEE! DAMNIT! *coughcough*"

i start cracking up and i nearly drop the guitar, but since i tuned it, and got a new distortion box, i've been playing NON-STOP
Burning Inside   
01:32am 12/10/2003
mood: accomplished
music: Aphex Twin "Pulsewidth"
Ah today was a wonderful day.

I woke up at 10, talked to anna for a while, and asked her if she can be my date to Homecoming, since i dont have anyone, and everyone else does. Its most probably she'll come, woo!

After that i went to joshs for a while then ash came, then we went to Hisham's house, since he's our new drummer. He didnt have his drumset yet, since he ordered it off the internet, so he used his $12,000 keyboards which still sounds damn good, and he's a damn good drummer!

We were playing non-stop. we played mostly manson, The Nobodies, Coma White, The Beautiful People, Lunchbox, Sweet Dreams, Burning Flag. Then after that josh wanted to do one of our own songs, so he just wrote one down called "Love For The Dead" haha, i think it was a pretty damn good song, i even recorded it on my cell phone. Next friday im gonna hang out with josh so we can make up new riffs, and on saturday we're going to Hishams house to play again, i should bring my dads mini-disc recorder....and stuff
11:20am 11/10/2003
mood: crazy
music: Dysrhythmia "Body Destroyed, Brain Intact"
Yesterday was an unusual day, but fun! School was boring, at lunch i just flicked a rubberband at all the poseury freshman. My hair was so fucking stiff yesterday, i used "Hardcore Ice Gel" and Sable put it in a rubber band and it looked like a palm tree, but it looked cool.

It was putting to much stress on my head so i took it off after an hour.

After school i went to Deedee's, she's been trying to figure out this 1000 piece puzzle for a week and i didnt bother with it, cause then i'd HAVE to work on it. But after her mom left, deedee's friend vanessa pulled out a dub and went outside. I decided to join her cause it had been more than 3 months that i've been "toasted" so she uses a pipe with a Pepsi can, i never knew you can do that but it worked! so after about 10 inhales and 4 minutes i felt it. Its a weird feeling its like i have butterflies in my chest and shoulders, a tingling feeling. And that im moving a thousand times a second and disoriented.
Whenever i moved i'd forget where i was in that second. I was sitting at the table looking at the dizzying puzzle, and i lost sightings and just stared at a Clorox bottle. Vanessa wasnt feeling anything yet, or was just a calm one.
I was just running around the house saying "Dynomite!!!!" and talking about that Cheerleading guy on that MTV show "Camp Jim" and stuff. I took a piss about 9 times and forgot what i just did.
I swear that dub was rolled with something, cause i felt like i wasnt in control of my body but yet i was.
I kept telling myself that im going sXe (straight edge) after this cause i hate it when i start "tripping" or getting paranoid but after a while i feel better. After about 3 hours i felt better but still disoriented, my mom picked me up and we went to Rolling pin donuts, and i ate about 2 donuts cause i didnt eat anything all day. When im toasted i NEVER get the munchies, but i get bad cottonmouth so i just drink!.........ok i'll shut up now.

Today i have band practice, FINALLY!!!!!!!!!
"Whatever We tell you, was meant to be crap, we hate all music and especially rap"   
10:53pm 09/10/2003
mood: impressed
music: Black Flag "TV Party"
Finally tomorrow its FRIDAY!!!! This week went by kinda quick, quicker than the last 2 weeks, and progress reports come this saturday. Well im doing REALLY good in my other classes except for Algebra, and Algebra Support. Fucking math pisses me off, if i dont pass i have to go to summer school. Fuck that! i'm just gonna focus more in class.

I got the new Static-X cd, "Shadow Zone" its fucking better than i expected, but still it doesnt top Wisconsin Death Trip and i got Geezers CD, "Plastic Planet" which is from 1995, its Geezer Butler (bassist of Black Sabbath)bass and Burton C Bell (Fear Factory) on vocals, it reminds me of Godsmack kind of, but better. ALOT better.

Josh finally found us a drummer, we're going to "practice" on saturday and TRY to do the talent show on thursday which MIGHT not happen, hopefully not cause i heard most of the "BANDS" that are gonna play there are gonna be pop-punkish, and we want to do some fucking metal or at least some old school "real" punk.
School was ok today, 1st nothing really, just easy math problems. 2nd we didnt swim in PE instead they just opened the Gym and let people play volleyball, but me and andrew decided to just sit down and talk about random stuff, 3rd we had a substitute who had no idea of what the fuck to do,4th confusing math problems, 5th worked on computers in animation, 6th went on more computers to work on for english, and i decided to use the internet to my advantage and just "bullshit" around.

Lunch was boring, Durock gave me the number to the payphone near our gym, i called and some bitch was like "Stop CALLING THIS NUMBER DICK!!" and i was gonna say something but she hung up.

in fact.. i'll call right now....................oooooooook, hahahahah! that was fucking cool, i call some guys like "Up wit' Da' San Bruno NIGGAZ'!!!!" hahahaha, i wasnt expecting that. i was gonna say "Fuck Y'all, Up wit da' San Bruno Beaners!!" but the pussy hung up and it coulda started a "gang war" which would be weird and Ironic